Chapter 242


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    After lunch on the day after our return from the villa Cullen invited me to join with him to listen to a presentation from a car company. I looked cross eyed at the young king and teased him about his driving skills. Cullen rarely drives. He has Wayne or one of his other bodyguards take him wherever he goes, he has little need of a car; especially a seven hundred horsepower sports car.
    Two sales representatives from Italy's Pagini car manufacturer presented the Pagani Huayra (pronounced wai-rah) to us. The seven hundred and fifty horsepower V12 engine can propel the car to a comfortable top speed of 230mph. My pee got hot. I need a car as much as Cullen does, but I wanted to get behind the wheel of that four wheeled land rocket. The salesmen had a car with them, and I was allowed the full use of the $1.5 million dollar vehicle for as long as I wished.
    The doors were opened for us to look inside, they opened upwards. That made it tough for me to fit my six foot two inch frame inside. I have gained a lot of weight in recent months, almost nineteen pounds. My one hundred and fifty four pound body fit the seat quite well, it was my head that was in the way. Cullen suggested that I cut it off, you don't want to know what I told him that I would cut off. After a drive around the countryside near Cullen's capitol city I asked for the use of the car for two weeks.

    That evening the Head of Station-Munedavia entered the dinning room with the head of Cullen's secret police. They walked right up to Cullen and signaled for me to move nearer. I listened to them for a moment then followed the two super cops down into the dungeons where an attack on my life had occurred in 2007. Cullen came down by himself as we were shown two badly wounded men laying on beds in a cell.
    They were Columbian hit men sent to kill my prisoner. The cartel had learned I had spirited my prisoner out of the states. It was assumed that he was with me in Munedavia because we had requested the boys' birth certificates and school records to be sent there. Since I had signed the request as the Notary Public it stood to reason that I had the prisoner in my company and that I was transporting him to a prison in the area. I called Bull and asked that he not file any paperwork on the boys, their names would come up in some system that could be traced back to me.
    Next I put in a call to Randy Hobbs and asked him on removing every trace of the boys from every set of records anywhere in the world. I told him that we would need to create a new identity for each boy under new names that would not be suspicious to any prying sleuth.
    Cullen had no idea what we were talking about. He kept his mouth shut and kept his Royal posture. I would explain what I could to the boy king when we were alone. I told the agent to have the two men relay the information to their bosses that they had succeeded in killing the prisoner then I directed him to kill the two men and send their bodies to Santa Fé de Bogotá, Columbia.
    I was hot and wanted to send the drug cartel a message. I ordered a Columbian necktie for each of the me and suggested that their hands should be removed. The head of station looked at me with fear in his eyes. Cullen's head cop seemed eager to comply. I should have sent the two men to Athos and let him handle the deed. I turned and walked away.
    "They know where you live. You are a dead man," I walked up the stairs wondering what I had exposed my family too. I can move my wife and babies to Oklahoma. But can I protect the boys in the school?
    I was shown into a room near an entrance to the castle. It was the security office. On a table were the recovered pieces of the rocket that had tried to kill me. I was told that the metal pieces were safe to touch, but that they were very sharp. I picked one of the pieces up and looked it over. I moved it under a large, lighted magnifying glass. I had been correct in my earlier observation, the pieces were triangular shaped with extremely sharp edges. The ends had been sliced at an angle making them super sharp projectiles. I suggested that the pieces had been machine sliced from a continuous piece of thin, triangular shaped wire. I could see how they could penetrate regular armor plating. I pray that they not be used in a bomb meant to kill people.
    I headed over to the motor pool to inspect the car that I had been riding in with my friends on that day. Cullen and Jimmy followed along. When they saw the damage to the car they were frightened. The Polymer composite coated Kevlar that Andy had sent him had surpassed even the manufacturer's hopes. I was more than pleased, as was Andy. Outside of some body work and a new windshield the car was in great condition.

