Chapter 259


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    When I had all of the seriously injured boys stabilized I walked through the other train cars to see how the other boys were doing. They were eating a hearty chicken stew and hot biscuits. Each boy had a large glass of cold milk and a selection of fresh fruit before him. I pulled a trembling Breeze to stand beside me as I introduced myself and told the boys about my schools around the world. I told them that we would contact their relatives first and try to return them to their homes, but should any of them need a place to live then we would invite them to attend a school near their home.
    I let Breeze revert to his natural form and lay on the seat next to me with his head in my lap. I rubbed behind his ears as I sent soothing messages to him and let him see the surrounding countryside through my mind.
    The young Waya was traumatized at seeing the carnage in the castle. He had felt the fear from the minds of the wolves as they tore into their tormentors and then the pain of bullets ripping through their flesh. I would have to make Breeze a priority when we could get to a pool to soak in for an hour or so.
    We traveled over five hours, and one hundred miles, by rail, to get to the Port of Monfalcone, which was sixty miles away by air. We passed through some beautiful mountain valleys and alongside a swift moving river on its way to the sea.

    At just after three our train pulled to a halt alongside of a huge cruise ship tied to the pier. When Andy tugs at a string he ends up pulling a steel cable, this cable had a very large luxury liner attached to it. From our close proximity to the ship it was difficult to see exactly how large it was. I was able to count five upper decks, but I felt like there were more. Heavy cranes were moving containers and equipment onboard the the ship, I knew the ship had been in for refitting I just didn't know the extent of the work being done.
    Our train was on a freight line that was not meant for a passenger train so there was a bit of a problem off loading the boys and getting them across the freight yard to the gangway of our next mode of transportation.
    I became aware of a presence that I had felt since we entered Italy, but I had pushed it aside as being a wish to be with him. I spun around and Cory was in my face. I stopped what I was doing and pulled him close to me for a full-bore lover's kiss. The boys from the castle were cheering as Cory and I got a little touchy feelly in before them.
    Yuri's face got in close, I had to look, he was too tall. He was on the shoulders of RD and Roddy was at his side with his legs wrapped around RD's hip. I gave each of my sons a warm hug then turned to welcomed all of my Tsalagi brothers to Italy, and a great adventure.
    Cory is as bad as Andy when I am on the road. He had called base B and begged to know what was going on. Andy dispatched Pete to bring all of the Tsalagi boys to me after Cory explained that I would need help with the healing of my new found friends. Pete flew the boys to base B where he received his flight orders. They left New York just after my first call to Andy and flew directly to the Port of Monfalcone, Italy. Upon arrival they had arranged our state rooms on the ship.
    Wes had some very good news for me, the ship was equipped with a very large swimming pool and many separate spa tubs for four to six persons. Many of the suites also had Jacuzzis inside them. I told Wes that we would soak a few heads.
    He told me that he had talked with the Captain as well as the man in charge of the pools, he had explained the use of his herbs and oils. He asked them to turn the pumps off when we used the potions, he explained that the herbs and oils would foul the filters and coat the pumps requiring a major expense in tear down and overhaul.

    The ship the we were able to use was a large ocean going cruise ship then undergoing an engine refit. Andy contacted Cullen for help. The silly little queeing called in a favor, or four, and obtained the ship for our use during its shakedown cruise of three weeks. Imagine, if you will, three hundred young men who had never seen anything of the world, except bullying, pain, sorrow, and torture being able to cruise the Mediterranean Sea on a luxury cruise ship. For the most part these boys had even been put down or hidden, by their parents because of their sickness. Now they were being waited on hand and foot by a well-trained staff, of course my boys were going to be there holding their hands every step of the way as we worked with each one of them individually. We wanted to help them heal mentally as well as physically, and to be able to learn where they want to live, whether it is one: they wanted to return home or two: sent off to one of my schools somewhere in the world.
    The first bit of work that needed to be done was the healing of their minds. The boys had so many deep-seated scars, aches, pains, and nightmares. Their mental health had to be my first priority. It is impossible to read a person's mind without knowing their heart. I can get conscious thoughts from their frontal lobes; those thoughts that are close to action, but thoughts deeper in a person's mind are very difficult to read. I did not need to know what was going through their minds at the present time, I only wanted to begin a healing of the mental anguish that they had suffered at the hands of their captors.
    I also had to protect the boys from their surroundings. I met with the Captain and officers of the ship and made a stern warning, if any member of the crew touched, or made any offhand suggestive remark to the boys I would place fishhooks in their balls and throw them over the side of the ship and drag them until their balls fell off. The look I gave the officers when I delivered that message convinced them that I meant business.

    I found my state room, and like the boys, I took a long hot shower. I filled the ensuite spa and added a bit of Wes's herbs, I coaxed breeze into the tub and told him to just lie there and soak. I laid myself down for a bit of peaceful rest, of course I had company, Yuri and Roddy squeezed in beside me. Before I could even get totally asleep my Cory man was there with me. We slept the sleep of total innocence and awakened almost two hours later ready to face the challenge that lay ahead of us. Breeze was curled up on the floor beside the bed, he was relaxed and anxious for a new adventure.

