Chapter 261


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Traveler Chapter 261
    Alonso came to my door on Sunday morning after my return from my latest adventure. He was excited, he had completed the latest job I had for him, and he was anxious to show it to me. I gathered Ugitsiha, the babies, Roddy and Yuri; Cory, Sagi and their three little ones joined with us in the tunnel for a trip to Camp Christopher. We met RD and, a very pregnant, Quemela in the tunnel leading to the large cavern under the school's football field. The girls pampered Pam and helped her into the electric cart for the ride to the parking garage under the east edge of the school.
    We were directed to the new entrance next to the tramway to Base A where we met Nolan Black moving a load of bags of animal feed, and a few cases of people food as well. Tristan Browne stepped out of the train car using a bandana to wipe the sweat from his face. The cavern is a cool 60°, I know that Tristan had to be working hard to work up a sweat like he had.
    Yuri and Roddy were busy running along the side of the train and looking underneath. "Dad, it only got one rail, and it's small." I had to explain to Yuri about a monorail when Alonso came to my rescue and told all of us that this was a high speed train that would take us under the mountain and to Camp Christopher in under fifteen minutes. By road it is over fifty miles, and those roads crawl through city streets before leading to a winding two lane road that meanders its way to the camp; a trip of almost two hours with light traffic in the way. A good advantage of the new train is that we don't have to wait for the security guards to check out each vehicle to see that only authorized persons are entering the ranch sanctuary.
    Tristan began to complain to Nolan about the way he was treated at the feed store. The men there actually called him a nigger, and a faggot nigger to boot. Instantly we all felt bad for the boy, nobody should be treated that way in this time and country. Alonso told us that he had to put up with a lot of that a few years back, but Martin Luther King changed all of that with his efforts to bring actual freedom to people of all colors.
    Nolan told us about how the world was when he was a boy and how blacks had their own restrooms and water fountains, and they were not kept very clean. He told us that when he was ten he found work at a drive-in restaurant carrying out the garbage and mopping the back room floor. He said that blacks would come and stand at the door with their hats in their hands and their heads bowed down. They waited until the boss would come to the door and talk to them. The black would give the boss a few quarters and the boss would turn away to the kitchen area. In a few minutes the boss would return with hot food in an old cardboard box that bread and buns came in, and a drink in a paper cup, sometimes he would give the black a wooden fork. The black would thank the boss politely and bow as he backed away from the door. He would then go behind the garbage pit and sit on whatever he could find and eat his dinner.
    Nolan told us many horror stories in the short time that the train took to make the trip over to Camp Christopher. He told about watching a service station owner refusing to pump gas into a car driven by a black woman. He told about a shop owner waving a shotgun at a black kid that took a drink from the porcelain water fountain on the side of the building. The best story that he had was about a car filled with soldiers, in uniform, that stopped to get gas and go to the restroom. One of the boys in the car was a black Staff Sargent, he got out of the car with his stripes on his sleeve and lots of medals/ribbons on his chest. He headed for the restroom first. The man pumping the gas ran inside to tell the owner. The owner rushed out with a ball bat and told the black war hero that he could not use a white man's toilet.
    Nolan said that the owner of the car went to the rear end and removed the license plate then all six of the soldiers walked up to the gas pumps and peed all over them. Then the soldiers jumped into the car and took off without paying for the gas. The owner ran out to get the tag number, but the car was too far away and he couldn't even tell what kind of car it was. He called the police and Nolan said that he stood close enough to hear the owner try to tell the police what had happened. One of the police officers was black so nothing was done.

