Chapter 103


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Pete has changed his major and is trying to get an electronics background to prepare him to work with Jeff in his research. Eddy was asked to move back to Andy's house, but he just couldn't handle being there. He loved Tom Dickson with all of his heart and it was just too much for him being in that house again. I asked the couple if they would be house mommies for six boys at my old family home. They jumped at the chance.
    Jeff and Mark have a nice new house on the hillside overlooking Andy and me. Now with Pete and Eddy taking over as mommie at my parent's house the former bell boys can enjoy their new life. They have done very well for themselves with their work as systems designers at FI and Andy and I are most proud to have them working with us. Andy has a long time relationship with them that goes back to his youth with Carl Dickson and I am pleased to know that the trio does get together on occasion.

    Edmund and Mitch have fourteen boys at Empire Canal. Dallas and Zane are doing quite well. They are still attending the Albany high school where seven of our family members attended—Tim, Sandy, Raymond, Brad, Luke, Ģerâld, and Jayson. All of the boys that came to us as waiters during the wedding are in college. None of them has any idea what they want to study so they are working on their basics. They find it hard to believe that they are actually in school because none of them did all that well in high school. Some of them never graduated, but when they tested for the GED they surprised themselves with what they knew.
    Edmund has turned out to be a marvelous teacher himself. He worked the boys to a frazzle and everyone of them received above average scores on the SATS and were quickly accepted in the junior college at Albany. I am proud of each of them. I do get up to see them every couple of weeks, albeit only overnight. Cory and I have to spend time with Daylight and Sarah. Sometimes Cory stays with his wife while I hop on over to New York to take care of matters that seem to crop up every so often. All fourteen boys have their things up almost all of the time and most often Edmund or Mitch have a rising problem that need my personal touch.

    The girls moved out to Tucson to join the Brad and Jay at the end of August. The babies are strong and healthy and want their daddies. After all the two cutties were already twelve weeks old. At that age they really need the stability of a father in the home.
    Jay and Brad found themselves an almost new triplex apartment that was in distress. They came to me to help them purchase it. They were paying cash and I know people so I sent them to an agent friend of mine. Property prices escalated out of sight in this town in the early part of 2006 then the bottom dropped out of the market by late summer. The owner of the triplex fell from the roof during construction then realized that he had bitten off more than he could handle. The boys were able to grab the property up for a third of the asking price when they offered the bank hard cash with no waiting for closing.
    The one thing I did get for them was the abstract. They didn't understand these things and I didn't want them to be surprised down the line by some material man's lien.
    René loves her apartment at one end of their family triplex and she is really happy at her new school She and Jay are both seniors and have many classes together. However, they did choose to let René use her maiden name and not make a big deal of her marriage to Jay. They don't hide it, they just don't announce it. So far I don't think anyone outside of the administration office knows that they're married.
    Louise and Becky share the unit on the other end of the building. Lou feels that she received the best end of the deal as she gets to stay home and be mommy to two sweet little darlings. The kids have their plans for the tiny tots and dress them in little outfits that simulate a tux for BJ and a wedding dress for Jaybee. All five kids are convinced that since Jay fathered a girl that the old family curse of all of the males in his ancestral line being homosexual is now able to be broken. They plan to raise the babies to wed each other and bear nothing but straight children from now on. We can only support them, but we have to tease Brad about calling little Bradley Jayson BJ, but he told us that it will make the boy strong because he will have to fight to prove he is no cocksucker all of his life. Let's hope so Brad, let's hope so.
    As usual, Brad and Jay are in the middle of things. They share the middle apartment in the triplex with adjoining doors to the apartments of their wives and babies. The doors can be locked from either side when privacy is needed. René seldom finds need to lock her door.
    Becky proved herself to be a top notch, take charge lesbian. That's not fair. The girl is a wonder with books and people. Brad put her to work at the new Tucson store that his dad and uncle own. Becky found so many bookkeeping discrepancies that Brad fired the entire staff. An audit found seven hundred thousand dollars missing, just since Ric and Carlos bought the store. Criminal charges have been filed and now Brad gets to look forward to a long drawn out trial himself.

