Chapter 62


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    We will have to go to New York. I have three boys with no papers and I wanted to get them settled. I will be taking Bryan home with me, that is a given. I will take Lance and Les to Mobile. Tim and Jerry can accompany me as we try to help these poor unfortunate lads get back into their young interrupted lives. I was sick of everything, except my boys of course. I had an idyllic life on my little mountainside with a houseful of boys. Now it was complicated and I couldn't get out from under it. Let me see, now who do I want to get out from under? I have a very fragile boy who has just been raped and is afraid of losing his best friend as a result of it; so he outs himself as gay to his entire student body in a very open form of groping and kissing. Naw, he needs to be here, along with his boy friend.
    Tony has had an experience like he never imagined and he will have great stories to share with the boys at BAG Boys. JB needs him and after many talks with him I know that he is anxious to return to the quiet academic life.
    I have Jay, Jeff, Chad, Evan, Mark, and Kyle that have been molested from the cradle. Now that's going to get me into the public eye at the trials for the sick individuals who did this unfathomable thing to their own children. Not so much for sexual gratification, no those ass holes were filming it and making money. Making money from ass hole sex with five year old kids. I had extensive blood work done on the boys before we left and we know that they have been on a steady diet of barbiturates for many years. Kyle is pretty much clear of it because of his long separation from the source, but he has some serious after effects that will have to be addressed. Now that I understand the reason for the boys' instantaneous mood swings I know how to deal with them. They have been on a regimen of medication for over a month now and I can see some great improvement.
    I had to see this one through. I know a few people that through the years went crossways with the law and are now guests of the state in nice seven by nine concrete rooms with a concrete bed with a two inch thick flat foam mattress on top, and their very own private potty, right in the room with them. Albeit one piece toilet and sink made of stainless steel. They are really looking for some sort of fun and what better fun can prisoners have than to have a child molesting faggot available for his very own personal enjoyment? I would almost like to go to prison myself just to watch the big tough bully, Wilbur Franklin, get his. He will soon learn that he knows nothing about fighting or surviving.
    Kyle may want to return to New York to live with Randy. That has its good aspects and bad. Chad is in love with the giant sized boy and I am pretty sure that Kyle is in love with Chad. Too many loose ends. I guess that's why I am so tied up in knots. But Kyle doesn't know about Randy's twelve year old grandson, Laney. If I am the judge of a person's character that you know me to be then Kyle is in for a big hurt. He is too large for the boy loving man that he idolizes. Yeah, he is only fifteen, but he stands over six feet tall and sports a bigger dick than the old man does. I am pretty sure that Randy is going to reject Kyle. I have to let it happen. Then…I just hope it is easy.
    I also have Jace and Branden who have been raised by people that they were unrelated to, in any way. Frank was Evie's legal nephew. They remained with their families for a variety of reasons. They served as tax shelters, and the prestige of a solid family with children. While all of the time they were simply inventory for a child slavery ring for sexual perverts the world around. Well, to my knowledge, I don't know anyone in the prison systems that they will be in. But I know that a lot of people will feel a lot better when this scum is out of circulation. Since I put my nose in and stirred the water around these boys I feel that I am obligated to see to their needs and take everything those people had and give it to the innocent boys.
    I have Toby and Kenny who fled for Kenny's young life because he saw murder and mayhem that a tiny twelve year old should never see, not even when he turns fifty. I can relieve myself of them. I made arrangements to keep Kenny safe until the trial of the murderers begin and I have done that. I can let them go home, as promised. Maybe. I don't miss much, I see what my boys are doing and I may have problems getting rid of Toby. I think that my life partner is in love with the eighteen year old Arab boy. So far Toby has not asked for special considerations for worship, but we were all looking at a short term relationship. If Toby and Pete remain together there will be some changes, at least in one of them.
    These twelve hot bodied youth, plus Toby, have joined the sixteen hot bodies that were already part of my household, and put a strain on our resources. Now with Carl's death I wonder about Andy and Eddy. Eddy and Tom were together for more than six years, since Eddy was fourteen. Mark and Jeff will be okay. They both have good jobs with Andy's company and they have each other. They will be an anchor for Eddy and Andy. I guess the best thing for me to do is to just go screaming and running off into the night and never be seen again. I can never do that to these boys again. I nearly destroyed Cory twice this year. He is far too fragile and too special to me to ever do that again.

    Andy is holding up very well. We are going to fly home and bury Carl
    Andy had put the perfect little room on our remodeled air plane. Right behind the pilot is a communications center that is equipped with the state of the art systems that are Andy's trademark. I was on the phone to everybody as I prepared to make my triumphant return to the land of the free.

    The plane touched down and we all disembarked. It was good to be back in the States. Somehow even New York felt good. It was Sabbath morning and the sun was just coming up over the tree tops. The air had a chill on it.
    It began softly, but grew spontaneously. The sounds of boys in Worship to their Lord. The sounds of their sweet voices rang across the base. Everywhere we looked men at work removed their helmets and joined in the songs of praise. Cas has a strong call to minister, as I suspect does Jan. I nodded at Cas as he led out in prayer then he pulled his ever present pocket Bible out and began to read the story of Moses as he looked across the Jordan into the land flowing with milk and honey. A land that he could see, but would never enter.
    Cas talked about our own rebellion against God and his laws. He made each of us search our hearts as we thought of each time that we had chosen to go our own way instead of follow what we knew God wanted of us. He pointed out that Moses was denied entry over the Jordon because of his disobedience, the boys shuffled in their seats.
