Chapter 241


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Pete and Mike had everything under control when I returned. Filat Reikhman had his clipboard in hand as he followed Mike through the halls with the new boys. Bry was busy getting sheets, towels, and toiletries for the boys. He had several boys assisting him by placing those items in each room. Pete was giving lessons on how to make a bed. I laughed at him as he made a bed then tore it up and made the boys for that room remake it according to the standard school policy.
    Four members of the FI team that had taken blood and DNA samples from the other boys the day before were doing their job with the thirty boys from my recent excursion. Nobody seemed to know what to do with the eight little boys. I had their blood drawn and their DNA samples taken anyway.
    I caused all of the boys to get scared when I opened a case and pulled out a pneumatic powered needle. I had Pete, Mike, and Bryan stand to one side and lift their balls so that those that wished could feel the homing pellet inserted under their skin. I explained to the boys that if ever they should get lost that I could find them in an instant and send them help. Filat was the first to step up. He told the boys that if he was ever late to class then they could find him, probably in bed with some cute young boy.
    I even had the little ones implanted. I held each of them in my lap as the agent placed the air needle against their sensitive spot and fire it. None of the cried. They all told us that it tickled. I ruffled their hair and hugged them. I am beginning to grow attached to the boys.
    Oleg appeared from out of nowhere with two men in suits. He took me aside and whispered to me. I led him to a room next to the elevator. I had to use my hand print to open the door to one of two four man Jacuzzis located on each of the upper floors. I shut the soundproof door behind us and asked him to repeat himself.
    He had said exactly what I thought that he had said. It was what I wanted to hear, but I wasn't sure that it was the right thing for me, for the boys, or for my family in Arizona. The ФСБ wields serious power in the new Russian hierarchy. I was being granted the right to adopt the eight little boys and take them to America with me. The powers that be in the country felt that those boys did not stand much of a chance to grow up because of their street life. Oleg told me that the older boys were adaptable, but the little ones had never known any form of a structured life.
    In parting he told me that there was a full broadcast to all police officers in the district. They were to seek out any more of the young street urchins and get them to the school before I left for America the following day. I could only stand and stare at the man. What he was offering me was a grave burden. I was to uproot boys from their homeland and take them to a new home far away. None of those boys speak a word of English and I have no Russian speaking members in my family. What a task lay before all nine of us.
    I turned and walked away with my thoughts. I needed a sugar fix. I had just enjoyed a big dinner and I had brought two more boys to the school. All of the excitement was causing my system to burn up the sugar that I had taken in. I entered the dinning room and stood their admiring the wonderful sight of boys enjoying the most important thing in their lives, food. I headed the the ice cream machine and filled a cup half full with chocolate ice cream. I placed the cup under the powdered malt dispenser and pushed the lever twice. I know that was a lot of malt.
    I filled my cup to the top with the soft serve ice cream and then stuck it onto the mixer. In a few moments I had a thick chocolate malt. The complex sugar of the cream and the simple sugar of the flavorings peaked my blood sugar. It made me feel much better. I may have spiked myself, but it sure was good.
    I spotted the eight little boys huddled together at one end of a table, they had no food in front of them. I walked over and got down on my knees. I pulled each boy to me, one at a time, and gave him a tight hug and a kiss on the tip of his nose. I patted their bellies and made the motions of eating with my hands. They were hungry, just afraid.
    Like a Pied Piper I led eight little mice to the food line. I told the Russian cooks to talk to the boys and help them select food for their tummies. I quickly explained how and where I had found them. All of the cooks wiped tears from their eyes. The two Russian cooks went around the food line and each took four boys to himself. They pointed out the different foods and told the boys what it was. The French cooks filled the boys' plates for them.
    I had to keep reminding the cooks that these were very small boys and that their tummies would fill up very quickly. They put smaller portions on the plates. I wanted to make it clear to the boys that they could eat what was on their plates then ask for more. I promised them that they would never again be hungry.
    I moved over to the other street boys to check on their plates. The older students had helped them to get plenty of food. I saw two plates with food on them that had been pushed back. I gave boys a stern look.
    "You boys know what it is like to be hungry. Here you have all of the food that you can eat, but I will not abide with wasting that food. We have a rule in my schools. You may take all that you want, but you must eat all that you take .Gabriel Wallack; chapter 146 Think what you would have given yesterday for that bit of food left on those plates. I want you to eat until you have your fill, but don't overeat. There will another meal or a snack in about three hours. I know how boys burn their food off. You new boys are going to burn more calories than ever before as you use the facilities here to workout and play hard.
    It is growing late and the sun was sliding below the horizon. "We still have time for a soccer game or two. Who wants to play?" The sound of chairs being slid back from the tables filled the air. Boys rushed to place their plates on the line for the dishwasher. I realized that no one had been appointed to their tasks about the school so there was no one to do the dishes other than the cooks themselves. I caught Filat and told him to make up a duty roster for the next morning. He knew the flak that would come from that, but it had to be done.
    Two teams played on each of the two soccer fields. The winning team took on a new team from the bystanders. The team made up from the original twenty students from BAM were undefeated. They played three games then took on the last remaining team from the second field. No single team on that field had won two games. I was proud of all of the boys. I walked through their groups to congratulate each boy on a play that I had seen him make. There is a lot of talent in those boys and I am looking forward to Mr. Bagge beginning his physical training classes. By the time I next see these boys they will be hard and tight athletes. More loving for my eyes.

    All eight of the little ones gathered their beds together so that they could all sleep close to the others. I don't speak much of the Поссию language, but I am beginning to understand many of the phrases. The boys were fantastic as they spoke in simple, and easy for me to understand phrases. I quickly gathered that I was being asked to spend the night in the bed with them.
    Eight naked youngsters with itty bitty worms for cocks is no turn on for me so the boys were safe. Some of them played with my cock and two of them had a contest to see how much of me they could get into their mouths. I stopped one little guy of six as he tried to lower himself down on me. I inspected his tiny hole and realized that he had been riding ponies, and a few horses, for sometime.
    I pulled him on top of me and held him close. I kissed his tiny face and thought about my own two babies growing up around all of the homosexuality in my family of happy fairies . I shed a tear. All of my bed mates crawled over me so that we all could be closer. I loved their hard prods poking me in weird places.
