Chapter 236


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    Sagi was quickly encircled by the women. Of course Ugitsiha was the first on the scene. I was no different with RD. I grabbed my son's hand and led him to sit before me under my shade tree. Cory was seated tightly beside me with Roddy sitting along with us. We all teased RD about his honeymoon night, and it was Roddy that had the lewdest comments to make. Even my seasoned ears were burning with his banter.
    RD and Quemela had driven over to the cliff house on the beach north of Malibu for two weeks of matrimonial playtime. RD told us that by the fourth day of sunny beaches and salt water that Quemela was ready to leave for the woods of her homeland.
    Plans had been made, but with the honeymooners getting homesick those plans were moved up by a few days. Cory drove the girls from BAG to California in Travel All©. Pam is of legal age, but Betty wouldn't hear of the girls being unchaperoned in southern California for six weeks. The girls all look on Betty as their surrogate grandmother and Chrisy is happy that the girls have given his grandmother an outlet for her emotional needs.
    On June eighth Cory left the bus with the girls and rode back to Tucson with the newlyweds. They spent no time at home. They loaded Beulah and the kids into Traveler©, then the five adults and two kids made the trek across America to the Land of the Redman—Oklahoma—arriving on June. twelfth, nine days after I arrived with my wife and family.

    All of us headed home to Ugitsiha's house. Roddy and I had made headway with his new home. The garden was seeded and the produce that was ready had been gathered to his mother's house. Roddy had filled an extra large burlap bag with tubers that he had dug up out of his garden. I did not recognize the plant with its tiny red berries clustered together like a flower on a single stem. Roddy told me that it was ginseng and that the root was prized by the tribe as a medical aide in the fight against diabetes. Diabetes is a major problem amongst all native American tribes and the Tsalagi are no exception to the deadly disease. Roddy grinned at me and told me that the root was also helpful in helping old men to get it up.
    Otter and Blackbird helped us pick fruit from Roddy's orchard. Ugitsiha went right to work canning and preserving the fresh fruit. I found that my wife can make peach preserves and jelly. She put up twenty jars of cherries and cherry jelly. She even set about making green apple jelly with mint. And to top it all off she baked us a pie everyday. I am afraid that if I quit working on Roddy's house that I will get fat.
    Ugitsiha had made a large peach cobbler and she asked Roddy to select a choice of vegetables for our dinner with RD and Cory and their families.. I try to always plan ahead and I had a large casserole of baked beans in the freezers located in the belly of Traveler Too©. Sagi had jumped in and made small, fried bread bowls for the beans; a different twist, but good all the same. Roddy rode over to Cory's house and returned with the steaks from the large catfish that he had noodled from the creek.
    We sat down for a family dinner at six then Cory and I took both of the Travelers© to head over to Cory's cabin for the remainder of the weekend. Roddy took RD with him to gather our horses and then on to retrieve Cory's horses from a nearby farm where Cory kept them stabled when he wasn't in town.

    The boys wanted all of us to sleep together in Traveler©, just for old time's sake. The four of us slept together on the large bed in the bedroom of my first RV. I have to admit that being with the three people that I love very much made me feel fuzzy all under. Cory and I lost ourselves in each other. For over an hour we were the only two people in the world as we made up for our week apart from one another.
    When I finally came up for air I looked at my two sons. Roddy was asleep on top of RD while RD was well anchored inside of Roddy's backdoor. I kept my thoughts to myself and settled in next to Cory for a few hours of sleep. I suppose that with the lifestyle that we live in I should not think twice about Roddy and RD, But damn, Roddy is only twelve years old. Well he would be thirteen in two more weeks.

    I was acclimating to the time zone and awakened at a quarter of six. Roddy was sitting on the toilet and creating a smell that I could well do without. I teased him about something crawling up inside of his ass and dying. He told me that the only thing that had been up his ass in two weeks was RD, then he began to giggle. The look on his face took all of my qualms away and I laughed with him.
    I stepped outside to find a tree to water then walked over to an old fashioned pump head that Cory had installed over a deep water well by the front door. The water is good, but not as good tasting as the water that he has piped into his house from the freshwater spring near his house. He uses the water from the well for bathing and general water use while all cooking and drinking water comes from the spring.

