Chapter 244


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Ugitsiha drove into the school grounds and stopped near the administration building to discharge the Nickels boys. I parked in the faculty parking lot and headed up from the underground garage to meet the boys in front of Tyler's office. I introduced him to the three boys and inquired after Dr. Tip. Dr. Tip was doing his, beginning of the year, hygiene lecture with all of the new freshman. I left the boys with Tyler for a battery of testing to see how each boy stood scholastically and asked him to have Dr. Tip administer full physical exams of each of the boys. I already had the blood work for Chance, but he still needed a physical.
    Tyler told me that if I were to hurry that I could still catch the beginning of Dr. Will's new biology lecture that is given to all tenth graders. I wanted to see what I had been hearing about. I love Dr. Tip, but his lecture leaves me feeling really nasty. He does a Power Point presentation of the nastiness caused by an unclean body. It is nasty. He has pictures of boys with massive soars on their bodies.
    He has graphics of swollen cocks with massive white pustules oozing from them. He has graphics of acne from hell. There are boys with ugly rashes on every part of their bodies, underarms, crotches, and toes. Athlete's foot is not a word to describe some of those feet. The presentation makes everybody in the room want to scrub with lye soap and a heavy bristled scrub brush in a tub full of boiling water with bleach in it. No thank you, I wanted to get aroused by Dr. Will's presentation.

    I made my way to the biology lab and found a full house. Every tenth grader is required to sit through the lecture on the first day of school, even those that will be studying virtually from their homes. Coy got up and pulled a stool up to his workstation and asked me to sit with him. Dr. William Hamm's presentation is too good for animation. The graphics that he uses are so life like that one can see the life pulsing through the flesh. It is a fun presentation so sit through, but this year he promised that it was bigger and better than anything that he has presented in the past. It was.
    The subject caused a bit of smirking and lude comments from the boys, The Anatomy of the Human Reproductive System. A very fine looking teen age girl is featured first. Her body is shown from every conceivable angle, bobby close up, a really graphic view of her vagina with a super close up of her clitoris. That is where te magic begins.
    The camera moves inside of her vagina and explores every part of her inner workings. The camera travels up the uterus and makes a back up and turn as it moves from the bladder sphincter and into the fallopian tubes. A cutaway view of the ovaries is next with a narrative description of every function of each area of those egg factories. A view of the stored eggs is shown and then the viewer sees an egg begin to move down through the ovaries and tubes to get in position for fertilization.
    Next a very fine looking teenage boy is shown. The camera angle examines his body in much the same way as the girl's body was explored. The camera moves through the meatus and up the urethra to the prostate where we see our first sign of activity. The corpus cavernosum begins to fill with blood and everything gets a bit straighter. As the prostate fills with sperm from the sudden sexual arousal felt by the boy we turn and head back out. The corpus spongiosum is enlarging and compressing the urethra so that our passage is slowed.
    As I stated, the graphics are too good to be animation. The pictures have to be the real thing. Everyone in the room was tempted to reach out and grab a handful of sperm and taste it. I heard many boys say that they wanted to lick the urethra. That would be a new taste treat from a different angle.
    Dr. Will went a bit afar when he included sound effects. They really enhanced the mood. There was no foreplay. The boy spread the girl's legs and aimed his cock at her twat. Both of them moaned at penetration then the real magic of the show began. We received a cutaway view of everything. Both of the subject's bodies were sliced in half, from head to toe.
    We were able to watch as the boy's penis slid inside the girl. We could see her vagina adapt to the penis and envelop it with a tight grip. As the boy fully inserted himself into the girl we watched her body move into a position that allowed him to fully enter into her hidden realm and respond to his every thrust. The boy was about average in size with a six inch penis. His foreskin rode back and forth over the ridge of his glans as he made his power moves.
    The camera angle widened so that we could see millions of sperm moving up the reflexively contracting vas deferens from the epididymis which had gathered them from the septa within each testicle. The vas deferens became a clogged one way highway to the prostate as millions of tiny sperm rushed to be in line for ejaculation.
    The sperm is transferred from the vas deferens into the urethra, collecting secretions from the male accessory sex glands such as the seminal vesicles, prostate gland and the bulbourethral glands, which make up the bulk of semen.
    The boys were sitting on the edge of their stools with their arms taught on the table tops. They were feeling the impending climax with anticipation. Suddenly the cut away view of the penis showed the semen ejaculating through the urethra and out through the meatus of the glans. The view of the liquid shooting through the penis excited every cock swinger in the room.
    The semen splashed against every surface of the vagina. The camera closed in for a close up view of the microscopic sperm as they began their swim to the golden egg. Millions of sperm wiggled their tails as they made their way over, under, and through the maze that lay before them. Suddenly there it was, a single egg waiting for a sperm to fertilize it. Several sperm hit the mark and tried to bore their way inside, but only one, the strongest one? made it.
    That single sperm made its way deep inside of the egg and then with the magic of stop action photography Dr. Will showed the true beginning of a new human life. We watched the egg change as it divided and divided again and again, becoming a multi-cell entity within the body of the girl. We watched as a baby developed. We watched the fetus grow fingers and fingernails, toes and hair. We watched as a penis began to grow from the baby's groin. The boys cheered.
    As the class came to an end I was no different than any other male in the room, I needed a clean up and a change of underwear. I visited with Dr. Will as he put his laptop into his bag and gathered his notes. He handed me a disk and told me that there was a lot more fun on it than we had just seen. He asked me if he was invited to the house Saturday night. The way that he looked at the disk in my hand I knew that he had to be there.