    We didn't even feel the train come to a stop. The first that we knew of the end of our trip was when the doors slid open with a hiss. I looked at my watch, we had traveled for fourteen minutes and twenty two seconds.
    We exited the tunnel and found ourselves at the base of Fire Mountain to the west side of Camp Chrisotpher. A new roadway, wide enough for two vehciles to pass, had been constructed from the opening in the mountain and leading over to the classroom and dormitory complex. There was a turn off to the house and one leading over to the warehouse near the stables. The road was made of crushed granite six inches thick and compacted so that it was stronger than a concrete highway. The crushed stone would not carry the weight of a heavy laden truck, but it would not shift or crack under the weight of the utility vehichles used around the camp. I made the decision not to drive my armored Caddy on the roadway.
    Nolan had his jeep with a trailer waiting for him. Tristan was already hard at it as he removed the bags of feed from the train and onto the trailer. We bid farewell to Nolan and Tristan then started our walk down to the house. When we arrived at the house Tyler pulled up in the large electric cart. I went with him over to building E to see the boys and how they were adjusting to their new surroundings. I had Tyler circle through the four new dormitory buildings that were under construction. I was glad that I had decided to double the bed space of the camp. I asked Tyler about the new dormitory that was being construced at BAW. Both locations were in need of more bedspace, but the need for a large auditorium was desperately needed. The boys love to show off their talents and I am proud to make that possible. After all, I get serious pleasure when I listen to them strut their stuff.
    All of the boys were called together in the cafeteria where we could discuss the next part of our plans for them. I had allowed them to sleep in on Friday and Saturday to recover from any jet lag. Actually the jet lag had drawn me down. I took the two days to relax with my family around me. I didn't get any sack time with my Cory man, but I spent a long time with my wife as my babies crawled all over me to make sure that I had returned to them the same way that I was before I left. Saturday night I went for my run and came away with a new adventure, but more about that later, for now I want to tell you about the boys that I had just brought home from Europe.
    Tyler and Turner had turned BAW inside out as they moved boys from the dorm into Granite House, my old house, and into the lower dorm. All of their efforts had cleared the top two floors of the dorm at BAW. Normally that would have given us two hundred and fifty beds, but with a little rearranging we had room for everyone for the month of May. June will be another story as most of the boys from Europe and both schools in America were to gather at Tahlequah for Roddy's wedding.

    I explained to the boys what my plans were. We did not have the personnel to provide cooks and classroom guides at the time. Add to that the fact that most of the boys spoke so little English that working with them would present a serious problem. I told the boys that I was going to move them over to the school and bury them in English language studies. That got all of them excited, I had no idea that they wanted to learn to speak fluent English. They wanted to know how they would be taught, I had Turner show them one of the new tablet PCs like I had given to each student at Christmas time a few months earlier.
    The excitement in the room was at a feverish pitch as the boys talked between themselves. I wished that I had Cory with me right then to get the boys back to order. Suddenly an ear piercing whistle made every head turn to the door, I was happy to see my Cory man standing there with a super sized grin on his face. Roddy had asked if he could speak to the boys and I had agreed. Yuri had used his newly aquired ability to learn what Roddy was up to and he could not contain himself until he shared that knowledge with me.
    Roddy stood up on a table in front of the serving line where everyone could see him without the bright light shining through the windows creating a glare that couldn't be seen through. "Sense ya'all don't speak good English I'm gonna put this directly into your minds so that you know what I am saying." With that he showed all of us his lovely bride to be. He let the boys know that he was going to be married on his birthday, the third of July. The boys all grew even more excited when they learned that the wedding was going to take place in Oklahoma. All of them thought that the Land of the Red Man only had wild Indians living there.

    I asked Ugitsiha, Sagi, and Quemla to join us for lunch. They brought all four of the tiny Indians with them to show off for the boys from Europe. I was in the minds of many of the boys as they checked out my babies. I was pleased with their thoughts about the beauty that the boys had about them. Ugitsiha and I spent a great deal of time smiling at one another as boy after boy talked to the four little ones. Cullen James is the youngest of the children at the time. The boys were in disbelief when they learned that he was not yet three years old, but that he was so tall, thirty eight inches, and that he could communicate with them on such an adult level.
    After lunch I placed the three women into an electric cart to carry them over to the new railhead. Along the way I pointed to the four new dormitory buildings and a very large building that overshadowed the entire west end of the compound. I told my family that we would now have an auditorium capable of seating a large enough audience for any type of show that the massed student body of all of the schools could produce.
    All six of the children walked with Cory, RD, and myself as we kept the boys moving toward the train. Christopher Cory thought that he should be in charge because he is the oldest. Cory Stevens plainly told him that Roddy was in charge and if he had a problem with that he should go ride in the cart with his mother. Cory and I had a quiet laugh over that. Cory has told me that his five year old son was getting a bit too big for his britches. I could hardly believe that it had been five years since the boy was born, but in just about two weeks in would be May sixteenth and the boy's birthday.

