Chapter 72


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Tuesday morning, the eighteenth, found us gathering for breakfast at Mitch's house. His head cook, George, looked as if he were ready to run for the hills. He served up a great spread for all of us, but it was more work than I think he was ready for. He was probably ready to quit private work and go back to his restaurant where he had help with large crowds all day. He did come and have coffee with us and he and Mitch bantered back and forth like two of the kids.
    School had not let out for Mitch's kids yet so they loaded up to leave for their day of brain stuffing. As soon as they cleared the house we set to work. Mitch and Melanie Holton, Mitch's house counselor, occupied the handful of children not in school for one reason or another. Murph pulled in with a pickup truck that he had borrowed from Gordo. In the back was a nine foot, extra full, Christmas tree. My boys had the boxes of decorations from Mitch, and extra sets that we had brought, set around the common room of the big house.
    An hour later we had the most beautiful tree I could remember seeing in a very long time. Around the bottom were piles of packages and five bicycles. The boys had purchased what the others had told them they really wanted. Most of the gifts were frivolous, but that's what Christmas is about. We made a very concerted effort to have three presents for each child in Mitch's house. He had gifts for them too as did his staff. Each gift was placed in a stack for its intended recipient with the name tags coded so that only Santa himself would know to whom they belonged.
    We stood looking at the tree and what it represented. Cory summed it up for all of us, "I wish I could be a fly on the wall and watch their faces as they open their gifts, but the real joy of giving comes from doing it without the chance of reciprocation. If we were here they would want to thank us instead of getting into them and enjoying them. But I would like to hear the little ones squeal when they see their heart's desire sitting before them with their name on it." He had to get a hug for that bit of wisdom.
    Our next step involved invading the kid's private space. We carefully entered each room and hung garland and decorations along whichever wall that we could find that had enough room on it. Everyone was extra careful not to disturb anything belonging to the kids and to protect and respect the privacy of the room as much as they would expect their own to be respected. We had the hallways decked with boughs of holly and tra la la la laaed ourselves back to the dining room for sandwiches and cold drinks before our trip to the school for the grudge match.
    I have to say that as a game Lacrosse is something I would not go out of my way to ever see again. That is with one exception, there were some sweet, tight assed boys on that field. Jason is cute as hell and I consider Mitch very lucky to have him. They are monogamous, but I would love to get my face into those tight little buns. Valencia Hills Academy won with a wide margin. They beat their challengers much worse than they had during the regular season play. The real score of the game came up to nine thousand dollars that had been raised for the women and children's shelter that Mitch's kids wanted to help. For me and mine, our time had been well spent.
    We bid adieu to the kids. We had talked about it and were anxious to get home and prepare our own Christmas. Rush hour Tuesday afternoon is stupid time for an out of towner with a fifty one foot long RV followed by a forty five foot long RV to try to get out of town. We spent more time on the L.A. freeway system then we did on the open road once we were free of the congestion. We pulled into Tucson a little after two in the morning.

    Our trip to California had been fun and productive and I had two new members of my ever growing family. Each of my boys were individuals with his own thoughts, problems and desires. I love each and everyone as if he were the only person in the world.
    I love surprises for my family. Bags and clothes littered the living room as a bee-line was made to a new doorway where the fireplace had stood a year before. I had to loose four feet of my garage space too move the six new stackable washing machines forward. That was not really a problem. The long van that the boys used for their school transportation fit there nicely. I had the jeep and my 'vette moved to the underground garage, but left my baby, the 442, parked in front of the big Caddy SUV. I still hadn't been able to let that beast go and now with gasoline prices steadily climbing since Katrina it was all, but impossible to get a good price for him.
     Traveler© had been relegated to a spot alongside of the new garage, being too tall too fit inside, while Traveler Too© occupied the old bay. I had two extra long bays that could hold two Traveler Toos©, each, under construction on the bit of land under the cliff along the back of the house. A stair way would lead from the pool area to a tennis court on the roof of that garage. I silently thanked Charley for having the foresight to plant the row of cypress trees along the southern property line. They were now tall enough and thick enough to almost hide the new construction from the neighbors and any complaints they had about the type of construction down there. I had threatened them with building apartments for my boys down there. They conceded to the garage. My primary concern had been hiding the beauty of the sheer cliff on which my house is built. I had the garage set back into what had once been the natural wash, draining the mountainside above my property. This wash had been diverted decades earlier by developers of the area and I was in little to no danger of water getting into the garage. I choose a driveway into the new structure that was supposed to resemble laid stones to blend with the surrounding land features. I hope it looks as good on the ground as it did in the pictures shown to me.