    There are a lot of couple changes. None of the boys are really together. There are a few couples, but these are young, hormone driven, gay boys. I expect some changes. Jay and Brad, Tim and Jerry, well they are exceptions, as far gay boys go. Luke and Ģerâld didn't acknowledge their queerness until they were high school seniors. They didn't get together with each other until they were older and had established some of their life's ideals. But even then they were still virgins in every thought and deed so they approached their new found selves from a more mature angle.
    As for the younger group… as of the time I write this down here is the pairing as well as their house assignment. Frank-Jace are still committed to each other. Vic and Branden seem destined for one another. Cecil and Cullen really surprised me. I never expected Cullen to commit to one person, but Cecil is playing the field, far and wide. If one can judge from the pictures in our family album they both enjoy a variety of partners, often, Cecil a little more often.
    Bryan made a believer out of Donny and Donny fell in love with the dominant boy. Ricky and Theo caught me off guard. Theo is quite the lover and Ricky has always enjoyed being on the bottom. I really perv on those two when they let me sit and watch them with each other. I have made several movies which the family likes to sit with their significant other and enjoy together. Those two boys are so cute together that I just want to grab them up and kiss them to death. Turner and Adam have struck up their old romance, I guess it is true about a person's first love. Those two boys have never forgotten what they had and finding themselves back together again after such a long separation has only strengthened their resolve.
    Gus sleeps close to his big brother every night. I worried about that until I got the 411 and my heart enlarged for Eric and Shane. Gus is more sensitive than one would guess from his background. Maybe it is because of his background that he has his knack for knowing and seeking out a person's pain. Gus goes to Shane each evening, he crawls up next to the boy then falls asleep. Shane holds him and tells him bedtime stories or sometimes he sings quietly to Gus.
    Once asleep Shane quietly carries the tiny bundle of love to his brother. The boys have worked it out to the benefit of each of them. Curtis and Eric spend the time alone taking care of their elongated needs and giving their boyfriend all that they have to offer. Shane carries Gus in and places him in the bed next to his sexually sated big brother and lets him continue on in innocent slumber.
    Shane then returns to his bed with Christopher where he is learning the joys of being a bottom boy from a top's top. The two boys have become very close, but in talking with them individually I am sure it is strictly carnal. At the present time Shane does not have a love interest. I hope that changes shortly, but for now I am glad that he has Christopher to break him in. I don't think that either of them could hope for anyone better at this point. I do send Christopher on personal errands for me when I need to send something to Timmy. So far the only thing I have had to send to Timmy was Christopher himself, but I always ask the boy to give Timmy a file folder, it is always empty.
    Nylan is more or less at large. At this point he has only been with us for three weeks and he has not made any sort of close friendships. He spends most of his nights with me, but I have not had more than simple oral sex with him. I usually service him as he raises up on his elbows and watches me work his favorite body parts to heights he had never before imagined. He did want Tran to spend one evening to show him about anal sex. He has watched as the other boys have enjoyed themselves, but he wasn't sure. He told us that he had seen his two oldest brothers do it, but they thought they were alone. Tran was gentle and loving. I moved to one side and left the pair alone and just watched, then listened to Nylan's comments later.
Kenny-Jay Jay
Sandy-Tim O.
out of house
Key: Legally Married Solid Couple house-mommie
    The final free weekend of summer saw triple birthdays. Theo had his fourteenth birthday on Tuesday. We celebrated with a cake and a few songs. He was happy, but the big party on Saturday was for him also. James Walker and Ricky Johnson turned fifteen on the weekend. Ricky's birthday would be Sunday and Saturday was James' big fifteenth. Ricky is such a changed boy, we have not had one moment's displeasure from him since his single incident with Theo. James is a product of the combined efforts of his father's buddies in the Blues Club so I called all of the members to bring their sons for a birthday bash. —Read how Jimmy Walker was made to sleep with a dickless one in— All of his dad's friends, the regular club members, had been there for his conception so they should help him celebrate the life they were actually responsible for. They boy has a good life with a loving and supportive mother and a father who adores him. He is a blessing to all who of us who have been privileged to get to know him.
    We had all grown to really love James Walker and Gary Byrd. The two boys were brought up to the house quite often since the fire that had brought them together with their fathers. The three birthday boys were given the best birthday party of their lives. Gifts hugs and kisses were showered down on them. We also included young Gary as a VIP and took the time to make sure that all four boys' cum factories worked well as their tiny orbs turned to raisinettes from overwork. We watched with deep satisfaction as their fathers carried our two guests to their cars at the end of the weekend. Ricky had long since been put to bed for Theo to show him that he does love the little bugger.

