Chapter 209


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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"titles belong on books, not people" ©Carl Dickson—2007

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    "Daddy he can't see." Roddy curled up in my lap with huge tears rolling down his face.
    "He can see more things than you can baby. He can see with his ears and with his nose and through touch. This school is helping him, and all of these children, to use what they have to compensate for what physical problems they have. Don't tell any of these children that they can't do something because they will prove you wrong.
    "You can read the signs that a mouse leaves on wet leaves across the forest floor, while none of your brothers can. Your brothers envy you, they think that you have a gift. You and I know that you were trained by your father and grandfather to read those signs. These children are being trained to use their special gifts in much the same way.
    "I brought you here today to speak to these children and tell them how you can read mouse signs. How you can smell a mouse trail before you see its droppings or tracks. You have learned to use many of the same gifts that they are learning to use, albeit in a different way, but to the same ends.
    "Now, let us be quiet and listen to Salman tell his story."

    I was mixed when Stan invited me to bring Sal to the state school for the deaf and blind. Sal's story is one of serious heart break and I wasn't sure if children as young as the students of the school should hear it. Stan assured me that I would be surprised. I had to wait and see.
    "Look, daddy, they're using our hand signs that you taught us."
    "They're using American Sign Language. We use some of those same signs when we do our eye talk, don't we?"
    "Yeah, that's cool. Can they eye talk too?" I had to ask Dane to wait for awhile then I took the three boys aside and explained what they were seeing.

    I sent the three boys off to play with their new friends while I headed to the administration offices to speak with the school's director. State budget cuts have affected every agency in the state. I feel that schools are one place where cuts should not be made. However I wasn't sure if a direct donation could be used for the program that I wanted to see it used.

    I watched the boys in animated play as they found a new love of ASL in the back seat of the Caddy during our return drive to the mountainside house.

    I had promised Andy my full and undivided attention for the rest of the afternoon. My trip to St. Louis, and the subsequent bout with the flu had taken me away from a serious matter of security in the Foss International-Electronics Division.
    Nobody has any clue to the overall picture of what Foss International does. That is the way Andy wants it and I wholly concur. As Andy's partner I have the full picture, but I think that Andy just wants my mind sometimes. Andy has told some of our closest confidants that he sees in me the ability to look at a large field of flowers and find the one flaw that could mar the exquisite beauty it holds.
    I suppose that I do get more than the big picture when I have something to analyze. I look at my subject from top to bottom, then side to side. I turn it upside down and sideways then I turn it over and look at it from the back, top to bottom and side to side. With my total recall I can spot an anomaly that would otherwise go undetected.
    Our discovery of Samí Oban's personal diary had given us reams of data to sort through. We had learned of the Fitzwater family and had been able to rescue their daughter and baby. I had discovered the twin boys on a trip to Russia a few months earlier.
    That diary had given us information on many of the boys in my family. The location of the baby of Victor Sharpe's girlfriend was revealed to us. Information about Rusty and Ronnie Cramer came to light. The tragedy of Mary Edwards was revealed. But another name screamed from the pages. That name sent shock waves up and down the spine of Andy Foss.
    Nanette Collins is the wife of a major supplier of components used in the assembly of the FOSSEC. Andy and I hold that no single piece of our equipment should be manufactured as a unit by any one entity. Collins Manufacturing LTD makes a single component used in the MAPP function of the FOSSEC. Because of his company's connection with Foss International Mitch Collins is considered high priority and his security and the security of his family is monitored by FIS.
    An FIS agent had spotted a person of interest in the company of Mrs. Collins. Using face recognition software and voice print analyzing software that person of interest proved to be the elusive Samí Oban. Samí was sought as a person of interest in the world's sex slavery market. He had not shown his hand in anything tangible, but I had a feeling that the man was dirty as mud.
    Rocky brought me the first evidence of Samí's illicit business when he discovered an open web site that was heavily encrypted with Farsi lettering and phrases. Rocky loves a challenge, he is a code breaker with a super gift amongst code breakers. He kept at the web pages until a pattern emerged that revealed a hidden side of Samí Oban.
    In the fall of 2007 Samí was merely a curiosity and not actively sought for anything other than a few suspicions, mine included. It wasn't until the events with Mary Edwards in New York City in June of 2008 that the international community grew more aware of the man's activities.