    The new stairway from the living room ended at a large landing then a turn and one more step down into what had been set up for the storage and closet area for the dorm room. A wall had been erected along that storage area to form a hallway between it and the panic room leading into the dorm room. At the far end of the room was a staircase leading up to a small landing with a heavy door leading out to the pool deck. I had almost decided to tear out the cabanas and make more bedrooms, but everybody enjoys taking a friend into the cabana for some private frolicking out of sight of the other swimmers. The doorway from the rumpus room was now a solid wall, keeping the goings on in there away from my family's private area. The one problem I was having was that I am out of room. The next addition will have to be up and zoning will not allow that.
    With the fifty by twenty five foot dorm room I could have space for ten boys to have a ten foot by ten foot area for himself and a five foot wide isle up the middle. The bath room had been set up with this number in mind with ten shower heads, ten toilets and ten lavatory sinks. The one major problem that Eric pointed out quickly was that there were no windows and no fresh air if the power went off. He said that Christopher could not stay down there because one of his farts would kill everybody in his sleep. He got major praises for his assessment. Christopher was a bit embarrassed.
    I told the boys that there were large battery operated ventilation fans along with emergency lighting that would kick on instantly should a power failure occur. They wanted to know who would get to live down there. I told them that they would have to decide that for themselves. I reminded them that eight boys had already asked for the honor and they would have the right to first chance.