    I took Cullen along with a few boys for last minute school clothes and supplies. The major need in their minds could only be filled at The Gap. I had my back turned and did not see Simon Pike and his partner Percy before he bellowed out across the food court at the mall. "Hey Moon gaaayyy are you still sucking cock?" Another person I didn't see was Biff. He accidently ran into his old school teacher who had been a bully when Biff was himself a bully at the high school. The difference was that Simon Pike was a teacher and a bully. He was always calling some kid gay or putting him down when he was a fully closeted gay that lived with his fifty two year old boyfriend, Percy, a student in Simon's classes many years past.
    Pike fell to the floor with Biff on top of him. Chuck rushed to help his friend to his feet, but Biff lost his balance and his knee landed in the middle of Pike's most sensitive parts. Chuck tried his best to assist Biff, but the boy has so much trouble maintaining his balance with his head wound and all that he just caused Chuck to place his heel down hard in the same location that his knee had just been. Of course Chuck was knocked off balance and his foot landed in Pike's face causing the man to loose three teeth.
    All of us rushed forward to do what we could to assist, but we sort of got confused on how to assist. Captain Howard and the city's assistant prosecutor were enjoying a cup of coffee at a table less than ten feet from the melee.
    "Please don't ever let me cross your family," Shawn told me. He called two of his officers to arrest Pike for his actions. I love the new hate crimes laws. I looked about for Cullen's FI body guards. They were leaning against a wall only feet away keeping an eye on everything going on.
    Of course there were plenty of witnesses that swore how Pike hurt himself as he continuously fell over all of the people trying to help poor Biff. Biff picked up a broom and banged against the steel plate in his head and told everybody that his coordination sometimes goes askew on him. Several of the people in the area were talking about sixty three year old Simon Pike and his boyfriend, Percy, being homosexuals and high school teachers. I wonder which of my innocent children might have released that information. In truth Simon will never teach young boys again. He knows that Norman Ellis, the high school's principal, and I will out him, publicly. I don't mind a boy lover, I have a problem with a boy lover that hides behind a cloak of bigotry while at the same time he is taking boys off for sex, sometimes even during school hours. I have talked to a lot of Pike's boys over the years and they all tell the same story, they were trying to pass his class by sucking his dick and fucking his rank old man's butt. At least Pike is a total bottom, that spared many a boy severe trauma. I had fucked the high school Latin and English Literature teacher myself a few years ago, but I had fucked him at a party at Charley's house, not for a grade.

