Chapter 258


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    An emergency signal from Roddy's phone cleared my head of all other thoughts. I took my Droid from my coat pocket and slid open the keyboard. I punched in 111 on the keyboard—I have shortcuts programmed in for key members of my family. The locator pellet in Roddy's groin sent a signal via satellite to tell me where he was located. I listened to a calm and collected young warrior as I turned my Caddy around and sped off toward the location indicated on my GPS
    I punched a button on my Droid to alert the dispatcher to listen in and to contact the proper authorities. Our system at FI starts an electronic recording of all calls when the panic button is pressed.
    "I don't want you to hurt that little guy. Take me, I am older and stronger and I can do things that will amaze you," Roddy was saying.
    I could hear a man's voice, but not too clearly. "I might want to fuck you. Are you ready for that?"
    "I guarantee you that you will have the best fucking of your life with me." I had no idea what Roddy was playing at as I let my blue lights and siren get me through the late afternoon rush hour traffic.
    I pulled up to the front of our bank branch when I suddenly heard a shot. I rushed from my ride into the bank to see Roddy holding a smaller boy of about six or seven close to his body. A woman was screaming hysterically as she ran across the bank's lobby toward the two boys. Roddy saw me and smiled then looked down at the unconscious form at his feet. Blood was forming a puddle on the ground as it ran from under the man's down turned face.
    Suddenly the doors of the bank burst open as police officers charged in to take command of the situation. "Let the boy go and get down on the floor." I held on to my son as I turned around. The officer with the authoritative voice saw my badge hanging from my breast pocket and lowered his gun. "Sorry, Sir Chris, I didn't recognize you."
    "He's my hewo mister. He safed me from dat mean man." The boy pulled back his foot to kick at the man on the floor. I grabbed him up and held him off of the floor. "You are a lucky fellow to be saved by the Fire Fox," I told him as I passed him to his mother and told an officer to move her and the boy away. I had caught a site on the floor beneath the unconscious man that the boy probably shouldn't see. In the pool of blood lay about an inch of the man's tongue and a half a dozen teeth.
    The bank's customers were herded to a spot away from the action as paramedics set about their work. The man was alive, but in trouble. The first thing to be done was to stem the bleeding from the man's mouth then to stabilize his broken jaw before he could be moved.
    I let Roddy watch the bank's video of the event. The man had entered the bank and ordered everyone to huddle together as he demanded the tellers to fill his gym bag with cash. He grabbed the boy and held him before himself as a human shield. Roddy stepped out of the crowd and slowly walked up to the man. He was talking, but the video had no sound capabilities. The end was spectacular. My boy swung into action with a round house kick that disarmed the man. When the man grabbed at the boy in a threatening manor Roddy put the outside of his foot against the man's chin with violent results. Blood spayed from the man's mouth and he went down to land on his face on the floor.
    A police detective that watched the video with us commented, "I have only seen moves like you did there son in movies. You look like you had wires hanging from the ceiling tied to you. What do that call that, fly by wire?" The others watching the scene unfold on the small monitor agreed.

    I took Roddy home via an ice cream store. He has such a brave face for the world to see, but I'm his dad…I could see his mind. He was shaking on the inside, naturally. He is only thirteen and a half years old and he had almost killed a man. He thought that he had killed him until I took him out to the ambulance and let him look inside. The man was propped up on his bed to prevent him aspirating on his own blood.
    I had to get my boy's mind off of the event and onto something pleasant like a triple death by chocolate sundae—three scoops of chocolate ice cream on a warm brownie and chocolate cookies with lots of hot fudge sauce. A mountain of whipped cream covered with chocolate sprinkles topped off what I figured to be over two thousand calories. I like hot fudge sundaes, but that was a bit too much for me, I had a single scoop hot butterscotch sundae, without the whipped cream.