    Raven paid all of his dues when in the fall of 2008 he quietly sent Samí to Athos for safe keeping. Samí and his co-conspirators are functioning as wall hangings in a Bunker deep in the forests of Forét des six-fours—Drill of six furnaces South Southwest of St. Tropez, Franççais.
    The wheels of investigation grind slowly, but they grind finely. What was ground up was sifted through and volumes of information was garnered that helped the International Police community locate and solve hundreds of missing and exploited persons that had been snatched from around the world and sold into the illicit sex trades that abound in every country on the globe.
    The name of Nanette Collins figured prominently in the pages of Samí's diary. She appeared to be a trophy to him. A trophy that seemed bright at the time, but quickly tarnished. Samí made a fatal error, he assumed that Mrs. Collins knew all of the secrets of her husband's business. Nan Collins is an air head. She never cared for anything more than her position on the social register.
    She let the suave Mediterranean turn her head with gifts and promises and flew away with him, deserting her husband and sons on the very day that a third boy had come to live with the family after the death of his own mother. I found that single act reprehensible.
    It had taken Andy and me almost a month of steady pouring over all of the data before we were sure that Mitch Collins had not been compromised. The two of us took a helicopter ride to a bedroom community near Sioux City, Iowa. Collins Manufacturing LTD. is nestled in an area of low rolling hills that rise about twelve to fourteen hundred feet above sea level.
    We arrived toward the end of February, when the bitter winter weather still had a grip on the area. Our big Sikorsky helicopter sat down on a helipad near the front door of an modest building. I was pleased to see that there was nothing pretentious in Mr. Collins operations. The plant covered approximately twelve acres with the largest building spanning some fifteen thousand square feet of space.
    The parking lot indicated a sizable work force with about seven hundred cars present. Mitch Collins exited the building and ran across the parking lot to greet us. He seemed impressed to see us. He was dismayed at the news we bore.
    Mitch had not seen, nor heard from, his wife in fourteen months. She had risen from the breakfast table one day in early November of 2007 and simply left the house. Her car had been found on a taxi way at a small local airport, its door and trunk open. Witness had informed us that a small personal jet aircraft had landed then taxied over to the spot where Mrs. Collins was approaching in her car. When the two vehicles got close together the plane stopped and the gangway was lowered.
    A man ran from the plane and helped Mrs. Collins from the car then retrieved a suitcase from the trunk of the vehicle and returned to the plane behind Mrs. Collins. Once on board the gangway was raised and the plane taxied back to the main runway and took off. There was no flight plan filed for the aircraft and there was no transponder signal for air traffic control to track the craft.
    Local law enforcement decided that it wasn't a drug run because a passenger was picked up and nothing was left. Several days elapsed between those events and Mitch Collins being informed that his wife's car had been found abandoned on the tarmac.
    Andy and I had information to fill in a few of the gaps in the story. I shared a brief history of Samí Oban with Mitch before passing over documents that showed that Nan Collins was a sex slave in a harem in Tanzania. Mitch almost laughed out loud. He had no feelings for his wife of seventeen years, not after what she had done to him and his sons at a critical time in their young lives.
    Mitch was not surprised when he was informed that his wife had no desire to return to him and their children. She had been liberated from her captivity and flown to Paris. She wanted Mitch to send her a few hundred thousand dollars, but he refused. I can't say that I blame him. Mitch immediately filed for a divorce and Nanette signed papers of no contest to the action.
    An endowment of two hundred thousand dollars was settled on her from monies recovered from various accounts held by Hikmat Klien. She moved into a small apartment on the left bank and changed her name. Her sons have been told of her location, but they have no desire to see her at this time.

    Mitch wanted information from me. He had a general idea of who I was. He knew that I was a well respected person around the world and he knew about my famous jewelry that Kings, Queens, and Presidents seemed to hang on me. He also knew of the schools that I operate around the world. It was those schools about which he sought information.
    He confirmed our data about a boy by the name of Bryn Elders. He and the boy's father had signed documents years before making the other their sons god-father and guardian in the event of an untimely death. Mitch had gladly fulfilled that role with young Bryn after the death of his mother. What we did not know was that Bryn and Mitch's own two sons were gay.
