Chapter 226


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    The boys wanted their All Brothers Band toplay for the assembled schools. When we put our heads together we decided that we were going to have all of the boys together for lunch in the large cafeteria on January the sixth. With all of the noise in the large room they wanted to do a wide selection of popular instrumental tunes, no vocals. That brought a chuckle to the boys as they looked at Tyler. That poor boy gets a lot of flack over the fact that he can not carry a tune in a bucket. He is a great guy and is always available to help wherever he can.
    The boys wanted their instruments from the house. Harry and Toby had been in England for three days, but they were back for the celebration of the Epiphany. Timmy was off for the week as well. I decided to give the boys their wish, until…
    The boys had first asked about putting together a brothers band. That sounded interesting. We have a large number of excellent musicians in the family but they wanted to limit their group to brothers, with one exception. None of the brothers played a bass guitar as well as Jimmy. Jimmy had been gone since mid-summer as he and Cullen made their life together at Oxford College in England. I looked at the smiling, beaming boy that I love very much and told them that they had the go ahead.
    I may have said it many times throughout this story, but I am going to say it again. I love Jim Watkins very much. I will never forget the look on the small face of the deserted boy. Turner was mad, he was hitchhiking , not abandoned. Jimmy is the first lost boy that stole my heart. Cory was on the fast road to nowhere, except maybe prison. Chrisy is very dear to me, his plight offered him nothing but a short life of misery. I love all three of those boys and given a chance I would secret myself away with them forever.
    I asked Harry if he would drive Travel All to the house so that the boys could retrieve their instruments. There would be a cargo hold full of fine music makers coming back to Camp Christopher the next morning. We had Tyler on the six piece trap set from Pearl. Jimmy would bring back his Tobias Classic 6-string bass. Branden would play the Kurzweil SP88X keyboard—with a Kurzweil synthesizer. Kevin tickles the keys on the Roland RD 700.
    Cas loves to play the old Gibson acoustic guitar at church quite often. Lew plays the Fender as the lead guitarist. Benny plays a mean guitar which compliments Lew's playing. Poor Freddy does a decent job of playing the tambourine, which is a useful instrument to have on hand.
    Alex plays the tenor saxophone and Kenny plays the alto sax. Ricky gets way up there with his soprano saxophone. Rusty can get down with the baritone sax. Turner and Johnny wail on clarinets. Trevor makes the trumpet sound as if its sounds are coming straight from Heaven itself. He gets help from Ronnie Cramer on second trumpet and Frank has a mastery of the trombone. Ray and Donny complete that section. We had all of the players for the big band sounds of the twenties, thirties, and forties. We needed one more instrument. David was happy to play the kazoo.
    He didn't have too, but he was keeping a secret with Jeff and Jay Jay. I would have to wait until concert day to learn what was going on with those three sly boys.
    I had the opportunity to sit down with the Sato brothers while we were on the mountain. A large group of boys had gathered about them to listen to Kei's iPod. There was no music to be heard so I moved closer. I listened to Taiko and for the first time I knew what I was hearing. The young Sato brothers have been in my house for over two years and I have never sat down with them. They are very quiet and seem to keep to the old ways of their race. I fell into the spell of the music and was soon carried away with the beat. I asked the boys what they would like to have more than anything else. Their request fit into our concert plans with a whole new twist.
    Pete is the master sound mixer. His hands become a blur as they sweep over the new Tascam forty eight channel mixer board. The system pumps a thousand watts of power through each of the twenty four inch Crate speakers. He told me that he can control the new board as easily as he can fly an airplane.

    When Travel All© returned late Friday afternoon it carried a very important cargo. Harry pulled the bus directly up to the back doors of the cafeteria before discharging his cargo. Ugitsiha and the boys were helped off first. They were followed by Sagi and little Chrisy. Quemela carried Awinita as RD rushed to the stairs to help her down. Beulah and Agnes were next. They were followed by Philby and El then the rest of my boys.
    The instruments were carried to the cafeteria and placed inside for the night. Then I led the family to building A for dinner. Naked boys were fleeing into their dorms as I led the women across the courtyard. Once inside BAW's cafeteria the boys had no place to go. I waved them to their seats as I led my sister through the food line. She could not believe how healthy the boys ea


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    To recapitulate: we find that Cory has taken Wesley, Tequasi, Isi, Ita, and Inagei with him to Oklahoma. He wouldn't tell me what was going on, and of course I wanted to know.

