Chapter 60


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    The boys were at the pool for the most part. A few of the older boys were at the bottom of the cliff trying out the new scuba gear they had bought. Jim and Christopher had taken scuba diving lessons in Albany in July and they were excited about using their knowledge to explore the crystal clear depths of this ocean paradise. They had talked Cas, Pete, Luke, and Tyler into taking them down in exchange for lessons on diving safety.
    Bryan stood at the pool's side and looked up as I came in. The shirt I was wearing was torn from my body as he landed on me with his skinny, badly bruised legs around my waist and his lips locked to mine. His frail arms fought for a place to hold on to and still hug my face to his. The boy's impressive bone was stabbing into my sternum getting me slick with his copious amount of precum. The boy was a sexual machine, or extremely grateful to have been rescued. I would try to figure that out later as for now I wanted to eat him alive.
    Cory came up with a large glass of something cold on ice with an umbrella sticking up out of the glass, like a cocktail in some chintzy bar. He sat the glass at a nearby table and tore the remaining tatters of my shirt from my torso. He slapped Bryan on his cute buns, which almost got a hole poked in my chest as the lad burrowed his super hard cock against me. I turned to the table where Cory had set my drink and laid Bryan back to allow his boi stick to stand up.
    The family had been watching me and they all gathered around for what they knew was about to happen. I looked at our latest addition and admired what he had. He was seriously undernourished and in immediate need of good food and lots of TLC. I was about to give him two parts of that. Loving and Care are my specialties, but as cute, and obviously horny, as this boy was I didn't know how Tender I could be.
    His main member was a sweet seven incher. Not overly thick, maybe five and a quarter. Cut long, but as hard as he was at that moment the skin was pulled back. I took a long drink of the fruit wine that Cory had brought for me and took a large piece of ice into my mouth. I let a few of the boys see it in my mouth and they were whispering around the circle what I was about to do. I bent over and kissed a sweet pair of nice sized boy balls then kissed my way up the solid shaft arising from the top of their silky skin pouch.
    At the peak of his tower of power I licked all of his juices from him then made the plunge over the top not stopping until I had his sparse pubic bush tickling deep inside my nasal passages. I let my hands wrap around his body pulling him tight against me as I pressed the ice cube against the bottom of his cock. He pushed his groin into my face and began to squirm like a fish out of water trying to get away from me. In seconds his young boi milk was flowing in a massive gusher ending in a steady flow that seemed to never want to end. His body melted into relaxation in my arms and he was mine to do with as I pleased.
    I let his quickly wilting cock fall aside and began to work my way down under. I pushed his legs to his chest as hands reached from everywhere to hold them back for us. Someone caught on to my signal and slipped a piece of ice into my hand. I spread Bryan's legs wide and began to kiss his well fucked pucker. He was extremely bruised and very open. I was going to have to do some serious therapy with this boy to help him get his sphincter to close again. For my evil intents at the moment I was glad he was so enlarged. I began to kiss at his perineum as I lined up my weapons. Someone, I'm sure it was Cory because of his kiss on my balls, was rolling a condom onto my cock. His sweet hand held me on target as I pushed the ice up in the upturned ass hole and rammed it home with my cock.
    You talk about a fuck. That boy was all over the place as my man meat buried itself deeper and deeper inside. I was fucking the lad with everything in me as he was fighting me and loving the fucking. He was in agonized ecstasy. Fortunately it had not been a large piece of ice and it melted in the intense heat of his sweet ass. The moisture from the melting mass had added extra lubrication to our endeavors and allowed us both to get one super hot fuck.
    Bryan coated his body with three lines of juice that I was able to see before they were licked off by members of our audience then Kenny took the pulsating cock into his mouth. The boy has become a cum pig of late and just can't get his fill. I only hope that Toby can get him under control before he takes the boy home to their parents tomorrow. No problem right now. Right now I have an eager boy on the end of my dick and I am not in the least bit ready to quit. I did my best at doing the Tender part of TLC. I fucked the boy long and slow. His eyes were rolled back as he moaned in his ecstasy.
    Kenny was moved away so that the other pervs could see me fucking the sweetly upturned body and watch Bryan's cock enlarge then shrink as the emotions played about him. Some fifteen minutes into this session Bryan's cock got larger and larger and did not go down. He began to buck back at me and beg me to fuck him hard. Most of the boys let out with a, "Hmmmm." They had been there and they knew where Bryan was. They longed to be there too. I begin to pump him and pump him hard. He was begging for more and I was delivering at his command.