    Cas asked Cory and Cullen to join with Tim and Jerry as they sang a medley of many of our favorite hymns of praise. All of us felt a renewed spirit within us and left that place with God in our hearts.
    We were all travel weary and hungry. This morning we were ready for anything. We filed into the mess hall to the warm fragrances of good food and hot coffee. I had a full agenda, but today was the day that God made for man and it had to be a day of rest. I made sure that Andy was going to be okay as I led him to a private suite. He lay with his head on my shoulder as we slept until after four in the afternoon. I left him and went to sit with the boys and listen to what was on their minds. I had really pulled a number on them by taking them out to Athos's bunker.

    Jace and Frank were the first to run to me and hold my hands as we found a nice cool piece of grass with the afternoon shade of the tall pines on it. The air had warmed some, but it was not Arizona and I knew that I could not take being outside for very long. Jace looked at me and in a factual manner began to speak, "I have always felt in my heart like I did not belong to Wilson Weller. He always treated me as if I was his property. I used to think that a lot of kids felt that way and dreamed of what life would be like with other parents.
    "I had things. I had more things than any ten of my friends, put together. I just never had love. Never in my life was I ever held or kissed or told that I was loved. I was told when I did well and I always knew when I hadn't done so well, but never…I never…" the tears were pouring down his face. His voice was cracking, I could feel the lump in his throat in my own. "I never knew what it felt like to love someone or to be loved in return until I got with Frankie. Yeah, big boy, you're my Frankie. But now that I have been with all of you guys…I don't know how to say it, I really love everyone of you.
    "You don't care that I had a pimple on my cheek this morning. You don't care if I fart. You laugh at the things that I laugh at, but most of all, you hug me. All of you stop and hug me. For no reason. We just walk near each other and I get a hug. I feel so good, all over when I feel your body pull against me and you wrap your arms around me. It is different than when we have sex. A hug feels good deep down inside.
    "Chris, from the first day with you, as I sat with Frankie at Brad's cabin, you told me how great I am. You always find something that I have done that you praise me for. You have no idea how good that makes me feel. I have never had that happen to me. Even in school my teachers will say that I have done a good job on something, but it doesn't feel as good as when you guys do it.
    "I know that we are back home now and you guys want to get back to your home. I just wanted to say that I thank you and I will always remember this time for the rest of my life. I know what a happy home and a family can and should be. Someday I will have a family of my own and they will be just like you guys because that's the way I am going to be."
    I sat back. Pete was behind me and I leaned against him as I folded my hands on my chest. I looked at Jace with my very best effort at showing no emotion. "You seem to be telling us something. Are you saying goodbye. Are you leaving us now?"
    Jace looked at me with confusion on his young features. "I ah, well I, I guess that I, well. I am back here at school so I guess I will be going back there, at least until school is out for the year."
    "Who is going to pay your tuition?"
    "I don't know. I thought."
    "Weller only pays once a month. He was always late. Now he is dead. I am afraid that the by-laws of the Academy won't allow a non-paying student to stay in attendance. Just a moment, we have a quorum of our board members here. I will call on you by your title gentlemen. The question before the board is, "Do we allow a non-paying student to attend classes? In this case the student being a special case of a newly orphaned boy by the name of Jason Weller."
    "Mr. Vice President, how do you vote?" Jay spoke loud and clear with his, "Nay."
    "Mr. Secretary, how do you vote?" Brad answered with the same negative response.
    "Board member, Mr. Bingham, how do you vote?" Luke resounded a strong, "Nay," through the area.
    "Board member, Mr. Hodges. may I have your vote please?" Gerald added his no vote to the others. There was only one more voting member present. "Let it be known, Mr. Secretary that an informal meeting was called on Saturday the fourth of November in the year of our Lord 2005 at 1617 hours concerning the matter of the attendance by a non-tuition paying student by the name of Jason Weller. The vote carried five to zero against this student attending The Bradford Academy For Gay Boys. There was one voting member absent a quorum of members was present for the vote. The decision is therefore handed down that Mr. Weller is no longer considered a student of the Academy. He will remove his personal possessions from the Academy post haste. He is not to be back on Academy property except as a guest visitor and is not allowed to represent himself as a student to anyone from this date forward. Board adjourned."
    I sat back and looked at Jace. He was a study of teenage angst. He wanted to be brave. He wanted to cry. He wanted to lash out. He wanted to run. He turned to Frank and lost it. "Mr. Weller, look at me." His eyes clouded with tears he looked up. "I am a very bad person. In fact there are those who would call me an ass hole and a few other names that you heard for yourself yesterday. Mr. Weller, you do not possess a name." Pete slid an envelope up behind me. "I killed the man that you have lived with for all of your remembered life. I have ordered killed the man who supplied the sperm that made you. You are a nobody. You have no position or rights anywhere except within this family. Holding you in his arms is another non-person and next to him is his non-person brother. These two are consanguineous, related by birth." I opened the envelope and pulled out the papers within. I turned them so that the boys could see their names on the front of the official documents. "If you can find it in your heart to forgive me my little indiscretions with those two men I would like to ask you if you might consider becoming an official member of my little family with an official name change to my own. Will you let me call you Jason Dickson, my son? Brother of Franklin Dickson and Branden Dickson. Along with your other brothers, Cory Dickson, Mike Dickson, and Eric Dickson."
    Every body in the group tensed as the news I had just shared trickled into their individual psyche. Branden was the first to launch himself at me with Jace and Frank in close concert for second place. Eric had to come and get a piece of the action as this is the first time that the family learned that he was officially my son also. Cory and Mike came and hugged their new brothers as I told them that they were going to Arizona with us and that they were going to go whether they wanted too or not. I told them that I was the dad and I had the final word.