    I reveled in their glee as the boys ran amok through the ship, exploring and searching out new worlds to their young eyes and lives. At lunchtime the boys were ready for a full meal. The ship's kitchens prepared a feast for kings as rare prime rib was carved before the boys' eyes. There was a rack: of lamb with lots of mint jelly, and roasted game hens stuffed with peanut butter and corn bread dressing, all of this was served with a choice of creamy mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, or candied yams, vegetables, buttered rolls, salad, and of course my mainstay, soup. Many of the boys wanted coffee and I had learned that they preferred the harsh, strong coffee that is so common in Europe. As for myself I stuck to my Folgers™.
    I truly enjoy watching boys eat, especially when it's breaking a long fast of poor food such as these boys had just gone through. My Tsalagi brothers and I passed through the room occasionally stopping behind a boy and asking him to slow down, there was plenty of time and lots of food.

    As the main body of boys had explored the ship during the morning the injured boys had spent time soaking their heads in spas throughout the ship. As the boys settled in and started to eat their lunch all of the injured boys walked in healthy, whole, and in high spirits. They sat down at the tables amongst their friends and helped themselves to their first nutritious repast, in a long, long time.
    After lunch I told all of the boys to return to their rooms and take a long, hot, soapy, nude shower, being sure to wash every hidden and private spot thoroughly. I told them to gather on the main deck by the swimming pools in one hour. I told them to be naked, but to bring a towel, if they wished they could wrap the towel around their middle for modesty.

    I took all the Tsalagi boys to my suite for a quick meeting. This was the first time that I had actually looked at the naked bodies of these boys in many, many weeks. I actually did a double take as I looked at them. I walked amongst them and let my fingers tell me if what I was seeing was real. The musculature of each boy was firm, and solid. Each boy appeared to be one to two years younger than his actual physical age. Nineteen year olds Mike and Steven appeared to be sixteen year old teenage boys, strong, cut, and buff. Twenty one year old Wes really amazed me. His body was that of fourteen to fifteen year old boy. He still maintained his same height, but he was young, chiseled, and firm looking.
    I turned and stared at my Cory man. How can I have been so blind? This man, the love of my life, the one with whom I share the most, had the body of the fourteen year old boy that I found hiding behind garbage cans in Nashville, Tennessee. He still had his great chiseled body that he has worked so hard to build, and the large cock that he hand grew every day since I met him. He just had certain attributes that made him appear to be almost seven years younger than he was.
    I looked at Yuri and Roddy, I seriously studied their young bodies. Those two boys and I play games naked all of the time, no sex, just horseplay. Yet somehow I had not noticed their bodies had changed for the younger as well. Yuri is almost ten years old, but his body had developed into a firm and cut boy looking older then he should yet appearing to be only eight or nine years old. Thirteen year old Roddy was just over three months short of being fourteen, yet his body appeared to be much younger. His face is the same as I remember from the very first time I met him. His body is cut and buff, but with the appearance of a twelve year old boy.
    All of the boys had their same height, but their weight was more evenly spread about their buff bodies. All of them looked as it they worked out on a weight pile for several hours each day. I had made a mental comment to myself once before that the waters of Aqua Caliente were really the fountain of youth. Looking at my boys I actually began to believe that.
    Cory walked up to me and rubbed his fingers over my firm abs and butt, "Dad, the waters worked on you as well. You have regained your youthful vigor. Your core muscles have the tone of a teenage athlete, your body is strong and firm. You look just like the pictures of you when you were competing in your high school and college swim meets. I have said nothing before this point because I thought that you knew it, but dad...each time that you get out of that water of healing power your body glows with youth and new life." I looked around the room and all of the boys were nodding their agreement. The waters of Aqua Caliente would have to be a very closely guarded family secret.

    I gave directions to the boys about what I was seeking as we worked with the new boys from the castle. Everyone was on the same page with me and as we communicated telepathically I knew we were going to be in a calm place as we had planned to do. By the end of the day we would have three hundred very happy young boys ready to go out and face the world.

    Our ship had set sail. We had left the waters of the Gulf of Venice and had entered the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea headed for the port of Munedavia, and Cullen's Castle. As the boys began to gather on the deck Cullen's helicopter circled the ship and landed on the helipad. His Royal hiney stepped out of the aircraft with Jimmy, Kostja, and Wayne right behind him. Culley took one look at me and ran across the deck, calling out, "Uncy, uncy..."
    The young King jumped on me with his legs around my waist. He was excited to see me, but I was worried about decorum, the boys on the ship did not know him as my nephew, but only as the young King of Munedavia. I peeled him off of me and bowed before him then I turned to the boys and introduced him. I introduced Jimmy as his boyfriend. I introduced Kostja, and Wayne, I told the boys that Wayne was the King's bodyguard and was there to keep him safe from everyone.

    All of the boys made their way into the warm waters of the pool and followed our directions as they lay themselves back and soaked in the healing waters. I had worked with the Tsalagi as I learned which boys were actually walking after God and after his dictates. I know these boys very well, I also know their hearts. I am able to read their mind from several miles away. Mike, Stephen, Robin, and Shikoba had each shown strong faith and obedience to the Lord's Word. Wes, Androv, Cas, and I had sat down in prayer with each of the boys to discover where they stood in their walk with the Holy Spirit. Their gifts were strong and the gift of healing was prominent in each of them. I had no problem having those four prayer Warriors circulate amongst the boys in the pool as they laid hands on them and prayed for their healing.
    Yuri surprised me with his prayers. I knew the boy had strong faith I had never paid attention to him. When he placed his hands on the face of a youngster in the water I watched as his bruises and cuts faded away, also the boy's teeth grew back in place. Roddy has shown deep devotion, but so far he seems to be trying to learn the workings of the Holy Spirit in his life. He joined the other Tsalagi as they chanted and sang under the directions of Cory as those of us in the waters helped along the healing process taking place before our eyes.
    By midafternoon we had three hundred healthy and happy boys playing in the water, splashing and dunking one another. I let them play for an hour or so before directing then to their rooms for showers and to prepare for dinner.