    I fear E-coli. That bacteria grows in the human intestine faster than in other animals. The boys in my bed had not had good food or any sort of hygiene for some time. I would worry until I got their health reports back.
    Dr. Moskvin entered the main door as I came down the stairs from the sleeping levels. He had the paperwork on all of the boys. The little ones were all clean and he told me that he would sign the health reports needed to take the boys home with me. I had to think what the family would feel like with eight tiny guys around. I had fended off several attempted sexual encounters with the boys already in my house.
    Kardal is now eleven, but he has been a handful. That boy wants sex with everyone all of the time. He can take the largest cock, in either end. He loves to have both ends filled at the same time. I had to wonder what these new boys would be into.

    There was one major problem for me to handle. A fourteen year old boy by the name of Boleslav—large glory—had a mild case of gonorrhea, the clap. I put on a rubber glove and milked his very large cock, He dripped like a leaky faucet and it wasn't a good substance coming out. Dr. Moskvin opened his bag and pulled out a rather large needle and a vial of medicine. He explained that he was going to give Boleslav an injection of Ceftriaxone. He passed the boy a bottle of 500MG Cephalexin capsules and told him to take one pill three times a day.
    He asked Boleslav if he had ever had sex with any of the other boys that were now living at the school. The boy was embarrassed. The doctor explained to all of the boys about the clap and what it can lead too. Two boys stepped forward and admitted that they had enjoyed Boley's big cock up their butts. The doctor simply milked them down. They didn't drip. As a precaution the doctor gave each boy a bottle with twenty one Cephalexin tablets in them. He told them to take one of the pills three times a day and in one week he would check all three of them again.
    The doctor and I moved to a bathroom to wash our hands. I have placed bottles of Isagel™ in holders throughout the school. The Dr. was unfamiliar with the hand sanitizer that smells like alcohol. I explained that we use it in all of my schools tor quick hand cleansing. I told him that a thorough hand washing of thirty seconds under hot water with an anti-bacterial soap cleaned the dirt and filth from the hands. The Isagel™ kills all germs and bad bacteria.
    I told him that in the beginning BAG , in New York, was plagued with colds. The boys there had runny noses and cold sores on their lips. JB thought that it was a regular thing. With boys running and playing in the cold and in the snow he felt that a common cold was to be expected. I shipped him six gross of the bottles of sanitizer along with wall mount holders to sit a bottle in.
    He placed a bottle every twenty feet along the hallways and in each bathroom He mounted bottles in the cafeteria in the event that some little darling forgot to wash his hands. Within two weeks the cold sores were gone. Most of those with head colds got better and those that were always developing a cold stayed well.
    Boys put their hands into everything then they scratch their nose or rub their eyes. They spread bacteria better than a biological device that someone would set against them. I told the Dr. how the past winter in the woods had gone. I told him that I had bottles of the alcohol based gel all about the camp
    I told him about Roddy's tanning activities and the dog shit that he used to soften the large hides. I laughed as I told him that I squirted Isagel™ over every part of my son's body to cleanse him. I told the doctor that the balls and ass hole are not good places to clean with the gel. The alcohol in the formula causes a deep burn. I sort of like it. I'm a sadist at heart.
    We returned to find food for ourselves. I had a small spoonful of the scrambled eggs and a very small portion of the hash browned potatoes. I smothered the potatoes in the thick cream gravy with fine little pieces of crumbled hot sausage in it. The French pastry chef makes one mean buttermilk biscuit, I had two of them, with a large pat of real butter. Of course my coffee cup was refilled several times.

    I learned that one of the new cooks that had been hired had once cooked for a large truck stop in Mississippi. When I saw him I recognized him. I asked him for the name of the truck stop. "It's really called the 10 Spot because it is located along I-10 in Mobile, Alabama. But all of the regulars call it Ahab's . I know that you know Ahab. I fixed breakfast for a bunch of your boys one morning then two of them went before a judge and got themselves emancipated then they got married to each other." I didn't want to tell him that Tim and Jerry were married in Chicopee, Massachusetts earlier that week and that it was Lance and Lester that were emancipated that day.
    He went of with his story, "Ahab has all of the pictures of the boys on his wall behind the cash register. He has a picture of you there too. He told me that Jerry had worked for him a few years earlier and when I thought about it I remembered him. His daddy used to beat him real bad. He would come to Ahab's and yell at Jerry that he needed to find Jesus or he was gong to die. I was happy that one time that I saw Jerry stash his bike then get in your RV with Tim. I knew that things were going to change for the boy.
    "When he came back to work he looked like death had taken him. He could not lift anything without moaning in pain. I saw him in the restroom trying to put a bandage on a bad welt. I could tell that the welts on him were caused by a belt. I asked him about them and he begged me not to tell anyone. A few weeks later him and Tim were gone and I never saw them again 'til you all came in for breakfast. That was the day that they got married. My boyfriend and I were very happy for them."
    "Tell me how you come to be in Moscow."
    "I was born here. With the change of the American people against anyone that is not like them I decided to leave." I saw him fight back his tears. I waited. Some ten minutes passed before he could speak again. He had busied himself on the serving line. He filled the boys' plates without comment. Something bad had happened to him. I knew that he needed to address his grief before he could get over it.
    Most of the boys had left the dinning room and the cooks were breaking down the foor line. Simon brought me a fresh cup of coffee and sat down across from me. "They killed Terry." A simple statement that carried the weight of the world.
    Simon and Terry had taken a midnight skinny dip in the surf. They stood in knee deep water, silhouetted by a full moon on the rise. A group of teenage thugs saw them and ran to beat the homos down. They knocked Terry unconscious then a large boy placed his his foot on the back of Terry's neck, holding the man's head beneath the water.
    Simon received many serious blows. He had to lay in bed with his testicles resting in a sling for two day. He wore a special cup for three weeks. He had a broken left arm and several broken ribs. Terry had actually died from a broken rib that had punctured his right lung. There was a lot of water in the man's lung, but the coroner attributed the death to the punctured lung.
    Six teens ranging in ages from fifteen to seventeen were charged with felony murder, aggravated to a hate crime because of their statements made during the attack, and later to the police. A lesson can be learned from those boys, keep your mouth shut when talking to the police.
    I asked Simon if I had him to thank for the breakfast. He told me that he had learned that I was to leave that day and he wanted me to have a solid breakfast to cling to my ribs and carry me on my way. I am ever amazed at the people that enter into my life and want to make me comfortable.