    As we later drove past the school on our way home I saw Dylan's car cross the street alongside the west side of the house from the south and pull into the student parking lot across the street. He was out of his car with Noah getting out of the passenger's side as I lowered the security gate to my house. Dylan ran to the street and waved at me. I pulled the Caddy to a stop at the front door and stepped out, Dyl and Noah were standing there waiting for me.
    "Dad…, uh, er, ah well I sort a gotta go to court tomorrow, and I…," Dyl stuttered.
    I placed my arm about his shoulder and led him toward the front door which Roddy had opened with his fuck finger on the palm reader. I looked back at Noah and nodded for him to follow us inside. I took both boys into my office and sat myself between them on the wide leather sofa.
    "Dyl, Miss Carpino must be made to answer to the law for what she did to you. Your joystick may be scared for life, and it may not work as well as before."
    "He.he…he, it works pretty well now." Noah's impish grin and silly giggles made me look at him. "Dr. Tip saw him today and he said that it is looking pretty good. I know that my mouth waters when I look at it."
    "Noah, you are not having sex with him are you? He may still be infectious."
    "Well, sorta. We got these needs and we sorta worked it out. I kinda do Dyl in his favorite hole and I do a reach around and spread that lotion shit that Dr. Tip gave him all over his dick, boy does he squirt. I wanna eat it so bad, but I know I can't. I can't even rub it round and lick my hands off 'cause of them plastic baggies I haveta wear."
    I smiled at him. "You are a good boyfriend." The two boys locked into a hot kiss.
    I called Tip. He told me that he was happy with Dyl's healing progress, but he thought that maybe I could finish what medicines had started. I looked at Dyl as Tip told me that he had his records and pictures delivered to Bull right after the boys left his office in order to please the courts.
    After I disconnected the call I sat and looked at the two boys, they are truly in love with each other. There are a lot of couplings within the student body. There are a few romances, but genuine love at their age is rare. I decided to take the boys to my room and let them soak in Wes's oils.
    Wes, Mike, and Cory had flown with a few of the other bird brains for a soak at Aqua Caliente and would not return until dusk. Something compelled me to take the two lovers on to my room. I asked the boys to strip as I filled the tub with hot water and watched them. Their body language, their every move, showed the devotion between the two. I have seldom witnessed such love as they showed.
    Brad and Jay or even Jace and Frank have demonstrated the sort of love that I witnessed. As with those two devoted couples I could plainly see that nobody would ever come between them. I have no idea why Dyl thought that he should go out with Noah's sister, that is something that I may never learn.
    I looked at Dyl's scared cock and the drainage oozing from it. Tip had seemed to tell me that I would be safe to touch him and my tiny inner voice was telling me the same thing. I quickly stripped my clothes and led Dyl to the shower. I washed his stiff manhood and he released his load all over my body. We rinsed off and moved over to the Jacuzzi and joined Noah in the bubbling water.
    I had Dyl float on his back in the hot, bubbling water, only his face remained above the surface. His periscope rose to look around and I took it in hand as I offered up prayers for healing. Before our eyes Noah and I watched as all of the scar tissue disappeared and the drainage ceased.
    Two hours later Tip confirmed a complete healing in both boys. Noah had a low level infection in his throat that had caused him to have a little hoarseness, that was gone. All of Dyl's infection and scars were gone as well as a knee injury that threatened to bench him for the baseball season just beginning. Tip looked at me and only smiled.

    When the police went to the house of the man that had tried to rob the bank they found two naked boys inside a locked room in the basement. The older boy was thirteen and the younger was ten. Both boys had been kidnaped by the man when they were about seven or eight. The man was a convicted pederast from Colorado who had disappeared from the planet five years earlier. The older boy told the police that he had watched the man kill three boys that cried and threatened to tell their parents after they were butt fucked.
    I involved myself. I took Roddy and Salman with me to visit with the boys. After some time we were able to get their names from them. Andy was listening in and he located the boys' parents quickly. They did not live in Tucson. The oldest boy was from Mesa and the youngster was from Flagstaff.
    With great effort we located the bodies of two of the boys that had been murdered. They were sexually mutilated and stuffed into plastic bags before being placed in an old freezer in a deserted restaurant outside of Tempe.
    The third boy was discovered in a small cave like opening at a popular campsite area on the north side of my mountain. The shallow cave like indentation had appeared to have been hidden by a small landslide. Perry showed us how he helped the man push against a large boulder that sent the rocks below it tumbling down the mountain.