    I had great news for a special person. The traveling circuit court judge was sitting in the small Indian village to the north. I looked at my watch and saw that he would be breaking for lunch I had instructed Robin to wait by my Escalade, I was very happy to see him standing there with a shirt and tie on.
    Robin had no idea what was about to happen to him, but he was extremely animated. I had him get into the SUV then gunned it over the, nearly straight, road between Camp Christopher and the village. We arrived at the small town hall in less than twenty minutes. I led the boy into the large hall in time to see Judge Thoms bring his gavel down on the last case on his day's docket.
    I approached his bench as he looked up. He smiled at me then waved us forward. "Is this the lucky young man, Chris? I am always happy to have you bring a boy before me for adoption. I have very fond memories of our first meeting with the Youngman brothers."
    The judge looked over the packet of papers that Bull had given him with all of the information that Andy had gathered as well as the affidavits from Robin's incarcerated father. "Mr Brady, do you understand why you are standing before me today?"
    "Yes, your highness. You are going to make me Chris's legal son so that my name will be Robinson Dickson."
    We all laughed. "I appreciate being elevated to 'Your highness,' but your honor will do. Is there anyone present that has anything against this adoption going forward at this time?" The courtroom was empty except for his clerk, Bull, Robin, and myself. "Fine, then let us proceed." Five minutes later I handed the legal papers to Robin that stated that he is my son. It would take a few weeks to have his birth certificate changed.

    I found solstice from Cory's absence by getting to know my newest son. Robin and I spent two nights sleeping under the stars at the secret hot spring fed spa. Laying with a boy stimulates the body as well as the mind. The first night at the spa I held Robin close to me and listened to his soft breathing. The boy is a keeper. He has suffered because of his own fears, but fate brought him across the path of a sweet young girl that knew whom to call to find help for him.
    Robin's firm, young body and steady breathing was calming, but I still missed my Core Man. There had to be a reason why he had chosen those five particular boys to go with him. I ran my hands over the soft skin of Robin's back and thought of his soft features. He was like me in the fact that, while he had AniTsata blood flowing through his system, he looked very little like a little Indian.
    That was it! That was why Cory selected the five boys that he had taken with him. All five boys had two Ewf—Tsalagi parents. Their grandparents were Tsalagi. They had each been born and raised amidst the tribe and knew the old ways. Cory was seeking full bloods. Why? Why had he not asked for Roddy to accompany him? Now I had more questions to ask. Robin shifted his weight and threw his arm across my chest. He had a stiff flashlight, or something, poking me in that spot that I like to be poked. I ran my hand over his smooth globes to confirm that he was totally bare assed, it couldn't be a flashlight.

    Before Robin and I sojourned to the wooded spa I had agreed to allow Harry to drive some of the boys from the house of happy fairies into town aboard Travel All© The boys wanted to gather their musical instruments from the house in Tucson so that they could perform as an All Brothers Band during the noontime meal on January sixth. We would have many guests in attendance for that morning's parade so the idea of showing my boys off was a great idea.

    When the plane with the six boys did not return by Friday evening of the fourth I began to get antsy. I almost flew over to the airfield driving the first thing that was handy when I heard Pete bringing in FI-2 before daybreak on Saturday morning, the fifth.
    The six travelers began to unload several leather bundles from the plane and stacked them on the ground. None of them said why they had been gone so long, nor what they had been up to. Andy had his small Bell 412 helicopter on the ground. The pilot waited beside his whirlybird to help Cory unload a large leather box shaped package that was about the size of a two foot cube. I recognized that box, but I wondered why it was at Camp Christopher.
    Nolan had driven Ugitsiha and Beulah to the plane in his jeep with a small utility trailer hooked on behind The girls quickly had the boys load the leather bundles on the ground into the small trailer. Nolan had the sides curtains pulled down. The old and weathered isinglass windows made it impossible to see inside. I wanted to know what was going on, but at that moment Cory called to me. "Hey dad, how about a hand here?" I turned to look at him then looked back in time to see the jeep pulling away. "Oh, never mind, dad, Ita and I can get it." Cory called to Ita who quickly ran over and removed a bundle of long sticks from the aircraft. Both boys stepped away and the pilot lifted off at once.
    I shielded my face from the blowing sand and small pebbles as I joined Cory. He placed his load into the back of the twelve seater cart that I was driving then all eight of the boys climbed aboard. Something was going on, something big. I don't like cat and mouse games. Cory and Ugitsiha are my life mates, I love them, I have to trust them. I swallowed my hurt pride and put on a happy face.
    Cory pushed me aside so that he could drive directly to building C. Before the cart came to a complete stop Ita—it and Isi-iR were running into the building. We could see them through the large glass front of the building as they ran up the twin curved staircases to the landing that spanned the vestibule some twenty five feet above the main floor.