    I have a large junior class this year. Turner, Adam, Trevor, Alec, Evan, Chad, Kyle, Mark, Jeff, Cullen, Cecil, Lance, Lester, Frank, Jace, Tran, Mike, Jan, Jim, Lew, Sean, and Bryan. I am so proud of Bryan. Nobody expected him to be double promoted, but the boy is a math genius and he has come a long way with his English. He is going to do well.
    Alec has settled down and become a quiet little gay boy. I have several series of pictures of him with other family members. He fucked Cecil in every room at Empire Canal and we have the proof, pictures, moving pictures to boot. The wildest set of pics we have is Alec and Izzy. Izzy proved himself a happy lover as Alec rearranged the boy's being and showed him what it means to be a gay lover. I think that it was good for both of them Alec seems to have finally settled into an identity where he truly seems happy.
    Alec and Evan have been very good for each other. Evan has become all boy with no adornments. Christopher and Shane spend most of their time together. Shane is also new to the queer game, but he is a quick learner, he is at the community college trying to find his footing. René joined Derrick, Christopher and Jay in the senior class. Christopher only needs a single credit to be able to graduate and he is talking about leaving school at the semester change. He has earned it, but he will still have over eight months until his eighteenth birthday.
    Gus is in the sixth grade at the middle-school, this is Curtis and Theo's last year there and I rely on them heavily to take care of the little guy. He has fit into the family well, but I still worry about him learning too much too young. Fifteen year old Rusty was glad to watch over Gus. He knows what can happen to a boy. He was kidnaped when he was only in the fourth grade, but he is too big and has too much worldly knowledge for elementary school and the school allowed him to enter the sixth grade on merit.
    Sophomores this year are Branden, Vic, Craig, Jay-Jay, Ricky, Tran, and Steven. Ronnie, Eric, Kenny and Nylan are my freshmen. Nylan had to repeat the year that he had missed, but he is seems to be adjusting alright. Ronnie had more trouble with the situation. I pulled gnat's hairs to get him placed there after he had lost more than two years as a captive of the slavers. I have already put the wheels in motion to have the two brothers tutored and try to get them on up to the proper grade for their ages as quickly as possible. They both need to gain at least one grade level for their own self esteem. I believe the boys are bright and will be able to handle the extra work.
    I would like to kick Ms. Winifred Cramer around the world for not putting those boys in school when they returned home. It was her considered opinion that the boys were sexual deviants that would corrupt the innocent youngsters near them so she kept them at home. She used first one excuse after another to prevent the boys any contact with decent folk.
    Cas is working with Ray as he sets his sights on a degree in physical therapy. Cas is studying sports medicine, but he is a lot of help Ray. Tim wanted to take courses in being a patient, but after the boys finished beating him up he just enrolled in general education, no major.
    Chuck has transferred all of his credits and is now in his senior year at the U of A. He is the best thing that could ever have happened to Biff and from what I see that relationship is getting stronger everyday, and Biff is too. Damien sleeps with Sean, but he has found Chuck an easy person to work with as he leans heavily on the boy for help in his career pursuit. He wants to be a husband to an animal. Hehehe
    Cory is not working or going to school. We have had some moments over that one. He just doesn't know what he wants out of life. I made him sleep alone for a week and he is talking about business administration now. He has a decent head for figures, but he needs a challenge. I am going to keep mild pressure on him. I don't want to force him the wrong way. The two of us see our wives every other weekend. I am going to be a daddy, for reals. Yeah, Daylight is due in April.

    I had new boys to enroll at the high school. Norman Ellis is still the principal and I had to say hello to my old friend. I had to share a much needed laugh with him as I related my run in with Pike to him. Norm told me how much he loved me and dreaded seeing me. He really likes my boys, but he would be very happy if we would move into a different school district. I told him that I now had seventy seven school aged boys in my family. He blanched. I just couldn't bring myself to let him off of the hook by telling them that some of them were in college and some of them were out of state.
    As I was leaving the school Andy called me to tell me that Hiederick Heintz had been shanked at the state prison the evening before. He was in critical condition, his chances of continuing to exist on top of the grass weren't good. I will take Gus off this evening to tell him about his father. I have to think about how to approach Eric with the news. He is sure to start one of his famous break dances.
    Sometimes I miss-judge one of my boys. Eric had wanted to see his stepfather rot away in prison. His own father had been killed in a prison in Europe, he did not want Gus to loose his father the same way. He held Gus close as I shared the news. Gus was passe, he really couldn't care less about the man. He is young, we'll see in time.
    I decided to keep a letter that I had received to myself. I had sent an old acquaintance a picture of Eric with his hair up under a ball cap, his glasses askew on his youthful face. He had his arm around Gus's shoulder as both youngsters smiled at the camera. I had mentioned in my letter that the young brothers were at last reunited because of Heintz's absence at home. Mrs. Heintz did not want to raise the son of the man who had beat her own son and tossed him out. She was glad that he was no longer there to hurt his own son further, but she saw no obligation to raise his son at her own expense.
    The letter I received in return told me that the brotherhood had met the child beater. I was told that he was a good buddy to his new friends and more than willing to purchase food items for the continuous parties and gatherings that they all enjoyed so much. The letter went on to explain that the old nazi–small n–was a reluctant cock sucker, but after some of his teeth were removed he had gotten better. The youngster that had killed the man was a victim of a lifetime of abuse from his own father and he had a personal score to settle. He is now taking over the duties of the late Mr. Heintz. Even in prison one does not kill, permission must be granted from the prisoners that run the yard. With a promise to maintain peace on the yard the inmate leaders were allowed to take care of the nineteen year old boy. I don't want to see a murder jacket hung on him, he is only serving seven years for possession. I just hope he can handle being the object of continued forced man-sex. I will follow him closely. He would not be in the position he has earned for himself had I kept my nose out of it, I owe the boy.
    I supposeI should have sat down with Eric and Gus before sending a letter in the first place. I got ahead of myself and have cost a man his life when his victims held no animosity against him. I contacted Rob Wolfe at once. I had him back off on any prosecution of Eric's mother as soon as she signed the release papers for me to adopt Gustav.