    Jace took hold of my dick and held it. He looked me square in the eye and said simply, "Oh yeah?"
    I hit the call button of the radio that Andy now made me carry. I asked if there was a private suite available for the evening. I was told that I could have my choice. I asked for suite six. The voice asked me if I wanted transport. I told him no, and wished him a good night. I looked Jace deep in the eyes and stared at him. He met me, eyeball to eyeball, unblinkingly. I stared him down for a good two minutes before he finally blinked. Cory put his hand on the boy's shoulder, "Nobody can beat him. We don't even try. He's not really human you know." He ran off with Kyle, giggling like a little boy. I do love him so much. Did I tell you that before? Oh well, it's time to show somebody else what my love is.
    Branden had a wistful look in his eye as he scanned the area for someone to be with. His pecker was about half up which I took as a sign that he needed a hand. I took hold of his sweet uncut joy stick and reset it for games mode. He giggled at me as I pulled Frank over to me. I looked at Jace once again. He put his hands up in self defense. "No stare down this time, my beautiful lad. I would like to offer you this opportunity to get together, as a family, and get to know each other." I was covered in boy flesh as the kisses took the very air from my lungs. Once I was able to get my feet under me I led three very hard dicked boys to the administration building.

    Suite six is a love nest designed for a man. The door opens to release the aroma of a high mountain piney woods smell with just a hint of fish and fresh mountain lake water. The walls are forest green with very realistic looking tree trunks, complete with moss, painted on them. A lake scene far, in the distance, is painted on the long wall that one would face if he were to lay on the bed in a conventional fashion. Who can say what is conventional of a ten foot round bed with pillows arranged around its perimeter.
    The wide eyed boys moved across the extra plush, dark brown carpet and sank into the extraordinary depths of the thick padding. They had to run and jump on the bed, hey, they're boys. They sat in the soft high back chairs and sank from sight in the depths of comfort. Branden checked the refrigerator, how he knew the key to opening the hidden device I didn't know and didn't really care. He turned to me with a look of amazement on his face. "That's neat. Is there anything else hidden in the walls." He had himself a bottle of unsweetened tea, with lemon.
    I told him there were all kinds of things hidden in the walls, but I would wait awhile before getting out my leather and chains. It was no sooner crossing my tongue as I was trying to bite the words off. They had the effect that I feared as all three boys jerked away with looks of serious fear on their faces. Nothing I could say would bring my words back or help allay their fears. I stood with downcast eyes as my body shook with pain for them. A tear was gathering in my left eye.
    "Well let me tell you something, dad, nobody is going to beat my brothers without going through me. I am the only one here who has a reason to beat anybody and I choose to beat off everybody in this room. Got a problem with that?" Bless the little children for they shall see God.
    "Please listen to me and understand what I say. Those men, in France, they deserved what was done to them and more. We can see Bry and now Les and Lance are with us. We saw the state of the boys that the police found in the house where those men had them chained to the walls. How many boys have they done those things too? Where are those boys now? Are they all dead? I think that they are. Dad, what you did to them they deserve. I have hoped, every minute since I saw it, that they don't die too soon, but that they get hurt, very bad for a long, long time. I know that you would never hurt me or anyone of my brothers. You like to tease and that is just more that I love about you. I don't know you, yet, but we are going to make a start on changing that tonight. Now get your skinny ass in that bed and show me this famous love technique of yours. My ass is hungry for dick." Branden waved his ass at us and jumped on the bed in a full face first dive.
    I looked at that pert little upturned ass and wondered if he was ready for anal intercourse yet. Only the tongue can tell so I went in, face first, to investigate. He felt right and tasted right so I made a suggestion to the bunch of them. "I don't know how wide and far your experience grew while we were overseas. I don't want to hurt a single hair on your smooth little butts so I want to make a deal with you. I want your boi cream. Lots and lots of boi cream. I am going to lay down here and anyone who feels like he wants to try to take my cock on, orally, can spread his tonsils and go for it. He must be lain out on top of me with his key inserted in my ignition and his legs spread wide for the young man of his choice to insert his own key into his offered trunk door.
    "After you have been able to take both of your brothers, without pain in your trunk, and had your trunk filled with their slippery juices I will spread you even farther as I put you on your back and love you like you have never been loved before and watch the magic change on your face as you feel all of my love fill your soul. I can not use words to tell you how much I love you, but I hope that by the time we leave this room you will never doubt for one instant that my love for you is not sexual, but it is real and very deep, as well as long living." I grabbed two arms full of eager faced youth and we rolled about on the bed doing kissy face and rubby dicks.

    Sunday morning found four very happy faced guys. Three of the four were walking with a funny wide legged gait which caused knowing snickers amongst the rest of the family. As breakfast wound down I stood up to make an announcement. "Gentlemen, first of all I want to take a moment to say farewell to two young men that it has been my pleasure to know. Young Kenny, and his brother Toby, are going home this morning. Pete and I will accompany them on the train then Pete and I will return this afternoon. In the meantime an opportunity has arisen. I would like to ask that Cas, Tyler, Luke, Tim to join Kenneth." The boys spun around to see Kenneth Thomas standing with Andy by the door.