    Simon returned to his duties as I sat at the table reflecting on everything that had gone on during my short stay. I heard sharp foot falls coming down the hall way to the dinning room. I turned to face the door. Grigoriy entered with twelve uniformed agents behind him. I had asked Grigoriy to find me three shifts of good men to watch over my boys, day and night.
    I gave the agents their basic instructions then walked them through the school. We slipped past the second floor to walk through the rooms on the third and fourth floors. The men inspected every corner of the attic storage area. Greg told me that they were checking out places where a boy might hide himself.
    Efficient and thorough, but I hope that none of my boys ever feels that he had to hide. I have sat with boys that were upset with their life, but they had always been in a place that I could easily spot them. I really don't know the minds of the students that will attentd BAM .
    We went back to the second floor as the boys were making a run for their lunch. I looked at my watch, I had no idea that the morning had slipped away so quickly. The agents looked into every room on the second floor then we headed down to the dinning room. The agents filled their plates then took seats amongst the boys and began to talk to them.
    As the tummies filled up young eyes turned to me. The boys wanted to know what was going on. "Gentlemen, these guards are here to protect you. I am not a popular person in many parts of the world and there have been several attempts to take my life. The morning that we left Paris I had been attacked by dart throwing missile. I was inside a good armored car so I was not injured. I have had bombs thrown at me. Bombs placed on my home and countless attempts to get to me on a closer level.
    "I tell you these things because it is a possibility that some low life witll try to get to me through you boys and this school. You have noticed that there is a very heavy steel fence around the school. The fence slopes toward the street which I hope will make it harder to climb the twelve foot tall structure. At the top of the fence the ribs are curved down toward the street. The ends of the ribs are honed to a very sharp point in the hope that they will deter anyone that does not wish to cut his arms off.
    "There are two large gates for automobile traffic in the fornt and one in the back for trucks to enter when large repairs are needed. Those gates will be closed and locked at all times. If entrance is needed then these men will open the appropriate gate. There are two foot passage gates. One in the front and one on the side of the building. Each of you that are to remain at this school will have your hand scanned so that you may open those gates as you will.
    "The doors will always be locked. Anyone may leave the building, but to get back in you will have to place your hand on the scanner. I might mention that the computer will log each entry and departure from the school. We will know what time you left and what time you returned. Sensors on the gates will tell us how many enter with you.
    "Boys, you are not prisoners here. You are free to come and go as you please. I will tell you something that you need to know. I expect that every boy in all of my schools maintain a 3.0 grade level. That is a B. A B- will pull that average down sharply. A large percentage of your grade is figured by your attendance and your participation in each class. If you choose to skip a class you may, hut your overall grade average will fall and you could face the possibility of being expelled from the school. permanently.
    "These guards are only here to protect you from outsiders. They will not break up your fights, unless there is danger that one of you could get killed. I do not allow fighting. Anyone that hits another boy faces immediate expulsion. If you get into a fight make every blow count because you will be out on the street, or in jail.
    "I want you to have a solid chance at a true education. Your classes will be hard, but you will study at your own pace. We hope that those of you that need extra help at this time will study hard so that they will be able to help new boys as they come to the school. Don't be fooled, you will work, but if you do the work you will gain. You will become the men that lead the world tomorrow.
    "I might tell you that one of my students is the King of Munedavia. I have boys that have graduated to become lawyers with aspirations toward becoming judges. I have boys that have graduated to become electrical engineers and designers. The world is open to you if you apply yourself. I am a tough schoolmaster, I will not tolerate second best. You will achieve all that I have laid out for you or you may find your way back on the streets again. Tough? Yes, but that is the way it must be.
    "Many of you know these little boys over here. I cannot leave them here with a clear conscious. I am going to take them with me when I leave in a little while. I wish that I could take all of you with me, I have grown very fond of many of you and I know that if I were to stay for a bit longer then I would fall in love with you. That would hurt both of us when I do have to leave.
    "I have to leave. I have to take these boys from Paris back to their school. I have see to my other schools around Europe then I have to return to America to check on the schools there. I am going to let you onto a very special secret. I have a lot of work to do. Mr. Bagge is going to try to drown everyone of you. You are going to learn to swim with a mask and a snorkel then those that do will be able to work with scuba gear. I can't get you down deep in the pools here so for those that qualify I am trying to arrange a dive into an area rich in coral reefs and tropical fish. Learn to swim well and you will be allowed to dive with us." The boys stomped their feet and whislted loudly at that news.
    Oleg and Nikolay were moving toward me. They had two precocious preschoolers with them. I stared at Oleg. "Sir Chris, when you hear their story you will want to grab these two brother into you arms and never let them go." I had to listen to their heart wrenching story. The boys were the sons of a single father. Their mother had died of complications from AIDS shortly after the boys were born. The boys have been tested many times and they have always come up clean. Oleg produced affidavits to that effect.
    I put the boys on my knees and rubbed their tiny backs. They were four and five years old. They had been raised by their father and his boyfriend since the death of the mother. The two men got into a heated argument and the boyfriend shot and killed the boys' father. The boys did not see the shooting, they were hiding under their bed. The police found them and took them to safety for the night. Oleg brought them to me the following morning,
    I have many problems with the boys that are now in my care from Russia. I don't know how I can handle two recently orphaned little boys. Oleg explained that they often watched their father and his partner in their sex play. He told me that the boys also watched as other boys and men came into the picture. The boys had been grilled throughout the night and everyone involved believe that the boys would be better off with me than in an orphanage. I could agree with that I just didn't have a clue as to how I could help the lads.
    Oleg called the eight little boys before me and asked them if they wanted to be adopted by me and become my sons then go to America with me. I had Nikolay carefully explain what adoption meant. Each of them answered yes as his turn came around. I asked them why they wanted me to adopt them. One youngster of seven climbed up in my lap and looked into my eyes.

    Nikolay translated for the boy. "My papa was mean to me. He made me do sex with his friends while he watched. He beat me if I didn't make his friend happy. I didn't get food at home. My dad always ate somewhere else and there was never anything for me to eat. I had to dig in garbage cans or beg men for money to buy food. I had to suck their dicks for enough money to by a bun, or a cup of old coffee. Sometimes I got lucky and could buy some soup.