    The bank wanted to reward Roddy on a live television spot. Roddy wanted no reward other than to know that the young victim was safe. I refused to allow pictures to be taken of my son or for him to appear on television. The security forces are having enough trouble as it is. Having pictures of my family floating around would make them easy prey for my enemies to get to me and my billions of dollars.

    Returning young victims like the two boys can often prove to be a daunting task. The younger boy was beaten by his mother for 'running away and hiding for all those years.' His parents had searched for him all over the area. They lived within easy sight of the large forests that surround Flagstaff. The police speculated that the boy had wondered into the woods and gotten lost. His father hiked the mountainside daily then one cold and frosty morning he lost his footing and fell forty feet to his death.
    His mother turned to alcohol and drugs to cope. When the boy returned home she was all smiles, but on the first night she turned into a ranting maniac and beat the boy severely. I stepped in and was awarded custody of him.
    I really had no idea of what to do with to do with ten year old, soon to be eleven, Joey Flatbush. For the past two years he had been told that he was worthless and that nobody loved him. He had been told that his parents hated the sight of him. The man had given him the name of Jughead. He needed love and nurturing, I asked Betty if she would like to be his grandmother. She jumped at the chance.
    Perry Hedgepeth never had the chance to experience anything but hatred from his mother. When he had disappeared he was living with her by himself, his father is in prison in North Carolina serving life for first degree murder. The mother had a steady boyfriend that did not care too much for the boy. After his disappearance his mother married the boyfriend and bore him two sons, now four and five years old.
    Both the mother and her new husband felt that Perry was a sexual pervert that should not be around his smaller half brothers. The mother signed away her parental obligations and agreed to my adopting the boy.
    Perry shares the same birthday with Roddy. I moved the thirteen year old boy into the family and placed him in school. Until he is acclimated to the family lifestyle Roddy has asked to be his protector and roomy. We have no idea whether Perry is gay or just used and abused. Roddy will quickly learn about that.
    Perry's captor had kept him in school so he was almost at grade level for an eighth grader. He was placed in an eighth grade remedial class and did excellent work. He will be promoted to high school next year.

    In March international police forces smashed a huge pedophile ring, and rescued 230 children from abuse. 184 suspects were arrested by forces from the European Union police agency Europol. The majority of those arrested so far are suspected of direct involvement in the sexual abuse of children, The arrested include teachers, police officers and scout leaders. One Spaniard who worked at summer youth camps is suspected of abusing some 100 children over five years.
    Code named Operation Rescue acted on information gathered over a three year investigation. Authorities moved into areas around the world to bring to justice those who preyed on, or exploited, children. 670 suspects were identified. Those arrested were accused of abusing children in more than 30 countries. Most of those arrested were involved with explicit pictures of underage children in sexual situations. Others were involved in the actual sex acts, either as the customer or as the purveyor of children to be sexually exploited.

    The ring was centered on an Amsterdam-based online forum called, which was described as "probably the largest online pedophile network in the world. These are very serious crimes on a truly global basis."
    The heavily encrypted forum had up to 70,000 members. The investigation was led by Britain's Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center but also involved law enforcement agencies as far afield as Australia, the United States and Thailand. The British child protection center said there would be more arrests as the investigations continue.
    "Those who have been members of the site can expect a knock on the door in the very near future." In Britain, police said, the children involved were ages 7 to 14. The website was intended as a discussion forum where pedophiles could "share their sexual interest in young boys." After making initial contact on the forum, members would use e-mail and other electronic channels to share images and video of children being abused.
    While the forum did not include child pornography, "computers seized from those arrested have harvested huge quantities of child abuse images and videos," Europol said in a statement.
    The forum's Dutch administrator helped police crack the complex web of encryption measures shielding users' identities, allowing police to begin covert investigations that included posing as children online.
    "What we have shown is that while these offenders felt anonymous in some way because they were using the Internet to communicate, the technology was actually being used against them. Everything they did online, everyone they talked to or anything they shared could be, and was, tracked by following the digital footprint."
    Police said suspects arrested ranged in age from 19 to 84 and used the Internet to "prey on children with anonymity, with subterfuge and with camouflage." The oldest suspect identified by Australian authorities was an 84-year-old man living in Thailand who is suspected of abusing children.