    Many of the members of the school's staff waited on the platform as the train's doors opened. They helped us guide the students up the stairs to the third and fourth floor of the dorm. Cory and I followed after Tyler on our own stand up rides to inspect the construction of the new dorm to the west of the existing one. I was thankful that the elevators in that building were operable and that they were safe for the stand up scooters that Jimmy had designed. We had a lot of construction debris to circumvent as we quickly made our way to every section of the new building.
    The plans called for smaller cubicles with bedspace for two hundred boys to each floor. All four floors would be used for sleeping areas with the study areas and a small dining room for twenty four hour snacks being located on the first basement level. Emergency egress into the cavern was present, but behind a very thick steel door that can only be activated by a thumbprint or a code known to monitors stationed throughout the building.
    I asked if the rooftop game area was ready for me to inspect. Tyler told me that the contractor had a few tons of supplies up there. I asked him if he thought that the rooftop volleyball court and sun tan area would get any use from the boys. "Dad, I told you in the planning meeting that you have hit on a great idea with the sun porch up there. Your contractor has worked around every posssible situation to give the boys a place where they can lay in the sun totally naked without anyone seeing them from outside." That sounded good to me. I wanted to try to create a sun area on the original dorm, but that would have to wait until the high voltage power lines from the large hydro turbine at Camp Christopher were hooked up. That would have to wait until the boys were gone for their summer vacation and the school was empty.

    RD and Tyler were giving kudos to Cory for his design of a generator large enough to feed the camp with all of its electricity needs as well as a large area of the Indians' homes near the camp and still to be able to power the entire main campus and church. The four of us made our way back through the tunnel between the two buildings and up to the fourth floor. There we found the new students getting their sleeping areas organized. I walked through both floors and was hugged and thanked by every boy that had just come to the school from Slovenija. I felt their minds and knew that I had made the correct decision when I brought them to Tucson. I felt saddened that none of the boys could return to their families. I promised myself that I would give these boys the same sort of home that I had given to the boys from Seigy's castle in Romania nearly three years earlier.

    I quickly admitted Chaz Miller to BAW when his mother and sister dragged him to the school by his ear. I was on the field watching the boys in a game of soccer when a banshee and her cub physically dragged the fifteen year old boy from the car and up to the gate at the street. She was screaming at the gate guard to open up so she could get the faggot mother fucker into the school so he could learn to be a proper queer.
    As I approached the gate a marked FI vehicle pulled in from the east and a city police cruiser pulled up from the west. I spoke loud and clear, "Madam, remove your hands from that child or I will arrest you for child abuse and for hate crimes because of what you are spewing from you skank hole." I almost regretted that remark…until she began again.
    "Who the fuck are you? Are you someone that teaches those fags over there to be as queer as they can be?" The boy told her to shut her filthy mouth. That got him a smack to the face and his mother a trip to the gravel, face first. I placed her under arrest for physical child abuse, verbal child abuse, homophobic slander of fifty six minors that were minding their own business. But when she bit my ankle I placed her in restraints and charged her with felonious assault on a police officer.