    I am proud of all of my boys, but Friday nights have all of us garbed up in the blue and gold as we go watch the football games. Sean is starting quarterback. Derrick, Jim, Mark, Mike, Craig, and Les are also on the team. The boys have their very own cheering section. Although tempted we haven't done any gay cheers. We do reward the young athletes when we get them home. Win or loose they know that they are our young heros as their balls are carried to goal after goal.
    After a very rousing homecoming with a shut out victory over our number one rival I had the joy of showing Mike how we felt. It had been a tough game and hard won. The final score was six zip with Wilson scoring in the last two minutes of play. Mike missed the point so I showed him how to put the balls between the uprights all night long. Mike is a joy and a blessing to the family. He still wails when he thinks about what he almost lost. I have tried to let him know that the past cannot be undone.
    He came forward and admitted the truth. He took his punishment like a man and he has never gone back on his word, over anything. Everybody in the family has total respect for him. Mike has a very thick eight and a half inch cock. I wish he had his skin in tact, but we have him in tact. I nursed him to release all of his tensions. He had played hard and his body was tied in knots. I took him to our massage tables and worked his body from head to toe with hot oil until he was completely loose. I led him out to the sauna and let the steam soften the rest of him. There was one part that I had to soften for him, but it was worth the effort when he released the creamy load that had stiffened it in the first place, four times.
    I can't quite carry the boy to bed. He is of a good size, a lovable size. I knew that his backdoor needed a good licking. He told me that he loves Les, but Les is too much of a bottom. I had to play with his bottom for him. I did want a ride on my young cousin. I have new feelings for the four little Indian boys since I married into the tribe. I consider the five of us totally equal. I found out that Mike is almost equal to Cory when he gets up in the saddle. The boy drove me wild.