    The best piece of information that I received was about the Gobles family patriarch and his youngest grandson. I contacted the Austrian Government to seek official permission to enter their country to make an arrest that would lead to a death sentence being imposed. Because of the nature of the crimes permission was instantly granted.
    I sent an urgent message to Breeze to meet me at a secluded section of the road leading to Camp Christopher. The young leader of the Waya pack was frightened when I stepped down from my Caddy. I hurried to him and got down on my knees to pet him and rub behind his ears. His fears quickly left him. I communicated that he should turn himself into a boy and helped him to dress in the jeans, shirt, and shoes that I had with me. I took him to my home in order to lay out my plans for him.
    I needed a fierce and fearless companion to complete my persona as an eccentric pederast with more money than sense. Breeze is the only unattached male in the pack and I had seen his courage as he faced a cougar and a den full of badgers. His teeth and snarl would strike fear in anyone stupid enough to try to harm me. I couldn't use any of the boys, they didn't have the inborn animal instincts to survive that in which I was about to embark.
    I had a week to teach Breeze the social graces. Yuri and Roddy welcomed him into our house and went to work showing him how humans eat, piss, and shit. Roddy almost burst his guts out as he laughingly told us about Breeze placing his feet on the toilet and trying to squat as he took a dump. He said that after the second time that the wolf boy slipped and his foot went into the bowl he showed him how to put the seat down and sit on the toilet. By the end of the second day the young Waya was walking around the house and sitting down to eat while using a knife and a fork.
    I received some help from a wholly unexpected quarter. One afternoon while the other boys were in school I was seeing strange visions and hearing weird laughter. I went out into the backyard and found my two youngest sons, Breeze and another boy sitting on the grass. Nvgi diganvsadi had transformed into a young boy of about five years of apparent age. Our family pet was teaching the wolf basic human commands like stay, sit, roll over, and shake. He was having fun as he shared that he has come more aware since Kuckunniwi had touched his mind.
    I stepped forward and looked at Cullen James, "But daddy, he is our friend." I picked the little fellow up and made raspberries on his little tummy. I put all four of the boys into the Caddy and headed over to Yuri's school to pick him up. By the time we returned to the house Roddy was coming up from the tunnel. All six of the boys joined me as animals in the backyard where we rough housed until we were called in to supper.
    My next order of business was to call lonesome Jon. I told him what I had planned and asked to use his name. He is a widely known playboy, but FI could find no pictures or statistics on him. The deal was sealed when I promised Jon that I would provide him with an airtight, rock solid alibi for the time that it took me to accomplish my mission.
    Andy moved a few mountains when he had an official U.S. passport issued in the name of Jonathan Baird with my picture and statistics on it.

    I knew that the Gobles family was descended from a long line of ancient Deutch Königs-kings. The Hochadel (high nobility) of Deutschland had the power of life and death over the people, a fact that some of the modern members of the Gobles family think is their right. My investigators had cleared Hans of any knowledge of his brother's activities, but evidence pointed to his grandfather's hands on knowledge of many missing boys.