    I went back to the admin office. Tyler told me that Dr. Tip had the three Nickels in the nurse's office and that I could go right in. I caught my breath at the sight before me. The night before Chance had showered with Chrisy and me. None of us had become aroused. We sat in the hot tub and told stories without any of us rising to meet any other needs. Chance had a very nice uncut boi cock nestled in amongst his very light colored brown, almost a dark blonde, hair. His foreskin was over the head of his cock like a small fire nozzle. His balls were of a good size, but I never wanted to go any further with him until all of the legal matters were finalized.
    In the nurse's office stood three very erect little Nickels. Chance had made comments about not wanting to push Colt's liver into his chest, but I took that as boy bragging. He wasn't being untruthful with his bragging. His cock was a straight and hard five inch by twelve inch uncut piece of immature boi dick. Colt held it in his tiny hand as he bent forward and sucked on it. Suddenly I wanted the cream.
    Colt was the other surprise. He is eleven years old, he stands four feet and six inches tall with barely seventy pounds of flesh on his body. Five of those pounds of flesh are in the boy's six and a half inch cock. He is thicker than Chance at a solid five and three quarter inches in circumference. His foreskin was drawn back to show a moist, purple glans, unlike the red color of Chance's small glans that was peeking out from his tight foreskin.
    Carter had his back to me as Dr. Tip listened to his heart through his stethoscope. When the boy turned to face me I saw that he was a little more than average for his age and size. He was no piker. He had a solid six thick inches of his own. He just didn't stand out as much as his brothers did with their cocks in disproportionate size to their stature. I told the boys to get dressed. I needed to get them to the house and find beds for them. They wanted to have sex, I told them that the school was not the place for that. Chance whispered into Colt's ear and the boy quickly dressed himself and slid up close to me.
    I led the boys down to the sub-basement and to the solid steel blast doors that secure the cavern. The doors had been shut all summer long, which made me wonder how the boys from the house and granite house had gotten to school. It had been a perfect morning so I guessed that they had walked along the street. That always makes my neighbors stare at me. Hey, it is a school and the boys in my house attend that school, so the neighbors can get over it.
    The electric golf cart was not plugged in and the batteries were so low that the dash light only flickered, it was time to walk. I had not walked through the cavern in some time and the trip gave me the opportunity to show the Nickels boys the beauty of the ancient air pocket. I unlocked the electrical panel and turned on all of the lights.
    Little John had a crew working in the cavern the previous winter and their work set the perfect atmosphere to the magnificence of the place. New lighting was recessed behind the main features of the cave, bathing and highlighting its beauty in many colors. Colt nearly fell over as he bent backwards to look up at the high ceiling. I only barely caught him.
    "Is Chance funning me, or do you have more cock than him. I want to suck you and you can fuck me. Really, I like it and I want to do it."
    "I want you to do me first," Carter chimed in.
    "Nuh uh, I get firsties. I saw him first and he likes me. He looks at my cock with those kinds of looks in his eyes that a lot of men have when they see my cock."
    "What do you do with those men. Are you queer with them like me and Deacon?"
    "Nobody's that queer. Men just pick me up and give me ten dollars to suck me off. When the see my monster lizard stick they cry and try to swallow all of it. Most men give me a hundred dollars to get naked and spend the night with them so that they can suck on me while I sleep."
    "Do they fuck you, huh do they? I bet that you like that. Do you fuck them. Tney would like that more than Carter does. He likes you to fuck him, but he likes thick dicks. He likes me to fuck him and he fucks me gooder than old Deacon does too."
    I have learned to shut up and listen. Most boys will tell everything that they know when they feel that they are safe. I was beginning to think that my day was not going to be as I planned, but a few hours in bed with the three horn dog brothers would be alright. My only fear was that they would not be comfortable around the family. I still worry about Colt and the little boys. I hope that he only likes men, or boys with big dicks.