    "You are nice to me and all of my friends. You gave us food and a bed and you didn't want nothing in return. I love you and I want you to be my papa forever and ever." I looked at Grigoriy to see if what Nikolay had said was what the boy had said. He nodded at me and gave me the eye signal that told me that everything was true.
    I hugged the little man named Yuri to me and whispered into his ear. No one knows what I said, but the boy was so excited that he peed on my pants. The boy turned bright red. He was mortified at what he had done. I looked at him, "My youngest son peed on me in the delivery room on the day that he was born. I take that as a sign that he trusts and loves me. I know that you love me so I am going to sign these paper and take you to America."
    All of the boys wanted to watch me sign their papers. I made a big deal ouf of pulling each boy into my lap as I signed the documents that allowed me to take the boy out of the country and adopt him as my son. I hugged each boy as his affidavits were signed. I gave him a slobbery kiss on his nose and told him that he was now, and forever, my son.
    I was sad when I left the boys in Moscow. Pete flew me down to Munedavia where Cullen was entertaining my wife and babies. I hugged and kissed, and even groped, each boy before I left the plane. I hate to part from a single on of them, each boy in my life is special to me and I will always watch where they go and what they do. Pete flew on to Paris to return the students to BAP and retrieve FI-2.
    Cullen met me at the plane and just whistled when I introduced my ten young sons to him. As we rode along, in the largest SUV in the country that could handle all of the new kids. As we headed toward Cullen's castle I could see the gears spinning in his open mind. He picked up the car phone and began to rattle off in the old Munedavian language of his forefathers. He kept looking at me and then at the boys as he smiled broadly. When we pulled into the entry of the castle Cullen spoke to the boys. They got excited/ They ran behind an aide that Cullen had called over then they disappeared from my sight.
    "Don't worry. uncy. You'll see your new sons in about an hour or two. They have gone to get a snack and some ice cream." I told him that I wanted a snack and ice cream. He got close to my ear and told me that he had some warm sweet cream. I squeezed his thigh.
    As I stepped from the limo Ugitsiha stepped out to greet me. My two precious babies were with her and they wanted me to hold them. I was more than happy to do that.
    Philby and El stepped out to greet me too. El was having the time of her life as the mother of the King. She had dragged Ugitsiha around the capital city testing every shop that they could find for real bargains . Our time was growing short as Cullen's Parliment had completed their duties for the session. As the speaker of Parliament it was my duty to preside over the closing session.
    At my invitation the young King and his friend , Jimmy, accepted my invitation to join his mother and father for two weeks at St. Tropez. Cullen and Jimmy had spent some time at the Villa de Christophe , but Ugitsiha, El, and Philby had never been to the large cliff top villa overlooking the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
    Cullen was plotting. He asked me and Ugitsiha to meet him in his smaller throne room. I asked him if that was the room with the flush toilet in it. He gave me the bird. Cullen took his seat on the throne as I took one of two offered seat before him, Ugitsiha took the other seat.
    My ten new sons sat on the floor in a semicircle before us. Of course there was one boy that wanted to hug my neck and then all of the others followed his lead. I got them settled down and seated on the floor again. I have learned not to question Cullen. He thinks in very abstract ways, but his decisions are always sound and he has never done anything to hurt me.
    "Sir Chris, may I introduce Doctor and Mrs. Ossner. This couple has suffered greatly this past two years. Their young sons were swept from their arms by a flash flood in the mountains during an outing.
    "Sir Chris, I know the conditions in your house and it will be very difficult for you to raise these boys that speak no English whatsoever. I have called Doctor Oss.ner to bring his wife down and let them visit with these boys.
    "Doctor, have you reached a decision?"
    "We have, your highness. It is difficult for us to choose, but we think that we have the perfect choice. We have talked to the boys and there are two young brothers that seem to fit our needs. Sire, there is one other boy that we like as well."
    With Cullen's help my knowledge of the common language of Munedavia is sufficient for me to get by. I talked to the thirty something couple at length. I pulled the two little brother, that I had only met that very morning, to me and talked to them. Cullen translated everything that the boys had to say. Mrs. Ossner was the key turner. The boys wanted a mother. I felt a warm fuzzy inside.
    The couple's third choice surprised me. It was the boyfriend on the boy that Alton had killed in Moscow. He is a preconscious child of nine. I learned that he is articulate and witty. He has a great sense of humor and he wants a mother to love him and tuck him into his bed at night.
    I agreed to a six month trial for the five people to get to know one another. I told them that I would be back in Munedavia sometime in the late fall and I would call upon them to see how things were working out between them at that time.
    Cullen had six more couples gathered into the small throne room that he only uses for personal sessions with special people. Each of the couples desired one of the boys. That would leave me with one boy left over. I didn't know if it would be fair to him to let the others find families and he not.
    I spoke as plain and as bluntly as I could. I told the prospective child seekers how I found the boys and the life that they had lived for several weeks on the street. I told them about the abuse that some of the boys had suffered at home. I told them that they should expect the boys to have nightmares and wake up screaming. I pointed out two of the boys that were always together and I told them that I would not be comfortable splitting the pair up.
    A man rose from his chair and walked over to the two boys in question. He talked to them and I watched their bright eyes light up. They kept looking at me then returned to listen to what the man had to say.
    "My wife and I wanted to take both boys. We could see the closeness between the two. We thought that we could only choose one boy. Both of these boys want to come to live in our mountain castle and play in the woods that surround my little kingdom. So if you will allow it we would like to make a home for both of these boys." I allowed it. Cullen whispered into my soundbud that the man was an Earl that stood in the highest regards throughout all of Munedavia.
    With the boys all situated we retired to our rooms to make ourselves ready for a trip to a great relaxation spot. I made myself ready by removing my shirt and shoes then laying down on the bed. My two little guys crawled up to play with me and I asked Ugitsiha to join us. As we played with our boys we talked. Daylight brightened my life as she told me that I was an excellent father. She told me that she had sat with the little boys for a few minutes and had fallen in love with them, "They were just too cute."
    She agreed with me that it would be difficult for us to acclimate ten small children into our household all at once. Of course there was that language thing, but she felt that she could teach them English. I asked where they would go to school. She didn't have an answer for that. My precious wife has my heart. She loves children and cannot stand to see any of them hungry or hurt. Ain't we the perfect pair?
    The entire Royal Entourage loaded into three separate limos for the trip over to FI-2. We were escorted by the Kings Royal bodyguard. Munedavia does not have a standing army.
