Chapter 228


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    "Naughty boy. You allowed the Royal family to touch you. You are no longer clean. It is a simple matter because the sprits have done their work in you, however you have another work to do in someone else. Do not touch me or any of the other boys until we get you to the hot springs and wash you once again. He he he, I think that you like the ritual washings." That sounded like my Cory. I was glad to have him with me again.

    I contacted the principals or headmasters of each of the schools and told them to get the boys into their barracks. It was time for their showers and bedtime. We had less time than I wanted to give the boys the vacation of their lives. I wanted an early start the following morning.
    The Chiricahua Indians were loading their children and women into their cars and into the backs of their pickup trucks before heading north to their village. The Tsalagi were putting their children onto their buses. I asked my bearers to carry me over to where they were.
    I approached a group of the Tsalagi leaders and asked them where they would sleep that night. They indicated the ground of the rodeo field. I shook my head and told them that my brothers deserved better. I directed them to the base of Fire Mountain, where the water for the stables flows from the ground. I told them that there was a small pool for washing the children and fresh water to drink. I told them that there was fresh straw in the stables and for the more hardy souls amongst them there was room in the loft for sleeping.
    There is also an abundance of firewood about the area for their campfires and the mountain gives shelter from the cold winds that come across from the north. I offered them food. They assured me that they had what they needed. I suggested fresh fruit for the children's breakfast. When I told them that I had received a truck full of cantaloupe and honey dew melons as well as fresh peaches and ripe plumbs along with extra large, plump strawberries they eagerly accepted my offer. They sent ten strapping youths to me, I directed the boys to fgb–Gigage.
    The tribes gathered their people and headed off to their beds for the night. I watched as they made their way across the filthy stock yard and felt a pang in my heart. Could I unite all of the nations once again? The Tsalagi have become scattered over time. The nations have one chief, Chief Wilma Mankiller. She works hard to hold the tribes together. Would I be able t o help her?

    Cory's chair was alongside of mine as the boys moved us along the trail through the woods to the hot springs. I could hear the chants of Cory and his five traveling companions as we moved through the dark forest. Somehow it made a perfect evening seem even better. I felt an inner peace that put me at one with all around me. Even as the boys chanted I heard the night creature stirring in the woods. They seemed to be chanting along with us.
    A deep voiced owl set up a beat that was quickly joined by night larks in the tree branches overhead. Even the crickets kept the rhythm as the wind whistled a tune of its own though thickening forest. I could hear the babbling of the small stream as it flowed from the hot springs. It was singing a merry tune.
    I felt a new presence near me and I turned my head to look over my left shoulder. RD was on a stretcher as he was carried down the, almost, hidden path to the hot springs. I looked to my right and saw the beautiful smiling face of Rodney on the back of his magnificent steed. This had been quite a night for both of us, but I had the impression that it was not over.

