Chapter twenty eight


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    We struggled into a routine over the next several days. Christmas was right around the corner and my boys had absolutely nothing, but the clothes on their backs. Cas and Cory could use more clothing, who can't? Pete had a few civies, but not enough and not what he needed for desert living. Jerry, Tim, and Lew had left home with what they could grab and run. What a life to have to live, being in fear of your own family because you didn't grow up to meet their specifications. Why can't people figure it out, their genes created the child. In actuality they are to blame. It was in their genes and if they had kept in their jeans they wouldn't have the disappointment.
    I suppose that I should count my blessings. I didn't have to wonder what to give the boys for Christmas presents. Santa was going to have an easy time of it. Then again, these are all basically children and they don't like clothes. They want toys some older than others, yes, but grown up boy toys are always a treat. What do I give them? It's not like they have a real life. At present they are only sex toys to a fucked up hebophile. I guess I could qualify as a pedophile where little Will was concerned. I mean he is older than most of the other boys, but he is so small and looks so much younger. Would the law consider his appearance as a mitigating factor as they sent me off to Chester the Molester prison for life?
    Another of my seemingly insurmountable problems was finding time alone to shop. I am not one to use a catalog or the internet to buy personal items for the kids that I love with all of my heart. I want a pair of special undies for a special boy. I want a nipple cup or a cock ring or a butt plug. I don't really, but you get the idea. The gift had to be personal or not be at all. Were these boys mature enough to know the difference? I like to think of them as young men old enough to know what they want and don't want. To say they are mature enough for sex, but not for something else is hypocritical.
    I came up with a workable plan. I sent Cas with Tyler to learn the campus. I sent Lew to school with Turner. I had planed to send Tim and Jerry too, but an e-mail helped me out on that one. I had Cas, and Lew go home with Tyler and Turner. I told them that they should get a good feel for the school and see how things would work for them. I told the Youngman boys to entertain the ghost boys, Cas and Lew Casper, for a couple of days and let them really get a hold on things.
    The afternoon before my plans to shop came along Jim e-mailed me. He sent me his address. I told Tim and Jerry to get their clothes on that we had to make a trip. I sat in the back seat of their van as I directed Jerry across town. I hunched down in my seat as I sent the two boys on a voyage alone to the front door of the house. They had no idea what was in store as I had kept all of this to myself and they didn't even know it was a possibility that this could happen this soon.
    Tim knocked on the door with timidity and stepped back. Jim answered the door. The three boys stared at each other, each in disbelief then the sonic boom that issued forth from the front porch of the small house shattered windows for miles around. Three boys were in a hug and jumping up and down with such happiness and glee that the tears poured from my face.
    Jim looked around for me and suddenly a stampede of boys rushed to the door of the van. I was bodily yanked from the safety of the steel enclosure and thrown to the ground to be assaulted again and again by boy kisses and hugs. I was dragged, kicking screaming, into the house thankfully to be rescued by Eva. She had a cup of coffee and a million questions as I sat with a live wire in my lap and two eager horn toads at each side of me.
    As plans were made to leave town Bobby's father got wind of his son's sexual activities and took the boy away. The aunt had stayed in Georgia to try to get him back. Eva thought it best to get Jim out of there at once so that her sister would have a better chance of regaining custody of Bobby. The sister held some resentment against Jim. She felt that he had seduced her son and she was glad to see him go. Eva was really down about all of this and I had no idea how to assist her. I was, after all, the molester of her grandson and could be held accountable for his actions against Bobby. Eva assured me that such was not the case. She stated that she would stand behind me one hundred percent. To make matters a wee bit easier she informed me that she and Jim had never disclosed my name or any information that would let her sister ever be able to contact me. They had never discussed any sexual relationship between Jim and myself and didn't believe that she actually thought that there had been any. She, just like Eva and Jim, had no idea that I lived in Tucson. This had just been a chance meeting. Some would call it fate I suppose. I don't hold by that idea.
    I snuck off to the bathroom and used my cell to call the house. Pete answered, I told him to pick up the house and get everybody dressed in long pants, shirts, and shoes. I told him that I was bringing a lady to dinner. I told him to have Cas take out a seven or eight pound pot roast and five or six bags of potatoes. I asked him if he could see to it that a salad was prepared then I remembered a triple layer chocolate cake in the big freezer in the garage.
    I casually walked back into the living room to a fresh cup of coffee and invited Eva and Jim to my house for dinner. As the gracious southern belle she was, she accepted with a smile. I herded everyone in to Jerry's van and let Tim drive us home as Eva and I caught up on all of the news since last we had seen each other in early September. Jim sat in the third seat hanging over the back of my seat with his arms around my neck for the entire drive.
    The boys had dinner well on the way to being ready when we arrived. Eva was overwhelmed by the numbers of bodies. I told her, and quite proudly, that they were everyone my sons and I was going to do whatever it would take to make that legally so.
    With the mashing of the now defrosted potatoes and the heating of a few frozen vegetables dinner was on the table as the eleven of us praised God for our safety and reunion. Two more to come, Will and Betty were due the following week.
    Eva agreed to go shopping with me the following day if someone could be there to take care of Jim. A perfect job for Jerry and Tim. Cory and Pete had something of their own cooked up and had asked me if they could use a vehicle to do some running around town by themselves. I let them take the jeep with a very stern warning. Pete was of age and accountable. He was also licenced so they went their way while Eva and I took the Caddy. Tyler took Cas in his van and he dropped Turner and Lew off at their school.
    After a day of shopping I left Eva at her place with a take out pizza for Jim and then followed Tim and Jerry up the hill to our place. With everyone arriving back at the house late I ordered in pizza for us. I know that these boys would live on the stuff, but they need a more nutritious meal. I only allow that much carbohydrate and cholesterol once every ten days or so. I did fix a big salad with mounds of fresh vegies from eggplant to zucchini, I was out of artichoke and avocados.