     I had heard of something that really caught my attention and I had two weeks, as well as a one time chance to see it for myself. The Dragačevski saboris—Trumpet Festival—is an annual brass band festival held in the town of Guča, Serbia. I have always been a fan of trumpet music, but what I found was much more than just a group of trumpeters strutting their stuff. I was treated to a three day battle of the bands that set my heart to pounding and my feet to dancing.
    All about me were people from all over the world dancing and enjoying the festival. I saw young and old about me. Many of the older people looked as if they were enjoying the fruits that their labors of the lives given to them. The younger seemed to be seeking their way through life. Most all of the younger partyers were wearing back packs as if they were traveling about the countryside. One boy in particular caught my eye, but not before the local police approached him.
    I walked up beside him just as the police stopped in front of him. "Well, are you enjoying yourself?"
    The boy looked at me and smiled, "Thanks for bringing me here, uncle. It is beautiful, the people are beautiful, and the music is beautiful." I caught a slight southern twang in his voice as his eyes locked on mine.
    "This boy belongs to you, mister?" The older officer eyeballed me carefully as the younger officer seemed to have his gaze locked on my new friend's ass. I might mention that my new friend was dressed only in a very thin white wife beater shirt and very short khaki shorts that showed plenty of young, firm cheek. He wore a pair of sand colored combat boots with heavy socks that covered almost all of his lower legs. He was moderately clean, but his dirty blond hair was well in need of grooming.
    "This youngster and I are visiting your city to enjoy the festival. It is very enjoyable here and the music is, as he said, very beautiful."
    "I see," said the older officer with a touch of disdain in his voice. "You might need to be informed that the boy has been approaching men all over the area with propositions of sex. He has offered his sexual services in exchange for money. That makes him a prostitute and we need to arrest him."
    I saw the name of Coy printed on his backpack and took a chance. I grabbed the boy by the arm and swung him around to face me, then with a stern voice I loudly spoke in his face. "Coy, have you been playing that stupid game again? I have told you that you were going to get yourself into trouble someday and this looks like someday."
    "I am sorry, uncle, it is just so much fun to see the look on the faces of men when I shake my booty at them."
    "Well get ready to shake your booty to a cell full of horny inmates because you are off to prison in a foreign land and I can not help you."
    Coy turned out an Oscar winning performance as he ducked his head and sniffled through an apology to me and then to the police for his boyish prank. He told us that he was only funning. The police did not understand that word so I translated, as best as I could with my limited knowledge of the language. Fortunately the language of Munedavia is a close cousin to Serbian and I made myself understood. I also gave myself away. I had to do some fast stepping to stop the policeman from revealing my identity to everybody around me. I pulled the older man aside and explained that I just wanted to travel and visit unobserved. He saluted me and called his partner to himself and they walked away.
    "I love you." Coy said.
    "That sort of talk is what got you into that situation, you know."
    "The kind of talk that got me into that was my solicitous suggestions. I am saying to you that I really love you. You are the sort of man's man that I have always wanted." It was nearing noon and my stomach was talking to me. I had planned to test the local fare from the street vendors, but Coy looked as if he was about to drop from hunger and fatigue, I took him to my hotel and ordered room service.
    As we awaited the food's arrival I pointed Coy toward the bathroom. He again ducked his head. "I am afraid that all that I carry with me is very dirty. I have been unfortunate in finding a way to do my laundry so I have worn these clothes for two weeks now." I placed my hands on the front of his shorts and pulled them down. I tried not to let my excitement be seen as his soft cut cock hung loosely five full inches from a thick, dark blonde bush. "Shower, now." I told him. As soon as he closed the bathroom door I hurried from the room to the elevator and quickly made my way into the small shop next door to the hotel
    I found dark slacks that would fit the boy and I purchased European underwear and socks. I selected a button down shirt and a pair of shoes. I was not sure of his shoe size because of his combat boots, but I used my knowledge of boys and chose a pair. I arrived back at the room as room service was knocking at the door. I opened the door and let the bellman enter then paid him and sent him on his way.
    "Is it okay to come out now, is he gone?" I told Coy that I was the only one in the room, he stepped from the bathroom au natural. I guess that my reaction to his manhood did not go unnoticed because Coy was following a very stiff six and a half inch cock into the room. On his thin, small frame it looked huge, and delicious. His body was smooth and almost hairless. He had a fluffy bush of dark blonde hair and a fine coating of almost invisible blonde hair on the calves of legs. I was close enough to see that his mustache had not yet developed, he had to be much younger than I had at first thought. He leaned in to me and tried to kiss me. I pulled back then relented. His stomach growled, which broke our concentration. I directed him to the food on the table.
    As Coy stuffed his face with both hands I learned more about him. He hails from Houston, Texas. His father is a very rich oil man and he owns a large refinery in Galveston, Texas. Coy told me that he lives in a fifty room country estate. His favorite part of the estate is its replica of Nürburg, Germany's famous Nürburgring, complete with the17.563 mile long Gesamtstrecke—whole course—track. Set on the wide part of the track in front of the grandstand seats is a one and a half mile long autocross track area. His car is a dark blue Mini Cooper. He can runs through the autocross course in 40.3 seconds at 70MPH. He takes the replica of the Nordschleife—northern loop—in 9.17 minutes, not a record, but fast for a mid-teenaged boy.