    There had been a few suspicions cast over the eldest son, one Michael Collins—AKA Mic. Mic was spending more than a little time with his long time friend, a Scott Traffen. The two boys could be seen together almost everywhere and they seemed to be more affectionate than most seventeen year old boys. I discount most rumors of that kind, however Mitch confirmed the relationship that the boys shared.
    Mitch was happy having the boys at home with him. Scott spent as much time at Mic's home as Mic spent at his. The two boys were seldom ever apart. Mitch's younger son, Melvin, and his ward, Bryn, were in love with each other and shared a bedroom. However no one suspected the two fifteen year old boys of being anything but brothers and the best of friends.
    Mitch was scheduled to attend several electronic trade shows in Asia over the coming summer months. He would be in Japan, Korea, and China for most of the summer. His itinerary would make it impossible to entertain and protect his sons. He asked if I might know of a place where the boys might spend the summer. I asked him what he thought about the boys visiting Europe. Mitch's eyes lighted up with joy.
    I shared the fact that the school at Parga, Greece was nearing completion and that the plans were to fly my family to school at the close of the school year. I told him that we would be honored to have his sons join us. I also extended my invitation to include Scott Traffen.

    Time was quickly marching on. Graduation would be upon us in two months and there were still senior boys that I had not taken the time to get to know, as I had promised Carl Dickson that I would. There was one boy that seemed to be an enigma. He claimed to be straight yet he was always where gay action was. He was officially listed as living at home with his parents, but he often crashed amongst the heaps of boi bodies on the mats in the rec room on Friday and Saturday nights. It was time to get acquainted with him.

    Archie Carbone sat in the chair in a typical teenage slouch. He had his arms crossed in a sign of defiance, I knew that he was going to try to clam up on me and not talk, but I know boys better than that. He liked to be called Rabbit. He claimed to have fucked a different girl every night, and never the same girl twice. Those that knew him at his former high school said that he was seen daily with a different girl on each arm.
    His teachers told how he would make out with a girl in their classrooms distracting the class's study. I felt that he was hiding. The girls were beards. I don't believe his claim to his sexual conquests. I have not found a single girl that will admit to having sex with him. In fact they each say that their's was a platonic relationship, simple kissing, but no inappropriate body touching.
    "So what do you want to know? You saw it and saw what I did and you…Why did you take a shower in the boy's gym today? Why were you in there, naked with all of the boys? And you had the biggest hard on of anybody in there and you let some of the guys stroke you and I saw Benjy suck your cock. I thought that he was straight, but he sure chowed down on you and he liked it too.
    "That made me so hot that I shot my best load in days and I let about nine guys shoot their shit on me."
    "And I saw you scoop a lot of it up and lick your hand. You are what we call gay curious. You don't think that you are gay, yet you like to involve yourself in minor gay activities. So far you have kept those activities limited to the shower room and places where there are several guys around.
    "I was happy to see you at our story time last Friday night. You seemed to enjoy the story and judging by the line of greasy kid stuff that you shot across your abs, three times, I think that you were turned on. Was it the story or watching the boys having sex with one another?"
    "I sorta didn't listen to much of the story. When I saw that Kyle dude…Man is it true that he has a fourteen inch cock? I heard those guys in England say that it was Thirty five and a half centimeters long. That's like fourteen inches, I think. That thing was huge and I saw so many guys swallow that whole piece down their throats. And that one guy that he fucked…I think that his name is Chad, he took all of that cock up his ass and he had the biggest cock ever and he sucked on himself when he started to cum. How come they don't go to school here?"
    "They both graduated last year and they go to the university. Chad lives here in the house though."
    "Where does Kyle live? I sorta want a big cock in my hand, if you know what I mean."
    "I think that what you are saying is that you would like to learn what your true feelings are and you believe that a big cock would help you along a little better."
    He slowly ducked his head and said, "Yeah."
    I stood up, it was the first time that he had realized that I was naked. He stared at my cock and I watched him lick his lips. I knew that the boy was ripe for the picking. I asked him if he would like to go somewhere where we would be more comfortable and he moved to my side in an instant. I had a devirginizing to attend too. I removed my transmitter for my cell phone and led the victim to my chambers, which is my bedroom that I share with Cory. Cory is my regular victim that I molest every night and day and sometimes in between and as often as I can.