    As we were being carried to the hot springs I asked Cory if he had seen anything evil in RD. Cory does not have the Holy Spirit's gift of sight, which can sometimes accompany the gift of discernment. He told me that Beulah has seen a demon in RD and so has Sagi. I asked him to tell me what it looked like and what it was doing to my son. Cory had turned in his chair so that he could look at me.
    "Dad, you know that in order for an exorcist to be able to do the Lord's work then he must approach the task with no more than the Word of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit. He needs to have himself surrounded by a hedge of angels to keep the evil one away. He may, and should, call Christ the Lord to the battle.
    "That is one of the reasons that you are now surround by spirit warriors tried and true. We can not, and will not, interfere with the work that you alone must do. Our duty is to pray for you and keep that hedge of angels close to you.
    "You have watched Cas exorcize two demons from our church members. You know how it is done, you also know the dangers involved. you have more than Cas has ever had, you have six exorcized warriors of the Faith working with you."
    "Cory, babe, I am troubled about one of those warriors. ach–Adahy—told us that after he was cast from the tribe by his father, Chief Steve, that he married an AniTsata girl from the AniTsata village. They had a son named 8QR–Tequasi. Tequasi is not full blood Tsalagi."
    "Adahy told us that he married a girl from the AniTsata village. Tequasi's mother was a full blood Tsalagi. Her father and Chief Steve had been feuding amongst themselves for many years. Her father moved his family away from Chief Steve's influence and lived a full life amongst our AniTsata brothers.
    "Adahy knew the family and he fell in love with their daughter. Dad, Tequasi is full blood Tsalagi and heir to all of the birthrights of the tribe.
    "I would have thought that Isi was raised Choctaw by his AniTsata mother. "
    "Au contraire mon frere, Ona and I have spent many hours discussing his life. Isi's mother was the child of a Tsalagi warrior killed in the final days of action in Viet Nam. Her mother married a young returning veteran from the Choctaw tribe and she raised her daughter there. Ona and Adahy were close friends. They liked to date the Choctaw girls, but they were careful not to have sex with anyone but Cherokee girls.
    "Isi's mother is full blood Tsalagi, her step-father is AniTsata "
    "I knew that, I just wasn't aware that you knew it. You aren't as old as I thought you were."
    "I'll show you old, boy. You have yet to keep up with me all night long."
    "That is true. You have the strength of a teenage boy. I guess that all of the boi juice that you take down your throat everyday does keep you young." I laughed at him. He just grinned his famous smile at me. I really do love him.
    I sat in silence for the few minutes remaining before we reached the hot springs. I had never questioned Adahy and had accepted his story as he told it. I have a common malady, I only listen to a part of a story and let the rest go. I love Tracy. He is one of the boys that Cory and I first encountered when Chief Steve took us to his home and the Tsalagi village along the side of the wide, flowing river.
    Tracy was a sweet boy and an eager lover. I never questioned his heritage from the beginning. Steve introduced him to me and that was all that I needed. I have seen the boy's strength and I was sure that I would be drawing on that strength before our night was finished.

    Our little caravan stopped outside of the fence surrounding the hot springs and the concrete spa that I had made there. A large area near the edge of the small creek flowing out of the spa had been cleared for a nice sized fire. I was made to sit in my chair and watch as all nine of the Tsalagi boys in my household stripped naked. The boys had small earthenware bowls filled with many different colors of soil to which they added water from the creek. After a vigorous stirring of the soil and water a different color of paint appeared in each bowl. The boys then proceeded to use their fingers dipped in the paint color that they had to place symbols, streaks, and lines across the face and chest of each of his brothers.
    I found it amusing that one boy had red paint on his fingers and everyone that needed a red addition to his face or body approached him. The same went with the one with the bowl of white paint, and yellow paint, and etc. The person with a color waited until everyone else was painted before someone helped him to guide his fingers to his own face to add the color of paint that he had in his bowl.
    Once everyone was painted to Rodney's satisfaction the bowls were rinsed and the fingers were washed in the creek. At that time the sounds of the forest were broken by the sounds of many small drums beating a rhythm that was hypnotic to me. The drums seemed to inspire a frenzy in all nine boys as they danced about the fire, but it seemed that they centered their dance on Rodney.
    I watched my son as he seemed to orchestrate the activities of the others. At one point he passed his right hand below his nose and Stephen danced my way. He waved a handful of flowers close to my face and my mind reeled at the pungent aroma.
    Again Rodney waved his hand before his nose, only this time it was his left hand and it was directed to Mike. Mike never missed a beat of his dance as he passed a handful of purple pebbles before me. The force of the strong aroma nearly made me fall from my chair. I was aware that all the boys were watching me very closely.
    Each boy in turn danced before me and waved flowers, or rocks, or small flasks of liquid before me. By the time that Cory approached me I was hallucinating. He held the open palm of his hand before my face and blew against a small amount of pollen forcing it to surround my face. I felt myself falling away. I felt a dozen hands lift me from my chair and lay me on a furry surface.
    Rodney bent over my face without touching me. He stared deep into my eyes and muttered something unintelligible. Before his lips quit moving I saw only black.
    "Make the water as hot as he can stand it. Do not hurt his skin, but burn his soul once again." WlU% was speaking somewhere nearby. I was carefully lowered into the spa in the woods as the water temperature increased. The air jets made the pool feel just like the hot tub in my bedroom at home. Spices and herbs were added to the hot water before it flowed into the spa. The combined aromas made my head spin even more.
    WlU% added strong minerals to the water as it flowed over the small drop into the spa. Every muscle in my body immediately relaxed. I felt as if I was relaxing in the mineral springs next to the mountain at Cory's love nest. I lost all conscious thought as my body and mind were carried to a place of total peace. I hoped to see the Lamb lying in the grass, but I could not focus my thoughts to what I wanted.
    I was without thought or feeling. I felt my bodily functions relaxing as my bowels moved and my bladder seemed to empty itself. I was aware of somebody cleaning up around me before I actually felt hands on my personal place. The hands seemed to be cleaning me with tenderness that I have not felt since my mother cleaned and powdered my bottom. Why I thought that far back and how I could remember the sensation escapes me. I don't know if I was hallucinating or if the memories were real. When I tried to ask about what I experienced I was told that what happened in the woods stayed in the woods, forever.
    I began to feel dizzy and soon fell asleep. When I awakened Mike and Steven were bathing my body with their soft chamois. I, once again, felt clean and renewed. I was moved to the cooler end of the spa as RD's limp form was lowered into the water. Again the spices and minerals were added, but the place where I sat did not receive the full force of their powers.