    Our evening meal was a lite fare of soups and salads with low sugar content desserts to satisfy the boys' sweet tooth, but not to give them a sugar rush so that they would never calm down. The Captain of the ship was thrilled to have the young King aboard, he did his duty and invited the young monarch to dine at his table. I was also invited to dine at the captain's table, of course we were expected to bring our spouse with us. Cory was resplendent in his dress as he rivaled the King and myself with his new four thousand dollar tailored suit with a tailor made silk shirt and tie; his calf high socks matched his tie and pocket handkerchief.
    During the course of the meal I was able to discover how Jimmy came to be with Cullen. He had a break in classes and he missed his friend. He managed to get a flight to Rome where Cullen sent his personal plane to finish the last leg of the trip for Jimmy. Jimmy could only spend a week and I knew that many of my Tsalagi brothers needed to return to their college classes as well. I let the youngest of the Tsalagi stay with me so that they can learn from first-hand life experiences.

    The first week of the cruise was a chance for the boys to relax and get to know one another, get to know the ship, and just plain have fun. Over the weekend we passed south of Cullen's castle and headed south where we docked in Parga, Greece for a single afternoon. Cullen and those that needed to return to school left the ship and were taken to the airport for their transportation home. I had the BAE school buses come down and take all of the boys up to the school for lunch and a tour of BAE. The boys quickly made friends with the students of the school as they toured the classrooms and looked over the curriculum that was studied there. Of course it was all Greek to most of them, but some of them had a smattering of an understanding of the language.

    I sat down with the staff of the school to get their input on Greece's financial situation. All of the staff suggested that I not place any of the new boys there. Itf was suggested that the students of the school may have to move out of country if the rioting gets any worse.

    We cruised the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean's shipping lanes. I had to take a few minutes to check over the work that had been done by Turner and Warren. They are the family's tax experts and income tax time was only days ahead. I sat down before my computers and looked at page after page of tax forms for every boy in my charge that has an income tax burden. I was very happy to see that nearly all of the college boys had donated large amounts to the Fisher House, a charity service that provides places for the families of wounded soldiers in hospitals around the world to stay near their loved ones.
    Most of the younger boys made large donations to the McDonald house; the charity that provides a place to stay for the families of hospitalized children. All of the boys donated a few hundred dollars to the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß and to the two churches that service our flock. The new church at Camp Christopher received a very large amount of money from the boys at BAG Boys as well.

    I lost points with the boys aboard the ship when I asked them to sit down and take tests on paper. I had to know what they know and what they are capable of learning. I can't place a boy at the level of his experience without something to guide me. I wish that I could measure a boy's desire, it would make my life much easier if I knew which boys wanted to excel. I probed the mind of each boy in turn so I had an idea of those whom would most likely excel, but I can't rely on my limited powers yet. Time and practice may make my confidence grow.
    One afternoon in the middle of our second week of our cruise I had all the boys gathered together, sitting on the floor of the large general use room of the ship. By that time all of the boys were comfortable running around the ship naked. I was communicating with the boys directly through telepathy, it was much easier and it helped overcome the language barrier between many of us. Most all the boys had a working knowledge of English, but they had serious problems with some of the words and the phrasing.
    Maybe I shouldn't have been walking around before the boys naked, but I'm so used to being sans clothing that I never gave it a thought. As I was explaining to the boys what would happen to them in the near future I was receiving a message from someone in the audience. "I really wish I could suck that dick. That is so big, and it looks so good." Of course I could not detect which boy had made this thought by looking out over the audience so I simply sent a message directly to him. I told him that he would be welcome to come forward and have his wish.
    A very buff and cut youngster of about fifteen rose up and walked to the front of the room. He looked as if he could be the meanest football player on the team. He dropped to his knees before me and with no fanfare he swallowed my cock and fondled my balls. He adjusted his throat as my cock lengthened and was able to take every inch of me into his gullet. The other boys in the room hooted and cheered my partner on. As he pulled my glans directly into his throat and swallowed my load he sent me the message that he really wanted it up his butt. I asked him if he wanted to bend over and take it in front of everybody, he did. It was obvious this boy was really gay.
    With no further talk the boy rose, turned, and bent over before me. I slipped the meat in, his ass had been well used as he took all of my size with no problem whatsoever. Once I began my motions the boy raised his head and looked out over the audience. He said something to a boy on the front row who quickly rose and stepped forward, pushing his crotch forward so that my partner could swallow his cock. When I completed my actions the boy that had stepped up to the front dropped to his knees to do a clean up on me. That was the beginning of one of the greatest times of my sexual life as I grew to know three hundred young men that had been forced into sexual slavery.
    All of them seemed to really enjoy man-boi sex. I probed their minds and learned that only twelve of the boys that were aboard the ship had been innocent and virgin before their capture. Training had turned them...had it really? I had to spend some quiet time with those twelve special boys and help them to come to grips with what had happened to them.
    I spent the rest of the day, that night, and the following morning with the twelve boys as I learned exactly what each one of them really wanted. I learned that two of the boys had misgivings of the lifestyle that they were leading. I went deep into their minds to feel their emotions and see what was really going on. I learned that they had been curious about boi sex, but not enough to actually engage in it. When they were captured they quickly learned to do as their captors ordered to avoid the beatings and starvation that came from non-compliance. Both of them had girls that they fantasied over as they learned about their body's sexual capabilities. I placed nude images of girls and boys into the minds of the boys and studied their reactions, they are straight.
    The other ten boys found that they enjoyed the sex. Most of them even enjoyed receiving anal sex. Although it hurt them in the beginning they quickly adapted to their new life and accepted their fate. I tried to communicate verbally with them, but I just was not getting through. I impressed on their minds that they did not have to submit themselves to anything from anyone at any time if they were not comfortable with it. I explained the NO rule. I stressed the point that their bodies were their own, and that no one had the right to touch them without permission. They were all smiles at that news, I promised them that no one would ever beat them or hurt them again as long as I was around, as long as I had any control over them.