    While I watered the tree I looked out across a field of green grass. Cory told me that he had a problem trying to locate the leeching field from his septic system away from all of the fresh water on his little piece of land, he owns two hundred and eighty acres in the pristine woods near the village. The water table is very close to the sirface so he had to place his septic tank over three hundred feet from the house making it necessary to use a pump to get the shit out of the house.
    The leeching field ended up beneath a large field of natural grasses that he allowed his livestock to graze upon. He built his stables so that the run off from there would also flow out across that field, away from the stream that flows on down to Roddy's one hundred and forty acres.
    He pointed to twenty acres nearest to the stables and a large pile of manure that had been pushed to one side. "I paid old man Lemon to plow that section under last fall then he returned in the winter and moved all of the top soil to one side for me. I can use that soil on my fields of corn next year. I have to let it compost through the summer."
    "It will need to be turned, how will you do that?" I asked him.
    "Old man Lemon has attachments for his tractor that will scoop all of that shit up and screen it then lay it into a new pile with the top on the bottom and the bottom on the top." He grinned at me. I love it when he tries to explain things to my feeble mind.
    "This next week old man Lemon will be here to plow the remaining twenty acres under and scoop that top layer into a new pile. You can see that the section that was plowed under last fall is lusher and greener than the remaining section. One might say that I am cultivating weeds, but I do it for my cattle and horses, they love the green grasses of early summer."

    When I shook off and turned around Roddy came up followed by Lightening Fire walking along without a bridle or rope around his neck. "Wanna go hunting with me, daddy?" I told him that I would get Golden Beauty and join him. He passed me a breech clot and my moccasins.
    "Roddy…I have been thinking," I said as we rode through the woods.
    "That can be bad, dad," he grinned at me.
    "No, I am serious. You need a boyfriend near to your own age."
    "Dad, I don't want to get into a relationship with anybody. I am married and I will have to fulfill my obligation to my wife in twelve months, two weeks and six days. 'Til then I can find lots of friends that like to work with me." I know that he did, I just don't like the situation. I can't complain; that has been my lifestyle to this point. With the birth of C.S. and C. J. I am settling down so I expect my sons to do the same. RD has settled down and is now a newly married man. Maybe I should get out of the running of the schools and just be a father to my boys.

    My soundbud sounded in my ear. "Hi dad, you'll never guess where me and Jerry are. Okay, so that's bad grammar, we're in Georgia where everybody talks funny. But really, try to guess where we are."
    "You told me, you are in Georgia. I bet that you are standing in the middle of a ton or two of oysters."
    "Well, sorta. But I am looking at one of the most unique sea shells that I have ever seen. We are on the beach looking at a quaint old shop that is run by an equally quaint old lady. She sells sea shells by the sea shore," he began to laugh at his joke. "Do you remember Ms. Myrtle? Well this lady of the shore is her sister Irene. She has a large cast iron pot filled with boiling hot oyster stew that she sells for two dollars a bowl. She cleans all of the shells and carefully picks the insides out and places various colored pieces into other shells to make pictures."
    I asked for a rundown of their trip and learned that everything went smoothly with no problems or delays. The boys were at Earl's house and were having a ball, or four. I wished them well and told them that I would see them at the end of August then disconnected.

    Roddy had a new place for me to go hunting with him. We took the trail toward Chief Steve's shrine on the mountainside, but we turned onto a small animal trail that led us to the top of the mountain. We arrived at the summit at the exact moment that the sun shot its first rays of light across the land. Both of us were temporarily blinded by the glare.
     Roddy passed me a canteen from amongst the three that he carried on lightening fire, it was warm. I removed the screw on cap and was met by the smell of hot coffee. My boy shows his love for me with his acts of kindness. "Sorry, I didn't have time to add cream to that," he giggled at me. Suddenly he sat up straight and signed for me to look into the trees twenty feet away.
    A beautiful eight point buck was grazing on the early morning dew covered grass. Roddy looked perplexed. I used our eye and sign language signals to tell him that the meat would be welcomed by some of the tribal families. He nodded as he slowly notched an arrow into his bow. With the skill and precession of an expert Indian archer he sent an arrow deep into the chest of animal. The deer dropped in instant death with no suffering at all. I was mixed. I had given him my approval, but I don't like to see any life ended.
    I helped Roddy secure the animal's rear to a rope and then suspend it from a tree branch to drain the blood. Once we were certain that his prey was safely out of reach of scavenging animals we set out to hunt in Roddy's favorite site. Our trek took us across the state line into Arkansas, but we were still on the mountain that I own that sits above the top secret, underground communications center known as Base C.