    I never cease to marvel at the daredeviltry of boys. I have been told that I am a daredevil and that I frighten the boys with some of my precarious antics. Still shudders ran through my being as both boys squeezed their small bodies through the protective balusters to hang by their feet over the open area and hard tile floor twenty feet below them. Both boys had a length of rope tied to his waistband. They tied an end to a balusters and lowered the other end to the ground. Inagei and Wesley secured the rope to a ten foot, assembled, section from the bundle of sticks. Cory was carefully unfolding the almost sixty year old Tapestry that told the story of our lives together.
    Wesley-PSl, Tequasi-8QR, and Inagei-inbi helped Cory-qW to carefully spread the tapestry along the length of the of the split pole then they slowly laid the upper edge of the ancient arras in between the two halves. Once they were satisfied with the placement of the prophetic wall hanging the two halves of the pole were secured together tightly holding its, almost scared, weaving in place.
    Wesley and Inagei each lifted an end of the pole with its banner from the floor. Cory and Tequasi lifted the loose end so that it would not drag on the floor; I am not sure if the blended tapestry fabric of wool, flax, and hemp can be cleaned, but I didn't want to try to do it at Camp Christopher. Ita and Isi pulled at their ropes and slowly lifted the entire piece four feet above the floor.
    Cory turned on the high-intensity spot lights. He was satisfied that they had done their job correctly the first time. Tequasi and Inagei retrieved chrome pedestal bases from a nearby storage closet as Ita and Isi brought up coils of red velvet covered rope. The boys hooked the chrome capped ends of the rope to the pedestals effectively closing access to the tapestry from anyone wanting to get close enough to touch it.

    Timmy and Astin entered the building and approached Cory. Cory was showing the two security agents his special measurements for protecting the valuable artifact hanging within easy reach of everybody in camp. Astin left for few minutes then returned with a metal case containing motion sensors. He and Timmy quickly set about placing the sensors on the four foot tall chrome metal pedestals. Then they attached pairs of them at random intervals on each stairway.
    Timmy unrolled a thin rubber mat and carefully placed it on one step to each side of the twin staircases. I could not see his mat, it blended perfectly with the non-slip matting that was already on the steps. Next the two professionals moved to the landing and set up more motion sensors and pressure mats around the anchor point for the hanging tapestry.

    All of the time that this chore was being tackled I was in limbo. I had no idea why the girls had sent the tapestry to the camp. No one was telling me anything. Wesley was on his knees closely regarding the intricate border along the bottom of the work. He sent Ita and Isi back up to the landing to carefully lower the arras to the ground while Cory and Inagei held the bottom and folded it in pleats as it came down. Wesley was reading something aloud to Tequasi from the border in a Tsalagi-Ewf dialect with which I was unfamiliar.
    The two boys discontinued lowering the tapestry when the upper border was five feet off of the ground. Wesley was pacing back and forth as he read the information hidden in, what appeared to me to be, nothing but decorative swirls. The look on Cory's face was a real study in excitement. All six of the boys were talking excitedly, but when I asked what they had discovered Cory told me to hold off for just a few more minutes.

    "Beulah remembered an ancient prophecy that she was sure was recorded on this mural sized work. The girls took it out and began to search every inch of it then they found this passage right here." Cory pointed to a series of hieroglyphs in the bottom border. "This tells the date that this tapestry was began and when it was finished. This passage says that, 'I am gedi, uwetsi agehutsa-daughter of-wilihama.'
    "Now here it gets a bit tricky, but from what we can tell she is saying that she is fourteen and that she has had a vision of things to come. She is undertaking this task the day after her fourteenth birthday in January of 1949. She says right here that she wove this final thread into place on the Sacred day of Tsisa-GA. Tsisa is Jesus, dad. She finished this work on The day of Jesus-January sixth of 1960—the Epiphany.
    "Dad, this says that fifty years will pass to see the great acm4 dChadanvdo ditlihi who is born of fire."
    "What, or who, is adanvdo ditlihi?"
    "He is the great Spirit Warrior. I can't tell you anymore until the sixth. That is only tomorrow, dad. You must wait. You have not received the council in the ancient way as of yet. My brothers and I have been at the sacred caves of the dcmWsf—Medicine man, WlU%-Wilihama. He is ninety years old, dad. He has always been known for his strong medicine and his daughter, Gedi—bd, has the gift of sight."
    "This is the same Gedi that created this tapestry?"
    "The same. Her father took us deep into the woods to a spring that is mineral laden and much hotter than the hot spring on my land where we sat together in July of 2008. We cleansed ourselves in the caves then sat in a sweat lodge and drank my tea—based with Ugaloga tea, but with many extra herbs that soothe the mind. As our minds and bodies were cleansed of all of the filth of the world. We ate nothing and only drank the tea. We inhaled the smoke from the small fire that had the waters of the springs trickled over it. Dad, we were tripping, big time.
    "When we began to have dreams Wilihama began his chant. Gedi was outside of the sweat lodge singing to her spirits and striking copper rings with small gourds filled with their dry seeds. Sort of like a maraca only really tiny. There were four of them ranging from about an inch and a half long to three inches. Her chants seemed to carry us off to a place not of this earth while Wilihama's seemed to keep us anchored to reality.
    "Gedi had a vision about you while we were there. All six of us are to take you, RD, and the adanvdo ditlihi to our hot springs behind the house and cleanse you for what is to come. We will do that on the seventh, after the parade."

    At last the tapestry was raised to some ten feet above the floor. Its top border was only a foot below the level of the floor where it was tied off. Spotlights shone on every inch of the tapestry and it could be seen through the locked glass doors from outside of building C.
    I was ready for some breakfast. I wasn't getting any sugar from my sweetness so I turned and walked over to building A. I announced to all of the buildings that the ancient arras was on display and that the doors would be open from seven o'clock until noon for closer viewing, then again on Sunday morning. I did stress the fact that no one would be permitted past the ropes and that no one was allowed to touch the ancient artifact. Gee, my life is now an artifact, I am so giddy with glee.