    As RD began to relax and let his body float upon the water I became aware of the sounds of hundreds of men's voices chanting from somewhere back in the surrounding forest. The sounds came from all around us so I knew that there were many Tsalagi men helping with the next step of the night.
    When RD stirred and opened his eyes the drums started. I saw something in RD that startled me. Rodney had told me that RD had a very nasty demon in him. I asked him what it looked like. He told me that he couldn't see demons that clearly and that if he told me what he thought he had seen it would taint my impressions and then I might not be able to exorcize it from him. That made sense.
    I immediately immersed myself in prayer. While I was a novice as an exorcist I did not feel that I was out of my element. I have served as a prayer advocate to Cas as he prayed over one of our boys that had been violently raped. I had watched Cas work with two of our church members so I had a general direction to go. However I was not prepared for the response that I received.
    The demon within RD spoke directly to me. I believe that is seldom the case. Demons communicate their threats to an exorcist, but this response was personal. This demon called me Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe. I was asked to leave and not to make the demon abandon his post. I was told that the master would be greatly displeased if the job was not completed.
    To the horror of those supporting me with prayer I entered into a conversation with the demon. "Do you have a name?"
    "We are called maniple."
    A maniple is made up of one hundred and sixty men in the old Roman Army Legions. "Do you have a maniple of demons with you?"
    "We are few, but with each passing of the days we grow stronger."
    "What is your purpose?"
    "To stop the great Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe. The master fears you?"
    "Why would your master fear me, I am but a man."
    "He fears what you can do. He has men everywhere that take the souls of young people away from the Vile one. You are stopping his work and with the power of this one that I dwell in you will be even more powerful.
    "We could not reach the little one, he has strength from the forces of the Vile one. We had began a work in the others with you tonight, but the Vile one drove us away. Even you had the most powerful of us to destroy you, but the Vile one drove him out. We must remain in this one, only he may be able to stop you."
    "The one that you call Vile is your creator, Christ Jesus."
    "Ahhhh, it hurts to hear His name. I know who He is, but I am ordered to stop you so that we may hurt His work amongst men."
    "If you know who he is then I will call upon His name to cast you from Randall and set him free."
    "We will be destroyed and lost forever."
    "You made that decision when you chose to follow the evil one. You have no hope and no future. In the name of Jesus, Lord of Lord, creator of the universe and all that in it is, be gone."
    RD's body rose above the water as his face revealed the torment of his mind. I held my hands above his face as I continued in prayer then at a command from deep inside of me I used my left forefinger to draw an invisible cross on my son's forehead. Instantly his body fell back into the water as a shimmering beast rose above him.
    The demon had an eight foot long body about nine inches in diameter. It had a large bulbous head with the face of a small child on it. The eyes were three and a half inches across. They were yellow with cat like slit pupils. Its large mouth almost filled the rest of its face. There were many rows of very sharp teeth, but thankfully none of them were covered with blood. That meant that RD had not suffered as the demon was removed.
    The demon hissed at me then suddenly turned and used its six sets of tiny wings set along its back to fly away. It didn't go far before it flashed and broke into millions of tiny bits that dispersed before they could fall to the ground.
    I instantly turned my attention back to RD. I placed my hands on each side of his head and began to pray. Rodney and Cory slipped into the water beside me and lay their hands upon their brother. The chanting and drums in the forest became louder and the tempo of the pool steadily increased as well as the loudness of the many voices.
    After thirty minutes or so RD relaxed and opened his eyes. He looked into my eyes and smiled, "Thanks, dad. At last I feel free. I feel as if the four of us can conquer anything that we go after, even the world." I pulled him to me and hugged him tightly. Cory and Rodney joined in for a family hug.

