Chapter 178


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    I was kissed awake by my favorite person. "It's almost eight o'clock. The helicopter is inbound with an ETA of twenty five." Cory told me as he snuggled his hot body against me. We were both up there, but my wood was full of piss so I had to kiss and run. I would have loved to love him, but nature was yelling too loudly.
    Garth's eyes were open so I hustled him to the bathroom. I didn't allow him to stop at the toilet but pushed him into the shower. I grabbed my dick and aimed a heavy stream at the boy. He giggled and returned my assault as we battled each other with our morning streams. I turned three shower heads toward us and let the water complete the chore of getting both of us awake.
    Garth was as eager to bathe me as I was to wash our night from his body. I had found that I had deep feelings for the boy. I did not love him, I cared for him. He has had a hard life and if what I had learned in my brief conversation with Edmund was correct the boy's life was about to become very complicated.
    My call to Mic the evening before had done its intended purpose. He arrived to take our new boy to Empire Canal as we investigated his entire life and planned his future. No, I am not out to dictate his life for him—you know that about me by now. Garth will be involved in every step along the way and he will be able to say yea or nay as he wishes.

    I gave Mic and Garth a big hug and closed the door behind them. I had no desire to go stand on the roof and watch them depart. I turned and walked out to the patio where the boys were still eating their breakfast when my heart turned to ice and I froze in my steps.
    "I sure wish uncle Andy would give me some of those MAVs so we could have watched dad last night."
    "FREEZE!!!" I turned quickly to see if anyone was near. I closed the doors between the apartment and the patio then approached the table. Absolute fear could be seen on the face of all five boys. Roddy arose and ran to hide himself behind Cory, he knew that I would not hurt Cory to get to his scrawny neck.
    I glared down at Jimmy, "Where did you hear that term, how much do you know, and who else knows?" I must have presented a frightful sight to all of my loved ones. I would never hurt them, but what I had heard…That was so classified that the acronym was never used outside of a secure workshop.
    "What dad? What did I do?" Jimmy was near tears. I wanted to pick him up and hold him, but what he said was serious, very serious.
    Jimmy has his nose into everything that he can find on the web. He knows more about everything than Wikipedia knows. He had picked up on the idea of Micro Aerial Vehicles and he had talked to Andy about them. Andy has as much faith and trust in Jimmy as I do and he listened to the boy talk. Andy smiled at him when he was asked if Foss International was working on such a project.
    Everybody has always wished that they could be a fly on the wall and see what goes on when they are not in the room. MAV is a new project that is being developed by several different companies, including FI's research and development division. Eventually it is hoped that a bumblebee sized bug can be developed that can carry a camera, as well as sound transmitters and fly like an insect to wherever one want to send a spy too. The microphone that I wear works perfectly, the problem that we are facing is the transmitter for the camera.
    Jimmy begged my forgiveness, and of course he received it. I know that I am working around children and children don't always think before they speak. Jimmy gets upset with me sometimes when he thinks that I am not telling him everything that he wants to know. I held him in my lap as I explained that his blurting out the acronym for a Top Secret project was one reason why I didn't disclose more to him. He pouted, but I believe that he understood.

    We were prepared to leave for Tucson right after lunch when I received a call from Dun, he and Mary wanted to sign the papers so that their son could attend one of my schools. I met the mother, father, and son in the same apartment where I had pleasured the two male members three days earlier. I thought that RD should be with me to make Homer feel a little more at ease.