    I was baptized with tears as Curtis, Theo, Eric, and Gus crawled over me one Saturday morning. "Why do you want to get rid of us? Don't you love us no more?" Gus was their elected spokesboy, these kids know how to play me. Eric showed me the screen on the laptop that he had with him. It showed an easily recognizable screen of a very popular web auction site that sells just about anything a person could ever conceive of.
    The boys had a screen open that offered twin cum holders with impressive pumps of various lengths. These pumps could be manipulated by hand or mouth and would produce up to a teaspoon of fresh cum three or more times a day. The current bid showed that six hundred and eighty people were bidding and the current price was up to thirty six dollars. What had the boys concerned was that they were sure that I was selling them off because the auction had sixty two units available, that is the number of boys living in my house on the mountainside.
    I decided to play their little game out and just brushed them aside. "I need to settle down. I am not getting any younger and I am feeling oppressed with the responsibility of so many naked boys to feed and clothe. The constant bickering, the never ending stench of dirty boy bodies, the incessant demands on me for sexual favors… I just can't do it anymore. I am a married man and I have a responsibility to my pregnant wife and stepson. I am through being a fag, forever."
    I had four wide eyed boys staring up at me with total unbelief showing on their tiny faces. "I am outraged that no one has offered more than thirty six dollars for the deal of the ages. I couldn't be more specific with my ads because that site doesn't allow trafficking in human beings, but I am sure that with six hundred and eighty bidders that someone could see the value that they have offered to them. I would pay thousands of dollars for a sweet young pair of cum holders with a hand or mouth operated pump."
    Did I ever mention that Jim is a master HTML programmer? The boy can make a web page that sings in four part harmony. I could see his hand all over this little scheme, at least I hoped it was him. I had these four seriously worried youngsters in my bed, and from the sounds coming from the hallway there were a few dozen others that were a bit worried about what they were hearing.
    The spokesboy crawled up on my stomach and looked down at me with a sternness I had not seen before, "I am not going to let you sell me like so much meat. I can't cum yet so I am staying with you. You promised me that I would have a home, with you, until I turned old enough to want to leave. I love you and I am staying, so put that up your ass and chew on it." He had everybody in the house roaring in laughter. Of course I grabbed him and pulled him to me then wrapped my arms around all four of the little buggers.
    "How did you know?" Jim asked me.
    "There is no hyphen in ebay." His face fell

    The boys are growing up and so are their wants and desires. We have to shuffle a bit to find parking spaces for all of the cars on the property. It is like a parade each evening as they leave for their dates with dickless ones. Christopher, Alec, and Evan don't date, at all. I have tried to get Christopher to round out his social learning curve. I feel that he is missing a part of high school life that he will later regret. He goes down to spend an hour or two with Betty then he will hit some of the hot spots where his classmates hang out, he feels that is enough. He usually takes some of the other boys along with him when he is just cruising, Shane enjoys being with the boy outside of the house, the two have become great friends.
    I don't have a good feel on Shane yet. I did make him contact his mother. He explained to her that he was not being perverted when he looked at his cousin. He explained his pain over the death of Shawn. After three calls to her she finally admitted that she may have misjudged him. He told her that he would contact her during the Christmas holidays and maybe they could get together for lunch. The callous bitch had to consider that. Shane still cries a lot. He slips into my room and lets his anger and his pain go. I don't think that Christopher knows how much pain Shane is in. I want to help Shane, but it is going to take longer than I had hoped.

    Cory and I flew home to see our wives at the end of October. We had a great time, as usual. I love playing with Chrissy and am so looking forward to little Cory. I couldn't quite decide what I should call the boy until that weekend, Sarah and Daylight had worked it out between them. I like it, Core. He is the core to a whole new life for me. He will be the core of my thoughts for many years to come. The boy was not with us yet, but I know in my heart that he has already changed me. Cory says he is my core man. I know who's core I wanted to get too.

    I let Cory go with me to Akron. I did not need to be there, but one of mine had a situation. Edgar's face lit up like sunshine when he came down to the baggage claim area of the airport and saw us waiting for him. He was anxious as anyone would be over the duty he had to the law. He had to step up in an open court of law and tell everyone there how his father had sexually used him, he needed our shoulders.
    We uplifted him the night before court. Cory had spent time with him that first night at the motel. I had only been with him long enough for him to get his pin. We put his hard to rest as we got next to his heart and showed him that he was part of our family and that he was loved.
    After a morning spent in the selection of a eight person jury the prosecutor told Edgar that we could look forward to at least a two maybe three week trial. He felt certain that a conviction would be the end result because he had learned that Edgar was not the only boy that Mr. Spikes was molesting. The son of one of the men who visited with Edgar from time to time had also been used by the men. When Mr. Spikes was arrested again after the police uncovered more young victims, the fourteen year old lad came out of the bedroom, naked. He saw the police place handcuffs on Mr. Spikes and ran to them to tell them that he had just been molested, again.
    Mr. Spikes overheard that exchange and turned to his attorney for a quiet conference. After the lunch break he changed his plea in exchange for a twenty five year hard sentence, no parole. Elated at the news Cory and I accompanied Edgar back to Empire Canal for some molesting of our own.

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