    When we broke away I noticed that the forest was once again silent. I looked at the sky for a few moments until I got my bearings and then announced to my family that it was ten o'clock. The other seven Tsalagi boys were busy clearing all of the petals, and other lingering remains of the herbs and oils from the water of the spa. When all of the corners were clear and the water flowed clean through the small pool they found a place to sit. We wrapped our arms around the shoulders of those to either side of us and let the hot water and bubbles wash our cares away.

    At ten thirty I rose from the water. I was surprised that my skin did not feel pruned. Cory took my hand as Rodney walked before us and RD walked to my left. Cory directed Rodney to a thicket of trees ten feet from the hot springs. There we found a small shelter awaiting us. Cory pulled back the heavy hide that covered the door and let me enter first.
    I felt as if I was looking at one of J. K. Rowling's tents from the famous Quidditch tournament. The inside of the shelter looked much larger than the outside appeared. Centered in the room was a two foot by two foot squaare fire pit only a few inches deep. It contained short fire sticks of twelve to twenty four inches in length. These fire sticks glowed orange and red. It differed from the fire sticks in the fire pit of the main ceremony in that it was putting off heat.
    The heat was not overbearing as such a large fire inside a closed shelter would normally be. There was no smell of smoke and I did not feel any out gassing. I believe that the Tsalagi have discovered a safe and comfortable heat source that does not seem to consume any natural resources. I will not investigate the source of this power nor will I allow it to be exploited. I will just enjoy the benefits of, what appears to be, a very ancient secret.
    Set two feet in from the back and the sides of the shelter was a very thick bed covered in a large brown fur. Cory and Rodney pulled RD and me to the bed and directed us to lay down at the bed's center. Once I was flat on my back I looked up to see a huge Eagle with its wings outstretched in flight. The wing span was a good eight feet, wing tip to wing tip. I have always thought of the Eagle as a large bird, but seeing this stuffed specimen drove the point home as to their true size.
    Rodney lifted my head and placed a small furry, black pillow under it as Cory pulled a large fur over us for cover. Cory lay with his head on my right shoulder and RD rested his head on my left arm. Rodney was stretched out on top of me with his face against my left cheek. I felt the deep, deep love of my lover and my sons envelop me.
    "The Waya family is safe and complete," Cory stated. "We are laying on the fur of a twelve foot tall brown bear—Ym, a good size for browns. Our heads are cradled by the small fox–w#'. We safely rest beneath the hide of large gray wolf—\y as the great Eagle—OUl', with outstretched wings keeps watch over us."
    I pulled my arms together to squeeze my core family to me. I received kisses from all three and a pleasant surprise as well. Roddy—yeah, he is my boy Roddy when we are intimate— wiggled his butt into position for Cory to place my dick directly in his target zone. As he settled his body onto my full length he smiled at me. "The dcmWsf–Medicine man—said that I am a man now and he married me to Adsila. You have to teach me how to make love. First I need to know how it feels to have love made to me." With that he began to roll over. Cory and RD helped us to move into position with me on top.