    "Daddy, screamed out Alec as he and Trevor ran their naked little butts back to the man and jumped on him, drowning him with hugs and kisses. The rest of the boys were bidding adieu to a very tearful Kenny. Each boy got an extra tight hug and a huge slobbery kiss from the tiny tyke. At thirteen the kid was the smallest in the group by far. His finger sized cock was well exercised every day that the boy had been with us. His tiny anus was still tiny as I had limited anal intercourse for the boy to just a very select few. Eric had been his lover and I really felt sorry for both boys as they had to separate. I played the idea of taking Eric with us to see the boy home, but from what Toby had told me of his Kuwaiti mother, it might not be a good idea. Toby told me that she was the kind of woman who would shred Eric's dignity and keep on until the boy was destroyed. I don't need that. Eric has been through more than a thirteen year old should ever have to suffer.

    Four of us caught the eight thirty train into the city. It was much different going than it had been when Toby and an extremely frightened Kenny had joined us. This time I carried a crying Kenny as he begged me to let him stay with me. He did not want to go back home. I tried to reassure him with the knowledge that his parents had a brand new home in a different city. His dad had a new job and everything was going to be different.
    Toby was wrapped around Pete, their lips seldom ever parting. Many people had made lewd comments to the two and we had found out that there were many more areas in their perceived ideas of hell than we had ever imagined. I feel so sorry for people who listen to traditional teaching and don't read the Bible for themselves. It would be frightening to actually believe that my loving and caring God would be able to sit in Heaven throughout all eternity and listen to souls in torment and agony crying out for mercy.

    Neither Pete nor I were prepared for the person that answered the door to the apartment on the fourth floor of the completely remodeled twelve story building of medium priced housing that I had purchased in February earlier in the year. Kenny bounced, into what turned out to be, his mother's arms. She was covered in black from head to toe with her burkah, or niqab, tightly held in place. Kenny tried to move it aside so that he could get a kiss from his mother, but she pushed him away as she spoke in her native tongue to the boy. Toby grabbed Kenny and pulled the lad to himself in his familiar protective stance as he and his mother began to argue.
    I was so thankful that I had not brought young Eric. I was embarrassed and was seeking a way out. Toby's next move made it seem possible that we may all be on our way out. Out through the window. He grabbed Pete and put his arm around him. He shouted at his mother who slapped his face. Kenny was crying and ran to me. His mother became exceedingly loud.
    The door of the apartment opened and a man rushed to his wife's side. I turned to the door to see something off of the TV standing there as if he were the judge of the world. A tall man in the long full robes of, what Toby told me was, an Iman or holy man, a leader. He had the long whispy beard on his gaunt face that is so familiar to us in this country as that of the religious leaders of the east. Long streaks of gray made the beard almost appear as if it were stripped. He looked at me and spoke in a very slow, deliberate voice. So soft and smooth as to be soothing.
    "I know that you have thought that you were sheltering this young boy. You have only delayed his execution. His and his brother, I see. Yes, Kenny saw a murder, but the boy that was killed was a…in your words, a homosexual, not fit to use the air from Allah in his lungs. The boy who sent the vile one on his way is honored amongst us. It is he who will take care of this little one and his own young brother who has been vile with him." He spoke to Toby's parents.
    "It seems that the elder boy too is a vile person. He shall go with us also. Mr. Minor thanks you for his job and this home. It is lovely. But for him to see the face of Allah he must move away. It was provided for one who would let his sons be filthy."
    "Help me. Oh no, sir…" came from the hallway. A police officer stepped into the room. Another officer hand cuffed the "holy man". A suit walked up to me. "Are you Chris?" I nodded. He introduced himself as the detective that I had been in constant contact with. A struggling boy was brought into the room. Kenny ran to jump into Toby's arms. He buried his face in the older boy's shoulder. Where have I seen that picture before? I looked at the new boy who was in cuffs. He had a nasty snarl on his young face. He was maybe sixteen, seventeen. A real street tough. In his arrogance he looked on his fancy bracelets the police had provided as a symbol of honor.
    The detective placed his hand on Kenny's back and asked him if he knew the boy. Kenny spoke into Toby's shoulder that he did. The detective asked Kenny to look at the boy and then to look at him and tell him where he knew the boy from. Kenny looked at me. I pushed myself up and took a deep breath. Kenny smiled. He got my meaning. He raised himself up tall in Toby's arms and took a deep breath. "He is the brother of Ishy, my boyfriend." he looked square at the holy man. "I saw him take a metal base ball bat and beat that new kid with it until his head split open. Then he took out the switch blade knife that he always threatens me with and cut the boy's pants open and cut off his dick. He walked away flipping the dick up in the air. Three dogs came running after him, barking at him. He threw the dick to them to eat. I can show you where the bat is."
    "Very good Kenny. Would you like for Chris to go with you so you can show us the bat?" Kenny looked at his mother and father and asked if Toby and Pete could go too. We were all escorted from the building with the holy man and the boy in cuffs being placed into separate police cars. I rode in the back of the detective's car with Pete and Toby. The front seat was so full of equipment that Kenny could barely squeeze in to point which way the detective should turn. I felt sorry for the man as Kenny's jaw never relaxed. He had to know about everything in the car. Finally the detective found a fairly clear area and let Kenny hit the siren which caused the boy no end of joy.
    The detective was overjoyed at having the murder weapon, and still covered with hair and blood. While digging through the vacant lot where the bat had been stashed the police came upon a second body. Toby was asked if he would look. He ran to the side of the lot to heave his guts out. It was the body of the murdered boy's father who had been missing since the first of the week. He had been at the police station demanding that the killer of his son be arrested. Life! It might me okay if it didn't have the biggest word in the dictionary in the middle of it, if.