    We left our horses in a small clearing with eight inch high grass and a shallow stream running nearby. Neither of us had any fears of our horses wondering away and we both knew that Lightening Fire would alert us to anyone trying to take them; probably after he had killed them. I have learned to walk through the forest making no sound of any kind. Roddy would cut my guts out with a stare were I to snap a dead twig underfoot. I could actually hear rabbits nearby, I'm not kidding.
    Roddy went to his knees very slowly and notched a very small arrow. He slowly moved forward with his bow in the ready position. The twang of the bow string sounded like a clap of thunder in the silent woods. I heard the sounds of rabbits scurrying away as I watched Roddy reach through the underbrush to retrieve the largest cottontail rabbit I had ever seen.
    We sat down where we were and remained deadly still and silent. In a few minutes the sound of the other rabbits broke the air as they returned to finish their meal. After Roddy and I brought down two more rabbits I looked to see what they were feeding on. Tender young shoots of wild blueberries were coming up under a large area of blueberry bushes laden with ripe, sweet fruit.
    We returned to our horses with three large rabbits for Roddy to use to make shirts and moccasins for his baby brothers. We had a peck of blueberries packed inside our removed breech clots that we had removed for the feat. We found a plant with long, wide leaves that Roddy tied around about two cups of the blue fruit. He made up ten of the leaf containers and then strung them together with vines that he pulled from the forest floor.
    I laughed at him. His fingers and lips were blue. He had been munching on fresh blueberries as we returned to the deer hanging in the tree. I watched as the young warrior gutted the deer before we lowered it across his horse's back for the trip back down the mountain. I may never learn an inkling of the outdoor skills that my young brave has, but I will marvel after him all the days of my life.

    We found Cory and RD at the table inside of Traveler©, they had finished the coffee that Roddy had made earlier. A fresh pot was almost ready and by the time I took a shower to wash any poison ivy that I may have come in contact with it was ready. Roddy was slapping pans and utensils around as he prepared a desert surprise for the girls in our lives. He placed his deep dish pie into the oven then set a large bowl of blueberries on the table.
    Cory jumped up and grabbed a box of cereal then asked us what flavor we wanted. Each of us had the flavor of cereal that we liked most with a generous helping of the fresh fruit sprinkled with a bit of sugar and swimming in milk. I have found a corn, bran flakes, and rice cereal that makes me tingle all inside. The berries made it extra tasty.
    We had to take Traveler© over to the work site so that Roddy could keep watch on his pie. I was glad to have the bathroom. I don't mind if a bear shits in the woods, but I like the comfort of a sturdy toilet seat under my ass. I can even flush the smell away at will and not have to worry about walking along and stepping in it. I can't say the same for bear shit, or any of the other animals that poo poo in the woods..

    Just before noon Chief Steve's old Army surplus jeep came weaving down the almost non-excitant road toward us. All of us feared for everything in the path of the marauding vehicle when we identified the driver. Beulah is losing her eyesight as she ages. The poor old woman is on the plus side of eighty. She is still a vibrant and robust woman, just very nearsighted.
    The jeep skidded to a halt near Roddy's lean too. Ugitsiha helped a visibly shaken Sagi from the vehicle. That was the first time that I had really been able to see the signs of a pregnant daughter-in-law. She was about four months along with's and Cory's third child. She seemed to glow, even in the brightness of the noontime sun. Cory had a glow on his face as he dropped his tools and rushed to the side of his wife. RD and I dropped our tools as we followed closely to join our wives. Roddy stepped out of Traveler© with his hot blueberry pie in his hands.
    His mother made a big fuss over the boy and the other women did the same. Beulah wanted to go milk a cow so that we would have cream for the pie. I told her that I had two gallons of French Vanilla ice cream left in the freezer in the belly of Traveler©. She agreed that the ice cream would be better and that the babies would like the cold confection.
    Our favorite girls had brought us a Sunday noon banquet. Cory and I pulled folding chairs and a folding table from the belly of the RV and RD and Roddy quickly set them up in the area that will soon be the dinning room of Roddy's new house. We gathered around the table and pigged out on Beulah's southern fried chicken accompanied by her world class pan gravy. Ugitsiha had baked fluffy biscuit that were three inches around and an inch and a half thick, one will make itself a meal.
    Sagi had prepared a potato salad the night before and had let it chill overnight. Quemela contributed fresh ears of corn with plenty of butter as well as a tossed salad of vegetables grown by our little miracle man, Roddy. A perfectly shaped Elm tree had been spared the axe by Roddy's father. Roddy was building his house to utilize the tree's attributes. After lunch all of us shared in one of the trees' great attributes as we stretched out on the ground beneath it and enjoyed the shade provided by its thick canopy.
    I have come to love the time that I can spend under the shade of a tree with my sons. I managed to drag RD into a little playtime along with his three younger brothers. Cory's two kids joined in the mix when I grabbed Cory and began to wrestle with him. Chrissy protested my beating up his daddy and tried to rescue him, but Christopher Stevens came to my rescue. When Awinita tried to help her brother Cullen James tackled her, which made her cry. I said that it was just like a woman to pick a fight then use tears to get her way. I was instantly on the shit list. The girls packed up the kids and left with Ugitsiha behind the wheel of the jeep.