    "Daddy, what color are you?" I didn't understand his question so he explained himself to the rest of us. "Well, Cory just told us that he is a brown bear. RD is a bald eagle and I have turned from a black fox into a silver Fire Fox. So what color of wolf are you?"
    "Well, Gedi depicts me as having brown fur on my back and white fur on my belly and legs. My head is black on top and my ears are black. The black forms a line down my nose and there are two black lines running down across my eyes at an angle. It makes my face look as if I am wearing a mask. I suppose the effect of the coloration makes me look very sinister and dangerous. I am only dangerous to anyone who hurts a child. I will eat them alive and spit them out into the prison systems of the world for as long of a sentence that I can get the courts to pass down."
    "Sometimes you kill people who hurt children…"
    "Let's don't go there, son. I don't like to kill anyone. It has happened more often than I would like, but it is not something of which I am proud of.
    "Cory is the one to fear. He is a great brown bear. Brown bears can grow to weigh more than seventeen hundred pounds. Brown bears are no longer found in the lower forty eight states, but many years in the past they roamed freely from Alaska to northern Mexico and as far east as the Carolinas. A wild brown bear in the woods is something that strikes fear in the hearts of all men."

    We made love for over an hour before Roddy gave up his third load of boi juice. He rested for a very few minutes before he asked RD to love him. By the time that we left our family love nest the next morning the four of us had shared all we are with each other. It was all in the family.

    I awakened to a dark sky. It was, after all, early January so the sun would not rise for another hour. I knew the time by looking at the black sky. There was not a star in sight so I knew that it was the black dawn that comes just before the eastern sky begans to brighten. I had to smile at my boys. Hanging from a small tripod of sticks set at one corner of the fire pit was an old tin coffeepot. A large tin mug hung from a forked stick in the ground nearby. I poured myself a cup of the best coffee that I can recall ever having taken into my system, even with the grounds at the bottom of the cup.
    I stepped out of the shelter as I nursed my first hot cup of the day. The rest of the boys were stirring, some were watering the bushes that appeared to be in need of hot boi piss for their growth. RD stepped up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. "Good morning, father. I love you more now than I did last night. Last night I loved you more than I loved you yesterday and yesterday I loved you more than the day before." I looked at him with crossed eyes.
    "What I am saying in my clumsy way is that each day that I know you I love you more and more."
    "I know that feeling," Cory said as he rubbed his hand over RD's back. "He has so much love hidden inside of him that I discover each day that we are together. I think that before I die that I will be only half as full of love as he is."
    "He's my daddy and I love him more." Rodney chimed in as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "Can we soak in the spa before breakfast, daddy?" I peered through the trees at the eastern horizon. A very narrow slit of gray lay across the division between heaven and earth. Suddenly ten of us charged to the spa.
    Tequasi pulled the stop up to allow the hot water from the spring flow into the concrete spa as Inagei flipped the switch to turn on the pump for the jets to soothe our night away. We sat in the hot water until the sky had lightened enough for us to see our way down the path back to building A where hot boys and hot food awaited us.
    I sent word to building B to have the boys from both BAF and BAP gather their gear for their week at the upper camp. We could hear their shouts of joy all the way inside our building, even over the din of four hundred boys eating breakfast.