    I went into Chester the molester mode and proceeded to change the boy's idea of how the world should be. I slipped his school tee shirt over his head and nibbled at his nipples then I moved to his arm pit. His pit hair was scant, which doesn't bother me, I don't like hair in my teeth. However he had enough hair for me to bite on to and tug. That made him squirm and wiggle about. I held my arms tightly around him so that he couldn't get away then I moved across to the other arm pit and duplicated my actions there.
    I worked his shirt on over his head and stole a kiss from him. He surprised me when he threw his arms around me and kissed back with deep rooted passion. He rubbed his jeans clad crotch against my thigh and I could tell that he was up for any activity that I had in mind for him. Believe me I had a lot of activities in mind for him.
    I wanted to hurry along a little and get the preliminaries out of the way before Cory got home. The two of us have a signal worked out for when we have a boy in our bed. We still have the old keypad on the wall outside of our bedroom that was once used to unlock the door by the entry of a series of code numbers. Now we have a sensor built into the door lever that only allows the door to open when a hand that has been programed into the computer wraps around in it in the proper way. The keypad is still active, as a message board. By pressing certain keys in the correct sequence they will light up with code numbers that mean different things. I had left the code up for devirginizing in progress.
    Maybe it is crass of me, but I quickly figured the reason that Archie is fascinated by large cocks. He is average. I am saying that he is exactly what the books all call the average size of the male genitalia with a five point nine inch long cock. Five point nine??? that works out to five and seven eighths inches. Why can't the books just say that in the first place? He has an average girth to his cock, but he gets full sexual satisfaction when manipulating himself. That is all that is necessary, I believe that too many people are hung up on big cocks. Okay, so I know that I like to suckle on a big one for an hour or two and I get a real thrill giving a boy with a big cock a ride while I bend over and suck the cock snot out of him.
    So I guess that I could be called a size queen myself, but I do enjoy any boy that has a cock large enough to cum and balls large enough to make more of the sauce that seasons my palate. I don't care about size as much as I do his being of an age that is morally correct for my actions. He may not be of legal age, but I believe that a boy must be at least fourteen. That is the normal age of sexual awareness and the age when they begin to experiment around. I don't like to take a pure virgin that has not had fantasies and leanings toward the gay side of life. I do not want to influence a boy to go the other way. He must have more than a passing fantasy about male sex.
    I only gave Archie a taste of what was to cum. I opened his jeans and lowered them below his balls to expose his blue boxers with white bubbles on them. I carefully slipped the elastic waistband of the blue garment below his nice sized balls and looked on a heavy patch of dark and curlies that needed a serious trimming. Maybe I could get that honor before our time was through.
    I took his upstanding member in hand and raised it straight up then slowly withdrew his foreskin to reveal a perfect helmet shaped glans just begging for a licking. What was I supposed to do? I licked it. He had a very small drop of the pearly liquid that said, "I am ready for sex," sitting at the tip of his cock and I had to clean that up before it got all over the place.
    I let my tongue work around the moist glans as I searched for his collection of cock sweat and a little pee that had collected there since his shower at school a few hours before. I was not disappointed in his taste. He was not disappointed by my activities. He was moaning and trying to force his cock into my mouth. I was not ready for him to go their yet, I had other plans for the virgin boy and before he left my bedroom I planned to make him a full fledged wearer of the Golden Pin.
    Most boys ask about that pin and they want one as quickly as they can get it. Archie had not asked and I had not volunteered any information about the award or the process involved in achieving the piece of gold. I took him on his own merit and let him discover that his tendencies are much deeper seated than he was willing to admit. I am sure that many boys want to play around, just to see what it is all about. They will have their dalliances and they will enjoy themselves at the time. My only concern is that they don't regret what they do with me a day or two later, or even a few years later. If I can't show the boy love, from the heart and from the bottom of his soul then I won't spend any time with him.
    Archie was eager and ready to continue to go wherever I was going to take him. I continued licking around his shaft and through his hairy crown as I reached down and untied his shoes and removed them from his feet. With that accomplished I began to work his jeans and boxers down his thighs as I took a giant sized orb into my mouth and began to hum a tune for him. He may not have the cock of a giant, but his balls are large and firm.