    The girls leaving was not a bad thing. The four of us were able to get back to work by two o'clock. We had five good hours of sunlight with another hour or so of usable twilight. By the time that the sun was behind the hills to the west we had the trenches dug for the concrete foundation around the perimeter of the house as well as under the area for the fireplace and other heavy load bearing walls. It gets might cold in Oklahoma so trenches were dug to bury the plumbing to protect the pipes from freezing. Roddy was begging Cory to let him lay pipe all of the way from his spring. The spring on Roddy's site did not have much of a volume.
    I told the two that I would bring out an expert to assess the water supply.. Roddy reminded us that the spring was on the other side of the stream which would make it difficult to run a pipe to the house. I picked him up and hugged him tight, "Have you learned so little about me, my young son. I can make things happen if they should happen. If there is adequate water in that spring then we will bring it to your house."
    "Daddy, you mentioned solar panels. Where are we going to put those?"
    "Cory is the engineer here. Let him work with you." Roddy hugged Cory and told him that he was glad to have him in the family even more now. All of laughed at the boy for the way that he says things.
    There was one very large rock set close to where we were building the foundation for his house. Roddy asked us to help him move the rock. I thought that it was a strange time to do so, but I went over to help out. It took both RD and I to roll the rock aside. We were met with a very unique sight under the rock, the head of a six inch steel pipe cap.
    I had wondered why Roddy had brought two eighteen inch pipe wrenches alon to the site, I quickly understood. He placed one of the wrenches around the pipe at ground level then turned the other wrench to the opposite direction and began to strain at the effort. RD took the wrench from Roddy as Cory held the other wrench steady. The cap of the pipe was instantly removed.
    Roddy led us over to his buried trove of supplies where he had buried his plow. He asked RD to help him to remove the cover. Inside were ten foot sections of inch cast iron pipe, already threaded and with nipples to join it together. After we carried the pipe to the house Cory and Roddy began to dig a twelve inch deep trench from the area of the bathroom water wall to the upright pipe that had been covered by the large rock.
    RD dug a hole around that pipe end and used the two pipe wrenches to remove the upward pointing elbow. Starting at that end the pipe sections were joined together until it reached the area of the bathroom, with one branch off to a four inch line leading to the kitchen area.
     The biggest fear in the area is flooding. Cory had an elevation of the two hundred year flood plane. The house needed to sit four feet above the ground, no problem there. An elbow with a six foot piece of pipe was connected to the end under the toilet area then capped off. The branch to the kitchen was turned up to the future floor level and capped. Roddy explained that five years before his dad had installed a septic tank to the south of the house and that the leeching field was under his garden. Cory and I looked at each other in amazement. Cheasequah had planned well for his son. I am growing a new respect for the man that I already respected.
    Before the light completely faded away we climbed into Traveler© and drove it back to Cory's home for the night. We had Traveler Too© parked there, but all of us have an affinity for the old boy as the place for us to sleep. We were tired from a day of intense manual labor and fell asleep as soon as we were stretched out on the bed. Somehow RD and I entwined ourselves together while Cory held Roddy close to himself.
    About two thirty in the morning a nearby thunder clap aroused all of us from our dreams. Roddy was up on his feet looking out through the eight inch tall window that pops up over the bedroom area so that there is room for a grownup to stand in the tight space. "There's a fire over there. The lightening started a forest fire." He was off of the bed and out the door before my feet touched the floor. Both of us were naked and barefooted as we ran toward the glow of a fire.
    The rain was coming down by the buckets full. We didn't have to worry about our clothes getting wet, but the water was really cold. When we got about half way across the field RD rode up behind us leading Lightening Fire and Golden Beauty. Cory was right behind him with yellow slickers and wading boots from the storage under Traveler Too©. He also had four shovels tied to the back of the neck of his horse. Good thinking that. We would need shovels to fight the fire ahead of us.
    Roddy kept running until I grabbed him and lifted him onto the back of Lightening Fire. Cory helped him into his slicker as I put mine on and mounted my own horse. In much less time that it had taken us to cross the first half of the field we were deep into the wooed area and staring at the remains of a stately Oak tree. A bolt from the sky had split the large tree's top and set it on fire. The heavy rain doused the flames, but we stayed by to make sure that no embers struck up another blaze.
    The tree was within view of Roddy's lean too and an easy run away so the four of us headed there to get out of the rain. Roddy quickly found two short branches which he used to raise the back of shelter so that we could see the burning tree. The four of us stretched out on the queen sized air mattress and pulled the bearskin over our wet, naked bodies. I think that I had the best sleep in ages the remainder of that night.
    At sunrise Roddy was up and out of the shelter. The rest of us went out to see what we could see. Roddy was on his knees at the base of the burned tree and chanting an old Tsalagi funeral song. I had to see what he had found. Gathered before him were the bodies of a squirrel and a bird along with four eggs in the remains of a burned nest. Cory went to the work site and quickly returned with a shovel. He and Roddy talked quietly then Cory moved to the eastside of the tree and began to dig.
    He didn't dig very deep, only about fifteen inches or so, but it was wide enough and deep enough for the task before him and his little blood relation. Sometimes I envy the two of them because they do have more of a blood relationship than I do with either of them. RD joined the ceremony as the remains of the lightening's kill were carefully placed in the ground. RD suggested a very neat touch. He placed the burned nest into the grave then carefully arranged the four eggs in its center. Roddy laid the body of the dead bird on top of her eggs. The squirrel was placed as far from the birds as the hole would allow then the three boys filled the grave with dirt. I wiped a raindrop from my eye. Death of the innocent upsets me.