    I had many questions to ask of the Chief of the Nations. I approached her with a simple. "Have you ever seen the great arras?" Her eyes lit up. She had not seen it. It was legendary throughout the nations and she had long wanted to look upon it. I suggest that Gedi should accompany us to explain her vision for creating it. The chief asked that I bring Wesley and Tequasi along. She also asked for all of the Tsalagi boys in my family to join her.
    Mike–%f and Steven–sT\/ joined Cory–qW, Wesley–PSl, Tequasi–8QR, Inagei–inbi, Ita–it, Isi–iR, RD–@/cw, and Rodney–Qd/ as we headed to building C. Astin and Timmy were on duty guarding the ancient relic. I asked them to turn off the security alarms and drop the barrier ropes so that we could make a closeup inspection. Gedi asked that the cloth be lowered to the floor. Ita and Isi scampered up the stairs and hung through the balusters once again as they carefully lowered the tapestry to Inagei and Tequasi. Wesley and Cory carefully gathered it as it came down and folded into a long pleat on the floor.
    As the boys worked I asked Chief Mankiller about the fire sticks. She looked into my eyes and I felt compelled to explain my question. I told her that my time with all of my boys from around the globe was growing to a close. I wanted to double up some and take more than four hundred boys to the upper camp at one time. I had to explain the upper camp. I told her that fire is a serious threat to my mountain, but I needed to provide heat for the extra boys that would be going along.
    Chief Mankiller studied me carefully. Gedi smiled. Gedi asked that the top of the tapestry be brought down to a height of four feet. Watching where we stepped I joined the two women for a very up close inspection.
    Interspersed across the top of the arras are bright spots that the girls and I had always considered spots of sunshine. Gedi shook her head and smiled at me. She asked for a powerful magnifying glass. We were in the classroom building and the science lab was on the second floor. Cory ran to that classroom and returned in a few minutes with a twelve inch, round magnifying glass that was as thick as a half a ream of twenty pound paper.
    Cory passed the glass to Gedi, but she directed it to me I stepped closer and held the glass over a bright spot to which she was pointing. An extremely small scene showed a large wolf laying on the ground. He was curled about a small group of blond haired people. Before them was a small fire of sticks stacked in a pyramid and it was emitting a blue flame.
    I looked at Gedi. "Your loom must truly be magical to have been able to weave this scene." She explained how she stripped flax strands to the size of a hair then very carefully wove it around extra thin hemp strands for strength. There were other bright spots across the top few inches. I moved over to look at them.
    "Is that the Taj Mahal? Those are the onion domes of Moscow. Wow, is that Mt. Fuji?"
    "So many questions, Quis. All will be answered in time. You have much work to do. All things will be made clear with time, but wait for now."
    Wesley and Cory were poking me in the side. I looked to where Wesley was pointing and moved the glass. Flying overhead was a great eagle. He was carrying a large basket and above the rim of the basket could be seen many blond heads peering over. I looked at RD.
    Rodney asked where he was. Gedi moved the glass to a red spot lower down on the tapestry. It was hard to focus, but with patience we could make out a fox on fire as he stood on the ruins of a great house. In his mouth was the corpse of one person and beneath his feet lay the bodies of others. We had a lot to think about.
    The tapestry was returned to its display height and the security system was once again in place as our little group walked away in deep contemplation.

    Boys from both of the French schools were tying their gear to their horses as Nolan and Tristan walked amongst them supervising. I had asked RD and all nine of my Tsalagi brothers plus Shikoba, Robin, Clayton, and the six young Chiricahua boys to join the six hundred boys from France. I felt that I would need the strength of my tribesmen before the weekend was finished. The festivities of January sixth had seriously cut in our time on the mountain. I did not want to disappoint any of the boys. We left the main camp at eight o'clock on Thursday morning and would not return until late Sunday evening. That only allowed the students from France to spend the better part of three days at the upper camp. The weather had turned very chilly at night so those boys that were sleeping in the tents were glad that they only had to freeze their maturing balls off for three nights.
    Actually many of the boys swapped off so that they only spent one night in the tents. There were some die hard boys that went the course. I only feared them getting sick over their ordeal. We had enjoyed perfect weather for the rest of our stay at Camp Christopher. It was only the French boys that trudged through the cold at the upper camp.
    Accompanying us on the trip up was Chief Mankiller and the chiefs of the local tribal segments. Also Gedibd–and Wilihama–WlU%–rode with us. I asked Cory and Rodney to show our guests around the upper camp while I busied myself with getting my students settled in for their week in the woods.
    on–Onacona–and ach–Adahy–were working alongside of the French cooks to prepare the noontime meal for the boys after we arrived. At twelve noon Adahy stepped out onto the porch of the chuck house. He took up the twelve inch long rod of steel that hung with a twelve inch triangle and began to run the rod around the inside to announce that it was time for lunch. The boys love that single rustic touch more than just about anything else in the camp. That is only natural, it means FOOD.
    The Tsalagi chiefs mixed into the line with the boys as they talked and shared of their individual cultures. I was especially pleased to watch the chiefs sit with the boys to include more of them in their exchange.
    After lunch Tristan led our visitors down the spine of Fire Mountain and back to camp. They would be leaving later in the day and I would not see them as a group for many years. My prayers were that all of us carried something away from our time together that would benefit our people.