    After completing most of the four one pound game hens with boiled potatoes and a steamed vegetable medley Coy was sleepy. He had been sleeping alongside the road and in barns for two weeks. He looked longingly at the wide feather bed. He asked if I would lay down with him while he told me the rest of his story. It was late in the afternoon and the festival was pulling back for their evening programs. I couldn't resist lying next to the hot bodied boy.
    Coy sat on the edge of the bed with wide eyes staring at me as I stripped naked in front of him. I didn't go slow, but I did put on a little bit of a show for him. I removed my shirt and flexed my left arm then sniffed at my arm pit. "I think that I can forego a shower for now," I said. Next I let my slacks fall to the floor around my ankles. I stood before him in my tented briefs and watched the hunger in his young eyes; he is most definitely gay. I turned my back to him and slowly lowered by briefs, exposing only inches of one cheek at a time.
    When I pushed my briefs to my knees I bent over with my butt less than eighteen inches from his face. I worked my hands down inside one pants leg then another as I removed my shoes and socks then I stepped out of my pooled slacks and briefs. I felt Coy's hot breath on my ass crack. I backed toward him. He put his hands on my butt and leaned forward. I don't shoot prematurely, but he had me so worked up with his roaming hands that I was close.
    Neither of us said a word. His heavy breathing said more about him than words could have anyway. After an eternity of fifteen or twenty seconds I felt his tongue savor the flavor of my great divide. He placed his fingers on each cheek and let his thumbs enter the cleavage to draw it open. He kept his tongue at work. He sniffed at my exit and then blew hot breath over it. I shuddered as goose flesh covered my glutes. He finally took the plunge. His tongue is very long, much longer than most of the boys that I have ever been with. He rolled it into a tube and penetrated me a good two inches or more.
    I love to tongue fuck a hot boy, but I seldom receive the pleasurable experience myself. My knees wobbled as I tried to hold back the impending explosion that was roiling through my body. At last I had to move away or spill my seed. I had an idea that Coy had desires for that bit of protein. I turned to face him and he did a quick knee jerk then engulfed my cock to my groin. The way he made love to my cock made me know that he was a true lover of man meat. I let him give me the relief that I needed then I pushed him back on the bed and began to pleasure him.
    I knelt at the side of the bed with his legs spread wide before me. I lifted his right leg and pushed it to the side so that I could drive him into a heated frenzy by licking up the soft skin of the joint between his leg and his groin. I carefully circled around the top of his cock as I lightly chewed on his flat lower belly to start down the same joint of his left leg.
    Once the circuit was completed I pushed both of his legs back so that I could get my teeth into his perineum. His cock was super hard. The perineum is the inner terminus of that outward appendage and it is just as sensitive as that part that can be seen. Coy flopped about as he told me that no one had ever eaten him there. He had seldom even been touched there. He begged me to continue. Continue I would, for a few more moments, I had another target in sight and I was anxious to try dinning there.
    Avoiding his firm testes I laved his scrotum and sucked the soft, hairless sack into my mouth. His nuts were pushed tight against the thick base of his manhood. I wanted to slip his entire package into my mouth, but I still had not given him the pleasure that he had given me.
    I pushed at his legs which caused him to roll onto his shoulders. With his entire bubble butt expose to my onslaught I went into a feeding frenzy. I laved his entire crack. I was a bit put off by the taste of the foreign soap that the hotel had in the bathroom, I would have much preferred to taste his boi sweat. I had a good whiff of his body secretions after his two weeks of trekking across northern Italy. I made the best of it as I licked the soap film from his slightly sweaty crack. The mixed taste became an aphrodisiac to me as the soap disappeared and his perspiration flowed to the surface.
    I attacked him as he had assaulted me. I pushed my tongue deep into his gaping anus. There was no resistance from his sphincter. One look at his back door told me that he was no stranger to anal sex and that he had participated in that pleasure in the past day or so. I was jealous of whomever had been up the boy's ass. The thought crossed my mind about STDs or AIDS. His voice came raspy through his heavy breathing. "Please ride me bareback. I have not had bare sex since before I left Texas with my family."
    I pushed three fingers inside of him as I mounted his power tower with my mouth. I was in desperate needs of protein to strengthen me for the ride that I planned to give Coy. I thought of Cory and my family. I let my little head rule Before Coy could get his breath from his powerful climax I was ten inches deep inside of him. His eyes rolled back into his skull as his mouth relaxed into a smile. A contented sigh emitted from his lips as his eyes opened and locked on mine.
    I moved the two of us onto the bed as I kept my pace, never missing a beat. Coy threw his legs over my shoulders and returned my movements for a mutual fuck session. It was very plain that the boy is content to be a bottom. I was keyed up and fired a load after less than ten minutes, but I didn't stop. Coy felt it and released his own seed onto his face. He opened his mouth to catch most of it then he allowed me to share it with him. I enjoy being tall and limber. I can make love to a boy at both ends at the same time.

    I was glad that Coy didn't have much to carry with him. The suitcase that I had bought for him barely fit inside the small luggage area of the Huayra. Coy slipped into the passenger's seat next to me and we began his trip home. I happily watched the boy as we sped down the narrow, winding mountain roads at speeds reaching more than a hundred miles per hour. I had to keep it slow because the car didn't have the electronics that I enjoy in all of my vehicles. I didn't want to come around a blind curve and face the rear end of a slow vehicle with a larger vehicle approaching from the other lane.
    That's not to say that that scenario didn't happen, I was just fortunate that my driving skills allowed me to jack rabbit around the traffic to the tune of angry horns and angry driver's cursing me in unknown languages. We really couldn't hear that much from the outside. We were protected by a thick glass roof that afforded us almost as fine of a view of our surroundings as one of my convertibles. I thought how much fun it would be to drive my 'vette along those roads. Then I realized that that car was not designed to perform like the Huayra under my present control.

    I had contacted Bull with everything that I knew about Coy and his family. Bull set the wheels in motion to prosecute his parents for child abandonment. I put Coy on a commercial flight home to Houston where he was met by a young FI agent. He was taken to a hotel and given the royal treatment. He met with a lawyer from the Doggs of War to give his disposition for them to start their case against Mr. and Mrs. Barnett.

    My first task that I undertook after my return to Munedavia was to check on my little friends from Russia. They had been with their prospective parents for nine days, enough time for a small child to know how he likes it. I had called Ugitsiha and talked with her long and hard. She agreed with me that if the boys were not happy where they were then we would make room for them in our home.
    Cullen's personal helicopter was too ostentatious for our use. I called for a small four man helicopter and asked Bryan to fly us to the homes of each of the couples that had taken a boy. We landed unannounced. In each case the boy that we had come to see was playing outside. When he saw me the boy ran to me and began to chatter away. I was glad that Cullen was with me.
    I had each boy lead me into his house to greet his new parents and to observe the interaction between the three of them. In all of the cases, except one, the boys were very happy and wanted to stay where they were.
    Yuri, the seven year old that peed on me when I signed his papers, hugged me and would not let go. His tears did not abate so I sat down against a tree and held him close. I discovered that Yuri speaks a little English, not very well, but I could follow his train of thought. Cullen sat close to us and played with the little scamp's hand and leg.
    The couple that had taken him into their home drank. The woman drank all day long and she yelled at the little man. He stayed outside to be away from her. When the man came home he and the woman yelled at each other and sometimes threw things at each other. Yuri showed us a nasty bruise on his back where the woman had thrown a heavy object at him.
    Cullen used his cell phone to call the local magistrate. In fifteen minutes a green and white unit with a blue bubble gum machine on its roof arrived. I showed the officers Yuri's back and they took pictures of him. Cullen and I both swore out our complaints and the couple was taken into custody.
    I secured Yuri in a seat next to the window of the helicopter and listened to his squeals of glee all of the way back to the castle.