    "Good morning rose flower." I never know when Andy is going to speak into the back of my skull through the soundbud. "You have a…let's just say that you should meet a plane coming in from Canada. It will arrive in two minutes so get your socks on," he was gone.
    It was such a screwed up morning and I was still in the dark, what was one more surprise? I had still not had a kiss from Cory, that hurt. He and the other five boys were in a huddle together at the end of the table; they seemed to be chanting quietly. I left to make my way out to the twelve passenger electric cart and made my way back to the airstrip. A 747 was on its final approach and as it got closer I saw the Royal markings of the Queen's plane. Would that be RAF One?
    "Before you greet them let me clue you in on their trip, rose flower."
    "What's with the rose flower?"
    "No matter what happens to you, you always come out on top and shine like a fresh new rose.
    "Anyway, this cargo plane that is landing on your airfield flew over Canada and down. I have a man onboard to assist the crew in changing the transponders as the flight moved along. Of course no one onboard knew that my man was messing with an official Royal Aircraft's transponders. Oh, what danger those on board might be in." He laughed his silly laugh that I love to hear.
    My ground crew had the truck mounted stairs pulled against the plane. The door opened and Prince William stuck his head out. He spotted me, "Hey Chris, would you step aboard, old man?" I had his old man and he knew it. His snickers gave him away. I mounted the steps and he wrapped his arms around me for a warm hug.
    "No titles, no formalities. We are not here."
    I was directed down a narrow hallway and into a Royal sitting room. Her Royal Majesty was standing near the center of the room. I stifled a snicker, she was wearing a faded gabardine skirt with a matching vest. Her blouse was western cut, complete with mother of pearl gripper snaps. Her feet were shod with pure white cowboy boots and she had a cowboy hat sitting atop her head. The entire ensembe was completed by a small toy six gun in a plastic holster held around her waist by a shiny, black belt. "Howdy, podner." That cracked me up. I had to back against the door facing as I laughed so hard that tears ran down my cheeks.
    I heard a rustling sound in the hallway behind me and someone at the front of the plane said, "Your Royal Highness." I turned to see Cullen approaching me. I stepped in front of him and removed the red sash from across his body then unbuttoned his white coat. He tried to protest as I removed his jacket. "We are aboard a cargo plane. Come meet the cargo. This is our friend, Elizabeth." Cullen started to bow and I kicked him in the butt. He straightened up and turned his head to glare at me.
    "Come here, Cullen, give us a squnch." She pulled him to her bosom and hugged him tightly. "Cullen, we can not be here at this time. The duties of the Crown require our presence so we boarded this old cargo plane and came to see our friends. You and Chris are our friends, Cullen. Willy told me about the camp and all of the boys here. He told us that there are big things planned for today and we came to see for ourselves.
    "Just for today, my dear boy, can we just be friends with no titles and I will try to talk only in the first person." Cullen looked at her then leaned forward and kissed her cheek. Elizabeth started then rubber her cheek, "It has been a long time since I have had a young man that wasn't my son or grandson kiss me on my cheek.
    "Come, meet the rest of the cargo. This big box here is Phil, and this box is our son, Charley. This big lunk here is Harry and you already know my Willy."
    "I used to call him my wee Willie when he played in the nursery as a wee tyke."
    "I was a baby then, grandmama…"
    "To me you will always be that little boy."
    "She is correct there, William. No matter how big or how old you are, you will always be her baby boy. I have four wonderful sons aged twenty to fifteen months and seventeen hundred and sixty boys that I will always remember as my little boys. Get used to it, you will be there someday."

    I looked at a clock on the table, I quickly did the math conversion and subtracted nine hours. "Mam', I have just come from watching an ancient piece of my history and the history of my particular branch of the Cherokee nation being placed on display. I would enjoy showing that to you and your family. I believe that it explains a lot of my actions.
    "After that it will be lunchtime, would you honor us and dine with us? Today it will just be the boys from my school here in Tucson, this evening's dinner will be with all of the boys from all of the schools."
    "Uncy, the boys will all be naked," Cullen whispered into my ear.
    Don't ever whisper around a woman, their hearing is keen and a whisper means that there is something that they should listen too. "Cullen, dear, we are not here. Leave the boys alone, I am intruding unannounced, I will not be offended. I really would like to see how the boys from Chris's schools live."
    The queen turned to her husband, Phillip, as she removed her hat. He helped her tie a red bandana around her hair then she put on a pair of wire framed glasses, granny glasses. She looked like a whole different person.