    I was pushed away by a newly arrived rookie cop. I used my one upmanship card and pulled out my badge and hung it in the vest pocket of my suit. I walked through the carnage in the vacant lot to talk to the detective. He looked at my badge and his eyes grew wide. "I knew you were somebody with power, but never thought that of you being that high." He nodded at my badge. "I was worried that you were interfering with police work and I couldn't justify your having the boy in hiding. Now I can fill in the blanks in my report."
    "Except that we don't exist." The poor man looked crest fallen. I put my arm around his shoulder and told him that I would send someone to see him Monday. "A man good with filling in forms," I told him. He wanted to know how I got involved with the case in the first place. I told him that Toby was an employee of ours. The intonation of ours deliberately indicated dual meaning. I winked when he looked at me with a knowing grin. I told him how Toby had come to us with his story and his fears for the little guy. There was no way that we could see to protect the boy without causing him trauma so we took him to our hearts and loved him as one of us. He understood and was grateful. I told him that I would allow Kenny to give a deposition But I would keep him in the protective custody of his brother, who was on assignment, until he was needed for court dates. I assured him Kenny would be present, with me, at every court appearance.
    I was surprised when the detective looked me in the eye and told me that he would allow me to have Kenny's testimony taped, transcribed and witnessed. There was no need in the boy going through anymore today. I reached into my inside suit jacket pocket and pulled out a sealed number ten envelope with the detective's name typed on it. It contained a mini-CD recording along with a printed transcript of the boy's entire story. "I wish I had a boy like that to keep me warm." This time he winked. I will have him thoroughly checked out. He might want to attend a party or maybe just have some company.
    He had an officer with a less cluttered car take us to Grand Central, across the river. We could have taken the train from Hoboken, but he wanted to be assured of our safety. I looked at the mostly Muslim crowd that had gathered and thanked him for his concern. As we put the boys into the car the detective whispered in my ear that he had something that I should see. He would e-mail it to me. I gave him a secure link to send his e-mail. Then I had Kenny lay a big kiss on him. I told the boy to go for the mouth. My suspicions were confirmed, Kenny got deep tongue and a grope back. The detective and I smiled at each other as our car pulled away.
    I sat back in my seat and watched the world go by my train window. I felt totally relaxed, for some reason I felt the peace that I had longed for for several weeks. I saw the billboard alongside the tracks. The Chippendales were in Albany for the weekend. It was Sunday afternoon. Can mere money pull this off? I excused myself to go to the club car. The boys would not be allowed in there because of the alcohol. I found a quiet corner. I was glad it was Sunday with no serious commuter traffic. My third phone call hit pay dirt. I do have to admit that I live a charmed life.

   Balls, balls, balls. There are balls for every man woman and child on the planet, but not everyone enjoys playing with balls. Some feel that it is a crime.
   Ball games gather more people together than any other medium. On practically any day one can find a gathering of individuals playing with their balls with an assemblage of spectators gathered about.
   To my way of thinking it comes down to the individual's level of aggressiveness as to the type of balls he plays with. Ranking high amongst the world's ball games is football. The U.S. has its version where a piece of pigskin is kicked or thrown about only to be caught by a warm and loving pair of hands. Then the ball is cradled, lovingly, in powerful arms and carried about the field of play. While this, above all others, is the best game to be played, from the balls perspective, the game can be brutal on the players as they combat each other for the right to love and caress the ball.
   Another popular form of football is called Soccer. Here the players are really angry at the ball. There is little physical contact between players, but the poor ball is kicked, mercifully from one extreme of the field to the other.
   Basketball is a soft game, from the ball's point of view. Here a ball is pummeled, repeatedly, from one end of the playing field to the other. It is thrown through the air to smash against a hard backboard, hoping that it can land in the soft net. However, the ball is seldom held during play.
   Baseball is popular in this country and is growing in many Asian countries. The players in this game have no desire to kick the ball or maim each other. No, they want to beat the skin off of the innocent ball with a heavy stick. They like to throw the ball around, after it has been hit, and try to touch the guy that hit it. I think that this ball has a little vindictiveness in it and wants to get even for being smacked so hard. Sometimes the poor ball is hit so hard that it won't even come back for more, but chooses to leave the playing field by escaping over the fence.
   Children are encouraged to abuse their balls from a very early age. They kick, bounce, bite, and even chew on their balls. Many have swallowed their balls and subjected the poor things to the vilest of environments. The ball usually passes, but it is covered with something that can't be mentioned in polite company. Sometimes the ball has to be surgically removed. whatever its fate the ball in the hands of a child is almost never a good thing.
   I feel that the worst fate for a ball is to be born in the size and shape that is popular with the golfers. What could this little round object have possibly done to deserve the brutal treatment that it gets. People go to beautiful parks in every corner of the globe, they pay an exorbitant fee to the park owners for the right to walk around for hours beating on their balls. To get themselves psyched up for their melee, they get a bucket of balls and…, excuse me, I get very emotional over this one. These mean spirited people take a metal club and hit these tiny, defenseless balls, with all their strength. They receive a strong measure of satisfaction at being able to knock their balls for long distance. Some of them even compete with each other to see who can send his ball out the furthest. I know that this is hard to believe, but you can see this carnage for yourself in practically any town in the country.
   Adding insult to this carnage, they don some to the most stupid looking costumes and put on shoes with spikes on them. As if it weren't enough to assault the ball the participants of this carnage seek to render havoc to the earth as well.
   Properly attired and equipped these gladiators take an assortment of weapons, all bundled together in a bag and traipse off across beautifully landscaped and sculptured fields smacking the little object of their disdain with first one weapon then another. Many balls are forever lost in tall grass and in small ponds about the park. Does this discourage these brutal gladiators? I think not. They simply take out another ball and continue to beat on it as they walk through the park.