    I made it all of the way to London. I told Pete that the plane needed a thorough cleaning and service and sent him off to Liverpool by himself. It is only a ten minute hop from El's house to the FI hanger in Liverpool so he did not need his crew. I had other plans for Mike and Bryan anyway.
    Pete called me thirty minutes after he left me at El's. He was all tears of joy and happiness. He had been surprised by Eddy. I was happy for the couple. I had arranged for a limo to take the two of them to a five star hotel to spend a week with the doors locked.
    Bryan had always talked about Manchester. There is a lot to see in that town and I was pleased when Mike expressed an interest in visiting there as well. I had Paddy drive them over in the Bentley and see to it that they were checked into a fine hotel. I had a car and driver from FI stand by for the boys to go wherever they wanted.
    Ever the gallant knight I let my wife decide where we would head to next. Ugitsiha surprised me with her choice. She informed me that she had shopped Rome and that she had done Paris, she wanted to go to London and have El take her to Harrods. I had passed on the famous store when I visited El and Philby at their home in England for the first time. Once I saw the towering temple of shopping I turned away to find quaint little shops to find souvenirs for my growing family of boys.
    Let's face it. Seven stories comprising over one million square feet of selling space in over 330 departments is irresistible to a shop happy woman. My only fear was the amount of duty that we would be assessed on our return to the states.

    I was over joyed by a surprise visit while we were at my sister's home. Prince Harry drove into the long driveway unescorted. He helped a beautiful girl from his car and asked if there were someplace private that we might talk. I led the couple to a room that Philby and El had designated for me as an office during my visits to their home. Once behind the closed doors His Royal Majesty, William Arthur Phillip Louis Windsor introduced me to Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, his fiancée. He smiled at me and told me that it was still a secret so if I didn't want a wedgie from my garter that I should keep quiet.
    I asked Agnus to serve us tea and cakes on the patio looking out to the sea. I let Prince William introduce his lady to EL. He introduced her as his close and special friend, then smiled. El took "Kate's" elbow and walked with her through the house. Women know thngs that men can only wonder at. I watched El as she acted the perfect hostess and like a best friend. By the time that tea was set before us the two women were acting like old friends.
    Cullen, Jimmy, and Ugitsiha rode their horses up the path that leads down to the beach. They had been riding in the surf and enjoying the perfect late July weather. When Prince William saw Ugitsiha he rose from his seat and walked out to meet her. He bowed to the young King then to my wife. We could not hear their conversation, but I had the impression that Ugitsiha was wanting to take her leave so that she could get cleaned up. The Prince would not hear of it.
    With Ugitsiha on his arm he led her before "Kate" and made the introduction. I drew up a chair for my wife and listened to her protests about smelling like a horse. I stifled a sharp remark that would only get me in hot water. During our time together El and Ugitsiha were let in on the news. They acted like women as they wanted to know all of the plans for a wedding.
    The women talked and laughed as Ugitsiha told them about some of the things that occurred during the planning of Pam and RD's wedding. They were in the midst of their loud talk when Cullen and Jimmy walked up. Prince William and "Kate" immediately rose to their feet and bowed. Cullen greeted them and told them that he did not stand on ceremony when he was home and especially not with his own future sovereign.
    "So who you marring off now, mum? He said as he stuffed a piece of cake into his mouth. I couldn't resist.
    "Why yours, of course. You don't think that we will need time to plan that one."
    "Uncy, how could you? That was a secret." The cat was out of the bag. I apologized for teasing Cullen in that way. I really didn't think what his reaction would be. I know that his thoughts for the young Walsingham girl are just wisps of ideas running around in a young man's head. But affairs of the heart can put one's nerves on edge.
    El sat silently. I watched as she dabbed at the corner of her eye with her hanky. She knew then that her little boy was growing to be a man.

    Prince William wanted to see the stables. He loves to ride and Philby has a nice stable of fine horses. "Cullen, I am not trying to pry, but…" he looked at me as we crossed the grounds, "is it true. Do you have an eye for someone?" Cullen quietly admitted that he found a young lady attractive, but he stressed that he would not think of marriage before he was twenty one and she was of age. The Prince raised his eyebrow and asked how old she was.
    He told us that she was eighteen, but they both felt that the old traditions were best and a serious courtship should not take place before she was closer to twenty. I told him that she would be considered an old spinster in most societies. Cullen blushed and looked over his shoulder to Jimmy, I understood his reasons for delay.
    Actually it would be better for him as a leader to wait until he was twenty one. The running of a kingdom is stressful enough without creating more problems with a ew wedding. He was right to want to get his feet on the ground and to establish himself as a competent leader first.

    I always enjoy a stay at El's home. There is something about the way the wind blows up from the sea that soothes me. It is nowhere near as restful as my villa, but I love it there whenever I get the chance to go.
    Jimmy came to me and asked me if it was a difficult climb down to the beach below the house. I told him that the horses didn't mind it. He punched my arm. "Daddy, I am being serious here." Uh oh, daddy? He was being serious. He wanted to go down to the beach and sit on a rock as the waves broke against his naked body. Sounded kinky to me.
    There is one very large boulder that sits about ten feet off shore. It is a treacherous swim to get to the rock and then trying to find a handhold on the wave smoothed boulder is scary. Naked as the day we were born, but with quite a bit more hair on our bodies, we sat in the bright sunlight as the surf pounded at us, soaking us to the skin. (Pun intended)
    "Daddy, I want to go home. I want to live in my old room and I want to attend school in Tucson." What was this all about? The boy had my undivided attention.
    "I don't feel as if I am being challenged at the schools that Cullen needs to attend. They are good schools and all, but so far I have not found any challenge in their electronics divisions. I think that the engineering department at the U of A could give me what I need. Look what it did for uncle Andy."
    "Do you know that Andy only spent two semester at the U of A. He went to Boston and spent four semesters at MIT. Next he went to Cambridge right here in merry old England for nine months before finishing his studies in Bonn, Germany
    "Jimmy finding what you want in a school may take you to many places. You can learn all that you can at one school, but sometimes another school has a bit more to offer for continued study. I don't propose that you spend as many years as Andy did to gain everything that he wanted, but you have to do what is right for you."
    "I didn't know about Cambridge or Bonn. Andy has traveled far and wide to get where he is today."
    "Yes he has. If what I believe about you is true you will be able to surpass Andy's knowledge soon. Jimmy, I have to tell you that I am very proud of what you have accomplished without any formal training. Andy watches everything that you do. He is very interested in you. You can count on a job with him anytime that you want it."
    "Don't you own part of his company. Wouldn't I be working for you too?"
    "We'll discuss that when the time comes. Let's get off of this rock and find a warm sunbeam to restore us. This water is damn cold." Jimmy laughed at me, but he was the first one off of the rock. I wanted to dive from the rock, but I had not checked the bottom of the area around it, I really don't want to break my fool neck with a stupid act.