    "I want that little fag boy out of my life, you can take him with you today." Mary was up to her usual crassitude. I laid out the paper work with no school names or cities filled in, all of the forms are under the letterhead of Bradford Academies but the actual school must be filled in and initialed by both parents.
    She picked up the pen and began to sign all four documents without reading a word, she couldn't shut up long enough to read. "Do you know what that little faggot did last night? Of course you don't. RD honey, I am sorry that you have to see a person like this, I am so ashamed that it is my own flesh and blood. Oh the pain I went through just to bear that." She spat the word out as she glared at the tiny little boy sitting off to the side, alone and unloved by the one that should never forsake him.
    "He came to me as I waited for Dun to leave the theater, he had a boy with him and they were holding hands. He looked at me and told me that he was in love with that creature, then kissed him. I wanted to snatch the queer's eyes out, he was larger and much, much older than Homo over there, he was molesting a child of thirteen. I told him what I thought of him and everybody in the theater heard me. That little queer's mother walked up to me and slapped my face. Me! She slapped me, in front of everybody.
    "She told me that they were just being boys and that they would grow up to be fine men.
    "'Yeah, fine men that fuck each other. Which one of you faggots takes it up your ass? I know, it's Homer the Homo.' Yes, I let them have it with both barrels, it didn't faze them in the least, they were still kissing each other. Then…that piece of shit over there reached his hand into the older boy's pants and started feeling him up, RIGHT OUT IF FRONT OF EVERYBODY," she shrieked.
    "I have never been so embarrassed in all of my life. I can never show my face around any of those people again, they all know that the person that called me mother is pure filth.
    "Well, I won't have it, that's all, I just won't have it. Take him and send him anywhere that you want. I hope that the school that he goes to beats the queer out of him. Other boys hate fags, they'll kill that one. Don't write me or call me, just flush his body down the toilet, he's not even worth burying, he would contaminate the ground.
    "I am leaving. I filed for a divorce last week. Dun couldn't be found so that he could be served but they gave him the papers today, we are finished. I am moving to Morocco with Sheik Oban, he knows how to love a lady and take care of her. Look at this ring, have you ever seen a larger diamond?"
    I was at the edge of my seat, "Mary, don't go to Morocco with that man. Is he here in New York right now?"
    "No, he had to go home on business, I have not seen him in several weeks, but he calls me everyday and we talk. He is so lovely, I wish that I had married him to begin with then I wouldn't have to suffer like I do."
    I placed my badge case on the table, open and with the badge and ID card turned so that she could see it. "Mary, I am a federal officer, I have been searching for your Sheik Oban for two years. He is wanted in countries all over Europe for white slavery. Mary, he wants you to go to his country but I will almost guarantee that you will serve him, not as a lover but as his slave."
    "You fucking bastard!!! That man is a true saint amongst men, you should be half the man that he is. Chris, I remember you from high school. Every boy in school wanted to be just like you, every girl wanted to be with you. All of my friends dreamed of losing themselves to you, we all heard the rumors of your extreme assets. I can't believe that you got with that bitch Sylvia, she was a dyke you know."
    "Don't talk about my mother! You don't know anything about her. She would never treat me like you are treating your son. She was a beautiful and loving person who only wanted to do good to others." RD was red faced and tears filled his eyes as he talked about his mother. He walked across the room and pulled Homer to his feet, "I will be your friend and help you to find love." He hugged Homer and both boys began to cry.
    "Another faggot. You should be proud, no wonder you talk my Sammy down, your own son hugs queer boys like a friend."
    "Because my son does not sit in judgement over others. Your son is a person; a very young and impressionable person that is seeking something that he can not find at home, love and acceptance. Mary he may not be a homosexual. He found a boy that loved to be with him for whatever reason.
    "Homer may have been excited that an older boy would even notice him. At his age he would do almost anything to have an older friend. The older boy may not be a homosexual either but he may have used Homer for his own sexual release. Homer has not matured socially, at his age he wants to be grown up and will do whatever a grown up tells him to do. That is what we will work on in my schools, we will help him to grow so that he knows who he is and what he wants for a full and rich life.
    "Mary, I cannot stress enough the danger that Samí Oban poses to you. Samí is an Arabic name that means lofty. The man sees himself higher than the world around him, he takes whatever he wants from anybody. He is known to have killed his best friend so that he could take the wife for his own. He killed his brother so that he would have all of the family's wealth.
    "I have three young men in one of my schools that were held as boy slaves by that man, they were forced to have sex with men of all types by your precious Samě, that's spelled s-a-m-i with a gravé accent—an inverted accent—mark on the i. The man treated those boys terribly. When one of the boys was kidnaped, right here in New York, he had his pregnant girlfriend with him. Our agents found him and the girl but we have never found the baby. We may never find him, we don't know enough about the man's network for moving slaves around the world to ever find information about that baby boy."
    "I won't hear anymore. Sammy is sending his own plane for me today and I am going where I can find happiness."
    "You have filed for a divorce, you will have to be present at the hearing for it to be granted."
    "He can counter file and win an uncontested divorce without my presence. I really have no desire to see the father of a queer again." She got up and left.
    "Are you on her tail?" I spoke into the air, Dun looked at me not knowing what to say.
    "We have her, she just entered a taxi and our man is following. Chris, if we can nab Samí Oban we will be world heros," I could hear the excitement in Andy's voice, it was his people that found Vic and returned him to his family.
    Dun looked at me, "I have to quote Oscar Wilde, 'Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.' Frankly I am suddenly very happy. You think that Oban character is really a slaver?" I nodded at him and his broad smile lit up the room.