    I have dealt with her kind before and had tested my tactics in court, I knew that I could make her be silent. I signaled the FIS agent to gag her. Boy, if looks could kill my death would make world history as the most vicious ever when the agent placed a strap around her head then pushed its rubber ball into her mouth. "What are you doing to my mother, you stupid old fag?" The daughter demonstrated her heritage. I advised her to keep her mouth shut unless she wanted a pair of the pretty chrome braclets in my hand to add to the bling that she was wearing. That death stare must be an inherited trait, it was identical to her mother's stare.
    Cas was there to check out Chaz for any injuries. The police officers were asked to witness what he found as he took pictures. Chaz told us that she had done things to him, down there. A police crime scene investigator had arrived and I guided the boy into his van and asked him to remove his clothes. There was no permanent damage to his body, but he had scratches and bruises in places that would be painful.
    Yuri and Roddy pulled up in an electric cart. I guided Chaz to get in as Yuri drove us along the side of the road toward the main house. I watched the faces of the police officer as we rode away. He shook his head an smiled at me. Yuri is a bit too young to be driving, even beside the road.
    I led Chaz upstairs to my room and told him to get naked. I had him lay on the massage table in the bathroom as I rubbed a salve over his wounds. He didn't catch on to his healing as his skin swallowed the open sores and bruises. I listened to his story as he lay back in pleasure. His cock grew to an impressive six and a half inches of cut boihood when he told me about his suck buddy, a boy by the name of
RU. He said that it was a joke around school that everyone walked up to his friend and asked him, "Are you gay?" He grinneed as he told me that he was one of a very few that the boy answered 'yes' to.
    Chaz told me that he had a good friend in the sixth grade and during the summer break he convinced the friend to accept a blow job. He told me that he had sucked his father and uncle since he could remember, but RU was the first kid his own age that he had ever done. He said that RU liked what he had done and he took care of his needs for him everyday of that summer. Shortly after school started the next year hewanted to move on to the next level. He told RU that he could fuck him, but first he had to suck his cock to show good faith. RU had thgought about that for sometime and he was willing to do it, especially with the promise of being allowed to fuck his dick into Chaz's tiny little butt.
    The two boys lived close enough to each other that they could get it on nearly everyday. When Chaz graduated from the eighth grade with all As on his report card his parents let him move into the small apartment attached to the garage. The boys had the run of the apartment for two years. The only change in their lives was that RU had been promoted to the tenth grade on scholastic merit. That was when he met another fourteen year old that he knew from the years gone by. A kid by the name of
Kip Turner had been promoted to the fourth grade, skipping over the third grade. Kip and RU were both super brainiacs and they had a lot in common. The only problem that Chaz had with Kip is that he is super cool and the best looking guy that he had ever seen. Chaz wanted him very badly, but he was also afraid that he would steal RU away from him.
    When Chaz had gone into the house for breakfast on the day that he was dragged to the school he was met with a wall of ice and hatred. His sister, Charlene, had stood outside of his bedroom window the night before and listened to him talk on the phone to one of his boyfriends. As she listened to her brother talk she knew that he was talking to her boyfriend, RU. She went ballistic. She ran into the house crying that her life was ruined. When her mother came home at two in the morning Charlene went to her and told her that her brother was a fag and that her boyfriend was his boyfriend as well. She said that when the kids at school found out then her life would be over. No one wants to be known as the Friend of a Fag or worse yet, a Fag Hag. You already know what happened after that.
    I was a bit tight for bed space at the time so I asked Marin if he would share his his room with Chaz for a short time. Both boys leaned on the other as they learned about the school.