    I was restless. I lay on my bed with my thoughts swirling about in my head. I actually felt him coming before he got to my bed. From out of the dark Cullen bounced onto my bed and got down into my face. "Uncy, uncy, my hunky uncy is so funky and I love him soooo."
    "So what?"
    "You love me soooo…what? How do you love me?"
    "Oh, let me count the ways."
    He straddled me and lowered himself down on me in one swift move. "I am worried about my little Jimmikins. He is not happy at school. I want him to be happy. When we are at my castle he wants to stay away from me. He says that a King shouldn't be so faggish as to have his boyfriend hanging close by all of the time.
    "I have come to agree with him. I think that he wants to go home with you and live in your house again. Will you take him, will you, huh, will you? Ahhhhh, that felt good, did I hit your mouth with that?" I smacked my lips and told him that his Royal nectar was better than a bees knee. He began his silly little giggle. He slept atop of me the entire night then we rose and showered together.
    As we were sitting on my bed, with me getting dressed, Jimmy came through the hidden panel with Cullen's clothes in his hands. "I thought that I would find you in here. I woke up all alone," Jimmy said with a pout. Cullen jumped up and ran to his boyfriend and kissed him. The two of them disappeared through the hidden panel and it shut behind them. They came to the breakfast table some thirty minutes later.

    I had received an urgent call from Tomas to visit BAB. The boys had discovered a large safe door behind a false wall in the basement of the villa that had once belonged to a Duke. Paul Walker—head of station London— had located a retired safe cracker that was working with Scotland Yard. I asked Paul to provide extra security when the safe was opened. It was a good thing that the security forces were on the scene. The safe contained millions of pounds worth of very ancient antiques thought to have been lost during WWI.
    Tomas and I took inventory of the loot while Paul Walker researched old records trying to learn all that was known about the items in the large, walk-in vault. The vault was as large as a room, about thirty by twenty five feet, from what I could tell. The walls were hidden by priceless paintings and very old Egyptian relics. I was reminded of the vault beneath the home of Athos.
    We learned that most of the treasure beneath BAB was stolen from homes and museums in the years during, and just after, the first world war. Arrangements were made to restore the find to its rightful owners. Egypt laid claim to much of the relics, I would stay out of that fight.
    Also included in the stash was a large cache of gold bullion. There were several hundred thousand pounds of old English currency there as well. Our investigations could not turn up anyone with claims to the gold or the cash. I told Tomas that he could run barefooted through the loot until a disposition could be reached.

    El had been busy with her homeless shelters and food kitchens. I had a few days left before I needed to get to California and my family. I drove into Liverpool with her to see for myself what was going on. I had placed a secret inquiry and audit on the main shelter that I had given El a check to pay the rent on. They were a sound business. They did need someone to oversee the finances though.
    I walked through several neighborhoods and talked to several dozen people about the help that they were getting. Many of the people were living in abandoned building on under bridges. The north Atlantic is known for her treacherous winter weather so I set about finding permanent, temporary shelters for the homeless.
    One of the big needs that I found was the need for schools. England does not take to the children of homeless families the way we do in America. I got down to it with the local schools and found classrooms for every boy and girl in every shelter that we could put together.
    A good source of food was another need that had to be met, and quickly. We found four large food warehouses that were agreeable to providing food, if they were paid. A substantial discount was arranged and I made sure that the shelters would not store the food themselves. That would only be an invitation for corruption. The food would be delivered as needed and I placed a reliable overseer to manage it. I set Philby the task of having the power to dismiss the overseer if El reported any discrepancies.

    The work that I did with El sparked a new desire within me to help with the homeless situation back home.

    Cory and RD had driven the two Travelers© home from Oklahoma. They delivered their wives to their homes and spent a little time getting used to their new homes. Cory and Sagi had already spent a few nights in their new house, while RD and Quemela were setting up the house that Cory had given them as a wedding present.
    Pete had flown Ugitsiha and me home with Jimmy and Cullen accompanying us. Yuri was so excited that he wet every seat aboard FI-2. I told him that I was gong to put one of Christopher Stevens diapers on him if he did it again. Jimmy held him and talked to him. He stayed dry. Cory met us at the plane with my caddy. Pete took off again with Cullen onboard, the monarch was not officially in the country.
    We headed home for a night of rest in our new house. We let Yuri pick out a bedroom. Roddy led him through the house and he choose a room next to Roddy's. I asked Jimmy to stay at the new house with us for the night. The next morning we were awakened by Jay, René, Brad and their children They brought us breakfast. Well it was the preparations for the meal. They had a box of, add water only, pancake mix, two one pound packages of heat and serve sausages, a one pound, open, tub of margarine, and bottle of lite pancake syrup. The company was good.
    We ate and watched the children play together. It was the first time that we had seen BC in a long time. He was born on Feb. 29 of 2009 so officially he was only one year old. That is a terrible thing for a kid to only have a birthday every four years. Cory and Sagi brought their two youngsters over for a visit. All too soon it was time for us to go our separate ways. We left René with the girls, they told us that they wanted to shop for the kids.