    There is a fifty man bodyguard stationed at the castle. Our boy Wayne serves as a captain of the guard. Lord Walsingham sat shotgun in the front seat of Cullen's car. I had another young captain riding shotgun for me and my wife and children in an armored SUV, with no flags on it. The King's mother rode in the last limo with the flags of her son on the front fenders and the King's seal on each back door.
    We had two SUVs riding with each car as we made our way along different routes that would all end at the airport. I called Flyboy to let him know that we were in route. He told me that the plane was checked out and ready to take off as soon as we arrived. I love efficiency. I can always count on Pete to have everything under control. I guess that is why I have always loved him. We were not right for each other, but we had a great time while we were together as a couple. Eddy is a very lucky man.
    Pete set us down lightly. We stepped off of the plane to the sounds and smells of a seaside city. Athos had armored SUVs waiting for us. I held onto Ugitsiha as our driver whipped around traffic and pedestrians, mostly small children, on the way up the hill to the beautiful Villa de Christophe for two days of nothing but relaxation. That sounded so good to me.
    I called for my flight crew to join me to consume a carafé of the sweet fruit wine that is a trademark of the villa. All of the boys remembered their first taste of the non-alcoholic drink from their first trip to the villa in 2006. As we drank and relaxed I asked them about their lovers in Arizona. I feel bad about taking them off on jaunts that keeps them separated for the one that they love.
    Bryan was the first to speak out. He has been hurt by several of the boys. He and Donny had stood before Cas and made a lifetime vow to always be together. I thought at the time that the two fifteen year old boys were too young to make such a commitment. "Dad, I am just floating along through life. Donny hurt me so much that I don't think that I will ever find a real life long partner.
    "Hani and I have been together for a couple of years now, but our age difference is messing things up. We just don't have the same interests any longer. We enjoy the sex, but there are no emotions to go along with it." I thought that Bry had spoken well. I watch the boys and I had seen this coming.
    Mike told us about the same story. He and Isi had a blood tie with their Indian heritage, but Isi is a full blood and he sometimes gives Mike a hard time about being a breed . I had never suspected that many of the Indian boys looked down on Mike because his mother had married Revers on the rebound. Children are not responsible for their parents actions. Mike held a lot of resentment in his heart.
    We all looked at Pete. "Eddy and I are very much in love. My travel with you does not put any sort of strain on our love. Our marriage vows are ever imprinted on our hearts and we live with what we have. Eddy has long hours at his job with Andy, He comes home so mentally tired that he just wants to fall into bed. That is when we enjoy to pleasures of our married life.
    'He is taking a few courses in summer school while I am away, but he should be finished with the second summer semester by the first of August when we are due to go back home.
    "We are looking for a house to buy where we can live in peace. Living at βφτ house never gives us any peace. I come home from a long trip and have to listen to all of those boys arguing with each other. Eddy is the same way. We want to sit in the hot tub and just let the day wash away, but there is always some sort of crisis going on. I guess that I should expect it with thirty eight teen aged boys living so close together." I didn't tell him that Eddy had arranged it with Andy to fly over to England at the same time that we would be there.
    I looked at the three crewmen. I will never understand how some minds work. I was saddened by Bry's news. Mike's statements depressed. I suppose that the biggest racists are of the race themselves. I know that I try to treat everyone that I meet equally. It is how a person deports himself around me that makes me decide whether the individual is worth my attention or not.
    Pete and Mike rose to move away. Bry came around the table and sat down in my lap. He placed his head on my shoulder and blew lightly into my ear. "I love it here. I wish that we could live here forever. This fruit wine is what I remember the most. The wine and sitting here with you as we look out over the ocean. I really love it, daddy." He hugged me tightly. I felt his body shudder.
    Bry is a deep thinker. He knows what he wants and he goes after if. He has more money than anyone in the house with the exception of Jace. Toby and Kenny have a great deal of money, but it was Bry's grandfather that has bankrolled the young man. I watch Bry very closely, the money has not changed him one tiny bit. He is still just Bry.
    "Oops, am I disturbing something here?" Leave it to El to ask the asinine questions. Of course she was disturbing something, my quiet time with a favorite son.
    Bry sat up and wiped a tear from his eye. He kissed my cheek, but I pulled him to me and gave him the kind of kiss that stiffens a man's resolve. He giggled at me as he ran into the house. He was adjusting his crotch as he ran. I bade El sit down.
    "Chris, honey, I…" That caused me to shut her out. Condescending words like sweety or honey just cause me to shut my mind down and I do not hear what is being said after that.
    "I'm sorry, Chris, are you listening to me? I love you and I want to be in a special place in your life."
    I rose from my seat and knelt beside my older sister. "I love you as well. I am sorry that I never knew of you earlier in my life. I suppose that my mother had her reasons for keeping my father's name pure. But his affair with your mother happend before he met mom. They were married before a minister so theirs is a love sanctioned by God. There was no shame in it.
    "I am so very lucky that you are my sister. You are an inspiration to me."
    "Then let me inspire you some more. I know that you wanted all of us to spend at least two days at this remarkable villa. It is even more perfect than you have told me. Cullen never ceases to praise this place and I can see the view that he most loves. This is the perfect retreat for the boy when he needs a break."
    I thought that she was correct in her assessment. I would have to buy a few of the nearby houses and tear them down so that the security detail could watch the queeing better.
    "Chris, I am involved with several homeless shelters in the Liverpool area. I just received word that they have a crisis situation that needs my personal presence to resolve. I must return home as quickly as possible. Ugitsiha wants to take the babies and join me. We will have time to shop and visit in my home until your arrival, what, in two weeks?"
    "Your statements in order, first you say that a shelter that you are working with has a crisis situation that needs you to be there. What sort of a crisis?
    "The landlord of the building that they are situated in wants his rent for the past three months. I have tried to help, but…well quite honestly Philby and I have just given, and given. It just never seems to be enough."
    "Okay, I will give you a check to cover the past due rent. When I arrive at your estate I will want to visit these shelter for myself and see if they are worthy of any more assistance from either of us.
    "Your second request was that Ugitsiha and my sons go home with you today. I had hoped that you and she would fall in love with this place as I have. I would not mind retiring here in a few more years. The weather is stable and the economy is superior. I have a very old friend that lives over in those woods and I would like to spend a good deal of my life fishing with him.