   I think the hardest part to take over this particular terror is the report that I heard this week. It seems that, according to the report, golf is now the fastest growing sport amongst young people. My lord, they call this a sport and now they are enlisting the youth of the world to carry on their carnage.
   Tennis, Ping pong, Cricket, Croquet…all are variations of the aggressor taking out their frustrations on a poor innocent ball with some kind of stick. While this leaves the contenders sweaty and with some sort of sick satisfaction that they have beat this poor ball to death, my feelings are for the ball itself. This poor little object is treated with total disdain. It is shoved, unceremoniously, aside to lay in wait until the next time someone wants to beat on it. No one tends to its wounds. Seldom is it ever washed or cleaned of the gruel it acquires in the war perpetrated upon it. It is put on a shelf, in a locker, or thrown to the back of a closet until the next battle.
   Probably the worst part of all of this is that this anger and brutality is held in high esteem by the media of the world. Daily a form of ball abuse can be found on television. Weekends are impossible. One would turn on the television to watch a quite movie or travel log and he finds himself engulfed in ball carnage.
   What kind of message are we sending to the children of the world when we advocate this kind of violence? No wonder the world has so much unrest. They get so hyped seeing a ball being abused that they turn on each other. We are now seeing reports of parents getting into fights and even shooting other parents over the outcome of ball abuse. Where will it all end?
    The boys had a full blown soccer game going. They were all naked, on a military base. From the size of the spectator crowd, all nude, I suppose it was a good thing. I drove my van to my regular parking space. As we climbed out playing on the field stopped and everybody shouted, "hi," and welcomed Toby back. Then Kenny crawled out of the back seat, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.
    I am really not familiar with the weather patterns in America's north east. I was not aware of tornadoes being reported in the area and to see one, only five feet tall, tearing across a soccer field, causing massive destruction to anyone or anything in its path was strange. Especially when you took into account that it was traveling, basically, north to south. Eric made Warner Brother's cartoon depiction of the Tasmanian Devil look like it was standing still as he led the parade of boys to welcome the little guy home. My family is intact and my heart is full.
    I was amazed at the game rules that Cory and Trevor had come up with. One team wore a red bandana around his neck while the other team had a blue bandana. They had wanted pink and yellow bandanas so no one would accuse anyone of gang affiliation, but they had to take what Andy's men could find at the small store down the road from us. I know nothing about soccer except that everybody has a problem with this black and white ball and they run all over the place kicking the shit out of it for whatever the poor little thing's sins are.
    With every time period half of one team changes bandanas with half of the other team. This way no one can say their team won because they are all on both teams. There is no score keeping. The major rules of the international game apply, but the idea is to run yourself ragged, kick the fucking ball, and have fun. They were having fun. Of course I had to get into the game. It is one stimulating way to exercise and so much fun to watch the little balls flop about as a boy runs to kick the big ball. Many times I feared that should I fall, I would pole vault off of the field.
    The game was called because of darkness. Thirty five sweaty boys dragged themselves over to the side lines so that each spectator could give them a hug and a squeeze to show how much he had enjoyed the game. The boys had already agreed to a sleep out for the first part of the night and a large tent shelter had been erected. There was a pile of queen sized air mattress and three electric pumps alongside a pile of large sleeping bags. Even couples broke up to entertain the men who had done so much for us both before and after our trip to Europe. Those that had accompanied us actually got invitations from the boys to join them.
    Most of these men would never consider touching an underage boy, but all inhibitions were thrown to the wind as we said our farewells in the most personal way that the boys could think of. I wanted to know who's idea this had been. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out that my most conservative of all had first brought their thoughts to the others. Tim and Jerry. They worked on Cas and convinced him when he did a double take on a young man that had been with us in France. Tim saw the look and he used it.
    There were no complaints about the area as men found themselves in the close and satisfying company of sometimes as many as four different boys that had something that he wanted to thank the man for. November nights are not good outdoor sleeping times in the upper state region. Most of the couples had separated and gone to their own warmer beds by mid-night.
    Kenny crawled up to me. He had Eric by the hand, but he made Toby and Cory come along. He had some family rules to discuss with me. "If I am to be a member of this family I need a Golden Pole pin." His eyes were locked on mine and he was dead serious. "No one has ever come to live with the family until they have been on a ride on that thing of yours." He pointed at my limp cock. "I have checked it out with Cory and he confirms that you have fucked every boy here and been fucked by every boy here. The only exceptions being the boys we found in France who you are only taking home.
    "Eric and I are fucking every night and I have fucked Toby. I told him that I want you to love me like you love everybody else. I want to be your boy too so let's do it." His little face was so serious as he worked out his words. Cory and Toby were both smiling, at the edge of out and out laughter. Eric had that look of pride on his face as he looked at his boyfriend. I picked Ken up. I told him that this would take away his little boy status and he would need a man's name. He looked at Toby then seemed to steel himself up as he made up his mind, "Then Ken it is, from this moment on." I couldn't help it, I giggled. I pulled him to me and kissed his tiny mouth. I have never been able to deep throat a boy with my tongue. His throat felt strange, but strangely good around my oral probe. Christopher was the smallest, size wise, that I had ever been with. Kenny was half the waif that boy was. Although, Christopher is growing like a weed right now. I was anxious to get my family home and see how everybody was doing.
    "You want go somewhere private, big boy?" I said in my most seductive voice.