    I had to get on the road again. This time I had three boys with me, Jimmy, my son Roddy, and my new son Yuri. The boys seemed to be getting on well with each other. Roddy is teaching Yuri Tsalagi and Yuri is teaching Roddy Russian. Oh boy. My family of happy fairies had spent all of June and July at Camp Christopher. It was time for me to give them a real treat. My husband/son and my eldest son headed out to the camp with Brad and Jay joining them.
    Cory drove Traveler Too© as the lead vehicle and RD brought up the rear with Traveler©. All of the boys were loaded into Travel All© and four of the school buses for a trip over to cliff house.

    Jimmy and I were mixing oat burger for patties, I missed having a cook along with me. I had driven over to cliff house in my Escalade and I had taken Jimmy, Roddy, and Yuri with me. I finally had the patty mix to the right consistency as I began to pat out twenty five patties. I figured that I would make a mushroom sauce for whatever we did not eat for lunch then I would be one step up on dinner. I wasn't sure about the arrival time for the rest of my boys, but I would let Çhé Ģerâld and Edmund worry about fixing dinner for them when the time came.

    It is nice to have a private beach on the best boy watching shoreline in the world. The beach was grand fathered over to me when I took deed to the property. Charley told me that the old movie star queen that gave him the house and the land had blown his way through the paperwork during his heyday as a famous pretty boy movie star in the thirties. From what I had learned about the man he didn't so much blow as he kept diaries of big shot politicians that did blow boys.
    I was out on the upper patio for some fresh sea breeze and to see the two boys playing in the surg when I spotted Matthew Munnies, is that you?" He smiled up at me. I had to show off. I ran to the edge of the balcony and climbed up on the railing. I grabbed hold of the heavy duty rope that we use as a fire escape and swung out away from the house. I let go of the rope when it reached its full arc and did a double somersault to land on my feet in front of Matt.
    Matt held forth his hand, but I went past it and gave him a big hug, which he returned. We stepped apart and looked at each other—of course I was in the family dress mode. "You look good, Matt. You have grown up into a fine looking man."
    He was looking at my half stiff cock and smiled. "You still look good enough to eat yourself." I let Matt tell the boys of our history and how he had attended a few of Charley's beach parties when he was fourteen.
    I led Matt inside and up to my kitchen. I had packages of fresh ears of corn in the freezer. They were precooked and flash frozen with real butter. I pulled out two pounds of baked french fries and tossed them into the microwave before placing them in the oven to brown a little more. Matt placed the corn into a large pot of boiling water then he helped me rinse the condiments for our burgers.
    Matt rinsed and spun dry the containers of sprouts. He had never tried broccoli sprouts. I set out alfalfa sprouts and bean sprouts as I explained the nutrition value in each packet of produce. I sliced an extra large tomato. I had picked up a half dozen four inch diameter dried shiitake mushrooms caps. I marinated them in a mixture of olive oil with fresh, crushed garlic, a white Vidalia onion, salt, and pepper.
    I cut the end off of a large head of leaf lettuce and placed leaves around the edge of a platter. I then added red leaf lettuce to the platter. At the center of the platter I lined up a neat row of red onion then circled the patter with Kosher dill spears. We carried all of the fixings for grilled vegeburgers down to the lower deck and began to cook.
    I ran upstairs to retrieve the potatoes and corn then tossed a package of onion buns into the broiler to toast. Matt came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. I am not into men as old as Matt, but we do have a history. When he told me that he would like to ride my pony for old time's sake my pecker twitched. "Ya gonna give him a pin, daddy?" I had no idea that Roddy had led Yuri upstairs to show off his house.
    I put the two boys to work carrying the corn and potatoes downstairs as I put the toasted buns into a covered bread basket. The boys had gotten into the storage lockers and set up a long table and placed chairs around it. Roddy is quite little cook. He had placed a cast iron griddle on the grill. Jimmy was busy turning the oat burgers when I returned. Roddy took on the gilling of the mushrooms over the open end of the grill. Jimmy likes to place a grilled mushroom on a bun brushed with the olive oil marinade then garnish it with a thick slice of red onion and lettuce.
    Roddy ran inside the house and returned in a moment with ketchup and salt. How could I have overlooked ketchup for the baked fries, and buttered corn needs lots of salt on it. Matt was unsure about eating cow food, he was used to eating the cow. With his plate piled high he sat down and began to eat. The boys listened as Matt and I talked about old times and what we had been up to since our days of youth entertaining men at Charley's parties.
    Roddy told Matt, "Daddy is a trillionaire. Aren't you daddy?" I explained that I control over a trillion and a half dollars for my family. My personal worth is only a little more than a half a trillion dollars. That made Matt's mouth drop and eyes pop. I went on to explain my investments in commodities. I told him that I made several billion dollars by trading in crude oil and gasoline. I made a few more billion trading gold, wheat, and natural gas. Matt sat back and let out a long, low whistle.