    I had his pants lowered to his ankles before I leaned back and admired the near naked body before me. He was lying back on my bed with his legs hanging over the edge and his feet almost touching the floor. I moved in for one more good whiff of his aroma and smelled a mature boy on the very edge of manhood. His body was beginning to secrete those phemerones that smell out man and I was glad that I had the opportunity to be with him when I was because six months to a year from now he would not have any of the boy smell left.
    I finished the job of removing his jeans and underwear and began to work on his feet. His feet are a size ten-D with short toes and a high instep which creates a high arch. He was especially hairy with long, thick hair on his legs and beginning to grow on his upper thighs. The boy was quickly turning into a man, I had to work quickly if I was going to get any boy out of him.
    I ran his feet over my face and I almost wished that I had not shaved myself that morning. I remember what a feeling it was when a man ran my feet over his unshaven face. I'm not talking about a hairy beard, just two or three days of stubble that felt like a course sandpaper on my feet. There were men that wanted to rub my feet through their hair, that didn't turn me on at all. I allowed it to happen sometimes because I was out to please the man that I was with and if he got off on rubbing my feet through his hair so be it.
    Since I didn't have any facial hair I used the next best thing to torture the pedal digit under my control, I raked the bottoms of his feet with my teeth. Done properly, and lightly, that will send a boy into a frenzy. Every organ of the body is supposed to have nerves that connect it to the bottoms of the feet. I have learned which areas to concentrate my efforts on to stimulate the areas of the body that I am interested in. Of course I take time to touch those nerve endings that soothe the stomach and relax the bowel. I concentrate on the heart and lung endings and touch on the kidney and liver areas.
    That may sound a bit strange, but when a boy's organs are relaxed he is better able to enjoy himself. Most of us have been with an uptight partner that is scared to death of what is happening and those partners are not going to respond properly. I want an eager and responsive partner that is with me all of the way and ready for whatever cums his way.
    Archie was relaxed and ready for the next round. I massaged his feet and worked his toes and heels. I spent extra time working his arch and instep. That is one of the erogenous zones that set the cock in action ready mode. I moved up his ankles and worked the Achilles tendons before moving my hands to work on one foot at a time. I felt as though I was in a jungle as I worked each hairy calf and placed my thumbs to each side of his shin bones for a deep pressure rub of that area.
    I must have been doing it correctly as the moans and tossing about on the bed seemed to be getting more vigorous. At last I reached his knees and dug my fingers deep into the soft flesh at the back of those joints. I renewed my efforts with my teeth as I bit at that taught tendon that runs along the back of the leg at the knee joint. Then I went for the thighs.
    A deep massage of those fleshy areas will draw sounds of appreciation from almost anybody, but when it is combined with just a touch at the edge of the neverland those sounds increase exponentially. I spread his legs wide and worked my fingers in deep as I approached the vertex of his Y. He made all of the proper responses when I worked my thumbs into the crease that is formed by the groin area and the legs.
    That is one of the most erogenous areas that a boy has, short of his sexual equipment itself. Working that area has placed many boys on the very edge of ejaculation so I watch for signs of a pending cum shower and back off at once. I am not ready for a boy to reach a climax at that point. That is too early in the game and the boy may not wish to continue on. I have to make his first climax so outstanding in his mind that he wants more and he wants it now.
    Next I beat around the bush. The groin is an area that begs for attention and working a boy's hairy crown can make him feel grown up. Pubic hair to a boy is his sign of maturity. Most of the boys at the school shave their groin, but they were reluctant at first. It wasn't until they got a dozen cock hairs stuck in the teeth that they began to appreciate a close cut pubic bush. A shaved asshole is almost a requirement for rimming. The hair in the teeth is not the big issue there with me, it is the dingleberries. You know, those little bits of feces that get caught up in the hair and don't get washed away. Or the clump of hair that gets itself in a knot and becomes glued together with crack sweat. It is much easier to eat at a clean dining room that is well groomed and ready for a diner to come and spend time in there.
    A full old growth forest surrounded his exit portal. I was almost ready to call Paul Bunyan in to clear away the timber so that I could forage my way through. I remembered that I had a very hairy virgin under my powers and I was not about to break my speed at that point so I plowed my own road through his dark furrow.
    His anus was clean and tight. I thought that his anus was a bit too clean to have been four or five hours away from a shower. I could taste more soap than body sweat and there was no taste of other things at all. I played it through my mind that the boy had stopped to wash his ass before he came to my office. His cock had sweat and urine built up under his foreskin. His balls had the salty taste of boi sweat on them, but his asshole was soapy clean.