    "Of course Ugitsiha can go home with you. If that is what she wants I am not her lord and master. She is free to go as she pleases."
    "Oh but sire, you are my lord and master. You are my very life I do like it here and would like to go into town for a shopping trip. That is what El and I had planned to do tomorrow. But El really must get to Liverpool or six hundred people will be without shelter and their food source.
    "Please, my precious Waya, bring me back here very soon. Maybe just the two of us and our children. I want to love this place as you do. I want to know about that tomb over on that patio. I want to know about your friend François that gave you this perfect villa. And I would really like to meet Athos, I might even go fishing with you." I hugged my wife to me. She is a special person to me. We broke our embrace when El rose to go inside to pack her suitcases. Yeah, plural. I'll admit that she had been away from home for over a week, but nine suitcases and a trunk to boot? Women, who can figure them?
    I tapped lightly on the door to Pete's room. I heard some scuffling then Mike answered the door wearing nothing but a towel held loosely in front of himself. "Er, ah, dad…we were just…"
    "No expiations are necessary, dude. I would like to ask you and Pete for a favor. I am need of a plane and crew to make a special delivery." I explained myself to the duo then went in search of Bry.
    Bry did not answer his door. I worry about the boy so I opened his door quietly. Bry was naked and stretched out on his bed. He had his wilted cock in his hand. His hand and belly were covered in the left over evidence of his activities. Two long lines of his elixir streaked up his torso, one had culminated at his chin. I could almost taste his delight as he shot into his own mouth.
    I plucked a damp towel from his bathroom and sat down beside him. I was cleaning his body when he opened his eyes. "Nice load."
    "I was thinking about you."
    "Don't do this again today and later we will share your bed." Bry threw his arms about me. I told him the purpose of my visit. Bry jumped up and rushed into the shower. That boy has the kind of butt that drives me wild. I could bury my face in his crack and stay there all day, at least until he farts.
    I was not comfortable with leaving the King alone at the villa. I didn't want to draw attention to his presence by driving through town in a convoy of SUVs. I played with my babies on the large white rug in the main living chamber while the ladies finished their packing. I pulled my wife to the floor and kissed her deeply. My sons wanted mommy and daddy sugar for themselves. We ended up in a real family moment as the boys climbed all over us.
    The bright light from a flash bulb brought us up from our play. El was circling us with her cell phone in hand. "This is a precious moment that I want to preserve forever," she told us.
    El brings out the little boy in Cullen. The two of them stood in an embrace and I heard the young King call El mommie more than once. When he broke away he looked at me and blushed, "Well gee govnr, I love me mum." I chased him out through the door and around the two SUVs that were awaiting their passengers.
    I helped with the strapping in of my babies into car seats then gave a final kiss to my wife. I shook hands with Philby and told him that I would see him in about a week maybe two. I gave El a super hug and told her the same.
    Pete and his crew were in the front vehicle as they drove away. I stood on the driveway with one arm around Cullen and the other around Jimmy. We watched the convoy disappear down the hill, but waited for a few minutes to see them reappear on the opposite set of hills as they made the climb up to the airstrip.
    For some unknown reason none of wanted to turn away. It was a good twenty minutes from the time that we saw the vehicles turn into the airfield before we saw FI-2 take to the air. Pete flew the plane directly toward us. He came down low and waved his wings at us. Cullen and I both grabbed Jimmy and cried on his broad shoulders.
    We were called into lunch by a young man of about twenty. The three of us looked at each and laughed. We really did miss Tazzi and his naked little butt scurrying about to announce one thing or another. As we entered the house we paused before a small table. On that table lay Asce's silver tray with his gloves laid out on top. Precious memories.
    We sat down to a lunch prepared by the new staff that I had hired after Asce's death. They were a man and boy team that had lived together since the boy was twelve. Both of them seemed very devoted to the other and they worked well together. I couldn't help comparing them to Asce and Tazzi. They were their own people. One major difference is that the man cooks and the boy cleans the house.
    Asce never cooked or cleaned. Tazzi did some of the minor housekeeping, but Asce ran a tight reign on a staff of four. The villa is as spotless as it had been under Asce's iron rule, but the food was a bit different.

    Perceval is thirty years old. He is a funny little man, as far as looks go. He looks the part of the stereotypical French man, small, smooth, and pale of skin. He stands five foot seven and weighs one hundred and thirty pounds. His features are small, but his fingers are long. His hands are slim with fingers that tell of an artist.
    Perceval has a long face ending in a pointed chin. His eyes are larger than one would expect. His widow's peak is twisted into a curl that rests in the middle of his forehead. His lips and cheeks have a deep rosy tint to them, almost as if he were wearing makeup. His voice has a young sound and his laugh is a liltish giggle. He is a pleasant sort of a man, one that I feel comfortable around.
    The man was cleaning large red strawberries then placing them in a colander under running water. I had just wiped my hands with a squirt of Isagel™ from a bottled over the sink before I reached into the bowl and plucked a berry and popped into my mouth. Perceval shock his knife at me. The way that he did it reminded me of Beulah with her wooden spoon. At least the spoon wouldn't kill me. Not as fast anyway.

    We dined on a fish that had been purchased from the local wharf earlier in the morning. It was broiled to perfection with butter and fresh thyme. A pilaf of wild rice mixed with herbs and spices complemented the entree. Fresh hot bread was set before us and I wondered if Perceval had baked it himself. Marin told us that he buys ready to bake loafs of bread at the bakery for his father to prepare for us.
    I have grown to like the salad. I agree with Cory that there are some strange things in the bowl, but it all tastes good. Marin mixed a dressing for us at the table then swizzled it over our salad. It was a perfect blend of vinegar and spices. I liked the local olive oil, it tasted different than what I can find at home. I asked the couple if they would purchase two large tins of the oil for me to take home with me. They told me that the oil would be waiting for me later that afternoon.
    "Uncy, you told mum about going fishing. I would like to fish in the sea below the cliff." That sounded good to me.
    Jimmy piped in, "Are those glass bottomed boats still down there? We could go out in them and see where the fish are then drop a hook in front of them." I love Jimmy's simple thinking. I have done that very thing from the banks of the Illinois River as it flows along the eastern edge of my little village in Oklahoma.