    Our bragging session was abruptly ended by the sound of a ship's horn. I looked out to sea and told the boys that the yachts were here. They took off for the shoreline, naked as jays. Before they could get away the sound of Happy Days Are Here Again blasted from the front of the house. "My boys are here as well." Voyageur Marin blasted its horns at the second verse in response. Suddenly the air was filled with a cacophony of noise as all of the Traveler Trio sounded off on land and the Voyageurs echoed the sounds from the sea.
    Matt was watching my big Voyageur Marin Deux pull closer to the beach. I spoke into the air as my choker collar microphone picked up my voice. Cory answered, "Hi dad, we're here."
    "Shut down the horns. We are not in a wideness area here." He giggled, but the noise ceased.
    Cory wrapped his arms around me and gave me a tongue lashing. My dick began to rise to the occasion. "Damn, that looks good enough to eat." He smiled as he grabbed a plate and began to build himself a vegeburger with a grilled mushroom cap and a slice of Swiss cheese.
    I told Matt that Cory and were partners and that we had been joined together on that very beach by an old boy loving judge. He asked me the name of the judge, but I told him that it was not my place to out anyone, I had called the judge a boy lover. Matt smiled and told me that his mentor and first steady lover was a sitting Federal Judge by the name of Phelps. I smiled at him without comment, that was the name of the judge that officiated over the fourteen weddings of members of my family and friends in June of 2008.

    The house became a funnel as boys poured out onto the patio. Everyone of them stopped to give me a hug before running their naked asses to the water. Ģer looked over our table. He picked up a fork and cut a small bite of one of the remaining oat burger patties. He turned to Edmund and passed him a fork. Both men smiled as they tasted my concoction. "Very fine, sir. You do a respectable job in the kitchen." I rose and started to grab him, but he is quick for an old man and moved inside the house. He called back at me, "I have to prepare lunch for these starving waifs, sir. See you in a few.
    Ģer smiled at me, "He loves you, you know. He knows that you were doing all of the cooking for us boys long before you met him at my grandmother's house. These patties are good. What do you use to make them so tasty?"
    "It's a little trick that I learned over the years. I cut the soy sauce by two thirds and add a dash or two of Worcestershire sauce. That reduces the salt and gives the kick to the recipe. I also get creative with my spices. I use ginger and sage along with the regular ingredients." I was talking to a master chef. Ģer excused himself, he needed to go next door to help the school's cook staff with lunch for the boys.

    The beach was alive with naked boy flesh as boys from nine to twenty two ran between my five houses and the nude portion of the beach. Many of the boys have their own surf boards at the property, but I had over a hundred boards in a storage shed for the others to pick and choose from.
    I do not allow surfing into the nude beach. There are too many boys in the water and I don't want anyone hurt. The three houses to the west of Cliff House offer a great place to surf, but the two houses to the east are on the edge of some of the best surfing turf in Malibu.

    Two speedboats were pulling away from Voyageur Marin Deux© and heading toward the shore. My boys were jumping up and down as they watched the smaller crafts approach. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest when I saw Cullen's flags on one of the boats. I jumped from my seat and ran to the beach, dragging a beriddled Matt along. Jimmy had outran us. Cory began calling Cullen's name causing boys everywhere to run to the beach.
    Cory and I stepped into the surf to pull Cullen's boat onto the sand. I stepped over to the side and helped Cullen to the ground. The little fop didn't need any help, it was just a way to be able to grab the boy king and hold him. I had my hands on his perfect bottom as he jumped onto me, wrapping his legs about me. He secured a better hold on me as he stuck us together at the lips and lassoed my tongue with his.
    Jimmy was next to tongue tango. Jimmy turned to the boys on the beach and in a loud voice proclaimed, "His Royal Hinney, King Cullen Muneday." With that Jimmy and I followed, at a discrete distance, as Cullen led the way through the mass of naked boi flesh. All of the boys stood at attention and had their dicks in their hands in a salute to their favorite monarch. Everyone of them was humming the national anthem of Munedavia.
    As we passed through to the most spectacular scenery in the area Cullen turned. He placed his hand on his dick in a return of the salute that the boys had given him. "You may kneel and kiss the royal scepter." Several boys dropped to their knees and crawled before him and kissed it.
    Matt was laughing so hard that he almost fell. Once we got to the patio and what was left of our lunch I introduced Matt to Cullen. He was unsure how to address a naked king, or any other Royal for that matter. He bowed to him. "Hey, uncy, I am not holding court here," then he giggled in my favorite voice. I miss that voice whenever he is not around.
    Cullen told the boys how Pete and I had spirited him away from England and brought him to the safety of the family. They had flown directly to the FI terminus at San Diego, CA. A maintenance crew went onboard then Cullen and Kostja, walked off of the plane dressed as maintenance personnel. They walked into the hangar and got into a black SUV where they removed their FI overalls and were driven over to the dock where Voyageur Marin awaited them. The newly outfitted yacht left the dock and headed for Malibu and the family.