    It was lunchtime by the time that we got through with our walk through the cavern. The blast doors at the theater entrance under my house were secured. I had to key in a special code to open the doors so that we could get on into the house. Sometimes my security measures are too elaborate. Colt is still at an age that toys excite him. He spotted the toy box full of trucks and cars that belong to the little guys and stared at them. I told the brothers that I had boys of all ages in my family.
    I led the boys to the kitchen where all of the virtual study group had returned from their first day orientation. Again I wondered how they had traveled between the school and the house. I asked them.
    "Them biggy doors was all closed and everything so we had to walk in the street."
    "Mr. Mitner, if that is a representation of your grammatical skills you may gather your things and report to the school for remedial English," I told the new boy.
    "MITTY," Chance screamed out as he bounded across the room to embrace the boy that had been his friend at Temple High School. Fifteen year old Silas Mitner had come to BAW a few weeks prior to the end of the previous school year at the bequest of his mother.
    Mitty came to stand before me, "I'm sorry, dad, I wasn't thinking about what I was saying. I will do better, just please let me stay in this class." I ruffled his hair and told him that Chance would be joining the class the next day. Both boys high fived.

    Edmund told us that we were about to miss out on his great lunch. I turned to the smell of good food and guided the Nickels boys to a seat at the table. Edmund had prepared cheese enchiladas with refried beans and Spanish rice for us. I don't find that the boys are as flatulent after eating refried beans. At least my nose is not moved to that point that it sometimes finds itself. I feel lucky that we do not have a boy like Mr. Phartzalot or Di li in the house any longer. I love Chrisy, but damn that boy could put up a stink.

    As we ate a great lunch Chance told us that Mitty and two other friends had gotten together for some boi fun one afternoon. Mitty waved his cock at Carter and told him to suck it. Chance said that Carter would rather suck cock than eat a steak dinner. Carter sucked all four boys several times and was about to go around again when Mitty's mom called him on his cell phone from her cell phone. She saw the other boys naked in the background, one was masturbating.
    Mitty's mother wanted to get the faggot away from that sort of trash and around more decent kids. His father enrolled his son at BAW. Mitty had spent the summer at Camp Christopher then he made the cruise to the Baja with us. I had not taken the time to sit down with him since his enrollment. I had to look at what he was hanging, he wasn't half bad.
    Chance and Mitty had gotten together for some mutual sucking a few times before that fateful day. The last time that they were together Chance had finger fucked Mitty, with three fingers, as they sixty nined with each other. Chance was ready to fuck his friend when the paperboy pulled into the driveway and broke the mood.

    I placed the Nickels in the upstairs guestroom until they could find their own friends to share with. Jimmy has taken over many of his old duties that Craig and Turner have covered in his absence. Turner and Jimmy entered the boys' room with their arms filled with articles of clothing. The boys were well provided with jeans, underwear, shirts, and socks. Carter and Chance were given brand new school blazers, but we did not have any sweaters for Colt. Yuri needed a school sweater as well. A shopping trip was in order.
    My Caddy was in the garage at the new house. I called Ugitsiha to inform her that I was on my way through the new tunnel to get Yuri. My wife met me with my babies at her side. I received lots of sugar and Ugitsiha hugged each of the Nickels boys around the neck.
    The boys had fun shopping. I took them to the furrier's and had cowboy hats made for them. I had them fitted for custom made boots and I bought each of them a hand tooled belt with their names on them. Yuri was so excited that he was hard to contain. I told the boys that over the weekend following this week that we could go out to Camp Christopher for some horseback riding and swimming in a hot spring.
    I watched the boys with Yuri. They all got along very well. Chance treated the little guy as if he were his kid brother. Carter seemed to be out of touch with boys his age as he laughed and joked with the diminutive boy child, and Colt was a perfect brother to him. There was no sexual interaction, not even an off colored joke between them. Maybe my fears are unfounded.
    I was surprised when the boys told me that they wanted to go home to eat with their new friends. I had offered them pizza, they turned it down. I drove home and parked my ride in the garage at my old family house. The boys rushed to us to see what we had bought. Yuri and Colt modeled their sweaters for the others and told them that they were students now too.