    I wanted to test my theory so I pushed his legs back and took a run up through his furrow. Sure enough I found that sweaty crack taste and smell inches up the valley, but the area around the asshole was freshly washed. I knew then that Archie was more than gay curious and he wanted to satisfy all of his curiosities with me. I was renewed in my efforts because I no longer feared that he would feel that I was molesting him. He wanted a good molesting and I was going to give him the best molesting that I knew how to give.
    I bypassed the dining room and moved around to attack other areas of his body. I wanted him full on the bed and laid out flat for the main event. This was no quick devirginizing session, this was all out 'make a fag boy come to grips with his secret feelings session,' and it was going to go on until late in the night. I knew that Cory would be home in about thirty minutes so I paced myself to allow him time to gather a witness or two as Archie gave it up and became a pin wearing member of the gold set.
    Jimmy has expanded his data board and it now lists over two hundred official wearers of the pin. The boys all think of it as a badge that proves them to others and they tease those that do not have the piece of gold jewelry. It is not always a boy's fault that he does not wear a pin, I am just one guy and I can only do a righteous fuck about two or three times a day. If I am to make a boy feel special I want to have my batteries fully charged and have the boy off where only a minimum of others will witness us at work. I realize that there are rules set by the family for the wearing of the pin, but a boy's feelings are more important to me and not all boys are comfortable getting the shit fucked out of him with a large audience about.
    I rose up and stretched my body over the top of Archie and let our cocks grind against each other. I had not planned to try to kiss around his face, I had just been to dinner at his back door, you know. He had other ideas and pulled us together and kissed me. I let him lead and after the initial contact was made only micro-seconds elapsed before I felt his tongue probe at my lips.
    I parted my lips and waited to see what he wanted and if he wanted. He wasted no time in showing me his wants and desires. His tongue dove deep into my mouth and probed around my teeth as if he was in a feeding frenzy. I did a tongue battle with him inside my mouth and he licked over, under, and around the appendage before I pushed my way past him and entered his mouth.
    Archie's breath gave away his diet. It was harsh and on the verge of being acrid. His body is firm and well shaped, but without hard definition. I would have thought that the rigorous training exercises that the coaches were known to give would have tightened him up more. I like a fluffy layer on younger boys, they are fun to lay on and play with. Older boys need to have strong muscles and tight abs.
    A boy needs to learn to work a doable exercise routine when he is a young teenager and then stick with it throughout his life. I have seen so many of the jocks from my high school go to seed after discontinuing their exercises and it is not necessary. Many boys try to get that Mr. Atlas body and overwork themselves. I have several boys in my family that tried to duplicate Borne or Eric in the muscle department.
    Eric is a prime example of a boy letting his body go. He has quit his harsh daily workouts because he feels that he has gotten all that he wanted, me. I have had to push him as he begins to build a layer of fat around his middle. Once the body experiences the training and begins to grow massive muscles it must continue the routine or all of that mass turns to flab. Eric had over taxed himself and had done too much too quickly now he is paying the price.
    Overweight people have many diseases that they need never incur. Diabetes, heart disease, kidney and liver problems are just a few that can be overcome with a steady exercise routine from puberty. It is no good to have the perfect teenage body then get that spread by the mid-twenties. A sensible and regular exercise routine is all that is necessary to maintain good health. Once the health goes it is virtually impossible to regain it fully.
    Many adults try to get those firm abs from products sold on TV by hawkers that promise terrific results. The truth of the matter is that most of the actors on those programs had great bodies and were chosen because of them. The before and after pictures are often doctored by the magic of cinematographers and/or computer imaging experts. The public is so excited to buy the magic cure-all for the middle aged spread that they will fall for anything. Even diet pills that can cost them their lives.
    I thought that I would get Archie and Eric together and let them do their workout together. I have started a workout routine of my own that may lead to my downfall as I age. I run eight miles twice a day, and at full speed. I workout on the weight pile and with the exercise machines that we have set up in the old cells of the wine cellar. I do not have a reasonable routine and as I age and slow down my body and my health are going to pay for it.
    I have talked to a few professional consultants about ways to taper off and develop a routine that can go into middle age with me. I am thirty seven years old and I will not always have the vim and vigor that I have now. My stamina is strong and my will is strong, that is not enough to keep me fit into my eighties. Maybe I can look like Jack LaLanne does at ninety four.