    The boats were busy running back and forth from Voyageur Marin Deux© loaded to capacity with boys. Evan Voyageur Marin© joined in to shuttle the boys from BAM ashore. Travelaire Three© had made a maintenance stop in San Diego and the students were quietly taken aboard Voyageur Marin Deux© to sail up to Malibu. The evening would be a time to get acquainted with each other as Russia and America joined in a common melting pot, a Bradford Academy reunion.
    All activity on the beach and in the water came to a screeching halt when Adahy–ach—stepped out of the house next door and rang his new dinner bell—a steel triangle like the one at the upper camp at Camp Christopher. His voice carried above the sounds of the surf as he called out, "CHOW." That is a word that the boys have grown to love. Not sure what to do I hustled the boys from BAM off for an American feed.
    I led Matt to the large wooden deck that spans the backs of my three houses to the west. BAW's cooks had a nice lunch of hot soups, a salad bar, and hot bread. Edmund and Mitchell were placing large pans of oat burgers in mushroom sauce on the steam table. There was a large pan of buttered noodles sprinkled with freshly cut parsley and thyme as well as a pan of mashed potatoes. The cooks and staff from BAM quietly moved to the food line.
    I introduce them to Matt and to fgb–Gigage. He told us that the soup had been placed in large insulated containers before they left Camp Christopher. Those containers along with boiled potatoes and bread dough were stored under Traveler Too in a special heated compartment built just for that purpose. The salad fixings were vacuum sealed in individual packages and place in the large refrigerators under Traveler for the trip to the beach.
    on–Onacona–passed me a cup of hot coffee and asked Matt and the Russian staff what they would like to drink. Matt wanted to try the red punch the others looked at the liquid with ice floating in it and agreed. The punch is one of f/bYn–Gynigeyona's recipes. He crushes pineapple with mangos and bananas then adds a few sections of grapefruit along with orange sections and limes. Then he places pitted, ripe cherries into the mix and presses the concentrated juice through a sieve. He places the mash into a food processor and grinds it to a fine consistency. With water added to the mix he puts a portion of the mash into a container and lets it refrigerate overnight. It is rich and sweet with a healthy amount of vitamins for the boys to drink. Matt loved the punch and wrote the recipe down.

    "Are you having fun? I hate to ruin your party, but the mayor of Cabo Pulmo is on the line."
    "Andy do you ever stop before you call me? I might be involved with a cute young and hung." My guests were starring at me as I seemed to be talking to myself. I pointed to the tiny dot on the felt choker necklace around my neck then I turned my head so that they could see the soundbud stuck to the skin behind my right ear. They were pulling at my ear so that they could see it better when I abruptly turned away from them.
    "I am on a very important phone call and you guys are creating static by tugging on my ear." I excused myself and moved out onto the sand to take the call. I was pleased to hear that we had permission for a dive to the reefs off of his coast.

    Sunday morning we sailed from the waters of Malibu. My personal yacht, Voyageur Marin©, had been lifted from the water and set down in his berth on the fantail of the ship. Bryan impressed all of us as he sat Travel Hop© on the helipad of the yacht with ease. The captain of Voyageur Marin Deux© slapped Bryan on his back and told him what a good job he had done.
    The smaller Bell 210 was dwarfed by a twenty passenger Sikorsky that sat down on the forward helipad. I wanted to take every precaution that I could for our voyage. We were sailing into dangerous waters. The ocean itself is safe, it is the drug traffickers and pirates that I wanted to ward off. The ship had been completely reskinned with the Polymer composite coated Kevlar so it was bullet proof. I wanted to fend off anyone that tried to board the ship from sea level.
    I had a contingent of one hundred combat trained agents onboard. All of them were heavily armed and prepared for any assault on my ship or my boys. We were sailing to the southern most tip of Baja California to a town by the name of Cabo Pulmo, The coral reefs there are some of the finest in North America. The main problem that Cabo Pulmo is having is the developers that are building ten thousand hotel rooms, three marinas, and three golf courses. They have no regard for their sewage disposal, they plan to dump it into the sea.
    With all of the family and guests aboard Voyageur Marin Deux we set sail for the warm tropical waters. On the third deck of the ship, just below the bridge, is a large day room. There are large windows on three sides allowing for a full view of the ocean. That is the place that over a hundred boys congregate at any one time to just look over the sea and sip a cold soda while they cuddle with the one that they love.
    Many of the boys made full use of the swimming pool as well as the, fully equipped gymnasium with its full line of exercise and workout equipment. Jamie was giving classes on self defense. He is a strong task master and he drills it into the heads of the other boys that what he is teaching them is for self defense only. He threatens them, with his tongue in his cheek, that he will soundly thrash anyone that uses the skills that he teaches in any other way. I did get time to put on a demonstration of the fighting techniques that he has taught to me. Jamie is quick, he almost had me a few times, almost.
    The new attraction for the boys was the glass bottom in the hull of the ship. The four man submarine was tethered over the glass doors, ready to be lowered into the ocean. Only twenty boys can go down there at one time so there was always a line of boys wanting to see the fishies swimming along under us. There weren't that many fish to see, the sound of the passing ship frightened many of them into deeper waters where they were virtually invisible to us.

    We convened classes early for both schools. I had the full biology department of BAW aboard as well as Leonid Bagge and Filat Reikhman from BAM. We also had four of the Russian cooks. I was glad to see Simon with the group. I knew that there would be good food on the cruise. I chided the other cooks that Simon could teach them how to prepare massive amounts of stick to the ribs southern fried grease.

    All of BAW's staff had come to Malibu for this cruise. Timmy had torn himself away from his duties to be with Chrisy. When Timmy learned that his love mate would be diving in the ocean he wanted to be near him. Timmy is not a very good swimmer and there is little chance that he would be able to help Chrisy if he were in danger. It was a great gesture of love though.

    This was a trip that almost wasn't. Word had only arrived at the last minute that everything was in order for a dive. I had thought that we might have to dive along the coast of Southern California and see all of the pretty kelp beds and sea Otters.
    I have arranged to build a two million dollar sewage processing plant for Cabo Pulmo. In exchange I was been invited to take my boys down to dive amongst the pristine corral. I had to fight against the local money hungry Mexican government. They could care less about destroying the rich biodiversity of the region. They don't care that the ecosystem of the reefs provide critical servies that Cabo Pulmo supplies to the nearby communities.
    Should contruction continue the way that the contractors plan then increased sedimentation along the coast could cause the coral to bleach and die. Sewage runoff would likely result in abnormal algae growth, which would block off sunlight and choke the reef by shutting down photosynthesis. Fish can eat the algae, but the amount that could be coming from the extra sewage into the water would overpower their efforts. I have offered to send engineers into the area to help the people of the town to empower laws that would protect the beautiful beaches.

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