    Breeze and I flew commercial from London to Munich. My bodyguard was dressed like a young preppy on the rise. I explained to those that I met that Breeze was a deaf mute and only I could communicate with him. From Munich we traveled by rail to Graz, Austria where I sat down with operatives of the Austrian Federalist Polizei. In a very secret meeting with two young looking operatives I was briefed on the latest facets of Operation Rescue from the Austrian's part of the investigation.
    The Austrian operatives directed me to a castle centered compound located in an alpine area just south of their border with the old Kingdom of Yugoslavia now named Slovenija once ruled by the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
    With snow covered mountains and deep green valleys Tržič Slovenia is a very beautiful location. It was still very cold when I took my investigation to a personal level and visited the castle as a customer seeking a few hardy boys for a week of intense sex.
    Early the next morning Breeze and I boarded a train that took us through some of the most beautiful country that I had ever seen from the ground. I asked Breeze to revert to his natural form. I brushed him and made him look even more spectacular than usual. In order to enhance the image that I wanted I placed a twenty five thousand dollar diamond studded collar around his neck. He had learned well from the boys as he heeled right at my side and obeyed every command that I gave him. He proved his worth to me when he cornered a pickpocket as we stepped off of the train. He kept the thief at bay until I commanded him to back out and let the local police take over.
    Our train was met in Tžič by a good looking young man of about nineteen. I looked at him closely as I made sure that he was, in fact, Octavius Thorne, the elder brother of Horse Beaton's high school suck buddy, Gaius Thorne. I had gathered all of the information about Tav that I could find in the hope that he would be found somewhere, hopefully alive and well.
    Tav had been assigned as my guide, it being his duty to discover my particular tastes and quirks. I played the part of a well heeled pederast as I petted Breeze and told Tav that I Iiked smooth faced boys that are well hung and like man/boi sex all night long. I told him that two boys were better because I really enjoy a ménage à trois. I unzipped his pants and pulled his penis through his flies and took his glans to my mouth. I was quickly rewarded with the elixir that keeps me cuming back for more
    I stood up and kissed Tav, he returned the kiss with passion. I asked him if he would like to join me in bed with other boys. He told me that he would find me what I was seeking then join me in giving out pleasure. I liked the kid, but he was not the boy that I had read about in my investigation of him.
    Less than a half an hour passed before Tav brought me two perfect boys of about fourteen. I had just finished a hot shower and stood before the boys wearing nothing but a towel. I touched the conscious part of their minds so that I could learn about them. The two youngsters were terrified. I probed deeper into the minds to learn the source of their fears. The boys had witnessed another boy receive a serious beating the night before because he did not please the man that he was with. I let the towel drop to the floor. The terror level rose in both boys.
    I quickly sent soothing visions and thoughts into their minds, they calmed down and began to look at me. "Boys I am not here to hurt you in anyway. I would like to lay down with you and talk for awhile. If you want to have sex with me I am available, but if not, no problem."
    All three of them disrobed and we stood and looked each other over. All of them wanted to feel of me, they had not often had the pleasure of just touching. The best part of sex is the exploration and foreplay. These boys had never had the opportunity to do anything but to lay down and take it. Tav had played around with Horse, of course, but since his capture he has been a total sex slave, forced to do the will of his masters.
    I had an idea. I am fairly familiar with the human body, on the outside, but I wondered if I could find my way around the inside. The boys were aroused and in need of relief, I took their task to my mouth as I let my mind go deep to the corpuscle level. I looked very closely at their blood cells. I have seen STDs under a microscope and knew quite well what to expect to see with HIV or even AIDS. By being deep on the inside I was able to dig for any evidence of early STDs.
    Finding nothing suspicious I got into their organs. I looked closely at their livers and their testicles. I found something that made me almost blow it when I found that all three boys were being given drugs to control them and keep them calm. I found that Tav had a buildup of toxins in his liver that would shorten his life drastically.
    We enjoyed a four way with each of us taking turns sucking and fucking each other. When all four of us had done it all to each of the others I put the boys to sleep. Breeze raised his head and sniffed at the air. I barely caught the scent of a female wolf in season. I touched the mind of the young animal to put her at ease then let Breeze go get himself a piece of tail. I later learned that it was the first time for the young Waya, I will make it a point to find him a mate.
    I turned to my True Power and began to pray. I was praying for the wrong thing, I was praying for things. "My son, you believe that you are mine yet you deny the power in you. You have the gifts of the Holy Spirit. You have the gift of decrement, you have the gift of teaching, you have the gifts that draw others to Me. Why do you deny the gift of Healing in yourself. It is not potions and chants that have healed so many others around you, it is Me. Use your gift well. Share your love and compassion and bring your flock home."
    I was humbled. I lay on my bed with tears flowing from my eyes unabashedly. I had felt that Wes had the gift of Healing from the beginning, but I let my human frailty tell me that it was his oils and potions that were doing God's work. That is sin. I had to pray awhile longer. I know that I am forgiven, I had to ask it for myself. My Lord understands and allows me to stumble, Praise the Lord.
    I asked for help as I searched the entire castle and surrounding buildings for boys held in bondage. I was directed to three hundred young victims. I found more than fifty boys in torture cells. I knew that I had to get to them at once.