On April 21, 2011 I read the following news and chills ran through my body:
Malaysian boot camp for "effeminate" schoolboys draws outrage
By Razak Ahmad Razak Ahmad - Thu Apr 21, 10:58 am ET KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - A Malaysian state's move to send 57 schoolboys with "effeminate tendencies" to a boot camp aimed at counseling them on masculine behavior has angered rights groups in the Southeast Asian country.
The four-day camp, which ended on Thursday, included religious lectures, visiting local mosques and aerobics workouts.
"They have crossed the line...we are disgusted and offended that a child's feminine traits or behavior is seen as being something that is evil and that should be purged," said Ivy Josiah, a child's rights campaigner and executive director of the Malaysian rights group, Women's Aid Organization.
The schoolboys, aged 13 to 17 and living in the northeastern Malaysian state of Terengganu, were selected for the boot camp for displaying "some feminine characteristics," state education department director Razali Daud was quoted as saying in the New Straits Times newspaper on Tuesday.
The camp's establishment was prompted by what Razali said was a rising number of effeminate schoolboys in the state.
Homosexuality is a taboo subject that is rarely discussed in this mainly Muslim country and sex between males is an offence punishable under criminal law.
Razali subsequently told the newspaper on Thursday that the camp was a character-building program and was not aimed at changing the students' sexual preference. He declined to comment when contacted by Reuters.
Senior state and federal education officials also refused to comment after the issue prompted widespread criticism.

"Corrective boot camps to 'fix' children and individuals must not be condoned because it violates the rights of people who are perceived as 'different'," a coalition of gender equality groups said a statement.
The country's Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil has called for such camps, of which this was the first known example in Malaysia, to be abolished.

    For a very high a price I convinced the ship line and the Captain to head the cruise ship west so that we could dock at Nice, I felt that a tour of BAF would be helpful in letting the boys decide what they wanted to do and where they wanted to go to school. It would be easy to arrange transportation to anywhere in Europe, even to Russia, from Nice. So far we had only found one single family that was willing to have their child return home. He did not want to go because of his abusive father. I sat with the boy and learned tales and stories that would make a man cry, how can a parent treat their own child in this manner?
    I was shocked at the reaction of the parents of the two straight boys. They would not allow their sons to return home under any circumstances. They were damaged goods and should be killed for their sins. I sent envoys to the two homes to try to explain that the boys were taken by force and forced to do unnatural things, that did nothing toward swaying the parents of the boys. I made up my mind to take the boys to Tucson and find homes for them amongst some of my straight friends. Oh yeah, I have a few straight friends.
    The BAF school buses lined up along the dock as the boys from the Castle in Slovenia walked off the ship and climbed aboard them. The boys were driven directly to the school and immediately found themselves at home amongst the students there. A monstrous lunch was ready and a boy can always eat, even after he has just eaten a full meal.

    I had a preponderant amount of work to do and BAE provided the necessary space and privacy that I needed, or so I thought. I headed to my suite on the third floor and sat both of my laptops on the desk. I unpacked my highspeed router then connected it to both computers and aimed the antenna to get the strongest signal. I was connected to the FI satellite at 300MBs, I was ready to go hunting. Just as I was about to search what was going on Yuri burst in like a thunderbolt. He wanted to see everything, and explore everywhere.
    Roddy came in and took on the job of a guide. The boys laughed and giggled for over a half an hour before RD came in and the younger boys began to play with their big brother. I suggested that the boys go downstairs or into one of the bedrooms, they wanted to be with me. I love to see the boys at play together, but I needed peace and quiet to do what I had to do. I decided to slip away to St. Tropez. I knew that the boys would love to go with me, but I needed just one day of silence to search the internet for clues to the location of the vilest man on the planet, the Hook.
    I had first heard of the Hook a few years earlier from some of the boys that had come to the schools in France, but they knew only of his cruelty. The boys that I had just rescued from Slovenia knew him well. With my limited ability to read minds I was only able to learn of the man's methods to twist and destroy a boy's will. I learned of a location for him as well as a pretty good physical description. This man loves to hurt boys, I wanted to hurt him, badly. A trip through the Romanian pig farmer's wood chipper came to my mind, with a twist, the man should be alive and healthy as he was fed into the spinning blades feet first.
    I had a car spirit me away before dawn and was taken to a waiting helicopter that carried me over the mountains to St. Tropez and the most restful place that I know of, the Villa de Christophe. Marin and Perceval had a hot lunch of a stout fish stew with hot bread and salad and lots of fresh fruit awaiting me. I drank so much of the fruity wine that I sloshed when I walked.
    Marin wanted to talk to me, I could tell that something was between him and his father, but I had work to do. I pulled him close to me and asked him if he would let me work for a few hours then we would sit down together and talk about whatever was on his mind. He asked me if we could lay down and talk about it, maybe all night? I swatted his fanny and smiled at him as I shut and locked my bedroom door.