    As we filed off of the plane to get into the twelve seater electric cart I told Cullen to go find his mother and father. I asked him to bring them to the front entrance of building C. Once everyone was in the cart we moved away from the plane.
    Harry was watching as several men were trying to drape a desert motif camouflage net over the plane. I suggested that the plane be pulled into one of the wide recessed revetments to protect it from one of the sudden gusts of wind that come along without warning. Harry has front line combat training and he agreed saying that it would be easier to hide the plane if it were set closer to the ground. I realized that the FAA might be searching for a cargo plane that disappeared from the radar screens.

    I pulled up to the glass doors leading into building C to lead my visitors inside. The girls were walking over from the house with El and Philby. I had to stop and look at a fresh ray of Daylight. The woman is beautiful, but seeing her as she was right then made me appreciate the that fact even more. She was dressed in a pure white set of deerskins. Her black hair hung loosely down her back. She was holding Cullen James's hand as he toddled on unsure legs.
    The boy is growing very fast. I knelt down and held out my arms to him, he toddled a bit faster and fell into my arms. Somewhere in my past I have heard walking referred to as controlled falling. Watching my son learn how to walk makes that a positive statement. Cory Stevens had stopped to examine a bug on the side of the road. He and little Chrisy came running to me. Awinita was in Sagi's arms. Both the baby and her mother were dressed in the same white deerskins as Ugitsiha. Beulah seemed to be leaning on Quemela as they came along behind.
    "Quis, I have picked up a rock in my shoe, where might I sit down?" I helped her over to the cart and seated her on the rear platform. Before she could sit, however, Sagi handed me a baby blanket to put down. She didn't want the seat of Beulah's white buckskins to get any dirt on it.
    I had to wait for it. A fact that I have observed over the years is that when one encounters someone that they know in an unexpected place recognition is slow to take hold. Add to that fact the Queen's manner of dress changed her continence
    Suddenly El's mouth dropped to the roadway to scoop up a few tons of rocks. The Royal family joined me in a hearty belly laugh. "Liz," explained the purpose of their trip and their desire to remain incognito. She stressed her request that no titles should be used.
    I opened the doors to allow my quests inside for a private viewing of the greatest arras of all times. None of my English guests had ever guessed that such a rich heritage was mine. The girls pointed to the highlights of the tapestry and Beulah read some of the secrets hidden in the border's intricate patterns.

    At a quarter of eleven I suggested that we head over to building A. We still had ten minutes before it would be time for lunch, but the staff had almost everything in place. El had been after me to show her what I really fed the boys to keep them so cute and healthy. Liz joined El as I walked them through the soup and salad line.
    On the line for our lunch was one of the healthiest and most delicious soups that the cooks prepare. It is a Vietnamese soup called pho (pronounced "fuh"). It is an aromatic, broth-based noodle soup full of antioxidant packed spices.
    Near the soup is an assortment of natural herbs that, not only compliment its flavor, but have beneficial health properties. Cilantro, mint, Thai basil, Thai lemongrass, star anise, and red chili are available for the diner to add to his soup according to his personal tastes. A wide variety of salad greens is served with lunch and dinner. Cheery tomatoes disappear by the truck load every two or three days. Other salad fixings include bell peppers, not a favorite of mine, jicama, chopped green onions—or scallions, if you prefer—mushrooms, shredded and graded cheeses, grated carrots, diced celery, and chopped hard boiled eggs. Most of the boys pick and choose from both sections of the line.
    Many of the following list of cruciferous vegetables can be found on the food line. Çhé Ģerâld pushes for the calcium-rich veggies like bok choy and iodine-rich seaweed—good for your thyroid. Other fresh vegetables from around the country, and the globe, might include; horseradish, land cress, Ethiopian mustard, kale, collard greens, Chinese broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprout, kohlrabi, broccoli, broccoflower, broccoli romanesco, cauliflower, wild broccoli, bok choy, komatsuna, mizuna, Rapini, flowering cabbage, chinese cabbage, napa cabbage, turnip root; greens, rutabaga, siberian kale, canola/rapeseed, wrapped heart mustard cabbage, mustard seeds-brown; greens, mustard seeds-white, mustard seeds-black, tatsoi, arugula, garden cress, watercress, radish, wasabi.
    If desired, the boys can choose a variety of fresh vegetables and pass them to a cook's helper that is always standing by with four woks to stir fry them with olive oil. Omega-3-rich seafood and shiitake mushrooms—a source of iron, potassium, zinc, copper, and folate—can be added as well as whole-soy foods. There is always a tray of cooked brown rice available at lunch and dinner for the boys. Çhé Ģerâld has developed a very flavorful, low salt, soy sauce for our oriental dishes.
    Hot peppers are a favorite amongst all of the boys. Sometimes we have a problem with them challenging one another as to whom can eat the hottest ones. Peppers contain capsaicin which has long been studied for its fat-burning abilities and thermogenic properties—the stimulating of the central nervous system to produce heat in the body, leading to an increase in calorie burning. A container of ground Cayenne is on the spice shelf over the soup and salad bar and I find that a half a teaspoon of this hot, red powder gives soups that extra kick. Although I do love a half a dozen really hot peppers with some soups and pasta sauces. Other spices that are always on the line are black pepper, fresh graded ginger, and hot mustard seed. These spices help to reduce cholesterol and the lowering of blood sugar.
    I told the women that another healthy soup that is served often is Thailand's Tom Yung Gung—made with coriander, lemongrass, ginger, and other herbs and spices used in Thai cooking, the soup was found to possess properties 100 times more effective than other antioxidants in inhibiting cancerous-tumor growth.
    Both women picked up a large bowl and started to get some soup. One of the young kitchen workers offered his help. The women watched with wide eyes as the young man scooped up a large serving of very long noodles. He asked them if they knew which herbs and spices they wanted. I helped them pick and choose the least hot varieties. I used the small tongs to place the various spices and herbs into their bowl of noodles. Once their fixings in the bowl the young helper scooped up a dipper full of the broth and poured it over the noodles and herbs.
    I filled Ugitsiha's bowl as she tried to keep Cullen James calm. He didn't want a bottle, he wanted soup. I am afraid that the soup would be a bit too much for a fifteen month old toddler. I filled a bowl for myself as the rest of the girls filled through the line followed by the men. Phil and Philby seemed to be deep in a conversation. As I passed them I told them that there would be no shop talk on this day. Both men told me that they were talking about me and my schools.