    I was able to cover more territory within the castle by stretching my mind's eye throughout the halls. I was glad that I was not in a physical form when I did. Not only did I find bug zappers everywhere, but also very sticky fly paper strips hung throughout the castle, and they were covered with dead and dying insects.
    The halls were patrolled by trained Eurasian wolves and guards with tasers in holsters on their hips. Compared to their North American cousins, Eurasian wolves tend to have longer, more highly placed ears, narrower heads, more slender loins and coarser, tawnier colored fur. I found their minds to be simple. Only the threat of physical force made them obey their handlers.
    As my mental projection neared a main corridor my blood boiled in my body still laying in a tangle of sleeping boys on my bed. "Guten Abend Herr Bertram, wie geht es Ihnen heute Abend?—Good evening Mr. Bertram, how are you this evening?" I paused over the figure of Al Gobles and a large male wolf in the main entrance hall of the old castle.
    I lay back on my bed and let my mind process what I had learned. Breeze has become accustomed to my mind probes and he had used his limited power to learn what he could from the female that he had coupled with. Between us we worked out a plan to gain the allegiance of the fifty wolves that were used to keep watch over the castle. I personally touched the mind of Al Gobles' wolf. The animal hated his master, but he feared the fire from the man's taser. Breeze brought to my mind that all of the wolves were wearing shock collars to keep them in line. That became my first priority.
    I have only touched the minds of those that are close enough for me to see. I steadied myself and began to move along the hallways again. Each time I saw a guard I searched him for whatever was used to activate the shock collars on the wolves. I learned that it was a simple verbal command that each collar was tuned too. The word is the Hungarian word for dead. That simple word sent a low voltage charge through the collar and into the neck of the helpless animal causing much pain. The word to end the torturous charge was over.
    I searched the minds of each of the fifty guards in the compound, some on duty, some in their bunks asleep. I found that the same command was used by all. I planted a seed in the minds of all of the guards. It was daring, but if it worked then none of them would be able to say halott. With that problem solved I had to get the young victims away from the castle. I decided to call my little buddy, King Cullen.

    I felt my nephew awaken with a start. I had to talk to him to calm him down. I explained that I was about four hundred miles away from him by air and what I had going on. He giggled and told me that mind talking was ticklish. I never saw it that way. I laid out my plans to take the boys by train sixty miles to the coast and the Port of Monfalcone, Italy. I asked him to provide us with food and shelter for however long it would take to find the boys' families or to find them homes.
    The next part of my endeavor would take the longest, and probably be the most difficult. I contacted Base B. I knew that Andy was there standing barefooted on a bed of very sharp straight pins, he worries about me when I am off on a mission. Andy had two dispatchers listening in to everything I requested and they set right to work making it all happen.
    I didn't want a single boy to suffer another minute in that place, but I needed time for everything to fall into place. I told Andy to launch Operation Freedom at ten AM my time, I wanted to at least have the boys fed before I took them out into the cold that had set in overnight. Tav snorted and rolled up against me. That was all I needed. I cuddled him close and slept the rest of the night away.

    The following morning began way to early for me. I was nine time zones away from home and my internal clock did not want to agree with the sun shining in on my face. The boys rose and quietly dressed then slipped away. I asked Tav to wait for just a moment. He smiled at me and sat back down on the edge of the bed. He watched as I followed wood into the bathroom for a first morning pause that refreshes.
    I pulled a towel around my waist and returned to sit next to Tav in the edge of the bed. I took both of his hands in mine and looked him in the eye. "Tony Beaton is well and living with me now. I am going to take you home and you can see him, if you wish."
    "How, where, why? …I don't understand. How…?"
    "First thing is to get you and all of these boys out of this place and to a safe place. I promise you that you will be with Tony soon enough." I had already learned from my mind probes that he did not know the boy by is nic of horse.
    I asked Tav to bring me a breakfast tray, I had some mental planning to do and did not want to chance meeting Al Gobles at that point. Tav returned in about ten minutes with three soft boiled eggs, dark, dry toast, a couple of oranges, and a carafé of coffee. I crumbled the toast into a bowl then cleaned the egg shells of their contents and sprinkled lots of black pepper, no salt, over everything. Tav also had a large bowl of fresh deer meat mixed with dry dog food. Breeze dove into the bowl of food with gusto.