    The house is full of boys, yet it seems very empty. All of the sons of King Khaldun al-Hadi were to return to their father's home to complete their higher education in schools that more suit the religion of their station in life. Many of Seigy's older boys want to go with them. They have the most vague memories of their homeland and they see this as an opportunity to find their blood ties. Siraj and Rias decided that they would go as well. I can't say that I blame them, but I will miss them. They have been a source of anguish, joy, and laughter for the three years that they were in my house.
    Some of the boys will remain with me. Salman wouldn't leave me if he were dragged by a tractor from my home. All five of the younger boys, Khalid, Hamal, Kardal, Tahir, and Baris will remain. Little Tiger would be completely lost without Kardal at his side. Their's is a very cute love. They are the best of buddies, they sleep with their arms about each other every night. They have minor arguments from time to time, but everyone in the family gets a smile on their face when the two boys kiss and make up.
    I threatened to separate Hmcal and Bahir and only send one of them to Raven. I will miss their incessant fighting, but I have come to love them in spite of their antics. They are brothers and they love each other very much. I guess that is just the way of things. Besides that I couldn't think of the heartaches from Umit and Hasad if their older siblings were to leave us. I have learned something about those boys, they speak Russian and they have taken Yuri to their family quiet times. All four of the Turks stayed with me.

    We had a large dinner of traditional Persian dishes at the long table in granite house on Friday night before the boys left. None of the family wanted to see their brothers leave and they asked them why they felt that they had to go. The answer came as a shock to my western boys. Zuhair told us that he had not killed his lion so he was not ready to be a leader of men. Arif told the family that the kings of the kingdom of Persia trained their sons to fight or die. At the end of their training, and before they could take command of their troops, the boy was locked in a very small space with a lion, he was told to kill or be killed.
    That news brought tears to most of the boys' eyes. They have grown to love the twenty eight boys that were leaving. Eighteen of the boys had come to us from the castle or from Athos. All of them have found lovers that they were leaving behind. Some of the boys that were leaving were clearing the way for their love relationships to move on. I felt a little good about Hani leaving. Bryan didn't seem to care one way or the other. I had talked to Bry while we rested at Villa de Christophe. He is ready to move on with his life.
    A harsh pounding on the front door of granite house put me on alert. I opened the door to find a very tearful Yuri standing outside. "Don't you love me? I want to be your boy too, dad." I picked him up and carried him to the table and set him down on the end of it. He pointed to his favorite foods and many boys filled a plate for him.

    Cory and I had plans for Saturday so the family of happy fairies gathered in the wine cellar for orgy night on Friday. I had a very special treat for the boys. Dr. Will had given me a copy of his biology lesson, the male on male version.
    The video was even more risque than the version that Dr. Will had shown at the school. Two perfect teenage boys were shown in cutaway as they demonstrated the art of male on male love.
    There was a lot of rearranging by the boys in the cellar as the two boys in the video held each other in a hot embrace. One could almost taste the spit swapping as tongues moved about inside of mouths. Someone quipped that lunch had been tasty as we saw the tongues lick each tooth. It was strange to be able to see inside of a half a mouth and watch a half of a tongue move over teeth and across the roof of the mouth. The funny part happened when the two half tongue wrestled with each other.
    During their foreplay the boys were grinding their middles together. We could see the mechanics involved as semen lubricated each belly and flowed like water over the erect, half. penis of the other. When the two boys in the video turned to face each other for a hot sixty nine I looked about the room. I smiled at myself as I noticed some new couplings.
    I had expected Chance and Mitty to try to fit themselves together, but the coupling that gave me a warm fuzzy was Charter and Ivan. Ivan reminds me of Chrisy at his age. Both boys are well hung. He has maintained his solitude since he had come to the family in late January. He looked as if he was out of his shell as he fondled Carter and swapped spit with him.
    Colt had been rumored to have ridden six boys since he had come to the house, but he sat in one place and stared at me throughout the video. Chance had told me that his brother wanted a ride on me and then he would be happy. The boy is only eleven, but he is very promiscuous. I talked to Cory about him and he told me to go for it. He told me that there were other boys in the family that I had been with when they were even younger than Colt. I knew that, but that didn't make it right.
    By the time that the video had progressed to anal coupling Colt had scooted in between my legs on his belly. He held my cock in his hand and stared into my eyes. Many of the boys near me gave me a sideways thumb and a smile. Jimmy held up a small ring box with four Golden Pole Pins in it. It was a conspiracy.

    Sagi is at the nag stage with her pregnancy and Cory wanted to get away for a while. We held each other's hands as we walked up the street to his new house. "Was Colt as good a ride as he looked?"
    "That little guy has learned too much from that deacon. I don't know if that is the extent of his experience or not, but he can fuck like a much older boy. He is just as tight as he looks and he moves his ass at all of the right times." Cory laughed at me and pulled me tight for a hug before he entered his house.
    I was drained. I had helped four young men to get a pin for themselves. Mitty had prepared for the evening as Chance had not let up on his tight ass all week long. Carter was the happiest of the four, although I think that Colt will tell stories of that night for many years to cum.