    We were moving the wrought iron table across the patio. The steel legs were making a scrapping noises as it scooted on the pavement. That only enhanced my lust as I began to plow the boy without mercy. He launched a load that nearly achieved orbit as it cleared his head and landed square into the pubic hairs of Alec who was in the line of fire. Trevor dropped and cleaned his brother and best friend then stuck around to take care of the boy's own personal needs.
    That was all I needed to see. Trevor's head was a blur as Alec's cock appeared then disappeared into the sucking mouth. I filled the raincoat on my enraged cock with gallons of my juices as I pulled Bryan to me and tied our tongues together. The boy is a marvelous fuck and he likes it rough. He has been conditioned that way and I was going to fix four of his conditioners in my own way. By the time I was finished with my part they would regret the day that they ever even saw a boy. Bryan pulled away from me as quickly as my dick fell from his buggered ass hole. He was on his knees with his tongue sticking out of his wide open mouth and slowly pulling the condom from my cock. He caught every drop of my offering and licked me clean. He turned the condom up like a water bottle and drank deeply of all that it held then he licked the platter clean. The boy was a cum pig or hungry for me. I flatter myself that it was the latter.

    Bryan sat beside me on the wall along the edge of the patio. On the other side was a sheer drop of some ten to fifteen feet then craggy rocks some thirty feet on down to the totally private manmade beach below where six of my boys frolicked in the shallows near the shore as they learned to use their new gear from my two master instructors. I had to laugh to myself as I watched the boys yell at the older ones. Their words did not carry up this far over the noise of the pounding surf, but from their gestures I could tell that Jim was giving Pete what for.
    Bryan was a throw away boy. He was caught with homo erotic material on his school computer. His father beat the boy senseless. He awakened in the hospital, an alone, unloved, and unwanted almost thirteen year old boy. His father was sent to prison for six years and Bryan was sent to foster homes for at least five. The first foster family looked down at him as their son and two smaller foster sons stood behind them. "We will not have any of your perversions here, boy. You so much as look upon one of my boy's naked bodies and you will sleep in the hog shed." He spent the next three nights in the hog shed after having run into the family's fourteen year old son in the bathroom. He was leaving after his bath and the son was entering, already naked and fully erect. The foster mother was sure that it was Bryan entering, why would her son be going in already naked?
    Bry was moved to a house full of girls who thought that his little cocklet was so cute and they sucked on it daily. He enjoyed their efforts until the father came to him and wanted him to show him what the girls had taught him. The father was in excess of three hundred pounds and did not work. He sat if front of the TV all day drinking beer and letting one girl or another suck his cock for him. One afternoon a social worker appeared unexpectedly. Bryan ran for the door and opened it. He was stark naked, his cock wet with saliva. The foster father was in his chair with a fifteen year old girl sucking his dick. The social worker walked right up to the pair and snapped a picture of them with a camera that she carried in her purse.
    Bry told her that he was molested in this house twenty four hours a day by all of the people there. He went to his room to get dressed and packed his things. He headed to the social worker's car as she chided the girls and the foster father who was being hand cuffed by a single police officer. A city bus stopped at the bus stop along the edge of the foster family's property so Bry made a break for it. He was on the bus and watching the house to see if anyone saw him as he was driven away. When the bus got to the center of town he got off and began to look for someplace to stay. He met a boy who stole some fruit from the nearby farmer's market and fed them. The boy knew of a place they could sleep.
    The boy provided food for both of the them and turned Bry out to men in an alleyway who gave him ten dollars to let them suck him, he got an extra ten if he sucked their dicks. Bry had no problem with that so his pimp began to find a better class of men for his new little cock sucker. Bry was still a very small lad with a four inch cock, but he could take the biggest cocks right down his throat. His young pimp saw gold in Bry's developing bubble butt and decided to prepare the boy to make his fortune for him.
    The first night that Bry let the boy have his virgin ass was one of pain. Neither boy knew what he was doing and it was a disaster. A few days later he had again been convinced to try it. This time it was a little better. The boys took more time in getting Bry open and they used a half a jar of Vaseline. Bry hated that mess and he had shit mixed with grease to clean up in a service station restroom with no hot water. His young pimp beat Bry for getting shit on his dick. He said that he talked to a lot of guys who did it and they never talk about shit on their dick. Bry was afraid of the boy now and he was sick of his always taking all of the money and only buying him a sandwich and a soda from the Quick Mart.