    Andy had been hard at work. It was midnight in New York, but he had managed to get me a train out of Austria with everything that I requested. My probing of the minds of all of the boys held captive revealed their diet of a thin gruel made with a potato base with left overs from the tables of the staff and paying guests finely chopped up in it. I planned for an armed force to attack the castle at ten so that the boys could have at least that slop to stave off hunger for an hour or two.
    I had requested a train with a kitchen car and a refrigerated car carrying fresh fruit and milk. They would break the starvation diet with a hearty chicken stew and cold milk. The train had five cars, one a well equipped medical unit. I had found twenty boys in the dungeons of the castle and from their mental message I feared for their physical state.
    I asked Breeze to change into human form as I explained what was about to happen. I took him into the shower with me. Breeze loves to have his long, jet black hair washed. He is able to form rudimentary words with his underdeveloped larynx, and he let his pleasure and love for me known. I dressed him in his preppy clothes and put his hair into a pony tail. I told him to stay very close to me and to not stray from my side.
    I pulled the Mithril pants on and fitted a composite cup of the same material over my jewel box. I strapped my Colt short barreled .357, loaded with Teflon® coated, armor piercing rounds to my ankle then pulled on a pair of natural fiber cotton slacks. I put a cotton tee shirt on then the Mithril shirt over that. Next I slipped on the vest, that had already saved my life in New York City, followed by a knit pull over shirt with an alligator on the left breast. I strapped my shoulder holster to my left side and placed the .38 caliber Smith and Wesson, with hollow point rounds, in it.
    I topped every thing with the loose fitting cotton coat to the suit and wondered if twelve rounds would be enough. I had no plans to get into a gun fight, but one never knows, I was about to confront some very dangerous people; people that had no qualms about making money off of young boys for sexual favors. I reached into the hidden compartment of my suitcase and withdrew six more fast loaders to slip into my jacket pocket.
    At exactly nine fifteen I sent a message to every boy in the castle to return to their rooms. I planted the idea into the minds of the entire staff to send the boys on their way. I wanted them inside and safe for the carnage that was about to befall the castle. I feared a blood bath from the two hundred rangers set to storm the compound, but I never expected the direction that death would come from.
    Suddenly the door of my suite opened and Tav walked in. He studied Breeze then looked at me. I guided him to the bed and gave him a message to sleep. Breeze and I left our suite and made our way through the guest wing of the old castle. I checked each room as we passed by and found only one occupant sending messages out on his laptop. I held onto Breeze as we made our way down the stairs to the lobby below. He is still unsure of himself on stairs, even though I have tried to work with him.
    At precisely 09:50 I stepped into the main lobby and faced the man. "This is some operation you have here, Al." His face went ashen as recognition set in.
    "KILL HIM!! That's Chris Dickson…" He uttered his final words as his wolf took his throat into his powerful jaws and ripped it away. A bullet struck me in the back and the report told me where to place my first shot. My aim was off because I had to turn and fire so quickly. My assailant was looking at the blood spot growing in the middle of his chest. My next shot was on target. That shooter only gave me his head to aim at, he will need a nose job before he receives an open casket funeral. I turned and shot Al's wolf as he ripped into the guts of his abuser. I hated to kill the animal, but he had tasted human blood and would forever be a danger.
    I heard gunfire just as men in black military uniforms broke through the windows and main door of the lobby. I sensed unbridled fear from the boys' quarters of the castle. I quickly sat down and let my mind race through the long corridors. At every turn lay a dead guard, his throat ripped open and his neck chewed on as if he had been eaten. The assault force was spraying the wolves with automatic weapons fire as the wolves charged toward them. In moments, that seemed to stretch out into eternity, all of the animals and their handlers lay dead. I sent a message to the boys that they were safe as long as they remained inside their rooms.
    A British Major stepped up before me and snapped off the flat hand salute of their military. I looked up and said, "Report."