    The high holiday in a youngster's life was only days, no hours, away. I wanted every boy to have something very special, just for himself. I had thirty five boys to sit down with and very little time to put my plan into action. Jimmy, Christopher, Trevor, and Alec were easy. Everything they needed was here in town. I started with the hard part.
    Tim and Jerry got a late night visit from me. We sat in their private little bungalow and drank coffee as I felt them out. Readers, listen to me. I'll say it again. I felt them out not up. Everything in life is not sex. Most of it is, but not everything. I already knew in my heart what their answer was going to be, but after all parents aren't the only people in a boy's life.
    "Dad, my grandmother is a bigger bigot than my father ever was. She totally nagged my grandfather to death. To see her would only be inviting doom and gloom into my inanely happy life. No, I don't want to go home to see anybody," Jerry was emphatic with his answer.
    "I never knew my extended family, really. I mean, like yeah, they'd come around for a beer or a free meal, but I never felt love, from any of them. My cousins were all fat slobs who picked their noses and ate shit. I just don't want to remember that part of my life, dad. I love it here. I love you. I love Jerry and all of my brothers. I know that every boy in that house would give his life to save mine, if the time came for that. That bunch of backwater scum in Alabama…let them do whatever they do. They don't remember me anyway." Tim was on the edge of tears. He had deep regrets, but he has made his bed, so to speak.
    "I bet they do remember you, and they will for a long time. It is hard to forget twenty five full one minute spots on TV showing your interview along with your wedding pictures while kissing each other like two fags in heat in front of the cameras. I'm willing to bet that there are many copies of the full page newspaper pictures of your wedding in that area. Some for puppy training, some for bird cage bottoms. Some for dart practice, and I'll bet that there are some for keep sakes. You had people down there who loved you. How about the two boys from the swamp. Tim, they loved you or they wouldn't have been there to help you.
    "I understand not wanting to go back there. I really do. But don't you ever think that you passed through life as a boy down there and didn't touch someone's heart along the way. How about Ms. Myrtle, she loved both of you so much that she not only put her life on the line to hide you, she gave you her van and cash to get away from there."
    "Yeah, Christmas day she will get a big bunch of roses and we got into one of those "Cake a Month" clubs. She will get a different flavored cake every month for the next five years. I can just see her face now." Jerry was smiling, but he had tears glistening along the bottoms of his eyes. I have such wonderful, and thoughtful boys.
    Les and Lance were my next stop. I needn't have bothered, but theirs was a resounding, "No fucking way!" Onward and forward I go. There are only thirty one more.
    That is not accurate. I had to ask, but of course my response from my New York boys was one of blank, open mouthed stares. They knew of no extended family. The only people they ever saw were business associates of the people who had held them captive. That hurt me. True, they did not belong to those people, but they certainly weren't captive. At least in the exact meaning of the word. Ah well, they would be going back soon enough. The trials would be taking place at the end of January.
    Brad and Jay attacked me. They loved my idea. We called and talked to Ric to arrange things. The boys did want to be with the family here on Christmas morning. Ric understood that. He was hurt, I could hear it over the phone, but he would be all too glad to have the boys home for New Years. It was settled and reservations were made. However, I asked for one concession. I wanted this kept quiet because I had a very special Christmas gift for one boy in my house. I told them that as we sat around unwrapping gifts on Christmas eve they could tell the family that they would be gone for a week.
    Mike and Cory stared at each other. Mike began to cry and that settled it. The two of them would go see their mothers for a few days between Christmas and New Years. I made some serious agreements with some of my kinsman that they would protect the boys. If his stepfather, Revers, even looked cross eyed at Mike I wanted him stopped, at any cost.
    My six little guys from Tucson were excited to be able to see their grandparents. They have been in touch with them and have shared their mighty adventures. Chad took Kyle shopping with him and his grandmother and told her that he was gay and that Kyle was his boyfriend. The woman had cried and told him that as things had been in his house she could understand. She hugged the boys and gave them her blessing.
    Evan was going to have lunch with his mother's folks then spend a few days with his dad's parents. He really did want do see them and he had already decided what each couple needed for a Christmas gift, besides himself. Mark's grandmother lived with her daughter, Sandy's younger sister and Mark's aunt. Mark liked going to his aunt's house and he really loves his grandmother. The old woman is a heavy smoker and suffers from emphysema. She pushes an oxygen bottle around with her so that she can get her breath. The aunt hasn't learned her lesson because she still smokes.
    I had a long heart to heart with Pete. He was in no way going to go see his dad. He had no idea where the man may be stationed, but he had no desire to be confronted by him either. He enthusiastically agreed to go with each of the boys on their individual visits to assure that they would meet no harm from anyone wanting to stop their testimony in the upcoming trials. Eddy looked at me and asked if he could go along with Pete and the boys. He has no one, he is an orphan who has no idea who his father was, nor any knowledge of extended family. Andy ran as thorough a check as he could. Eddy's mother was an only child and a runaway at eighteen. Her parents died when Eddy was still in diapers. He needed something to form family memories with. This visitation might be good for the boy.
    Ken had expressed his desire to go to Phoenix for an afternoon to visit his in-laws that had retired to a suburb of that town. He would take the boys with him. His own parents were coming over, with his sister, to a big family blow out at Lake Roosevelt January 7, 2006. So they would be occupied for the entire week.
    Jan had been invited to spend the week with his brother Jim and his family. Jeff and Jay wanted to take Art with them to see their grandparents. All four grandparents were going to have a big family party for the boys. They felt that they had a lot to make up for by not being there to protect these little guys for all of those years. Again Pete and Eddy would be with the three lads.
    Cas and Lew had been in regular contact with their folks. They still weren't ready to reconcile all of the way, but in view of the holidays they had agreed to go and see the home that they had bought for their parents and spend a day or two with them. My heart melted over that one, I can assure you.
    Tyler and Turner were going to visit with their dad's sister Christmas afternoon, but would be home the rest of the week.
    I wracked my brain as I tried so hard to figure out what to do with my remaining family. Frank, Toby, Kenny, Jace, Branden, Bryan, sweet little Bryan. He is doing so much better with his daily shots. He runs to Cas every morning with his kit in hand. He loves to jump in bed between Cas and Tyler to try to interrupt whatever may be going on. He had taken to letting Cas clean his little gut out while he nurses Tyler along. I think the boy is cuming along nicely. But my problem remained. To this list I have to add Les, Lance, with really nothing special going on. I had to go to bed and let my brain work on this.