    I found a trail leading to what I was seeking. I was sickened, but I knew that I would never rest until I found the man called Hook and brought him to justice. I had thought that Count Sighisoara Corvin, his brother Ibrahim, and Hikmat Klien wore a cloak of deceit and secrecy, but this man could teach a snake how to hide in a small, white box.
    I made a few dozen phone calls to people that had pieces of the puzzle that I was putting together. Herr Klien was in league with Hook. He was the one that located boys with the help of Ferdinand Bakos,, and Samí Oban. Hook acquired a large number of boys from all over the world. Ted Jakes even supplied boys as did Justice Dubois.
     Howard P. Hildebrand and Everett Rothsfeld fished the beaches of Greece and Southern France. They found, bedded, then sold dozens of boys to Justice Dubois who funneled them to Pablo Sadduci or Jacob Goldfarb, or Jesus Mendoza…AKA Wilson Weller. All of them appear to have been the same man, one Nicholas Pagonis the man that stole Jace when he was only days old and spirited him to America to raise him as his own son, using the assumed name of Weller.
    Those boys that Hook could not train for his purposes he dumped to be trained as boy prostitutes by such perverts as Dimitri and Al Gobles.

    I had it. I went to the kitchen to find Marin sitting on the sofa sipping a cup of coffee. I asked him if there was anymore, he told me that he had just made a fresh pot of my American colored water. I stuck my tongue out at him and headed for the coffee maker then joined the boy on the sofa. He scooted up close to me and placed his head on my shoulder. "I have no future here. May I go to America and study at one of your schools?"
    "Marin, I have never asked, but how old are you?"
    "How old do you think I look?"
    "Well your body build and your facial features suggest that you are in your twenties. You are about five foot eight or nine, but you have no facial hair. I have to say that you are at least twenty."
    "I get that a lot. I guess I should be proud, but I am only sixteen. I had a birthday last week and there was no one to invite to help me celebrate my manhood. Perceval is so old that he forgot about me so I baked myself some small cakes and ate them down on the beach." He had tears in his eyes which I wiped away then kissed him on the nose.
    "The first time that I came to my Villa and met you your father told me that he had adopted you when you were twelve. I thought that you two had been together for several years."
    "He didn't adopt me, he just took me in to fuck me and make me suck his dick. I was doing that in the wharf areas and making good money from the crewmen of the yachts that dock down there. Perceval offered me a warm bed and hot food and that sounded better than getting fucked by a sailor then sleeping in a dirty alley while I ate a small loaf and a bottle of cheap wine. I want to get out of here.
    "Two days ago Perceval told me that I was too old for him and he showed me a small boy that he had brought home."
    "Is that boy here now?"
    "Yeah, he is in Perceval's room getting his tiny butt fucked five or six times each night."
    We had been talking in French when Marin ducked his head and said in English, "I really want to go home with you and go to the school where you live at." I cringed at the preposition that ended his sentence, but let it go for now; I was more interested in learning how much English he knew. I stood up and pulled him up by his hand then led him to my bedroom. I locked the door. Perceval was fucking a boy, but I felt guilty fucking his son.