    I juice and eat lots of vegetables and I workout every day. I have a thirty one and a quarter inch waistline. Cory says it is thirty two, but that is what he wears and if they weren't so damn short I could really get into his pants. I have a forty inch chest and a sixteen inch neck. That causes me to wear a large size shirt that sags and hangs below my chest. I have worked a deal with a national clothier to custom make shirts for me and they found that they had a national market for the large chest/narrow tummy shirts. Of course I have mine made extra long because of my height of six foot two inches.
    I had all of my six foot two laying on top of Archie. I had moved him onto the bed so that both of us could have our feet resting on the mattress as his kisses to my face and mouth never ceased. He was in lust with the idea of his first sexual experience. He had imagined great love scenarios with many of his girlfriends, but nothing had ever come to fruition except his fantasies and his hand.
    I quietly asked him if he had any fantasies about what we were doing and he told me that he had been having fantasies about me since our Christmas trip to England. He blushed a little when he told me that he had let the thought of me cross his mind during a particularly boring fantasy session that was going nowhere but to pain in his cock. He whispered that he had seen me naked in the weight room and had sat where he could watch me as his mind played games with him. He said that when the image of me doing my workout routine entered his mind he began to focus on the way that my cock swung back and forth and imagined what it would be like to hold that cock and swing on it for a few hours. I told him that we had all night for him to swing on any part of me that he wanted. He pulled tight against me and kissed me a little longer.
    Cory spoke into my head through my soundbud. I had removed the transmitter and had turned off the microphone, but I had left the sound bud active. It was time to go into action, Cory told me that he was going to find Jimmy for the ceremony. That would give me about five or six minutes to prepare my victim all over again. Not much time, but I had to take what I could get because I had wasted time waiting for my main man to get his ass home.
    I quickly kissed and licked my way down Archie's perfectly smooth chest and belly. I was surprised that he didn't even have a hint of a treasure trail. He had so much hair below his waist and virtually nothing above it. The only hair above his waist was in his sparse armpits and on his head. I don't mind, I like a smooth skinned boy. I only took a nibble at each nipple, just enough to tweak them to stand up straight. I searched his navel for any lint and found none then I moved on to his bush.
    I worked my teeth around the base of his stiff shaft and quickly moved to his low hangers that seemed to have grown in the fifteen or twenty minutes since I had last caressed them. I had scooted myself down the bed so that I was between his legs in line to assault him properly. I spread his legs and lifted them up, raising his back completely off of the bed and blocking his view of the door.
    I bent forward and began to eat him out once again then quickly inserted a finger into his anus. I don't know if he expected that or not, but he didn't react to it at all. I let the digit go fully inside him and he seemed to push against me slightly. I know that his asshole was completely virgin to any outside entry. I don't believe that he had even had a doctor do a DRE—digital rectal exam—on him before.
    I removed my finger and licked around his opening a little more. When I was sure that he was well wet I added another finger and begin to spread him open. That received a reaction. The entry was painful and surprising to him. He took it in stride and quickly willed his body to relax. I was quickly learning that his fantasy about me was anal. He had been fixated on Kyle and Chad at the Friday night story time and I had thought that I had seen him looking at me a few times. I had a boy in my bed that had an agenda of his own and I was fulfilling his fantasy for him.
    Cory warned me that he was coming in. I began to growl as I worked a third finger into Archie's hole and worked my way up to the top of his power tower then over and down the length of it. His body tightened and he let go of his store of juices which made me a happy cocksucker.
    He dribbled out his last drops and I quickly pulled away and lined up for the main event. I pushed the head of my cock into his anus and watched his eyes go wide. "Do I go on or do you want me to stop now?"
    "Fuck me. Oh god, fuck me. I want this so much. I don't know that I have ever wanted anything this much." I was happy to oblige him. I slowly pulled back then gently pushed forward. With each inward thrust I pushed more of my cock inside him. I realized that I was fucking a seventeen year old tight assed virgin totally dry and he wasn't in pain. I let my sensors check our movements and realized that he was slick. I don't understand anatomy well enough to know what was happening, but it seemed that his asshole was wet. I always think of Derrick when I find a boy with a naturally wet butt. That boy gets slicker the longer that I fuck him and Archie was showing those same signs.