    I had important matters to take care of where I was. I would have to put aside my thoughts for the tribe as I tried to keep six hundred heathens corralled within the confines of the upper camp. I had my young Tsalagi brothers to serve as guides to the French students. They had been at the camp in October so they knew their way around. At least they knew enough about the mountain to keep their young charges away from danger.
    We did get one case of poison ivy, a result of walking naked through the tall, uncut bushes around the area. I had a few cases of Calamine lotion in the dispensary and I had no problem finding someone to apply it to the stricken boy's inner thighs, and above. We had a few insect bites to contend with and more than a few twisted ankles. I had not been forceful enough with my directions that the boys were to wear high top, lace up boots while hiking over the rough terrain. My point was driven home when the boys saw some seriously discolored ankles on their boyfriends.

    The lure of the Golden Pin kept me occupied for several hours each day. I could not do justice to six hundred horny pony riders. I told the boys that already had pins that they would have to yield to boys that didn't have them, but wanted one for himself. That worked pretty well. Jordy and Léon did manage to get into bed with me on the third night. There was only limited sex between the three of us, they really wanted to cuddle and just be close to me. I can handle that. They sweetened their end of the offer with a few gallons of sweet, hot boi cream.

    Five of the teachers from BAW had accompanied the boys for our holiday camp. They wanted 'to keep them in line'. Yeah, I knew the kind of line that they wanted. The remainder of the male instructors came up for the final week to attend a series of planing sessions, I had some curriculum activities to discus.
    They wanted to discuss their participation with a boy. I drove home the basic rules. The number one rule is: No means no. If in doubt refer to rule number one. I feel that they could loose the respect of a student after being intimate with him. They looked at me. I told them that I have had my problems with a few boys that wanted to shake me down. I will not succumb to blackmail. I told them that I would gladly drive them back to where they came from if they no longer wished to attend school at BAW. I have that power over the boys, the teachers don't.
    If a boy was insistent I simply showed him a copy of the Congressional decree granting me immunity from prosecution for all crimes past, present, and future. I told them that I really was above the law. I did not share with the teachers that I had obtained the same guarantee of freedom from prosecution by the Arizona State Legislators in a special, combined session. They were protected should they have sex with a student that later wanted to try a bit of extortion.
    That blanket legislation would cover them even after death. I have learned from all of the lawsuits being brought about by men claiming abuse when they were boys. I have no doubt in my mind that they were abused and maybe some of them do deserve compensation. Some of those men were willing participants at the time. They may have been hormone driven teenagers and therefore I do not feel that they should receive any money. I see these cases from across the nation. In a lot of the cases the man discovers that his childhood playmate has come into a sum of money and wants most of it for himself.

    On the second day of their visit—January 4, 2010—I asked Cullen to sit in to help the other students with a word that they could not translate into their limited English. I pulled in six French students and asked them to discuss their county's governmental structure. I did the same with six boys from BAD and then the same number from BAB. The responses from those students made all of my teachers squirm in their seats. The European boys were well versed in the government structure of their respective countries.
    The poor lads from BAE had a hard time with the subject. Those boys have come from throughout the area, mostly to the war torn areas to the north. Their school is new so they have not had time to settle into a solid study of anything. However, they still put forth an impressive knowledge of their governments structure, even though they did not have the names of many of the office holders. I closed my eyes and shuddered as I thought about the horrors that those boys had faced, and yet they still knew who was in charge of their countries. I thanked them for stopping by. I thanked Cullen for his assistance then sat back in my chair and listened to the instructors rattle.
    After that test we were finally able to settle down to business. I was unsettled about our lack of a solid class plan for civics studies. On the last day of our meetings I made a statement that will set the course of the curriculum of all six schools for years to come. "You men have grown old. You have forgotten what it is like to be a pubscent boy. You have forgotten your fear of your teachers. You have forgotten how you felt when you were called upon in class. Do you remember the thrill in your chest when you answered correctly?
    "Boys are the same today as you were those many decades ago. Boys love a challenge. They will take up a challenge and strive to show what they can do. I, therefore, challenge you to challenge them. I challenge you to delve deep into you bag of resources and find ways to stimulate the desire to learn in the very slowest of your students to the very brightest. I want every boy that attends BAW to be heads above the students of any other school system. I believe that we can make rocket scientists or brain surgeons out of the very slowest boy in our classrooms.
    "Gentlemen, I have interviewed each and every boy in the school, and too a man they have each expressed their desire to be a better student. Many of them have personal goals such as, "Showing that old bat that used to teach me that I am smart," or, "I gotta make my dad proud of me. He hates me and says that I won't be worth anything. Won't you help me?" Yes gentlemen, we will help them. Challenge them. Put the bar up just a little higher each day. Make the boys want to go over that bar. I know that you can do it. I investigated you and I interviewed you. If I didn't think that you could pull this off you would not be a part of faculty. Go, challenge them. Make them into the man that he will become. Make them world leaders."