    Marin had learned more than I thought. He removed my clothes and went down on me as soon as he saw what I had standing in the middle of my body. I had to push him away so that I could undress him. I was very pleased with what I found under his clothes. Naked I could see that he was much younger than his face and height suggested.
    He was smooth skinned with a thin bush just beginning to grow out. His legs were lightly covered with a smattering of hair on his calves and none on his thighs. His belly was flat and toned. His chest begged me to place my head there and sleep all night. His pride was a very full eight inches, uncut of course, with a girth of at least six inches.
    I carefully rolled his foreskin back; I was not sure if he could retract his skin fully, some uncircumcised guys can't. I was met with a large amount of pre-cum. I ran my finger through it and sniffed of it, it was fresh and smelled quite good. I smeared the abundant fluid over the length of his tasty looking phallus as I checked him for cleanliness. I knew that my jaws were going to get a workout and my ass would remember him for several days as I slid down a real telephone pole that was clean from an earlier shower. I wondered if he could take all of me. I quickly got an answer as he pulled me to the bed so that we could suck each other in a sixty nine.
    Ahh, French cream, yum yum. I will never get my fill of the ambrosia that Marin filled my mouth with. I had been fingering his prostrate and spreading his anal sphincter in anticipation of giving the boy a ride. He did not disappoint me. He pushed me aside and raised his wide spread legs as he eagerly awaited my entry. I took it slow, but he adjusted quickly and wanted the hardest pounding of his life. I gave it to him, for over thirty minutes I gave it to him through two hard climaxes of my own and at least three from him. I hated to see all of that cream just laying around on his belly so I bent over and gave him his first tongue bath. I rolled to my back and pulled him on top of me so that I could get a meal at his fine diner. He took my cock into his throat and squealed in delight.
    I am a cocksucker from way back. I took the boy's cock into my throat and guided him to fuck my mouth. He was sensitive, he had just shot a load in my mouth and at least three onto his lower belly. I kept at him and in a few moments he was pounding away. He was giving me a pounding as well as he long stroked my cock down his throat then back out to his lips at ninety mile an hour. We both filled the other with ball batter then turned to recover, I wanted him to give me a pony ride. However with him it would be a horsey ride. I knew that he would do well at BAW, I just wondered about his paperwork. I can get that, with time, but I wanted to take the boy with me when I left the Villa. I knew that I could leave him at BAF for awhile, but that is not what either of us wanted.
    After sleeping for about two hours, or so, I awakened with a cum thirst. I knew just the place to get a delicious drink. I moved about so that I could lay my head on Marin's flat belly and slip his soft cock into my mouth. I love to feel a cock go from soft to hard while it is in my mouth, Marin had enough meat to make me a happy cocksucker. I had all of his cock in my mouth so when it began to fill out it just naturally went into my throat and spread my jaws apart. I suckled on a wonderful piece of boi meat as I fell asleep again. I was awakened to Marin taking my cock into his own mouth. I felt myself rising to the occasion. He had to readjust his angle of approach a few times, but in the end we both had what we were seeking, a hard dick deep in our oral cavity.
    I put aside the need for cream, I wanted a ride on the giant tool in my mouth. When I told Marin what I wanted he began to cry. Between his sobs I got his story. "I had to suck cock when my mama and papa were killed at sea, their fishing boat swamped and they were never found." This sound just like Tazzi's story.
    Marin continued, "I was eight and a half. I would sit on top of the barrels where the sailors would see me when they came up the piers from their yachts. One of them would always stop and talk to me. After his friends were gone he would offer me €5 to suck his dick. Perceval was the first one to fuck me. He came down to the docks looking for a boy, and he spotted me. He took me to where he lived and gave me a bath in hot water with real soap. I felt so good that I would do anything for him. He had food cooking on the stove and he told me that I could eat with him when it was all cooked. But while we were waiting he wanted me to suck his dick. I got between his legs and held his cock up and sucked it. That was the first time that I had seen a man completely naked so I played with his balls and everything.
    "When he shot his cum some got in my mouth, but there was so much that a lot of it got on my face. That happened a lot with men, I just couldn't take all of it. Perceval laughed at me and laid me onto my back. He got over me and kissed all over me and told he how pretty I was and how much he loved me. I could feel him sticking his fingers in my butt hole and he was putting something slick in there. I knew that I was about to get my little ass fucked. I smelled the food and thought about the hot bath and decided that it might be worth a good fuck. I don't know if you seed Perceval's cock yet, but it ain't no big thing. He stuck it in me and stopped for a while as he kept kissing me. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and shoved his cock all of the way inside me.
    "I really liked his dick inside of me. When he began to fuck me I thought that I was floating through the stars and all. I put my hands behind my knees and pulled my legs up closer to me so that Perceval could really get all of his cock in me. He was happy that I did that. He began to really fuck me fast and hard. His cock felt like it was a mile long as he pulled it out the shoved it back in all of the way until his balls slapped my ass.
    I ate with him and he asked me if I liked what we did, and I told him that I loved it and that I wanted to do it again as soon as I washed our dishes. He told me that the dishes could wait so we got back on his bed and he fucked me again. That's when I became his boy and moved in with him. He didn't want me going down to the dock anymore, but I would sneak down there when I needed money to buy him a gift or something for me.
    "I saved some of my money until I had enough to buy me a CD player and some CDs. I would buy two or three CDs each week, but I had to hide them from Perceval so he wouldn't ask where I got the money. I wanted to try to take some of the big cocks that the sailors that I sucked had so I went down to the docks with a pair of shorts that had a hole in the crotch, is that the word? I told the sailors that they had to wear a rubber and that my ass was worth €20. I always got fucked. Sometimes two or three guys would watch then they would do me. That was the day that I bought my CD player.
    "Mr. Chris, may I call you dad like your other boys do? I want to tell you why I was crying. I have never fucked anybody. I have only been sucked by you and the boys that you had with you that last time. I thought that I would get to fuck Jimmy when you guys were here the last time. We sucked each other and he made me feel so good. I asked him to fuck me and he said that he would if I would fuck him afterwards. He fucks very good, but Perceval walked down the hall calling for me to go to the kitchen and help with the bread and cakes for the next morning. The next time I saw Jimmy he was wrapped around that King. I can't believe that a kid like Cullen can be a King." I was about to give this boy the treat that he had long sought.
    I didn't let Marin stop all night long. Once his cock was in my fleshy sheath I made sure that it remained there. I pulled him in close to me and locked my heels in his firm and muscular globes so that he wouldn't back out. I worked every muscle in my anus to keep my body from involuntarily pushing his sweet meat from inside of me. As quickly as he recovered enough to take another stab at me we got it on. I love the stamina of a mid-teen, they are very randy and ready to go again after only a few minutes. I am careful with a boy like that, I don't want any skin breakage or tearing; I make sure that everything is very slick and comfortable for him. My back door is well traveled so I don't tighten down on a boy which could cause major discomfort after three or four trips up the tunnel way.
    With cat-naps throughout the night we managed to get him off nine time before the sun rose above the level of the sea, and he had no discomfort at all. He was still eager to go when we took our shower, but he wanted to ride me, I was happy to accommodate him with his back against the shower wall and his left leg in my right hand. I would grant his wish to go to BAW, I may even let him live in the house instead of the dorm.