    I finally put my brain to rest and sat down with the whole family Wednesday morning. Christmas fell on a Monday. If we worked fast we could pull this off. I actually divided the family into two groups so that I could verify that each boy would be taken care of. I had Pete and Eddy gather their brood about them. I was not comfortable with Evan, Jay, Jeff, Chad, Mark, and Kyle being around their families without some sort of protection. Art would be with Jeff and Jay, but I wanted some muscle there as well. Okay, Eddy isn't a lot of muscle, but he can use his cell phone to call the police. I had alerted Captain Shawn Howard, of the police department, of the boys' itineraries. These boys are very important to his case against their parents.
    Pete, Eddy and Tyler would also watch over Jim, Christopher and Jan, as they visited with their families. Jim and Christopher would only spend a few hours each day with their grandmothers and be home evenings. Jan would be with James for the week. I had no worries about Trevor and Alec being out of town with their father. Pete would have his hands full with eight fifteen year old boys each evening. Turner and Adam would spend some time with Tyler, but they told me that they would be fine. Sure, a boy alone on Christmas is always fine. I almost didn't want to leave them. But there was no way that I could risk taking Adam or Derrick back to California so soon. We still had to wait for court papers to be signed for them to even be with me as it was.
    Jerry, Tim, Gerald, and Luke would need a truckload of patience. They were going to be watching Eric, Kenny, Frank, Branden, Jace, Bryan, Les, and Lance at the beach house for seven days. After five or six days with two fourteen year olds, a fifteen year old and three sixteen year old boys I would come home to find that all four eighteen year old guardians had turned gray haired.
    I told the family that Cas and Lew were going to spend a few days with their parents, but that they would rejoin the rest at the beach house Friday or Saturday. I told them that Brad and Jay were going to New York to see their families. Neither boy yet knew that they were going to be father's around the first of June.
    Cory and Mike were going to go to Oklahoma. I let Cory tell the boys that Sarah was going to have a baby and that the two of them were planning an April wedding. The roof rattled as I headed under a door frame in case it should collapse.
    Toby and Harry were going to Bahrain so that Toby could have a better understanding of their new sea water reclamation system that was turning the desert green. They didn't spill a word of our trip to England so that Cullen could spend Boxing day with his parents. Don't even get it started in your head, I would be with Cullen every step of the way. Flying a crown head anywhere by commercial airways was tough, but to try and do so incognito was going to be a nightmare. Besides that his security was still my primary responsibility.
    Harry was taking Toby home to introduce him to his parents. I could only pray for this decision. Harry had told me that he would not live a lie. If he were in love with Toby then he would be proud of him. To hide him from his own parents would cheapen his feeling for the man that he had come to adore with all of his heart. I have to support that kind of loyalty. Each member of the family took the time to kiss and wish well the great couple.
    With the following week decided we had very little time to do our Christmas gift giving. I had individual gifts for the boys which I arranged to have delivered to the beach house where the travelers would spend Christmas Eve. It was easier to get direct flights out of LAX then PHX.

    We wanted to do better than we had the previous year. When Toby popped off with the idea of giving "all of the bums a bottle of wine," Harry showed his moxy. He hit Toby square in the mouth, drawing blood. I don't like that kind of action, as much as Toby deserved it. Toby apologized and swore he was only joking. Even Kenny told him that it was a sick joke and he didn't ever want to hear that kind of garbage out his big brother's mouth, ever again. The two sat and hugged each other and cried for awhile. What Toby said was wrong, but I had to make a note to sit down with Harry. Physical violence will destroy a relationship, quickly.
    We really couldn't think of anything to top the overcoats and cash. However it had not been very cold that year. I called the manager of the store where we had bought the coats in 2004. He had a large selection of mid-weight coats and had hoped that we might come in again. Oh well, why change horses at this late date? The boys wanted to do this themselves which pleased me no end, and frustrated the poor tellers at the bank. My branch has two walk up ATMs. Thirty six boys, each taking out two hundred dollars on his own card soon depleted the machines of their cash leaving nine of them to go the windows. It was chaotic for a short time then we were off to the clothier.
    The man was ready for us. So was the press. I drove past the store and saw the chaos created by the TV news trucks and kept on going. I let Harry out to walk back with the admonition to draw as little attention to himself as possible. I just wanted to deliver our message. Harry told the manager that we would not be coming into his store any longer. Our giving was our business and for him to invite the press was just plain wrong. The man was crest fallen, but he brought it upon himself. My concern was of being followed by the press. We waited in a parking lot across the way where we could watch over our front man.
    Harry walked back to us with no one paying him any attention. "Hey, dad," he had never called me dad before, "what do homeless people need as much as they do a warm safe place to sleep?" Food was the chorus heard all around We were parked in the lot of a national chain operation of an all you can eat restaurant. The manager at this particular branch knew me and my large family. We filed inside and began our task of cleaning out his kitchens for the night. I asked him to come to our table for some questions.
    Three of his girls helped the manager. They delivered to each boy a stack of meal coupons and had him sign his credit card receipt. Each boy purchased twenty lunch tickets at a discounted price of six dollars each. The regular price of lunch is six ninety five plus drink and tax. The boys paid the sales tax the receiver would have to worry about his own drink. Every eye turned to Toby who was near tears. He had made a super blunder in front of kids. They are not quick to forgive or forget. He had seated himself next to me. He moved closer and looked me in the eye. "Dad, I fucked up. I made a smart alec remark that was totally out of line. I don't want you to get mad at Harry for hitting me. I did wrong in front of the boys and they learned a hard lesson, even older boys fuck up and have to be punished. Harry never hit me before and he is broken up about it. I understand and tonight I am going to show that man so much understanding that no one in the house will be able to sleep." He had a grin a mile wide on his cherub like face.