    We gathered what we would need for an afternoon on the water and headed for the steep staris that switch back and forth as it winds down the face of the cliff to the beach below. Marin approached us as we walked across the patio. He passed each of us a large tube of sun screen and told us to use it or burn. I realized that he was right, I had just not been thinking. The sun of the Mediterranean is intense and it would be magnified as it reflected back on us from the surface of the water.
    Jimmy was right. We could see schools of fish of all sizes swimming about the rocks below the surface. None of us knew about ocean marine life so we were unsure about which fish to try to catch. Jimmy just lowered his hook down into a school of larger fish and waited. In moments we saw a fish tugging at Jimmy's line. We watched with anticipation as Jimmy fought the fish before pulling it onboard.
    Once on the boat we could easily spot the slender, flat body of a Flounder. The fish was just over ten inches long so we had to go fishing for more to feed us that night. I expected the flight crew back around twenty one hundred hours and I knew that they would be very hungry.
    Perceval prepared the fish for us at the outdoor grill. His recipe called for a few odd ingredients, but they blended together quite well. I would have liked to have eaten grilled fish, but we were told that Flounder is not a good fish for that form of cooking. It is low in fatty oils and falls apart very easily If you would like the recipe follow the link. At least my dinning companions and I had the pleasure of the knowledge that we had caught the fish ourselves. Of course we saved six of the fish for the flight crew.
    At eighteen hundred sharp I received a call from Star Finder. I had to listen closely before I was able to recognize Mike's voice. He told me that he had been trying to find himself a handle that described his job. I asked him if Bry had found a name. He giggled and told me that they just call him their side kick.
    Mike told me that they had serviced the plane and were airborne back to my twenty. He gave me and ETA of two point seven five hours plus drive time back to the villa. That would put them back in my company in St. Tropez at twenty one hundred hours. I told him that we had fish that Cullen, Jimmy, and I had caught and that we would save some for them. All of the crew was on their headsets, they all gave me a rousing Atta Boy .
    Perceval was using the grill as an oven and as a stove top. He had skillets filled with fresh vegetables sauté'eing over the hot coals. I watched the man chop green tops of onions and garlic pods into one large skillet filled with sizzling, melted butter.
    He pulled two pans for the fish from the upper oven area. He placed two of the large fish fillets into one pan then the other. Next he poured a mixture of vegetables from another skillet over then he placed them into the oven section. He tossed tiny mushrooms caps into the skillet with the onions and garlic and shook the pan around, tossing its contents into the air then back into the pan.
    He pulled out a large black mushroom and thinly sliced it into the mix. He looked over his shoulder at me and smiled. "Marin and I went shopping before dawn this morning." His lilt filled the air with merriment.
    He nodded to Marin to continue. Marin was busy adding salt and ice to an ice cream mixer that was rumbling along beside the fireplace. "Pére and I like to rise early and go for a walk in the forests west of here. We know an old man that has a dog that is trained to sniff out truffles so we took the dog along with us. A dog is better than Herr, Schmidt's sow, she eats more than she lets us have. Dogs don't eat the truffles.
    "Black truffles are abundant in this area and Pére thought that you would like one for your dinner. They are better if gathered and eaten fresh so we only selected one and took five more to the man that owns the dog. They are worth a lot of money in the market downtown and we know that he needs money.
    "While we were in the woods we selected a handful of white mushrooms and wild onions and wild garlic. We also gathered some things for your salad. Pére wants you to have a memory eating experience." Perceval told him that the word was memorial, a memorial dining experience.
    Perceval took the fish from the fire and plated it. He poured vegetables over it and then he put a small amount of the sauté'ed mushrooms and truffles on the side of the plate. Marin served each of us and poured us a glass of fruit wine.
    That wine was a bit different in that it did not have the sweet tastes of of the fruit wine. It was very good. A bit dry like a good fermented wine, but without that flavor that I do not like. Of course the wine that Marin poured for us was non-alcoholic.
    The fish was flaky and perfect in everyway. We ate until we were filled. Perceval produced a large strawberry pie. I asked him if we could wait until the others arrived and have our desert with them. He looked at his ingredients and began to curse in French.
    "Pére. it will be alright. We have more mushroom and there is a half of a truffle left. You can do it, Pére, I know that you can." The boy wrapped his arms around the man and spooned against his back. Perceval calmed down and turned to kiss his young lover.
    "I'm sorry. This is all my fault. I should have made it cleat the other three boys would return tonight. They are my flight crew and I will need them to take His Highness home in a few days."
    Perceval stopped and turned. He looked at Cullen as if seeing him for the first time. He stiffened himself then bowed at the waist. "Forgive me Your Majesty. I did not know who you are."
    Cullen rose and stepped over to the man. "You have made me happy. I have always wanted to go somewhere that nobody knew me. I have enjoyed my day." He shook the queen's hand and patted him on the back. Perceval was appeased. He gathered what he had left and placed them in the small ice chest.
    It was then that a thought occurred to me. "You and Marin have not eaten. You were planning to ea t after we were fed. That will not do, my friend. You are always welcome to sit down at my table and dine with me. Do you have enough to feed my three pilots and yourselves?" He indicated that he did. I looked at my watch, it was eight o/clock, Pete would be touching down in about forty five minutes.
    Cullen, Jimmy, and I helped with the clean up duties. I washed the skillets and the baking dish while the boys washed the plates and flatware. We set the table for eight and sat back with a glass of the fruit wine to wait. In a few minutes a jet rose up from the ocean and roared over the house. Cullen yelled out that mommie was home. I made him and Jimmy explain that.
    Perceval rose and began to prepare his vegetable garnish all over again. He removed the six remaining fish from the ice then looked at me. I could read his mind through his eyes. "I want you to fix the fish then you are to sit down and eat it with us." He smiled and arranged the fish into shallow baking dishes.
    We heard the SUV long before it arrived. Cullen and Jimmy made a dash for the door to greet the travelers. From our position outside near the fireplace we could hear the two boys call out in unison, "Welcome back, mommie." Cullen ran as fast as he could from the house with Pete hot on his tail. Pete caught the young monarch and ruffled his hair. Cullen was giggling like the little boy that I knew and love.
    We sat and ate until midnight. The strawberry pie was exquisite, but the homemade ice cream was decadent. Perceval had used fresh, whole cream. He had slit and scraped vanilla bean into the mix and added raw sugar from the canes that I had seen in a basket on his kitchen sink. He slow cooked the cream then added strawberry pieces to it and refrigerated it all day long. I felt that Edmund and Çhé Ģer would like the receipe.