    The final week at Camp Christopher was the chance for the students of BAW to visit the upper camp. I invited all of the teachers to accompany us. Almost all of the college boys were able to accompany us for the entire week, some of them were only able to get up for the last two days. When everyone had settled down again I asked the teachers to select any or as many students as they desired to stand before us and lead us through the chain of command beginning with their local ward electorate through the city council to the mayor. I wanted them to take us on up to their local state senator and representatives to the governor then on up through the Federal government to the President. They could not think of single current student that could face that challenge. I told them that I wanted class plan for each of their subjects and I wanted to see a class in civics. Then I kicked them in the balls. I told them that I wanted to see the written tests of the entire student body. I suggested that a flow chart be prepared and to have the students fill in the boxes as high as they could go. I told them that I would have a discussion with the instructors at each grade level that could not show me every student's paper complete to the state level.
    After my morning run I headed to the chuck house for some grub. My boys have taken up the entire western persona. It is fun to listen to them try to fit in words and terms that they have seen on TV shows or in movies. It is not only their abundant ball batter that keeps my young, but their daily antics keep me laughing. Laughter is a great tool to stave off aging, don't you know?

    I often receive a surprise from one boy or another as they show their maturity. On the last Thursday of our seven week sojourn into nature I saw maturity in action. Edgar has been a middle of the road player for most of his time in the family of happy fairies. I heard him speaking as I entered the door so I quietly slipped behind the serving line to find a cup of coffee and listen.
    What he had to say made me very proud of him. He has come a long way from a boy that was being sexually molested by his father and his father's friends. His bout with drugs and the death of Isaac seemed to be a turning point for him. He still remained in the background and I have always prayed for him. I know that he has the intelligence to lead, he just hadn't shown any desire. Until now.
    "I am telling all of you what you should already know. Dad loves all of us and he wants all of us to be more than we think that we can be. I was wasting away, using drugs and alcohol and dad challenged me. He never threatened me or beat me. I often thought that I deserved the kind of beating my own father used to deal out to me, but dad doesn't go that way. He loved me, but he showed his love by quietly challenging me to do better. He never said anything, he just stayed the course and I wanted to raise my grades. More than my grades I wanted to be able to apply what I was learning.
    "Because he believed in me I am starting a new life Monday. I have been accepted by the medical school and I will begin studies to learn how to be the best doctor that you have ever seen. I have heard about the meeting between dad and all of you teachers from the academy. Dad wants you to challenge the boys in your classes. I say to all of you boys here that we should take up the battle cry and call out, "CHALLENGE ME". I believe that all of you want to be better men and the way to do that is to learn as much as we can.
    "I am a very strong admirer of Bryan West. Bryan has about the worst former life of anybody in this family, yet when he met dad he changed. I have only heard the stories about his early life, but in the four years that I have been in the family I have seen him grow. He is a true math prodigy. He doesn't try to capitalize on that singularity though. Bryan had a dream of being a pilot. Now he flies dad all around the countryside as his personal helicopter pilot and he is studying hard to become one of dad's jet pilots to help relieve Pete a little.
    "I hope that this isn't a secret that I am about to reveal to you. Bryan has been working with with Andy…"
    I placed my hand on Edgar's shoulder, "We'll let Bryan or Andy tell us about that one in their own time. As for you, young man…give me a hug. I could never be any more proud of you than I am right now. You picked up the ball when everyone had counted you out. You have made many touchdowns and many more home runs with that ball in a very short time. Bryan is worthy of your admiration for him. However, you are worthy of just as much admiration.
    "How do the rest of you feel?" The room erupted with loud cheers and chants of, Edger, Edger, Edger, Edger. I held him close to me and felt his tears on my shoulder. He has a right to shed tears of joy, he has earned everyone of them.

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