    One night Bry had his shit packed and was ready. When the boy went out to find a customer Bry booked it. He had a hiding place all picked out and his stuff was already there. He was up inside and locked in safe and secure by the time the boy got back. Bry knew the boy's routine and he had his plan worked out. He didn't plan on one thing.
    At seven o'clock the next morning he was awakened by a man in a suit kicking him. He jumped up to run when the man spoke softly to him. Bry was looking for a way past the man, but he turned and looked at him. He was a young man, but Bry had seen him before. "What's my favorite little cock sucker doing in my building? Do you need a place to stay, buddy?" Bry had only seen the guy in jeans when he would come down to the alley and pay to suck his dick. He loved it when Bry would suck him at the same time. He really liked Bry, but did not know how to find him except through the other boy who seemed to be pimping him out.
    The man led Bry out to a really fancy sports car. He put Bry's roll of clothes behind the seat and fired up the engine. Bry said he got a hard on from the sound and vibration of the motor. He said the man drove really fast which made his cock stay hard. The man noticed and he reached across and held Bry's hard cock as they drove, only letting go when he had to grab the gear shift.
    He took Bry to a big house and showed him inside. He got naked and helped Bry to get his clothes off. He led Bry into the shower. Bry said that he did not want to ever come out of that shower. It was his first hot shower since he had lived at home with his own family nearly a year earlier. The man cleaned him from head to toe then wrapped him in a huge towel and carried him to bed. The two spent all day sucking each other. The man ate Bry's ass for the first time in the boy's life. He liked it, a lot. He wanted to try it and the man showed him how they could eat each other at the same time just like they could sixty nine to suck each other at the same time.
    Bry stayed with the guy until he turned fifteen. They had taken a plane to New York and Bry had to wait while Lonesome went to a business meeting. I had to stop him right there. "Lonesome? Was that the man's name?"
    "No, of course not. His name is Jonathan Baird, but he told me he was so lonesome for a boy to love that his friends all called him "Lonesome Jon", he was the best Jon I ever had." He continued his story. He had to find a restroom and started to wander around the huge building. A security guard made him leave the building although he protested over and over that he was there waiting for his brother. Out on the street his need for a restroom got worse and he had to find some place to go at once. He ran to an alley and was up behind a smelly dumpster when Jacque and Eion walked up to him. They looked him over and pulled him out so they could look at his cock. He was trying to stop the flow of pee, but Eion just bent over and locked his mouth on Bry's cock and drank the yellow elixir.
    Bryan was soaked in his own urine and could not go back and find Lonesome Jon. He was scared when Jacque just picked him up and carried him like a bag of grain, under his arm. They went to the other end of the alley where Fesell was waiting with a car, he was tossed into the back seat and someone stuck him with something sharp. When he woke up he was in a big house where he met ten other boys that these men had captured in much the same way. The boys were kept naked and made to have any kind of sex that was wanted with men that stopped by. It was then that he knew that he was truly a boy whore and his chances of getting away were zero. When there were no men to spend money to fuck him he and all of the other boys were kept chained to a wall where they could only get to the bathroom or their beds.
    I so wanted to hurt those men. I began to shake. In my mind I was thinking of things I could do with long nails and crochet hooks and fish hooks and…

    The major domo was approaching with an air horn on his ever present silver tray. I laugh as I think of Cory, he calls the butler the man in the tux, he is so cute sometimes. The man walks around the house all day with this fourteen inch by eighteen inch, solid sliver tray. If he has nothing to carry on it he had it tucked up under his left arm. If he delivers anything, from a letter, to a drink. He carries it on his tray, as he walks at attention. He serves, rather than delivers.
    I took the horn and pointed it down toward the beach. I waited until a boy stuck his head above water and let off a loud blast. A face in a mask looked up at me and waved. He put his mouthpiece back in his mouth and set off to alert his brothers to my call. I returned the horn to the tray with my thanks. I received a nod and the servant was on his way back to wherever he stood on standby all day. It's funny. I have looked and I can not find the man anywhere around the house. Then he'll walk up on me with a message and scare the life out of me. I push a buzzer and he is there, but try to find him…impossible.