    After breakfast we returned to the work site. Cory was excited about something and led Roddy to the tree. RD and I had to see what was going on so we tagged along. Cory had a piece of paper, a pen, and a steel tape measure with him. He and Roddy wrapped the tape around the tree and I knew at once what Cory was thinking. I helped him with his geometry as we figured the height of the undamaged portion of the tree. Cory turned his paper to us and told us that there was enough usable lumber in the tree to make oak flooring for the entire house. From a storm comes a rainbow.
    We spent that day and the next laying a rubble stone facade with a heavy, water tight backing. Steel rods of twelve inch long, quarter inch rebar were set into the mortar of the stones then anchored to the wire frame inside the forms for the concrete foundation. A truck loaded with concrete mix arrived just after noon on Wednesday and the foundation was poured. We ended up working into the dark hours as we used sledge hammers to remove the voids caused by air bubbles then smoothing off the top. Threaded three quarter steel rods were set at six foot intervals around the house with threaded bolts set where doors and other openings would be.
    There is no way that a stick built house will survive a tornado, but there has never been such a storm in the valley of my family. Still we wanted to take every precaution that we could to make the house last for the length of time that other houses in the village had endured. The main section of Chief Steve's house was built in 1863.

    The four of us worked hard for the next fifteen days, only taking time off for the Sabbath day of our Load. Roddy had marked several old, large trees to be felled for his house. With nothing but a two man saw and axes we managed to bring down nine trees plus the burned Oak. Cory brought in old man Lemon to drag the trees out of the forest with his tractor.
    Old George had brought his sons to help us build a temporary rack system to place the trees on and then pull them into the truck mounted forty eight inch saw blade that he provided for us. By Thursday the first of July we had all of the wood that we estimated that would be needed to build a large house. The burned Oak trunk would be sent to a mill to be cut and shaped into tongue and groove flooring then pressure treated so that it would last forever. Roddy had wanted Pecan wood for his floors, but the Oak seemed to fall into his lap. He took it as a sign from the Holy Spirit to use the Oak.
    The wood was green and needed to dry for several weeks. Old George's youngest son, George the Younger, had a better idea. The ground was dry and fairly hardened since the rain. Old man Lemon used his drag blade to make a good road into the property. Bright and early Friday morning a long flatbed truck backed up that road. Old George had towed a front end loader out which George the Younger drove up to our wood pile. Within the hour the Oak log and all of the lumber was loaded onto the truck and was hauled away to a nearby mill to be kiln dried. The four of us were free to celebrate Roddy's thirteenth birthday on Saturday.

    Sabbath morning was a big day for a big man. Roddy was thirteen years old, a man by the standards of his tribe. All of us lavished him with presents and his mother served him his breakfast in bed. Cory Stevens wanted to know where his presents were while Cullen James contented himself playing with the boxes that Roddy's gifts came in. I passed Roddy the largest box which he quickly tore open. It contained a professional hard hat with his name on the front. He looked at it then at me for a long time before he smiled. "I guess all of us will be needing these in a few days, huh?" I kissed the end of this nose and gave him two more presents from me.