    "We have no losses or injuries to our forces, sir. The initial count is seventy dead and we have more than one hundred people in custody at this point. We have fifty dead animals including those found feeding on the bodies of men that were in their bunks in a dormitory."
    I ordered the Major to have his men clear the halls of the bodies and to do a quick mop up of the blood. I told him that the boys had seen more than their young eyes should ever see, he agreed with me and sent the order out over his radio. As Breeze and I made our way up the stairs all of the captives were gathered in a large ballroom and secured. I awakened Tav and had him meet me at the entrance to the boys' section of the castle. I looked at the floor, it was damp, but most of the blood had been removed.
    I had instructed the boys to dress in the warmest clothes that they had. As I approached each door the boys followed my direction and opened it. They were cautious, they had heard the screams of terror from their captors and the growls of the angry wolves. Each boy looked around before he stepped f rom his room, but when they saw Tav they were more at ease. I gathered all three hundred boys from the rooms and led them outside. Soldiers were carefully placing stretchers bearing the broken bodies of the fifty boys from the dungeons into the back of a fleet of commandeered produce trucks lined along the driveway in front of the castle.
    "Eees eet you dat gotten mine trucks from me? Why you do dees ting?" He stopped and looked at the injured boys being placed on his trucks then at the long line of boys behind me as they filed into the other trucks at the front of the line. I had lain on my bed planning everything that I would need to get the boys away to safety. The only plaee in town ith enough trucks for me was the independant live stock and produce hauler. I located each driver of twelve of the cleaner produce trucks and impressed on him to be at the castle at 10:30.
    "I needed transport for these boys to the train station. I will gladly pay for your lost production time." He turned to me and took his cap from his head and bowed to me. He told me that he didn't know that the boys were in his town and he was glad to get them to the train at no charge.
    Breeze and I mounted a truck filled with broken bodied youngsters and began to lay hands on the more seriously injured amongst them. I had started their healing the night before when I touched their minds as they lay chained in their dungeon cells, now they needed to have their bodies healed. I was only able to touch two boys before the truck I was on backed up to the infirmary unit of the train. The boys from the other trucks lined up to off load their wounded friends and carry them onto the train then they chimed aboard the other cars and we were away.
    There were two doctors aboard the train and eight nurses to tend to the worst injuries I had ever seen first hand. The doctors ordered that IVs be started on each boy. I countermanded that order and an argument ensued. I was told that the boys were dehydrated and needed glucose and water at once. I told him that clear broth was being brought in for each of the boys to feed them naturally. I was ordered out of the infirmary car and threatened with bodily removal. I told the doctor with whom I was arguing that if a single needle was bared that he would be the first to leave the car with the needle broken off in his cockhead. The doctor stepped to the door and asked a very large Sargent to get me out of his clinic area. The Sargent saluted me and then told the doctor that he could not remove his commanding officer, for any reason. I didn't think of myself as an officer, let alone a commander, but I guess that is the role that I was in.
    I set to work with each boy. I touched the worst of them then quickly moved onto the others. When the soup arrived most of the boys were able to sip it through straws. The nurses and I helped the weaker boys take the first substantial sustenance that they had consumed in some time. By feeding some of the boys myself I was able to do a deep healing off their broken bodies. One of the nurses watched as the leg of a boy that I was tending at the time straightened out and the bone that had protruded against the skin of his thigh moved into place.
    Boys were getting off of their beds and standing up. The boy with the compound fracture walked around. The medical staff was amazed and ran to check the few x-rays that they had taken. I was asked if I would allow more x-rays. I didn't want any hoopla, but I allowed them to proceed to confirm the healings in their minds. I gave God the glory and praised His name to everyone present. I hope that at least one will take Jesus to their heart and learn to know Him. So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction?
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