    The conversation centered on the boys' diet. I hadn't realized the amount of interest that the subject would create. The main concern was for variety, I pointed to the other serving lines. I sat and smiled to myself when it seemed that all of a sudden another two lines appeared, a miracle? On the main line the boys can choose a baked potato, or baked French Fries, there are imitation fried cheese puffs, or stuffed Jalapeños. Onion rings are a big favorite and they go very well with a lot of the soups that are offered. At least two casseroles are offered at each meal. It happened that for lunch that day the boys could choose from smothered oatmeal patties, or a lentil based casserole with broccoli and a cheesy sauce. There is almost always a pot of one variety of beans, or bean soup on the main line.
    A vegetable curry with dal and ghee (clarified butter) is a great choice on the meals that offer (east) Indian cuisine. Turmeric, ginger, red chilies, and garam masala—a mixture of cumin, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, coriander, and other spices—,yogurt and lentils make up the selection for a spicy Indian Curry.
    Lentils are often combined with Indian spices to make dal, usually served as a side dish. Lentils are a fiber-and-RS all-star that has significant amounts of folate and magnesium, and may help stabilize blood sugar.
    Cold gazpacho soup is a favorite that is served during Tucson's many warm days. Tomatoes, garlic, cucumber, and onions are peeled. The vegetables and herbs are chopped then olive oil, wine vinegar, and salt are added. All of this is poured into a large container then pounded with a mortar. This method is favored as it helps keep the gazpacho cool. With apologies to Edmund, his Italian Sausage soup did not make the cut for healthy foods. He still serves it to us at home from time to time.
    One of the best ways to get cancer-fighting lycopene is in cooked tomato products: a half-cup of tomato sauce has more than 20 milligrams. Plus, garlic and traditional Italian herbs provide vitamins A and C. And olive oil helps lower cholesterol, fight heart disease, and burn belly fat. Notice that melted cheese isn't on the list of power Italian staples. Italians typically use Parmesan or another hard cheese grated in small amounts for a big flavor boost.
    One of the most healthy habits about meal times is taking some serious effort on the part of the teaching staff. Teenagers are in a constant state of flux, they are always moving. Nutritionists have long taught that slow, leisurely dinning helps metabolism. The Italians have taught us that their tomato rich diet feeds the body The Italian tradition of enjoying a leisurely meal is good for digestion. But what really makes this cuisine a winner is its star ingredients: tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, oregano, parsley, and basil. This dish gives you the anti-inflammatory combo of olive oil and greens with the blood-pressure-lowering effects of garlic
    Traditional Greek foods like dark leafy veggies, fresh fruit, high-fiber beans, lentils, grains, olive oil, and omega-3-rich fish deliver lots of immune-boosting and cancer-fighting ingredients that cut your risks of heart disease, diabetes, and other diet-related ailments. The line chef will be happy to grill fish and spinach or other greens sautéed with olive oil and garlic. Eating a traditional Mediterranean-style diet is associated with a 25 percent reduced risk of death from heart disease and cancer, according to Harvard University research. And people lose more weight and feel more satisfied on this type of diet, which is rich in healthy fats, than on a traditional low-fat diet.
    "The Greeks often share small plates of food called meze," having just a bite of meat along with low-cal, healthy Greek staples like fresh seafood, slowly digested carbs (beans, eggplant, or whole-grain breads), and small portions of olives and nuts.
    The bakers keep a wide choice of bread available for the boys. There are just some soups that demand a good hot cornbread slathered with real butter. One of my favorites is warm multi-grained breads. Edmund is constantly experimenting with new varieties which he shares with the school's bakery chefs. Other breads consist of bread sticks, with a hot pasta sauce for dipping, and hot yeast rolls. I have to look cross eyed at some of the boys that take a large blop of creamy mashed potatoes, drown them with brown gravy and scoop the results into their mouths with a half a dozen of the hot rolls. Good? Yeah, very. Nutritious? not really.
    A growing favorite of the entire family is green tea. Most of the boys drink it in the evening before bedtime. The tea has a moving effect that cleans the system and soothes the mind.