    I dressed the three boys for church while Ugitsiha prepared herself for the service. I am beginning to find so many things that I love about life in the small village. On that morning I felt truly blessed as the five of us walked along the road as we headed for church. I had Cullen James on my shoulders and held Cory Stevens' hand in my left hand with Roddy's hand in my right. I felt as if I were the king of the world when my favorite voice quietly spoke into my heart. I broke out in a a href="" target="_blank">song of praise as we continued on our way to the church.
    Cullen lay his precious head on mine and began to sing along with me. I was surprised that he could even sing the words, let alone know them. My quiet voice told me that it was He that was putting the song into the mouth of Kuckunniwi. Roddy squeezed my hand as he began to sing along with the two of us. Cory Stevens tugged at me to let him go so that he could chase a lizard that was running along the road.
    "It's Your Blood that cleanses me." rang out in song behind me. I turned around to see RD and Cory walking up behind us with their families, both of them were singing at that top of their lungs. As we neared the church many worshiper stopped where they were and joined in the song with us. I was so moved that once on the school grounds I stopped and set Cullen down on the ground. I knelt and began to praise God. My two sons placed their hands in mine while Cory Stevens moved close to me and put his arm around my neck.
    When I opened my eyes I saw thirty people on their knees in a circle with their hands joined. The young pastor rose from his knees and called us in to worship. I had not told anyone of my day's plans. Very few people know that I love to sing because I only sing when I am alone. Most of the time I sing when I am driving my cars. I have several sing along sound tracks that I keep on a USB/MP3 player in my pocket. Sometimes I sing when Cory and I are alone, but not very often.
    "Brothers and sisters we have a real treat in store for us this High Holy day. The great and remarkable Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe will now bless us with a song of Testimony and Praise entitled Champion of Love The Cathedrals. All around the large classroom that served us for a sanctuary the worshipers were on their knees in prayer or standing with their arms waving in the air. When I finished the song the entire congregation called out, "Amen," in unison.

    The service was excellent. The young pastor delivered a picture of the Gospel that touched every heart in the room, we could see the Father in his words. My mind was made up. The congregation fellowships together with a pot-luck lunch after church. The girls had invited everybody to the river bank where we would celebrate Rodney's thirteenth birthday with his family and tribesmen.
    When we arrived at the river there were over four hundred people there. Everyone wanted to see the great aGw#Fire Fox. Two old men were basting a beef halves over three open fires while many women set food and utensils onto tables. Children of all ages were scurrying about, but all of them stopped when Roddy walked into sight.
    The children moved close to Roddy while the men came to him and shook his hand. A group of women approached in a bunch. They stopped before the young Fire Fox and moved aside to reveal Adsila in their midst. My daughter-in-law is as cute as a bug's ear. The flaxen haired girl child will give Quemela and Sagi a run for their beauty title in only a few more years. None of them can compare to the beauty of my Daylight.
    Roddy led his young bride to a table and was surrounded by many women. He went to the food tables and filled a plate for the young lady and then took his knife to cut a thin slice of burnt cow for her plate. I watched as the little man showed great maturity as he sat with his bride and shared their lunch together.