    The phone rang and the front desk informed me Mr. Kostja Waldhar wished to speak to me. I looked at Dun and Homer then told the desk to send my guest up to the suite where I was at that time. My life is one complication after another, but the fringe benefits…Hot and cold running naked boys, sweet.
    While we waited for Kostja to arrive I summarized our offer of employment for the boy. Dun looked as if he would rather be somewhere else until the doorbell rang. I love to watch a fag when a living statue walks into the room. Let me say for the record that Dun is sweet and he would look good on anybody's pedestal. When one statue meets another one should find a nearby perch and watch with eyes open and mouth shut.
    I love to play my boys and this situation was no different. I excused myself for a quick trip to the bathroom and asked Dun to let Kostja in. I grabbed Hobby's hand and dragged him after me with RD close behind. I placed a finger against the boy's lips as I closed the bedroom door to a slit and pushed him in front of me so that the two of us could watch whatever might transpire. RD stuck his head under my arm so that he could see too.
    I have no way of knowing where Hobby was with what we saw. Actually it would take a person tuned to the nuances of different personalities, but I saw what I had expected. The man nearly dropped to his knees before the statuesque male form before him. His son in front of me was only a prop for me as I let my hands roam about his firm belly and soft lower regions. I was soft, but my mind was filled with the knowledge of my years of experience with Hobby's father.
    Cullen had learned a deep secret that Kostja kept from everyone, he enjoyed posing before a camera. Kostja had presented Cullen with a nice resumé. He had included two pictures that had all of us wondering what he was after at once. One picture was a nice studio shot of him in a shirt and tie, but the other was a professionally done shot of him sitting on the floor in a sleeveless tee shirt. His hair was askew and casual. The look on his face was pure seduction to our group of fags, but his eyes…bedroom eyes never looked more inviting.
    Dun was taking all of that in as he slowly backed into the room, leading Kostja, but never removing his appraising gaze. I turned to RD and asked him to tell about his kissy night. He giggled as he told me that Kostja is a suppressed fag boy that wants to come out of the closet behind a big brass band. I hope that he doesn't do that, it would kill his great grandmother.
    I stepped back in the room before Dun could undress the boy and fuck him silly on the floor. I told Kostja that I had a few minutes of business to wrap up then I would be with him. He sat down at a chair before the small breakfast table and RD joined him.
    Dun told me that the play was going to wrap up shortly, I knew that. He wanted to spend as much time as he could with his boyfriend and work out the details of their future. There would be a lot of work to do and…I had to pry it out of him. He didn't want to subject Homer to what he might experience were he to return to the theater. His mother had made a real scene and everybody within twelve miles knew about his son.
    I looked at Kostja and had a good idea of what I was about to hear. I called Andy and asked if he had room on FI-1 that was to return to Tucson that afternoon. Andy would have bumped the pilot to help me, but then who would fly the plane? There were no passengers for the flight west so I had eight seats at my disposal.
    Homer had a small bag with his toothbrush and a change of clothing in it. His father assured him that he would personally pack everything the boy owned and ship it to me. I gave him a card and told him to have our people pick the boy's belongings up and not to worry about the size or weight. I told him to send everything, even Homer's cum rags that were probably under his bed. Homer blushed as I pulled him tight and fondled his fondle stick.

    After Dun left I sat down with Kostja. "I feel like I am living my worst nightmare." I looked at him and he giggled. "I dreamt that I fell asleep with Lulu Mae in the hay stack and I was awakened by her forty barefoot brothers pointing their shotguns at me."
    "Lulu Mae your girlfriend?" He grinned at me because he knew that I knew that his story was an analogy. I only wanted for him to explain it for the rest of the boys.
    "Lulu Mae is my term for a hick girl from the sticks. She is someone that is so dumb that she thinks that her daddy's midnight visits to her bed are the right thing to do. She also believes that his moonshine still is legal."
    "It isn't??" I looked around at the boys as they were trying to understand our satire.
    "Okay, here it is. I told my grandmother that I was gay when we left the hotel yesterday." He looked at RD who was examining the ceiling. I was proud of RD for not telling anyone Kostja's secret, this was something that Kostja needed to tell us himself. "She was fine with it. She told me that she had been around a few years and she had good eyes. I was shocked because I have never done any of what we did Friday.
    "I look. Fuck, I love to look and the locker room is a smorgasbord of eye candy for a closeted gay boy." I told him that gay boys out of the closet like locker rooms as well. He giggled and blushed, a true sign that he will fit into my family very well.
    "I walked around for a long time then decided to come back up here and talk to you. I almost creamed myself when I saw you with Garth. Where is he?" I told him that he had gone to stay with a friend of mine until I could arrange to legally take him out of the state.
    Kostja has a very strict curfew in his father's house and he had missed it. He looked at RD and told him that he had never felt as good as he had after they had spent time together the previous evening and he was floating on clouds as he headed home. He was fifteen minutes late and his father tried to hit him. That was the last straw for him. He and his father argued for several hours. His father told him that he did not need my help to go to college, he was going to school in New York City and he was going to live at home.
    His father told him that he did not want him to be a servant all of his life and he thought that going to Munedavia to serve the King was about as low as he could go. Kostja sees things differently. When his father told him that he had arranged for him to meet a young girl that would be his wife that was the last straw. Kostja told his father that he was not interested in a wife, or even a girlfriend at this time in his life.
    Kostja was afraid that he would say something that would forever drive a wedge between him and his father so he left the house. I learned that he had been asleep in the employee break room all night. RD and I both jumped his ass. RD told him that he would have enjoyed his company all night and Kostja smiled from ear to ear. I know RD and I know that he is not seeking a boyfriend. I also know that he has a soft heart and he was going to make Kostja comfortable as he acclimates himself into our family.