    We were on our way out of the restaurant with super full bellies and pockets full of gift certificates when Toby stopped dead in his tracks. He turned and looked at me. "Dad, there is something that the homeless need." I looked where he pointed. Next door to where we were stood a national shoe chain store where they have a buy one get one at half price sale. As we stood looking at the store a homeless man walked by pushing a shopping cart with all of his world's belongings piled high on it. Everyone of us looked at the man's tattered and taped up shoes. Jim and Cory took off after him and dragged him into the shoe store. I can always count on those two. I love them to pieces.
    On a hunch I sent two of my shy little shrinking violets across the street to a convenience store. The rest of us moved toward the shoe store. I told the boys that it wasn't large enough for everyone at once. They split up on their own and entered four at a time. Cory had his man seated and was removing the rotten shoes from the man's feet. The odor seemed to move through the entire store like wild fire. Jeff and Mark ran up to me with their purchase. Jim had a pair of socks to put on the man's feet. I signaled to him to come to me. I opened the sack to show a small box of Bounce dryer sheets. He knew what to do. He went back to his new friend as he pulled out two thin sheets of the fabric softener. He passed a sheet to Cory, who looked up and smiled at me. The boys wiped the man's feet and slipped on a pair of socks. They put the used sheets of fabric softener inside a nice pair of walking shoes then slipped the shoes onto the man's feet. Two pair of shoes and a package of six pairs of socks came to a total of thirty five dollars and change.
    I talked with the store's manager. The two of us went through the inventory available to all of the stores nationwide Nothing was available for sale for less than five dollars. I asked him to get on the telephone and call his corporate headquarters for permission to give cash of less than five dollars in change on a special forty dollar gift certificate. Twenty minutes later a file was available for the manager of our store to print out special gift certificates from the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß for forty dollars toward shoes and one package of crew socks. No cash returned over five dollars. I didn't want our name on the certificates as we enjoyed giving anonymously, but that was the only way that the corporate offices could identify the special coupon They did manage to put our name into the small print as a concession to me. I bought one hundred coupons.
    We still needed something for the women and children's shelters. Food was not their primary concern. Safety from their provocateur was. We couldn't provide that for them, but we could make them comfortable. We hit a large book store chain and cleaned their shelves of children's books. I spent some time on the phone as the boys browsed the shelves. We moved to a large membership store and gathered baby clothes and items to entertain infants and toddlers. Arm loads of small toys, stuffed animals, cars, dolls and one person games were scooped up. Kenny and Eric came running to me shaking a cardboard sheet covered with jingle bells. The other boys saw them and loved them at once. We had a beginning.
    The first women's shelter that we approached was where we had met Beth and Curtis the year before. Beth stepped out to great us. She stood and smiled as a tear ran down her face. The boys had each donned a Santa Cap. They had tied two or three jingle bells to their shoe laces and had their arms full of toys and books. Beth told us that she had five infants and four toddlers isolated, with their mothers, for us. Cory, Cullen, and Cas went to see them.
    Beth had seven school aged children in a circle. I sent Eric, Kenny, Jim, and Art to them. The rest of the boys waited outside. Beth wanted to talk to me. She was getting married and Curtis wanted to live with us. Curtis and the new stepfather did not agree on homosexuality and Beth was in a quandary over her happiness and her son. I could have told her what she had to look forward to by marrying a bigot, but love is blind and I would have lost her friendship as well as the chance to help her son. I told her that I had a full holiday schedule. I would like to take the boy, but I didn't know how I could right then. She assured me that she had intended to have him home with her for Christmas. She wasn't getting married until January the seventh. It was settled, we would have another boy for the new year.
    Books, toys, games and cash spread about as we moved on across town. At the men's shelters each man was given a shoe coupon and five meal coupons. The pastor of the large shelter we had visited the year before told me that he had to send several of the men away during the coldest week of the year because they had used the cash we had given them to buy alcohol. That depressed us all. This time we gave them non-cash redeemable lunch tickets and with the shoe coupon having less than five dollars change we hoped that we were covered. We did worry about two or three pooling their change. As we passed out our pitiful offering we had individual prayer with each man.
    As we loaded back into our convoy of four vehicles we heard Christmas caroling from somewhere nearby. We moved through the streets until we found a youth group following along behind a flatbed truck. The truck had a piano along with four other musicians and a drummer leading thirty or so youngsters down the street. The kids were running door to door collecting food and cash for their church's holiday outreach. Each person in the choir had their collection can filled with cash as each boy stuffed a twenty dollar bill into each can. Of course the boys had to join in the singing so we stayed with the group until after nine. We were invited back to their church for hot chocolate and hot soup. We accepted.
    The church is very youth oriented and has a very large membership of under thirties. We told them that we were seventh day Sabbath keepers and the room drew suddenly very silent and very still. A young man stood up and began to praise God in the Highest. This group of kids had been reading their Bibles and had been convicted of the Sabbath and to forsake all traditions that they had been taught. They were keeping the Sabbath as they held their decision before the Lord for confirmation that they were doing His will. We were that confirmation for this small band of young Christians and we will be joining them on a regular basis for weekly worship.