    Once I was fully inserted in him I began a fuck that was guaranteed to change the boy forever. I had my witnesses gathered on the floor at the foot of the bed and I had a virgin that was wanting it under my control. I took control and aimed his mind at the stars. I bent him in half and leaned over him. He raised his arms and pulled himself against me as he begged me to fuck him hard and fast then he kissed me.
    I think that kissing a boy while fucking him is probably better than sucking him while fucking him. I know that sounds strange for a cum junkie to say, but the passions that move through the body from a hot kiss are amplified by the act of intercourse stimulating the glans and shaft of the cock. I was ready to pop in short order. Archie was already there and he shot a load of juice that hit my chin and neck.
    I felt his rectum constrict and relax which caused me to fire round one into the dark tunnel in search of little eggs. There would be no eggs, unless Archie had eaten some for breakfast, but those were not the kind that my sperm was seeking. Having two sons born with one hot round of sex with my wife on two different occasions lets me know that I am potent. I don't need anymore kids of my own so I only plow infertile fields.
    Archie was not infertile. He just did not have the equipment to provide the biological equivalent of what sperm is made for. That was fine with me. The equipment that he did have was clearly adequate for our needs and I was filling his world with an unknown need that he had never expected having.
    I continued to move in and out of him and he pulled me tighter. He almost deafened me when he practically yelled in my ear to ride him like a jack hammer. I wasn't sure what he meant, but I was going to try to oblige him. I passed a slight tender moment after my climax and found my strength to carry on. I began a short rabbit fuck of fast strokes that drive a guy wild after he has just cum.
    I have learned from experience that the short fast strokes create a renewed vigor in the boy that prepares him for the long stroke power fuck to follow. Archie had lain back and let his upper body relax in a stance that told me that he was experiencing feelings that were working his mind as well as his body. He began to drool and let his head roll from side to side as he moved his ass to meet my every thrust. That is the most critical time of an encounter and I watch the boy very closely. He could go either way at that point. I am seeking to give him an enjoyable experience, not something of which he will be ashamed.
    When his head begins to loll back and forth I listen to the sounds that he is making. There is fine difference in sounds of joy and sounds of pain. I have known of men that as boys experienced pain from a second round and it turned them off of the act for ever. That is not the way it is to be with any boy that I have ever been with. I am not out to create a fag boy, I only want to give him a good memory of what male sex can be. Whether he is gay or straight will not be determined in my bed. He will only learn a side of life that he had never known before.
    Archie was regaining control over his body as his cock began to grow to its rigid fullness once again. His eyes opened and he looked deep into mine. "I never expected it to feel like this. I don't want this to ever stop. Will you fuck me forever?" I couldn't do that. He couldn't do that. It was just not physically possible. I moved him onto the final level and brought about his third climax of our session before I filled him with my final volley.
    I heard shuffling and then Cory whispered into the sound bud that 'the mission was a go.' Archie never knew that he had an audience until he got his pin tattooed on him the following morning. I spent the night with the boy and he learned that cock sucking is a grand sport. Cory joined us about nine o'clock and I left him with Archie as I made my rounds of the little guys and their playtime. I don't ever want to leave them out of a single day. Childhood is fragile and a boy can suffer for the rest of his life when abnormal events enter his world. My little ones had more than enough abnormality in their life before I found them and I have strived to keep anything that would harm them away from them.
    I slipped into Rod's room and found him and Dane entertaining Neal. Neal needs a friend. Alvin needs a friend. Those two boys are loners that don't want to mix with the family. Well, Neal hangs on Rod like white on rice, but Rod and Dane are committed to one another. I know that eleven years old is a little young for a commitment, but in view of what Dane has suffered I am glad to see him have someone to hang onto. I probably should not have posted his picture in this story. That goes against my policy of no pictures of anyone under twelve. I posted Rodney's picture because he is my son and Dane wanted to see his picture in my journal as well. I suppose it makes him feel as special as I think that he is.
    When I returned to my room I found Archie fucking my man and enjoying himself. Cory likes a ride and he likes to help young virgins find themselves as much as I do. I had the pair separate and asked Cory to feed me as Archie continued on. That turned Archie on and he wanted to suck me while Cory fucked him Why not, that was what we had planned anyway.

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