    Lunch seemed to have been a hit. All of my guests were talking, including Beulah, Quemela, Ugitsiha and Sagi. None of them had ever walked across the street to the school to partake of lunch. I made them promise to do so in the future. The men seemed to be the most impressed. All of them told me that they were full, yet not stuffed. They felt as if they were ready to run a marathon. I pointed to the staging area for the parade and told them that they had a chance to walk their lunch off.

    Ugitsiha had been head to head with El throughout most of the lunch. The Queen was bent forward listening intently. The two women were whispering to their husbands and looking on in an air of disbelief. I had wanted to see what was being said when RD, Mike and Steven approached me with the look of someone who was on a mission.
    Cullen pulled a chair in between his mother and his Queen and began to talk rapidly. Mike and Steven led me away as RD joined Cullen to talk to the ladies. I was led away from the cafeteria so quickly that I had no time to find out what was being said. One last look over my shoulder caught El with her hand to her mouth and the Queen sitting in her stolid pose, totally in control of herself.
    I was led to my bedroom where I was met by Ugitsiha and Sagi. The two boys quickly undressed me and led me into the bath where I was seated in the hot tub. The smell of herbs and wild flowers filled the air. My mind was quickly taken back to a meadow in Oklahoma where my Core Man shared his home and heart with me. Ugitsiha and Sagi climbed into the water with me and began to wash me with soft doe skin chamois. Every square inch of my body was scrubbed as Mike and Steven poured earthenware vases of spice and oil over my head.
    My feet were carefully washed with special attention paid to my toes. Ugitsiha placed my left foot on the side of the tub and proceeded to dig at a slightly ingrown toe nail. She trimmed it and filed it like a professional. Not even Cory had ever done such a super job on our toe nail trimming nights with the family of happy fairies.
    I was pressed back against the side of the tub as Sagi placed a small tray of mussel shells next to my outstretched arm. A mixture of oils and spices filled my nostrils as warm oil was drizzled across my chest. Very carefully Ugitsiha used shells of various sizes to scrape all of the fine hair from my upper torso.
    My arms were raised and very gently scraped clean, my first thought was of razor burn, but the girls were gentle on my skin. Mike produced a crude looking pair of scissors which were laying on a soft bundle of skins. My hair was trimmed short then Mike and Steven used more of the shells to trim around my ears and down the back of my neck. I love my wife, but the shampoo that those two boys gave me took years of pain away. Every scrap that I have ever been involved in has left invisible scars on my soul. Each and everyone of them was washed away by four strong, massaging hands on my head and the back of my neck.
    I was pushed forward for the girls to work on my back then I stood for the final treatment. My ass was as smooth as a newborn babe's. Even my crack was hairless. As part of our weekly grooming session in the house of happy fairies we use depilatories to keep the skin smooth and hairless. A hair in the teeth is a real turn off, don't you know?
    I flinched when Ugitsiha grabbed the old jewel box and placed a shell against it. In the end the only hair on my body was well trimmed on the top of my head and my neatly trimmed eyebrows and eyelashes. I think that they had dug all of the way through my nose to my throat looking for any stray nasal hair.
    During this entire procedure no one said a single word. They all worked together with the precision of a choreographed company. The boys helped me to step out of the water onto a pure white Ermine rug. I was wiped once again with the softest of doeskin chamois then carefully dressed.
    A lined leather pouch was fitted over my personal parts, but it was not tied or secured. A pair of the purest white buckskins that I had ever seen were carefully pulled into place. The seat was padded for easy sitting and the pouch in front fit into its place in the front. I was sat down on an Ermine covered stool as the boys slipped heavily padded, ankle length moccasins onto my feet and tied them securely in place.
    I stood up to have the single piece shirt fitted to my body. The girls set about brushing every inch of me down and smoothing out any imperfections they could see.
    I was told to stay on the white Ermine and to not contaminate myself. Ita entered the bathroom wearing similar white buckskins to mine. He was chanting quietly. I looked to the doorway and could see a sedan chair of white Birch being set into place by Isi and Inagei, Tequasi and Wesley were at the rear of the conveyance.
    Mike and Steven knelt before me and each took a corner of the Ermine rug that I stood upon. Ita stepped in front of me, not on the rug. He held out both hands to take mine as the girls stood to each side of me to steady me. Mike and Steven slid the rug across the smooth tile of the bathroom floor until I was directly in front of the sedan chair. I was helped to turn around and then to sit on the wooden throne like transport.
    Mike and Steven stepped away from me, they were no longer allowed to touch me. With careful movements the five young braves helped me to my seat. Once satisfied that I was secure within its confines I was lifted and carried from the house. All of the way out the five boys continued in a low chant that I could not understand a word of.
    As we moved away Ugitsiha and Sagi were joined by Quemela and Beulah. They too took up a quiet chant, although theirs was softer and somewhat more upbeat that what the boys were using. Once outside the sun seemed brighter than I had ever seen it before.
    Gedi moved to join the women and as if on cue the entire assembly ceased their chant. Wilihama set upon a beautiful Blue Roan of about fourteen hands high. The animal was as proud as the old man that sat upon his back.
    "Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe, today is the day of your calling. Today you will become one with the Spirit. Today the great Spirit, I$\, has brought you to the fulfilment of the day of prophecy. In your language you call this day of GA the Epiphany. It is a day of revelation to our people. Today you will anoint the great acm4, dCh. Take pride my son, this is a great day for our nation."