    "The by-laws of the pin are that I must have witnesses. I choose these three." He was determined, I must say. I began my assault. I kissed down his tiny body. His little nips were, but pin points, but he was a lot more sensitive than I would have thought. My nipples are dead zones. I just don't get any pleasure from them, but I love to pleasure a boy by sucking his. There is something so sensual in having a boy tit in my mouth. I could never enjoy a girl's tit, or even a boy with big tits. They just don't do anything for me.
    I moved on down, around the navel then on to the thighs, I bypassed the center of the world and I heard the frustration that quickly turned to glee as he got his first shrimping. I learned that Eric hadn't discovered toes yet. As I cleaned the toe jam from Ken, Cory educated Eric. The boys began to compete for the most satisfied moan. Cory and I worked in unison as we laved our way back up the spindly little legs of our youthful partners. They actually smacked into each other, causing pain when Cory and I took our tongues and teeth to the tender tendons behind the boy's knees.
    They were a sight to behold as Cory and I pushed each little pair of legs back over the heads of their owner. Two totally flat little bums lay open before us. Eric has been well used and his anus shows all the efforts he went through with Borne and Tony the past three and a half months. Ken's testicles have just began their descent to their home outside of their warm body cavity. The little nuggets are no bigger than small raisins at this point in time. The finger sized cock has more foreskin on it than cock in it. I thought that it was Muslim tradition to circumcise their boys. They are the children of Abraham and follow the teaching to the time of Ishmael. I would have to talk to Toby, who is cut.
    I began a kitten bath. Ken was toast. I had the butter. I wished he had the cream. His ass was so tiny and so tight. I was surprised when it just opened up and let my tongue slide in. He had been working at this. It was not big, by any means, but it was open and flexible. I told Toby that I needed for him to go before me. The boy would not be able to take me in just one night unless someone else prepared the way. Ken was too tiny to suck me. He lay on top of me as I filled my mouth with his entire package. I kicked his dick back and forth with my tongue and pushed each of his tiny nads around in their silky sack like home. Eric was providing the oral stimulation for Ken as they locked their lips together. Cory licked my cock like an ice cream cone then…
    Toby slid inside of his well slicked brother. Both of the boys enjoyed their union more than I would have imagined. There is magic between these two. Toby was the most tender, most passionate, lover I have ever seen as he loved his brother's sweet butt. From my vantage point I had a good knowledge of Toby's condition. If I thought he was too close I would stretch his balls out making him moan as his orgasm was delayed, thus causing him to get even more excited. I let him fuck his little brother for over thirty minutes, being sure to keep a close eye on the wetness of Ken's anus that was right in my face. A nice side effect of double fucking a pre-pubescent I suppose.
    I would never have been anywhere near a boy this immature except for the conditions that brought him to us. Even then I would, well I had, avoided sex with the little guy. I really felt like a child molester as I lay here with his entire scrotum and his cock in my mouth, leaving my nose so close to his tiny rectal opening that Toby was rubbing the end of it with his cock as he fucked away. I was getting so turned on that I had to push Cory away from my goods. I pushed my finger up Toby's ass and stroked his prostate creating an instantaneous climax in the boy. He filled his little brother with so much cum that it was squirting out with each new push by Toby into the tight opening he was penetrating.
    Toby rolled away to be attacked by a very horny Cory. Cory was cleaning Toby as Toby nursed on Cory. I told Cory not to cum then I asked Ken how he was doing. I was having to fight Eric for the left overs from Toby as the little guy had his face buried in my lunch room. Ken was euphoric. I asked him if he wanted to keep going. He swore that he did. I told him Cory could go next, if he was ready. Both boys wanted that. I could tell that Eric was the most needy of all of us at that point. I kind of wanted to watch him fuck his boyfriend in my face, but I had a cum thirst and a fear of too much anal action for little Ken. I scooted Ken down so that he could attack my cock as Eric fucked my mouth with vigor. He had managed to get Ken bent at an angle where Eric could get the butt drippings left by Toby.
    Cory was a nicely growing boy. I had not spent as much time as I want with my boys since we had left the lake on July thirty first. We wondered through the south and saw Chief Steve to his final rest in the hills of our ancestors. We got home to the turmoil of Terry Anson's porno ploy. The hurricane put us on the road again and then onto see the coronation and the trauma that all of that brought about. I just want to go home and spend one night with one different boy every night for two months.
    I marveled at the huge cock that my Cherokee brother was sporting. He was showing the family curse and Ken was riding it with ease. The little one was squealing like a little girl as he was getting the fucking of his life. Cory was pumping everything that he has learned about getting fucked, and how to fuck, into the end of his cock as he sent waves of pleasure through the live wire that had his boyhood buried deep in my mouth. I shoved my fingers deep in Cory's ass and let three probing digits do a serious prostate massage on my first love. Yeah, don't ever let it pass from your head, Cory is my boy, now and forever. I love that kid like a son. Cory went to hard pounding strokes that were knocking the breath out of Ken then he filled the boy with a few gallons of his hot boi juice.
    Ken was spent. His little body was grabbing for air. I rolled him to his back and lay beside him. His eyes were rolled back in his little head as a total wrap around smile filled his face. I got to clean Cory up. I had really wanted to get a good taste of Ken's deepest parts and I found out that Cory had gone much deeper than I ever knew he was capable of. I had to get a tape on that puppy he swung. He had a mouth full. He was young and not through, by a long shot. He gave me four good shots as he pounded my face with long throat scraping strokes. Man, I need a night in bed with my son. Bad.
    Ken rolled up on me and began to lick the remains of Cory from my mouth. He was so happy. I thought his little heart would burst it was pounding so hard in his tiny chest. He is always so full of life and bubbling over, but he was much more animated now as he told us how wonderful it was to have been fucked by Cory. His experience had been solely Eric, Jay Farley, and Toby. He told me that none of them knew how to fuck a boy worth shit. Eric took his comments hard and began to cry. I made Ken get over to the boy and make it better.