    Perceval had something truly unique for our most pleasant evening. He and Marin had put up three gallons of fresh strawberry wine with just a touch of chocolate bean and cinnamon in it. It was served ice cold, thirty four degrees, and refreshed our palates and prepared us for a good night's rest.
    I kept my promise to Bry. I led him to my bedroom by his hand as Mike and Jimmy slipped into Mike's room Cullen was giggling from behind Pete's bedroom door. "Oh, mommie dearest, slide your big old self into me."
    "Nope, not yet. I have always wanted your Royal scepter in me." Cullen giggled some more, I shut my door and turned to Bry. He was randy and ready.
    The next morning I arose before the sun peeked over the horizon. I headed to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and found Perceval busy making biscuits. "I am told that you like fluffy, buttermilk biscuits with butter or sausage gravy for your breakfast. How do the lads like theirs for breakfast?" I told him that the lads like biscuits, but that sometimes they like eggs as well. I told him either scrambled or fried. I told him that all of us like melons and citrus as well. He showed me a large bottle of V-8 vegetable juice that he had in the refrigerator. I gave him a hug. He purred like a kitten.
    I had no time to dally. I took my cup of coffee and a small bowl of strawberries and walked down the long hallway to the door of the apartment that had belonged to Asce. I touched my palm to the reader and the door opened before me. I stepped inside and closed the door behind.
    I moved across the room to the wall of open doors and felt the morning breeze rising up the cliff from the sea below. The air smelled sweet and fresh, no dead fish smell when the wind is from the south or east. Lying on top of Asce's tomb was a freshly cut white rose. Someone knows about Asce and his favorite flower.
    Two deck chairs with extra thick cushions sat facing one another beside the white marble sepulcher. The marble had been cleaned of any dirt and my face was easily reflected back to me. I sat my cup of coffee to the left hand side of the tomb. Asce was interred with his feet toward the see so that on resurrection morning he would rise up to see the face of Jesus calling him to come out of his grave. I patted the cold stone next to my cup, that would be about the place that the old man in a tux 's hand would be.
    Yes, I know the Bible well. Asce knew not what was going on around him. The Bible tells us " that the dead know not anything. The dead are asleep and await the trumpet call of Gabriel and the call from Jesus to ARISE. " Asce couldn't hear me, my stay at his grave side was strictly for me. I had thoughts that I needed to send before my Lord and that site seemed the perfect spot with its serenity.
    The sky's gray pallor was fading away. The very top of the sun appeared above the waves of the water and sent its beams soaring across the sky in long breams for dawn's first light. I felt the Holy Spirit move in my heart and I heard a voice from Heaven. I sat in reverence as the Lord spoke to me and told me what I must do.
    With tears flowing down my cheeks and my chest heaving under the awesome power of His presence, I began to send up my petitions. I was torn about ten little innocent Russian boys. I had been with them for less than thirty six hours, yet I had an attachment to them. I asked my Father to watch over them and to protect them. I asked that I might know if they were in need.
    I prayed for the school in Moscow. I had left it with eighty two new students to be acclimated and, hopefully, become friends with the twenty boys that had been there before. I had a plan for four weeks out to have those boys join me in California for a cruise aboard the totally re-outfitted Voyageur Marin Deux©. I really was in need of the Lord's mighty hand to be able to put that together. The place to which I wished to sail is rife with drug traffic and bandits.
    I was silent as I sat there in communication with my Maker. I don't know for sure how long I sat there, but the sun was a full globe sitting about fifteen degrees above the horizon when my eye caught movement in the garden. I looked over and spotted Marin with a basket of cuttings from the beautiful flowers that were growing there. I called for him to come and sit with me.
    "I am so sorry, Sir, I did not wish to disturb you. I was in the garden gathering flowers and vegetables when you stepped out. I slipped back into the foliage and continued my work." I shushed him and assured him that it was alright.
    We sat together and talked for about a half an hour. I looked over his cuttings and found long carrots, red radishes, a head of lettuce, two large white onions, and two very large red tomatoes. He told me that he still had to select a melon for our breakfast. I walked into the garden with him.
    That was the first time that I had ever even realized that there was a garden there. I had seen the bright colored flowers, but never thought about it. In the midst of the fresh smell of blooming plants rested a nice little garden over one hundred feet long and twenty feet wide. Marin told me that when there was no one to stay at the villa that he picked the ripe produce and cut some of the flowers to take down to the market. He told me that sometimes he sold them from his wheelbarrow and sometimes he sold them to other vendors. He made his pocket money that way.
    I asked him if I was paying him. He told me no. He and his pé had a place to live and food to eat and that was enough. He wanted some money to buy video games and movies for his old portable DVD player. I had an idea.
    At breakfast I told Cullen that he was hard to recognize without his heavy rimmed glasses and rabbit teeth. Jimmy began to giggle and said that he liked the black mole with the hair growing out of it. Cullen stared at me, "So, uncy, I get all that on me face and we go shopping or I get to stay home. Who has the makeup kit?" I knew that Cullen was anxious to go into the village and buy souvenirs so I called the bodyguards and asked them to find a makeup kit for us.
    Wayne had selected to stay in the guard's quarters. I told him that he was missed. He had the makeup kit, that we had used in the past, in his possession. I told him to get out of his uniform and to hide his guns on his person that we were going to the market. He smiled at me as he busied himself making Cullen into our beloved dweeb.
    When we returned to the villa Marin had many things. He had a wide screen TV for his bedroom. He had a new Wii with fifty games and there was an assortment of twelve newly released movies. He also had a salary of his own and a savings account to help him though the local college. He was excited about his sleep over date for that night.
    I gave Perceval a salary above his rent and food. I made it retroactive which gave the man a handsome piece of change. I called the local satellite company and asked for someone to call at the villa to connect the new TV in the bedroom to my dish on the roof.
    The other boys were loaded down with trinkets and souvenirs, I was glad that we did not have to go through customs with all of it.
    When we left for Munedavia the following morning we left behind two very good new friends. One of them was bowlegged, but very happy. Perceval caught me alone and told me that he had been trying to get Marin into someone else's bed for sometime. He said that he felt that it would make the boy a better lover for him. I do the best that I can.
    I will have to return to my villa more often. Ugitsiha told me that she wanted to return soon.

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