    My chair was placed on the back of a horse drawn cart which Mike and Steven led to the beginning of the staging area for the parade. I had still not seen one shiny black hair of my favorite fox. The bath ceremony was of such an intensity that I dared not ask for him, but I missed him all the same.
    My cart was led up the road to the staging area for the parade. The boys stopped so that I sat beside Philby and El. El looked at me with a look that was so foreign to her, "Chris…I a uhm, well you have always told me of this name of yours, but what does Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe really mean?"
    "Mother, not here, not now. You have been told all that will happen. After it is over all will be clear." Tequasi motioned to Mike with his head and my cart was pulled away to stand on its own.
    I could hear El, but it was plain that we were not to talk. I sat still, like a small obedient boy with my hands in my lap and listened. "The Queen is having herself a ball. She has pulled that little gun of hers on a dozen boys and all of them have gotten the drop on her."
    "Phillip and the boys are enjoying themselves as well. Harry wants to ride, but his dad said that they were here to observe some sort of ceremonial ritual. I wonder if that is what Chris is done up for?" Philby said.
    "Look at all of the boys in their new outfits. Did you know that Chris gave one final gift to every boy in camp last night at midnight. While the boys were in prayer for the Epiphany he and some of his helpers placed brand new blue jeans, a western cut shirt, underwear, socks and boots on each bed.
    "The jeans are those American Levis that all of the boys in the UK want. The boots are three hundred dollar, custom fit Tony Lama's and the hats are real Stetsons."
    "He gave me a pair of the boots and a hat as well. Look at Philip and his boys, each of them are wearing new boots and hats. How do you suppose he was able to fit them? He had no idea that they were going to be here and they only arrived this morning."
    "Your Lordship, I have long ago given up trying to figure out how my brother does anything."

    At one o'clock, sharp, RD stepped up onto the review stand set above the long rows of bleachers that seated all of the boys. I had almost forgotten their presence, they were very quiet and seemed to be anticipating something big. It is not natural for teenage boys to sit quietly, yet not a word was heard until the parade started.
    From every quarter drums quietly set a beat, "Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to welcome our honored guests from around the world to Camp Christopher, retreat for boys. Our Grand Marshals are Lord and Lady Philby _____ of the Parliament of England." Well, he got most of it correct. "Also with them is their son, His Royal Highness, King Muneday. You know him as Cullen and you may cheer." That gave the boys the tension relief that they sought. The sounds of seventeen hundred pairs of hard soled cowboy boots on wooden bleachers drowned out all other sounds.
    Nolan cracked his whip over the head of the horse pulling El's wagon and it moved down the parade route to stop before the stands where Cullen dismounted and held out his hand for his mother and father. A bit out of protocol, but who was going to call him on it on that day?
    A small pony cart carried a six foot wooden cross decorated with colored streamers in a Greek tradition. Everyone stood and bowed their heads as that cart passed by. Right behind that was another cart laden with gifts to the Christ Child.
    A small boy drove six sheep along the roadway as men garbed as traditional shepards walked along behind with their crooked sheep's staffs in their hands. Dressed in his best rags Kardal carried a seven inch flat drum hooked to a strap over his shoulder as he beat a rhythm to his gait. Khalid and Hamal played wooden flutes to an awful tune as they skipped along the roadway.
    Each of the six schools had two or three entries that followed the traditions of their homelands then at last the girls began to move forward. My little guys stood beside my cart and begged for me to hold them. When their mother's moved forward the ran to catch up.
    Awinita was not cooperating. Wesley stepped out of position and scooped her into his arms and placed her into a belly carrier disguised as a papoose. When Cullen James began to tire Cory grabbed him up and tickled his nose and moved on along the parade route.
    No larger than our group was it was surprising that the last of the parade entries passed before the review stand at three thirty. Three of the taller boys from BAF walked along before mules loaded with small chests of treasures for the King of Kings. They stopped many times and, with loud clear voices, asked where they might find the Promised one. They had come to worship Him and to give Him gifts befitting a King. Every right arm in the camp lifted and a single finger pointed to the sky as a loud cry rang out, "He's alive. He's alive. He's alive and I'm forgiven. Praise the Lord on High, He's alive."

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