    We frolicked and visited until about three o'clock. I stepped off to the side with the elders of the small church and gave my endorsement for the hiring of the young minister. He is only twenty three and fresh from Andrews University in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I didn't hold that against him. The man knows the Word and he can present it to the hearts of those that hear him I had visited with a few folks in the village and learned of the man's evangelistic ministry. He had led four souls into the river for baptism by submersion that afternoon. The elders were afraid that they could not pay the man a living wage, I pledged an addtional two thousand dollars a month to the church budget for his payroll and the retention of a Bible worker to assist him.

    I slipped away from the celebration at three o'clock, I had a surprise for the people of the village. I found the old Chevy station wagon where Old George had parked it for me and climbed in. The motor caught on the first try and it sounded as if it were in perfect condition. Old George is a master tinkerer. He can make any mechanical device sing better than when it left its factory. He had done that with the forty year old Chevy. He had even put new seat covers on all three seats. I hate to sit on an old, torn car seat. I am afraid that a spring will stab my ass.
    FI-2 touched down just as I approached the runway. I drove directly up to the plane and stepped out as the door of the plane opened. Mike was the first one off of the plane followed quickly by Wesley, Steven, Isi, Ita, Inagei, Tequasi, Shikoba, Robin and Clayton. I welcomed them in the typical Tsalagi tradition as we danced around a bit and sang an old chant for old friends.
    I looked up at the plane's door and saw a young face looking out at me. I went to the door and pulled Kuruk to me. I called for Bodaway, Eknath, Hridayesh, Ilesh, and Ilanipi, to join us. The Chiricahua boys looked about the area with caution. "The Apache and Cherokee are enemies, will we be killed and eaten?" Kuruk asked.
    "As cute as you are I am pretty sure that you will be eaten, but not chewed or swallowed, and nobody is going to kill you. There has been peace between our tribes for many, many moons, and years too." I rubbed his full black hair that reached to his shoulders.
    "Boys, we are going to be crowded in this old nine passenger wagon, but we are brothers and lovers so let's get really close." Pete and Bryan sat in the front seat with Kuruk squeezed in between them. After lowering the two back seats the rest of the boys piled into the back of the wagon. All eighteen of us survived the ride back to the river where the birthday party was still in full swing.
    I made introductions of the five young Apache boys and they were quickly welcomed and led to the food. Each of them took his own hunting knife and cut large pieces of the roasted cow and began to eat. My boys led them over to the tables and helped them to choose many native dishes as well as foods that they were familiar with
     I walked up to the table and picked up a slice of bread. I didn't have my own knife so I used a knife from the table and thickly buttered the bread. I plucked an ear of corn from a pot of boiling water and laid it on the bread, turning it slowly so that the butter would coat the entire ear. I reached for a salt shaker and liberally applied several grains of the seasoning to my corn. By the time that I was finished the corn was cool enough to hold with my bare hands so I dug in. I ate four ears of corn before Roddy stood next to me grunting like a pig. I shouldn't have, but I did. I rubbed my salt and butter encrusted hands through his hair. "Thanks, I was looking for a napkin." That boy is fast, I had to run for my life as he waved his knife in the air and chased after me.

    The party lasted until late into the night. I carried my babies to the station wagon as Ugitsiha made a bed for them on the back floor. Sagi and Cory placed their precious bundles next to mine and the four of us stepped back and watched our lives sleeping like babies.
    Roddy came to me and dragged me away to inspect the fire fighting system that some of the men had busily placed about the area. At eight o'clock the first of the fireworks streaked into the sky over a large empty field. As expected sparks from the rocket set a small clump of grass afire. The tribesmen had been prepared for that and had sprayed the field with water prior to the event. A quick squirt from one of the many two inch lines about the field doused the fire.
    Cullen James sat up. He had been disturbed by the noise of the fireworks. He is a remarkable child in that he only cries for a reason. Being awakened to the fireworks was not one of those reasons. I was standing at the rear of the car so that I could protect my sons from danger when I heard him say, "Pretty." I looked at him, "Pretty fire in sky, daddy."
    Some of the other villagers nearby heard him. "He is Kuckunniwi—little wolf." The others nodded their heads and smiled.

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