    The boy's from the pool and tennis courts were gathering around as the divers made their way up the long, steep stairs. With everyone gathered together I told them to fill their bellies at the table full of food that the cook, and his staff, was sitting up. They had donned shorts and shirts as it was time for school. I love the protests about the shorts, but I asked Tim if he would like to have Christopher off in the background waving his monster cock while he was reading something to his class. His friend's would forever tease him. The boys got the point as they threatened each other about any such antics while they were on camera. I don't worry about having to discipline these boys, they take care of each other quite nicely, thank you.
    I hugged Bryan and got a kiss in return. I told him that we would get back together in a little bit, but I had a few things to do. I fixed myself a plate of the great food that had been prepared à la jardinière and sat down next to Gerald. I could read his mind in a blinding snow storm at midnight. "You may." I told him. His eyes lit up the world around us. "I love food à la française and what a perfect chance to learn local dishes," he wrapped his arms around me and squeezed and wheezed. I pushed him back and held his shoulders as I put my nose to his and stared deep into his eyes. "Are you using your medicine?" He nodded. I tilted my head and he closed his eyes. "I know how to use a belt on a disobedient boy. You can ask Mike about that. Why aren't you taking it?"
    "I'm almost out and I want to save it in case I really need it." I pulled him to me with a sob.
    "You silly, silly young lad. I can get you more if you tell me these things. I can have a truck full of the shit here this afternoon. Please talk to me. You are way too important to me to let something as silly as this threaten your health." I was crying as I rushed to my little office. Cory and Pete started after me when Luke called them back. He told them what Gerald had done and they started in on him. With that I shut my door and grabbed my phone.
    The first thing I did was call for more of Gerald's inhaler. I needed it in three days, I know he has enough for regular use for that long. Then I looked up a number for a person I hadn't heard from or seen in a long time. The phone answered with a crisp, hello. "Jonathan Baird, we have evidence of your ongoing sexual encounter with an seriously under age boy. We were wondering if you would like to have him back." There was nothing, but stunned silence. I waited until his heart beat could regulate itself. "Is Lonesome Jon Lonesome without his little Bryan. I have found him, in France."
    "Ohmigosh, is he okay. Is he well. Does he—"
    "Fuck yes he misses you. I don't know if you know Fesell or not. He kidnaped your boy in New York and leads him around on a dog leash making him have sex with whomever he pleases."
    "I'll kill him. I'll tear his fucking heart out and feed it to him, rectally. Is this Chris?" We had a lot to catch up on. Jon had a benefactor such as my Charley. Jon is one beautiful boy. The stars part and bow as he passes through, I was smitten with his beauty. He is now twenty three, I had not seen him in two years. His lover died in a car crash at only forty years of age, leaving the twenty one year old lad a fortune in one of the world's largest international shipping companies, a company that Andy and I just happened to use.
    Bryan had been his first boy to take home. He had torn New York City apart trying to find the boy. He learned that a security guard had sent Bryan packing. The security guard spent every hour of every day for the next two weeks searching the streets to find the boy so that he could keep his job and his pension. He was sixty one with nearly forty years as a security man for the offices of Jon's companies. He thought the boy to be loitering and did not believe Bryan when he said he was waiting for Jon. Jon's name was on the frame of a picture directly above Bryan's head so the guard assumed that the boy saw the name and tried to use it. Jon fired the man and stripped him of all of his benefits. He even denied the man unemployment insurance.
    We talked for quite awhile and I learned that Jon was in a relationship with another fourteen year old whose parents had gladly given Jon permission to adopt. He loved Bryan and would like to see him. He would set him up with plenty of money, but he didn't want to end what he had. I started negotiating.
    Let's take a time out here. I hope by now that you know me and know that I would never stoop to blackmail or create trouble for anyone, right? Good! Let's get on with the story. I told Jon that Bryan was totally in love with him and would do anything to get back into his bed. The boy was just over fifteen years of age. The time frame of the stories the boy told of him and his wonderful lover, would have made him to be a thirteen year old youngster when their escapades began.