    With all things settled at last we began our trip home. It is a long and tedious drive across town to La Guardia airport where FI-2 and FI-1 awaited us. It would have been much easier to fly the family over by helicopter, but our delay had cost us the use of the big bird for the day. I ordered two limousines to transport my loved ones.
    I don't like the exposure that Cullen has in a limo and there were no armored limos available to us. I will have to buy one and leave it in town for our trips in and out. I could have put Cullen into an armored SUV, but I don't like to completely separate the boy from the family any more than is necessary.

    As the family crossed the main lobby I saw Fred Mabry and Tomas Jensen in a serious discussion with the front desk. I walked over to them to bid them farewell and I learned that they wanted to pay their room tab. I assured them that it was taken care of. I reminded them that I had told them that their trip was entirely on me, but they had their pride. I told them to save their money for their move to England and then they could treat me to a night out when I visited them at the new school. They agreed and that settled it.
    While all of that was going on Cullen had gotten himself into another battle of words. A Chinese family was trying to secure two suites for a party of five. The problem being that they were two days late for their reservations and spoke very little English. My little Culley bear speaks Gouyu—Mandarin Chinese—who knew? Who knows what that boy can do?
    Cullen told me what the problem was, the hotel was booked solid there were no four bedroom suites available. The family would have to be split up into three different rooms, only one being a full suite with a kitchen. Big hearted me, I told the front desk that we had not used one of my apartments and that I would be honored to allow the Zhang family to stay there for the two weeks that they planned to be in New York.
    Cullen was serving as the interpreter between family and the desk staff as I turned to the family. My eyes caught something that I had not expected at the other side of the room. Dun was talking to Daniel Radcliffe. Roddy turned to see what I was looking at and ran before anyone could stop him. I told the family to go on to the waiting cars and that I would join them then I took off after my big mouth.
    I expected him to say something untoward, but I was not expecting what I heard. "You got a thick dick. We saw you naked in England. Do you remember seeing us there? You was good in that play, but why did you hurt that horsey?" I got my hand over his mouth as Dan looked for a place to crawl away and hide. I was ready to commit boicide on the spot. I wonder how much prison time I would have to serve were the facts to come out in court as to my reason for killing my stepson.
    "Uncy, the limos left without us," Cullen stated as he walked up to me with Jimmy at his side. I called Cory and asked him what was going on and he told me that the drivers had a large engagement scheduled and that we had put them behind their schedule. Heads will roll. I called dispatch for a helicopter for the four of us and was told that ETA was thirty minutes. That would still allow ample time to arrive at the airport. In fact my quick calculations told me that we would arrive ahead of the family.
    I told dispatch to file a formal complaint with the limousine company and to tell them that I was filing a law suit against them. I told him to use the King's name and to let them know how much harm they had done by putting him in jeopardy. Then I sat down to talk with young Danny boy.

    I learned that Dan and Dun had met, professionally and that Dan had a great deal of respect of Dun's acting abilities. I let the two men praise one another as I sat back and listened; listening gives me the opportunity to learn and I was learning a lot about both men. An idea crossed my mind that I had not known how to broach with Dun before. The dialogue between the two thespians opened the door for me.
    I informed Dan of the family's planned weddings for the following week on the beach in front of cliff house in Malibu, California. I invited him to attend. I touched the subject lightly so as not to imply that Dan was gay, I suspected that he was gay tolerant by the tone of his conversation with Dun and was pleased when my invitation was quickly accepted.
    I firmed up the invitation by stating, "My family has seen you in all of your glory, now you can come to California and see them fully exposed." That evoked a laugh and a quick acknowledgment of his acceptance. I know that the family will be thrilled to strut their stuff in front of their favorite movie star as they fantasize a closer relationship.

    As I had hoped, Dun picked up on the California wedding idea and asked if he and his boyfriend might be able to be married there also. I told him that as I had read the law there were no residency requirements, only a license and a legal official to say the words that were necessary.

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