    We burned up the highway again as we left town Saturday morning for California. I left Pete the key code to my room where the gifts were hidden for the boys remaining at home. They would have a Christmas Eve party and feast as Eva and Betty would come up. Ken and JC would be there with them as well as Andy and Sean. I so hate to not be together with all of my family at that time of year, but in order to make direct flights, without lay overs and plane changes it just had to be.
    Mitch invited us over for dinner Sunday, Christmas Eve. We were asked if we wanted to watch his kids open their presents. While this would be so much fun for us I was mixed over it. We did not want any thanks for our gifts of love. We wanted to give these kids something special, just for them. As with my boys, they were not with a normal family at this high season. They deserved something special and we had sought to provide that. Cory told Mitch that we really appreciated his offer, but he explained, quite eloquently I might add, our reasoning for not wanting to be there at this special time. As a result we had Sunday lunch at Gordo's youth hangout pigging out on fried foods and sodas.
    We knew that the next morning would be chaotic so we settled in for a quiet evening as each boy opened his presents. What the hell was I thinking? I was three hundred miles from home with sixteen of my sweet boys, my lovers, my life, left behind, alone, without me. Or me without them. I had twenty wonderful, beautiful, and special specimens of male youth surrounding me yet I missed the others. I think that all of us missed them on that special night.

    We had driven over in both RVs and I had pulled the Caddy behind Traveler© letting Cas try his hand at driving Traveler Too©. Now I was surrounded by mountains of wrapping paper and wondering how the heck I was going to get what had been confined within that paper back to Tucson. I would have to have a semi-trailer truck follow us home. However it would work out the boys were happy. They loved their gifts. They loved the one they were with and they showed me their love.

    Cory came to me with a special request. We would be away from each other for a whole week and he would probably have to do his duty to his wife and surround his quickly expanding cock with pussy and all of the associated smells that went along with it. His biggest loss would be the constant supply of deep rectal massages. He asked if he could spend the whole night, alone in my bed. I think Cullen was a little hurt to be without Cory on this their last night together for a week, but I would make it up to him. Boy would I make it up to him.

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