    I was sure that the security guard had acted in good faith when he ran a street rat out of the building. All right, I'll admit that he was a very well dressed street rat, but in the guard's eyes he was loitering in the building for no obvious purpose. I knew what a big heart Bryan had and he would want the man to get his retirement with full benefits. He would love to see the man suitably compensated for any losses he may have suffered during these long years without his job, that surely paid more than anything else he could get at his age. Jon got the point and I didn't have to continue, even though I had another fifteen or twenty minutes worth of reasons that I was ready to lay down.
    Jon wanted to see Bryan. I told him that since he did not intend to let the boy return to his home I was going to have to say no at this time. I told him that Bry was very fragile and felt betrayed. He was taken off the streets in the busiest city in the world and forced into a world of unbelievable cruelty and savagery. I suggested that he might possibly want to wait awhile and we would get together for a party sometime later. I disconnected and hung my head for poor Bryan. I have another boy for my family. I could do worse, he is a wonderful boy. He needs an education. He has missed so much. I only hope he can adjust to the regimen of school work with the life he has had forced on him.

    I had to get the boys to school. I dashed out of the office to find all of the high schoolers sitting up their laptops and study areas. Some of the boys grouped together where they had a common class. They stretched around the large main parlor divided by class groups. I heard their computers as each one logged in and received the welcome from the school's main server. One at a time the boys responded to their teachers as they were welcomed back to class. The boys spread apart as they were asked to tell what they had been doing.
    Seventeen boys, each talking to their classrooms, telling them about our work for the relief effort in Mississippi. They told about our trip to New York as an excursion into nature, then the time in England. The students at home were very excited as each boy told his version of fox hunting and Halloween. Since there were as many as three boys in one class they each got to tell their version of the story.
    Jace, Frank, Branden, Brad and Jayson were accepted as new transfers from out of state. Brad joined with the seniors, Cory, Jerry, and Tim. While Jayson became our second junior in Christopher's class. Jace and Frank were sophomores and until a schedule could be set up for them they joined the massive group. I have a complete sophomore class of my own with nine boys.
    Art and Evan had the first class of the day together and two other classes during the day. Mark and Jeff had an identical schedule. Chad took Kyle along with him to all of his classes. That left me with three eighth graders with no school arrangements set up. I had talked to the principal, who is deathly afraid that I will somehow cost him his pension as he is due to retire at the first of the year. He agreed to help me with lessons for the boys on a special transfer since they were in the same school district, just different schools. Branden joined the freshmen, but Kenny, Jay and Eric were my responsibility to teach. I was overjoyed when Luke asked if he could be their teacher.
    Gerald was busy in the kitchen and happier than he had been since we left home. The kitchen was his element. He had Tony and Toby pulling greens and slicing vegies for dinner. I had to laugh when I heard him take after Toby for trying to use a knife on a head of Romaine. "You never, ever, ever, cut any kind of lettuce. I will take that knife away from you and serve salad with thin slices of Toby penis to the entire family."
    Cas, Tyler, and Pete went online and found how things were going at their school and e-mailed the dean about where they were and what they had been doing. The dean shocked them when he e-mailed them back with a application for a Life Experiences Examination, the boys could take portions of this test series and if they received a minimum score of eighty percent they would receive credit hours depending on which test they took and their total score. Tony and Toby were at a loss. They neither one had considered going on to college. Tony would return to JB and Toby was teetering about going home with Kenny.
    Bryan was a whole other case in himself. The boy had been on the streets for so long that he couldn't even remember the last time he had been in school. He had been beaten and fed so many different drugs over the years that his poor little mind was not very functional. I needed to get very special help for him, but he needed to remain extra close to a super strong male role model for sometime yet. He would not be able to function without a sexual bond until he had many hours of therapy. So as not to disrupt the poor teachers anymore than we already had. I let Bry hang on me for the day. How do I ever let myself get involved in these things?
    The boys were cheering and carrying on. I had to see what was going on. We just happened to start back to school on the day before teacher's planning days. There would be no school the next day and a half day the rest of the week. How am I so lucky? I told the boys that we would go ogle our eyes out at the nude Tahiti beach the next day. That got their peckers to puckering as they moved on into their next classes. There was some shifting around as not all of the sophomores were together for the rest of the day. Tim and Brad moved off to Tim's English class while Jayson just hung with Christopher throughout all of his classes. All of the Freshmen stayed together. I believe the boys enjoyed their experience. I will know if they can keep it up for the next sixteen days. I have decided to go home the Monday after Thanksgiving.

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