    It took several minutes for Eric to cum up with something that made him feel better then the two little ones came back to my arms. Ken wouldn't settle down. Finally he just stood up over me and lowered his ass down onto my upstanding appendage. Toby and Cory rushed to be on each side of him as he was allowed to work himself down at his own pace. A little more than half way down he laid down on top of me. His mouth was at my eye level so he bent his body a bit and began to kiss me.
    He was working his ass muscles around on my cock as he slowly assimilated more of the mighty, meaty, stick. The boy was determined and I would never discourage such courage. He knew if it hurt him. I knew that our present activity would not do him permanent harm. He might be stretched, but there would be no tearing or puncture of his rectum, which could be fatal under the right conditions. As he sank the full length of his body onto me our mouths no longer met, but he was quite happy with himself. That is until Cory told him that the Golden Pole pin was for getting fucked, not impaled. I suggested that the hour was so late that we might sleep awhile. I told Ken that I would be most appreciative if he could stay where he was and keep me warm for a few hours. That seemed to satisfy him as he curled up and fell fast asleep.
    I had to force sleep on myself as I was so fucking horned, but I refused to cum and deprive the boy of his heart's desire. An hour passed as the lad lay and drooled on my chest. I had not more than closed my eyes the entire time. My erection was almost painful as I realized what was happening. Ken's tiny ass ring was keeping the blood in me and not letting me go soft. I was going to be in trouble if something didn't happen and soon. Well, soon it was. Ken's ass began to spasm. The boy's rectal muscles were giving my cock the massage it needed for my ejaculation. I knew Ken would be disappointed, but I really had no choice, but to ride this one out.
    His spasms became more intense and his whole body was being involved. It suddenly dawned on me that the little bugger was having his own orgasm. This one wasn't going to be dry. The boy was on the verge. I tapped Cory who slept beside me. He opened his heavy eyelids and looked at me. Without words he followed my eye movements to figure what was happening. He awakened Toby and whispered in his ear. Both boys sat beside me as suddenly Ken went over the top.
    Ken's eyes popped open and he sat up with a start. He looked at me. I put my finger to the tip of his tiny cocklet and scooped up the scant offering from his first wet dream. I put my finger to his nose so he could smell his own jizz. His eyes widened as the realization of the evidence before him took root in his mind and made its way through his consciousness. My finger disappeared into his mouth. I dragged my finger around my short trimmed pubies and scooped up another drop for myself as Ken began to bounce on my cock. He was super happy, he had "made sperms," he shouted. I asked him if was ready to get fucked. Dumb question.
    I worked around with him hanging onto my swollen dick and got him to his back and ready for the fuck of his life. I wasted no time. This was for me. I was in serious need of this and right now. The boy was more than responsive. He took every stroke and made it so much more intense. He was working me as hard as I was working him. The kid was a fucking machine. Well let's face it, we had been at it for two hours now and he had a cock in his ass almost the entire time. He had two excessively large loads of boy splooge up in him and I was about to flood his little system with more liquid than he could possibly imagine.
    I was glad that he was as hyper as he was because he had himself an orgasm of record quality which triggered me to fill him to the rim with everything I had in me. I was on my knees with his ass up on my thighs for full penetration. I was holding him out at a ninety degree angle to my body as we stared into each other's eyes. I saw his first shot and refocused my attention to watch two more watery shots of boi juice squirt out onto his skinny little chest. I scooped a drop for him then one for me. He scooped a drop and fed it to me then fed himself the next. He was so happy he was in tears He was showing his brother his very own ejaculate hanging from his finger as Toby smiled at him with pride on his face.
    I lay Ken down to let him sleep in Toby's arms. I have to talk to Toby because I saw something and I will have the answer to, and soon. For now they should rest and feel safe. I was too worked up to sleep so I opted for a walk.
    My dick was still covered in Ken's butt slime. The air was cold and the impact of it awakened me, thoroughly. I looked around, wistfully and wished that Toby was out here with a joint. Was I reverting to that? Did I need substances to get high now? I have everything I could ever want and much more. I only want to go home. I still have many loose ends. One of the big loose ends slipped his hand into mine and put his head on my shoulder. I guess this is the time to address this one.
    "Cory, I love you with all of my heart and all of my soul. You are my first love, you know. I love Jim, and Tim and Jerry, and Cas. I was happy when Tyler and Turner wanted to become part of my family and there isn't a boy in that barracks right there that I will willingly let go. I am in love, not just love, but IN love with each and everyone of them. Even Les and Lance. I really feel sorry for those two and Bryan. I can't really help them, but I will take Bryan and give him a shot at being a whole man.
    "We will leave Tuesday morning to take Les and Lance to GA. I am trying to work out the logistics of our trip in my head, but I can't get a grip because of a call I got last week." I walked on in silence. Cory was up close and tight, but his curiosity would not let him keep silent for long. I walked and waited. The boy is growing up too fast. This is taking too long. A boy would have been pissing his pants wanting to know about my call. I waited.
    "Who called, daddy?" Bingo.
    "Mom? What did she want? money?"
    "No she just called to tell me that Sarah is pregnant." Now talk about pregnant, that is what the ensuing silence was. It was rife with the possible directions for Cory to go. He proved himself to be the man that I thought he was.
    "Daddy, I am going to miss you and the family so much. I have to go to her and do what is right, you know." I pulled him to me and held my son, whom I love so dear.

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