    As I ate a breakfast of fruits and pastry with a pot, or three, of hot coffee, I received a phone call from a sniffling boy. "Daddy, where are you. I can't find you no where and nobody will tell me and Roddy where you are. Please let me join you." The thought had crossed my mind several times through the previous day's search that I could use Yuri. Roddy... I was not to sure of because his linguistic skills in Русско are sketchy, at best. I thought about what I had to do and made a decision.
    "Hey little sugar bear, I am so sorry that I snuck out on you. I am coming back there. I should be there in two or three hours, and I have a big surprise for you, but it is a secret. You can't even tell Roddy until I get there and tell you. Do we have a deal?" Of course he was excited, he wanted me there with him now, but a surprise made him tell me that he would wait for me.
    I turned and looked at Perceval, "Where is your new boy, the one that you slept with last night?" He slipped with the knife in his hand and almost cut his finger instead of the chicken that he was preparing for lunch. He told me that the boy was in his bedroom, I asked him to bring him in so that he could eat breakfast with us.
    Perceval was visibly shaking as he walked past me and disappeared down the hall. I told the dispatcher to send me a helicopter bound for Nice, ASAP. In a few moments Perceval returned with a very cute boy of about ten. I gave the boy a hug and tickled his thin ribs then I pulled a chair close to me and told him, in French, to hop up on the chair and select something to eat. He took a hot croissant and reached for the marmalade. I asked him how old he was and where he lived.
    "I am eleven years old, monsieur. I don't live nowhere 'cept where somebody lets me sleep in his bed."
    "You're very cute, I bet you get lots of money."
    "Sometimes, but I don't get nobody most nights. I hope that I can stay here. That man is nice and he told me that he loves me. I ain't never been loved before. The men I meet only want to use my butt. They give me a little money and send me away. Percy says that he won't never send me away."
    Perceval was looking for a hole to crawl into. I turned my chair so that I could see him better and laid it out to him. I told him that I don't approve of men with boys as young as this boy, but that was up to him. I told him that the boy seemed to be okay with the situation and there were no signs of forced abuse so I was out of it. However...I told him that Marin would be leaving with me so that he could attend a formal school and get a well rounded education. I asked him if he had Marin's papers, he did and he told me that he could get to them quickly. I turned to Marin and told him to hurry and pack everything that he wanted to take with him. I told him that we would lock his bedroom door so that what he didn't take then would remain safe.
    I headed to my room to take a hot shower and to pack my things up for the return trip to Nice. When I stepped from the shower Marin was waiting with a towel in his hand. I asked him why he didn't join me under the hot water. He told me that he didn't have the time to do all of his work before I was through. When we entered the bedroom I knew what his work had been. My bag was packed. My computers and router were in their bag with the top open so that I could see that everything was safely in its place. I kissed Marin, he dropped to his knees and gave me one of the best morning blow jobs that I have ever had.
    I heard the whop, whop, whop of the helicopter's blades as it came in from the sea. I hurriedly dressed and we carried our bags out to the waiting chopper. The young boy stood next to Perceval and waved at us as we lifted off for the one and a half hour flight over to Nice.

    Upon my return to Nice I introduced Marin to a few of the boys and asked them to make him comfortable and find him a bed. I told them that Marin had celebrated his sixteenth birthday the week before, all alone. I could see the wheels moving behind the eyes of many of the BAF students. I headed up the curving stairway to my suite.
    I only made it up four or five steps before I was almost knocked down by fifty five pounds of flying boy flesh. Yuri was all kisses and hugs as he told me never to leave him behind ever again. I looked up at Cory as he came down the steps and remembered when he did, and said, the same thing to me a few years earlier. I don't know how to get any time to do the things that I need to do without hurting one of my precious boys.
    I made it through the throng of boys that wanted to say hello to me and into my suite in only ten short minutes. I sat down with Cory beside me, Yuri in my lap, and Roddy all over each of us as I communicated with my mind to my main man what I had learned. Cory sat there with his mouth hanging open, "Babe, is it ever going to end? Seigy was supposed to be the chief bad guy here. Then there came all of those ass holes in New York, then you found more really bad guys when that Oban character took Homer's mother...Where is the end of all of this?"
    "I don't know, babe. As long as adults are willing to pay to have sex with children then I guess that it won't end until the day that our Lord returns." He nodded his head in agreement and I heard something that popped my buttons, Yuri said Amen.
    I picked Yuri up and placed him straddle across both of my thighs so that I could look him in the eye as I laid out my plan for the next escapade in my life. I asked Yuri to accompany me to Moscow, of course Roddy wanted to go as well. I knew that he would want to go and I was mixed about it. RD came in and sat down with us as we talked it out. He had some good input, as did Cory. In the end it was decided that I needed Roddy as my bodyguard, he would have it no other way.