    Every school in the world experiences similar problems as the year grows to its close. The boys had their heads into their books as they prepared to sit for the massive amount of examinations prepared for them by the faculty and staff. The boys were also looking at their social status amongst their friends that did not attend BAW, Some of them had their sights zeroed in on a dickless friend that they could show off as they try to prove to others that they are not gay. Some of those boys actually believe that they are only living at the school because of the prejudices of others.

    I needed to run. I had been so busy over the past two months that I had taken very little time to take care of my body, and I felt it. I quickly noticed that I could not maintain a full speed run on the first Saturday night after my return. I needed to go for as long as I could. I do ascribe to the old adage that if there is no pain then there is no gain. That may or may not be true, but I had not reached any pain level yet, I was just winded from trying to run faster than I had in more than nine weeks.
    It may have been a premonition, but whatever the case I had left my usual route around the green belt and was jogging along the street that runs in front of the house that blank">Ivon Gwenaël had grown up in and also along the front of Tip Thorton's house where he lived with his two sons, Pat and Abe. As I got about two doors down from Ivan's house I was hit with an overwhelming sense of despair. I had to hug a tree to steady myself as I tried to determine the source of the feeling.
    I looked at a long and wide driveway that led along between the house of an older friend of young Ivan. The friend had twenty small apartment units tucked into the back of his large lot. I quickly started down the driveway as I zeroed in on the mind of a person in serious trouble. My telepathic powers were working at their peak as I quickly found the door of an apartment that seemed to beckon me to it. The feeling that I was receiving from the person inside was so strong that I didn't hesitate to break through the door and run straight to his bedroom. Sitting naked on the floor beside his bed was a boy of fourteen or fifteen, an empty bottle of pills lay beside him.
    I picked the boy up and held him upside down until he vomited the contents of his stomach onto the floor beneath him. The silence of the room was pierced by the shrill sound of an hysterical mother demanding that I put her son down. A young male voice joined in as a boy of about sixteen ran to me and began to pound on my back. I carefully placed my burden on the floor and checked his breathing. The mother was still screaming until I grabbed her hand and pulled her over. "Look!!" I demanded as I pointed to the pool of vomit on the floor. More than two dozen tiny white pills could be clearly seen in the mess. I picked up the pill bottle and read the label, it was OxyContin, 60mg. tabs. The label stated that the prescription was for a Thelma Usher. One tablet was to be taken twice a day, as needed for pain. I passed the bottle to the mother, she quickly inhaled a sharp breath and, with a gasp, she sat down on the floor.
    I was aware of a conversation going on between the two boys. I stayed quiet and let them talk. Neither of them knew that the other was gay or that they were deeply in love with each other. I kept hearing the boy that had taken the pills lamenting over the fact that he had been stood up on his junior prom night.
    A face from my past rushed through the door of the bedroom, he was waving a pistol around and yelling that he had called the police so I better just drop to the floor and wait for them to arrive. I quickly disarmed him before someone was hurt. I turned to Mrs. Usher and suggested that she take her son to the bathroom and get him into a cold shower. I had learned that the other boy's name was Kip. He ran to the bathroom and returned with dirty towels from the clothes hamper and began to pat at the puddle of puke to absorb it. I heard the police at the front door so I went into the living room to meet them.
    I was smartly saluted, "Sir Chris, you are already here?" I told the two officers that everything was under control and that they were called in error.
    Paul Turner came up beside me, "I am sorry that I called for you. I saw Chris rush in here and I didn't recognize him so I panicked."
    One of the officers sniffed the air, "Have you been drinking, sir?"
    `"I have had a few drinks inside the privacy of my own apartment..." I nodded at the officers as I assured them, again, everything was alright. They looked at Paul then around the front room of the apartment.
    Mrs. Usher came in with Kip behind her and led him to the kitchen. When she returned she told the officers that her son was sick and had just thrown up; she pointed to the bucket that Kip was carrying, it was filled with bottles of cleaning solutions. The two officers nodded to her and left us alone. I followed Mrs. Usher into the bathroom and helped her son out of the tub and slipped some shorts onto his naked butt. I told him that he would have to tuck his huge cock in himself. He blushed and giggled as he took a sweet four inch semi-soft phallus and tucked it into his shorts. He never once took his eyes from mine.
    I followed after Russ as he went back to his room. He looked down at Kip working on the mess on the carpet and began to apologize to his friend. I told the boys that they needed to talk as I headed Thelma and Paul from the room. I nodded at Paul as I suggested to Thelma that black coffee would be nice, she caught my meaning.
    We sat at the table nursing our cups when Thelma spoke, "You don't remember me do you?"
    "Of course I remember you Thelma Marshall. You were one of Sylvia Hamm's friends. Do you know that she and I have a son. Randall will be nineteen in August. He is a married man with a son of his own due this next fall."
    Thelma was surprised. "Are the two of you still together?"
    "No, Syl was taken by cancer a little more than two years ago. I am now married to a beautiful lady that has given me three sons, and we have adopted that little squirt standing over there."
    All eyes turned to the door to see Yuri and Ivan standing there with a man in a wheelchair before them. "I ain't no squirt, daddy." He looked hurt by my words, I called him to me so that I could tickle his ribs. After that I rose and shook hands with Jaxon Mull and rubbed Ivan's hair around the top of his head. Ivan had come to me in March and asked me if I would allow him to be friends with fifty nine year old Jaxon. The man has met with hard times and his health has left him confined to a power chair.

    It was time for me to take my leave. As I started to tell Yuri to walk home with me I caught a glimpse of emotion from Paul. I quickly probed Jaxon's mind and found that he had feelings that he was hiding deep inside of himself. The little old matchmaker in me took over as I suggested that Ivan needed to come home with us. I told him that he should let Paul take Jaxon home. Paul looked at me with a very large smile on his face.

    The next two weeks ran by without a hitch. Our newest arrivals amazed everyone with their quick grasp of the nuances of English. Verbs are generally the hardest thing for someone to learn, but these boys were speaking as if it was a natural second tongue to them. Oh sure, they had the accents that would always be present with them, but they made me proud as they showed the other boys what hard work could accomplish in a short period of time.
    There were a few hiccups as some of the boys got shot down for going to a school where they were being taught to be queers. Narrow minds have preconceived ideas that are very difficult to overcome. The sad part about all of it was that boys that were struggling with their sexual identity were being victimized by ignorance. One of the boys wanted to fight and he didn't care with whom he fought. For the most part the sensitive boys wanted to curl up somewhere and cry. I had to play the part of an understanding momma for her hurt cubs.