    Will e-mailed me from a friend's house. The funeral was over and he and Betty were loaded up. The trucks should be arriving Monday the twelfth. Shit, what day was it? Ohmigosh, it was Monday. Betty and Will should be here today. I tossed Cas a key to the guest house and told him that he needed to turn on the heat and do a quick walk through to see that everything was in order.
    Tim came running in just before noon. Jerry was trapped in Traveler©, naked. There was a car in the driveway and a truck out front. He ran upstairs and grabbed two pair of shorts and put one on as he ran to his lover's rescue. The other boys charged in to don shorts of their own. Cas swooped up the clothes from the floor and took them to his room. As I strolled to the front door to greet Betty and be tackled by Will.
    Lew and Cory came in from the deck and Will charged across the room to wrap himself around Cory. Cas snuck up on the tiny youngster and picked him off of Cory to receive his own hugs and kisses. He introduced his brother Lew who got a taste of the boys exuberance. Pete was introduced around as Jerry and Tim peeked in the garage door. Betty, coffee in hand was shown to the guest bathroom as Will was dragged upstairs to check out plumbing of his own.
    I beckoned Betty into my office and shut the door as I seated her in one of the high back leather chairs. I pulled up an ottoman and told her to put her feet up. Cas and Cory directed the movers to the guest house and fixed the men drinks and bathroom breaks. Betty looked exhausted. I let her get her breath as I sipped on my fifth cup of coffee for the morning. I was going to be pissing my brains out for the rest of the day.
    She wanted to tell me about Will's new fortune. His mother's death had brought about a major change for the youngster. The trucking company had several violations against them with the California Highway Patrol and was held totally liable in Grace's death. A very tidy sum of money was paid to a trust fund for Will with Betty as the executor. She talked to me about investing most of it for him. (I have now done so. He will never have to work, unless he wants to.)
    I didn't want to get into anything real heavy with Betty at this point. She is not as young as she once was and I was sure that the drive across country with her little live wire had worn her out. I slipped out as she dozed off for a minute. I told Cas to prepare the guest room at the far end of the house for her. He told me it was already being done. I kissed him. He is good. I have to admit the boy is very sharp.
    Betty awakened in ten minutes. I was back in my chair. She started to apologize as I shushed her. She is an elegant lady. She reminded me so much of what I remembered of my grandmother. She had died when I was young, but she had the same grace and charm, as I remember. I told Betty that there would be no work for her today. I told her that Will could find her suitcases and the furniture could be put away another day. I offered her a stay at one of the nation's foremost hotel and spa resorts which was just down the road a mile and a half. I told her it was my treat that she should be pampered and relax. She declined with a look on her face, I knew that the offer tempted her. I picked up the phone and made a reservation for her and put it on my card. I faxed them a signature and had Cas load her things in the Caddy.
    Betty was worn out. I could see it in her walk. I led her to the car and buckled her inside. Will kissed her and ran off with the boys. I told Cas to drive slow. He smiled at me and pulled away.
    Suddenly a thought occurred to me. I called Eva and arranged to have breakfast on Tuesday. I was going to put these two ladies together. They both needed a friend and they were about the same age and from what I learned about each of them, quite well suited to one another. I had Eva meet Betty and me at the hotel. She brought Jim along and I had Will with me. I'm not sure who took to whom first, but two new sets of friends were definitely made between the boys and between their grandmothers.
    It turned out to be one of my more brilliant ideas and an instant success. I treated both women to a day at a beauty saloon. They had the works and were ready to accompany ten elegantly dressed youngsters in dark suits and matching ties to my country club for prime rib and an evening of being seen by Tucson's elite.
    Tyler, Turner, Cas, and Lew took off for their second night together at the Youngman home. From what they had told me it seemed as if my matchmaking skills were working. Will and Jim wanted to spend the night together and Eva was leaning toward that idea when Betty placed the final brick into the wall. She asked Eva if they might spend the next day finding all of the shops in town to purchase the fixings for our Christmas dinner which was now only ten days away. Eva suggested that the Betty might want to come down and stay with her so that they could get an early start and then sealed it with, "And you will have a much needed rest away from all of those rowdy boys." Done, did, and sealed.
    The next week had Will and Jim spending the night at the house with Pete, Cory, Jerry, Tim, and me. There was no way in hell that anything was going to break up Jerry and Tim at this point and no one wanted to see that happen. So it seemed that the match making was done and I had the best of the lot with two perfect young male specimens to share my bed. I ain't complaining.

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