    Boy did I fuck up. I had to have a place for my new boys and Moscow seemed to fit the overall needs better than any other school in the system. The trail to Hook seemed to start in Moscow so I could explore that lead as I felt out the idea of sending three hundred boys from all around the globe to the school there. I decided that I could handle anything and driving the streets of the Russian capitol would be a piece of cake.
    We quietly sneaked into Russia via the railway system so that I could see for myself if three hundred horn dogs would be able to make the trip without getting themselves shot by a homophobic extremist. I re-assumed the borrowed identity of Jonathan Bairdso that I wouldn't draw much attention. The two young boys with me helped to complete the persona of Lonesome Jon. I had both boys dressed in very expensive jeans and handmade shirts with four hundred dollar sneakers on the feet. It was still a bit chilly in Moscow so fur parkas finished off their attire. I rented a car at the train station and set out to see if a building that I had been offered was actually worth moving the school from the hotel that housed it now. I have seen plates filled with spaghetti that have more order to it than the streets of Moscow. After two frustrating hours I was nowhere near the place that I wanted to go.
    I was so busy looking for the correct street that I did not see the black Lada Niva on my tail until the bullets took out the rear window. I told the boys to get down on the floor as I put the Volga Siber through it paces. I was glad that I had opted for a fully loaded four door sedan with a large engine and a five speed automatic/manual transmission.
    The driver of the Lada was good, he may have gone to a defensive driving course like the FBI offers. Or would that me an offensive driving class.? I was chased through unknown streets at a very high rate of speed as I spread out my mind to try to read with the driver of the SUV was going to do next. I was pleased, but surprised, to find Roddy in the driver's mind along with me. Roddy didn't have to watch the road ahead and he was able to anticipate the man's next move. He was feeding the information that he was learning to my mind as fast as he was getting it. Yuri was looking at the street map and he told us that there was a wide intersection ahead. I don't know why he thought that important, but I quickly made use of the information.
    As I entered the intersection I spun the steering wheel and did a one eighty. I threw the car into reverse and matched my speed with the SUV as I aimed my little Colt at the other drivers face. I let go of a single round and watched as someone else in the vehicle stuck the barrel of a serious looking automatic weapon out of the rear window; It took to quick rounds to dispatch that shooter and it was all over. The SUV hit a truck on the side of the road and flipped over, I kept going.
    "Papa to dispatch, where the fuck am I???" I almost cried into my cell phone's throat mic.
    "Lost are you, dad?" A soothing, familiar voice said. "I have been watching you drive around in circles ever since you left the train station this morning," Grigory said. "Why the sudden burst of speed and the erratic path though?."
    "I'll tell you when you get me and my sons to safety. You may want to do some clean up work. A nasty pair of shooters are dead in the middle of the road back there."
    "Yes, I am getting radio traffic on it. I also have some pretty interesting video for you to watch when you get to the school and have a cup or two of coffee. I have already told Simon to put the pot on, that you were flying low and in circles, but I figured that you would eventually go to the school.
    "Let me get you home. There is a friendly SUV pulling in front of the two cars behind you. They are all FI vehicles that have been tailing you since you arrived at the train station." I looked in my rear view mirror as I realized that I can never hide from Andy's satellites as long as I have that little pellet in my groin. In this case I was glad to have it.

    The boys of BAM were gathered together in rows along each side of the main door into the schoo.. They each wore their school blazer and tie as they sang their hearts out with the school anthem. They added the song that they had written for me, Sir Christopher Dickson is our best friend. I was carrying Yuri, he had been crying off and on ever since the car chase. When he heard the School Anthem he perked up, but when he heard the boys sing their anthem to me he wanted to get down and stand at my side.
    I introduced my sons to the boys from the school. Some of them remembered Yuri and were very happy to see him again. Yuri came to life and began to chatter in his native tongue. The students kept looking at me as the boy talked and many of them walked to me and kissed or hugged me. My Русско is very bad, but the international language of love is easily understood. I knew that Yuri was telling stories of love to his fellow countrymen. Roddy has learned a lot of the language and he was telling me everything that was being said telepathically.

    Grigory arrived with a large smile on his face. I led him into the school's conference room and asked Simon for another pot of coffee. h0e also brought in some fresh pastries. It seems that everyone can look at me and know when my blood sugar is low. I shared with Grigory a little of the information that I had on the Hook and asked him if he could help me locate his local operation. Grigory told me that the ФСБ—FSB —had the site that I was interested in under surveillance and that I should stay away. He did put me in contact with one of the investigators and when I dropped Petrovich Jaquenov's name I was instantly given all of the information that had been gathered.
    Hook was not in Moscow, he is nowhere to be found. He runs his operations through underlings and the bunch that was in Moscow were the nastiest of the bunch. The Russian Mob his its fingers into everything that makes a buck all over the world. The enforcers of that organization are well trained and single minded. From the information that I had gathered those people were trained by Hook's organization. The FSB agent agreed with me and showed me some of his evidence that support my suppositions.
    He also had a piece of information for me that sent chills through my body. Not for me, for my two young sons.
    There was a third shooter in the SUV that had chased me through the streets of Moscow. Apparently he was wounded by an unknown bullet and was found unconscious on the floor of the front seat of the vehicle. The three men are top assassins for Hook's organization and they were sent to kill me. They had picked up my tail when I crossed into Russia by train.

    Yuri expresses so much love I just want to be with him as much as I can and I have to tear myself away from Roddy sometimes because the little Volga born boy is very special. Паша–Yuri, means FARMER in Russian, was born in the small village of Tver, northwest of Moscow. I conferred with Roddy and told him that I was going to make our trip to Russia a joyful homecoming reunion for Yuri. He hugged me and told me that he and I had had our bonding time, now it was Yuri's turn. I told him that of course he would be going with us so that he could learn about Russia first hand. I got another hug and a big kiss. Yuri walked into the room and asked us what was going on. Roddy and I grabbed him and threw him to the bed for some tickle torture.

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