    It was very unusual, but an application was handed to me Sunday afternoon the twentieth of May. It had a request attached for an interview away from my house and away from the school. I asked Craig to serve as my secretary for the meeting even though I wasn't sure why it was called, but it seemed important. I invited the party involved to come to my office on the thirty eighth floor of the bank building downtown.
    At two minutes till ten on the twenty first of May Craig rang my private phone to let me know that the involved parties were in his office. I asked him to show them in and serve them whatever they preferred to drink. When the door opened I saw absolutely the skinniest red haired boy I had ever seen in my life enter in through the door. The boy was soft, but not effeminate. I had seen this boy naked a few weeks earlier as I held him upside down to upchuck a bottle full of pills that he had tried to ingest. Russell Usher was followed by, what appeared to be, a jock. Kip Turner looked to be older than fourteen, but their applications stated that they were both fifteen. They sat down on the two seats in front of my desk as Craig set a tray with two cold Cokes and two glasses of ice on it down before them. I sat in my chair watching the two boys in silence.
    Once the boys filled their glasses with soda the red haired boy spoke. "Please sir, we need your help. Not me so much as Kip here. We done a bad thing and it has ruined his life. I'll have to live with it but Kip has his rep to live up to."
    I reached for my coffee and took a drink in silence, I waited for the boys to continue with their story before I would speak. I could tell that the boys were nervous as hell and were I to speak at that time it would only serve to cause them more suffering. I did a stare down with the boys and within seconds they began to fidget, I knew that I was getting to them. "Go on fool, tell them what we did," Kip said as he ducked his head. Russ shifted in his seat and took a long drink of his soda before looking me in the eye. I could see his nervousness so I quietly slipped a message into his mind causing him to calm down. The following story is written down exactly as he stated it to me in the privacy of my office to be recorded and transcribed by Craig.
    "I was bummed out, I mean… well I just got stood up, alright? I had just finished polishing my shoes, my tux pants, with a white coat, lay on the bed ready for me to put on. I had one sock on my foot and my underwear in my hands as I sat on the floor crying like a baby. I had just received the phone call from Charlene that totally shattered my life. We had planned to go to the prom together for two years, and the night of the big event she calls me to tell me that she had found out that I really was a fag and that I had been fucking with her twin brother for three years. She would not allow me to say nothing so I had to listen to her rag on.
    "Yeah, I'd been having sex with Chaz since the summer after the sixth grade. He loves to suck cock and now he likes to be fucked in the ass. He wants an older boy with a very big dick to fuck him while he and I suck each other and I have asked my handsome prince here if he would do a three way with us. He has said yes, but we got to get him out of our school 'cause the other dudes there want to kill him." I have heard their story from the brother, Chaz, but I wanted to hear it from these two. I don't really like to listen to what others tell me about a boy's sex life, they often get the facts distorted, I sat back and waited for RU to settle down and continue his own story.
    I asked the two boys to tell me what they did to ruin their lives and fear for Kip's safety. I really had to stifle myself when they told me what they had done. I wanted more than anything to break out in laughter. The boys dressed each other in their tuxedos and rode together to the prom in the stretch limo that RU had acquired for the event. They walked onto the dance floor hand in hand and danced every dance, slow or fast, with each other. They did not actually kiss, but they kept their faces close together all night long. Nearly every homophobe in the school, including several faculty members, got close to them and threatened to cut their balls off and hang them both from the highest spot in town.
    Before the final dance of the evening ended the two boys slipped away to the limo and a ride over to a four star hotel for a night of unrequited sex. "Mr. Chris, I think that I can tell you anything and that you won't judge us for what we done," RU began. "I was…er, well, I was all virgin and everything, you know. Kip here made it seem so right. He is a great lover and very gentle." RU squirmed in his seat and it finally dawned on me that he was feeling the after results of a night of hard boi sex. I didn't want to break his mood so I sat there and watched him. I looked at Kip and saw that he suffered some of the same pain in the ass that his new boyfriend was feeling. I had to help them.
    "Pardon me Russell, you were virgin before Saturday night, right? Kip is hung with more than you were comfortable handling. Kip is feeling some pain as well. But not from your size, just your zeal. You rode him raw and he has stretched you to the point of your being uncomfortable. I am going to ask both of you allow me to fix it and make you well. Please stand up and drop your pants and underwear below your knees then bend over the front of my desk." I let the boys see and smell the jar of salve that I removed from the cabinet over the small sink in my small bathroom.
    I asked the boys to spread their cheeks for me. What I saw made my cock stiffen to its full size. I think that I actuall drooled. "I don`t that your mommas would kiss those bruised holes and make them well, but I will." I leaned in and kissed both boys directly on their sore spots then I place a dollop of the salve on each opening. I worked the salve inside and around the outer rim. The astringent of the salve worked its magic and in moments both boys decleared relief from their pain.

    When the boys arrived at home the next day Thelma and Paul met them and told them that they needed to hide out because there were many death threats being brandied about. Paul had known me from many of Charley`s parties. Thelma knew me from highschool and both of them agreed that the boys should go to me for admission to my school. I agreed with the parents. I had to stuff the two boys into a closet sized room in the old bungalow.

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