    Cory and I wanted to get away. We had a very full summer with no time to be alone with each other. I had helped my young fire fox build himself a house in the woods. Roddy, RD, Cory, and I had spent a few nights with each other, but all four of us were in one bed with no serious time to love one another the way that we love to love each other.
    I had made a sudden move to take a criminal to spend time with Athos then I had gone off with Cullen and Jimmy to my villa. But there was no Cory. I missed him most when I was in Moscow, those boys are very hot. All of the time that I was in one bed with one boy or another I was thinking of Cory. We took the time to go away.
    Labor Day weekend was on the fourth of September. School had already taken up and the boys were settled in for another year of books and boi time. Cory and I kissed our wives and babies so long then climbed aboard Traveler© for a weekend of Trout fishing on a secluded river in south western Colorado.
    Kenneth and JC had taken a trip to that river during the summer and the fish stories that they had to tell tantalized my Cory man and me. JC sent a map with GPS directions to the computer onboard my RV so that we would not get lost. The road that he suggested to us was perfect in every way. We came up off of the desert floor and began to climb into the mountains. We had a very narrow two lane cow trail to follow, but that only added to the ambience of the excursion.
    We didn't get into the tall pines, we followed a road that meandered along a wide and fast moving river that both of us swore was flowing uphill. The road seemed to have about a two percent down grade to it, but the river flowed in the opposite direction of the terrain, or so it seemed. Cory pointed to the altimeter, we were slowly climbing. The GPS unit was calling out our location as we soaked in the cool breezes coming off of the crystal clear fresh water.
    Cory was excited about the white water rapids that we passed by. He kept telling me that the water didn't look dangerous and that we should try to shoot the rapids. Less than a mile from where we planned to pull off of the road and camp we found the bait and tackle that Kenneth had told us about. He was right, they had the largest selection of cold beer from all around the world that I had ever seen in one place.
    It was already late in the afternoon when we pulled into the bait and tackle and we both knew that we would barely have time to get our hooks into the water before dark. Building a fire for cooking was out of the question. We grabbed a loaf of white bread and a pound of bologna, Cory found a sample from a block of cheddar cheese that hit the spot and he grinned at me. He held up a cold six pack of suds, I pointed to the twenty four pack, two of them. We had jam sandwiches as we finished the last mile of our trip.
    For the non-fisherman out there, a jam sandwich is two slices of bologna, and a thick slice of cheese jammed between two slices of bread, with an ice cold beer to wash it down. Hmm hm good, just don't tell the health nuts in the family. I had seen a sign at the bait and tackle that said that they offered float trips down the river, I inquired about that.
    I pulled Traveler© close to the edge of the water and set the levelers. Cory grabbed our fly fishing gear and raced to the water. We were knee deep in icy cold water before the engine shut down. Ken and JC had warned us about the sharp rocks on the bottom of the river so we had cheap, slip on tennis shoes on our feet. The rest of our clothing consisted of our vests that were covered with the tools of a fisherman and a pair of cut off jeans.
    Cory and I have never gone fly fishing together. We spin cast when we go to Oklahoma, but fly fishing in a swift mountain river was new for us. We both impressed the other with our spectacular casts and quick reactions. The fish were so impressed that they lined up to grab our flies before they hit the water and let us drag them to our creels for a hearty trout dinner later that night.
    We ended our fishing with four two pounders each. We didn't want to over fish that hot spot. I got the giggles as we knelt beside the river bank to clean and gut our catch. Cory knew exactly what I was thinking of, "He would have fun here. I miss him as much as you do." Roddy is such an integral part of our lives that we both miss him when he is not with us.

    We had spotted a large pile of driftwood upstream from where we had parked. Ken had warned us that a badger den was located on the north side of the wood pile, we approached from the south. With our arms filled with the bleached wood we backed away from the ready made firewood supply and made our way back to the RV. Cory had a nice fire going in no time. I rinsed and sliced spuds, with the skins still on, and finely chopped a little onion. I tossed all of that into a large cast iron skillet with salt and pepper then set it over the hot flames to start cooking.
    Cory grinned at me and handed me another beer, who wants coffee while sitting on a river bank with a the night sounds coming in from the surrounding area. I was ready to get some small straws for the mosquitos so that they could get drunk on the beer and go away. I dug around in the belly of the big boy and found a few cans of insect repellant, I asked Cory if he thought that six cans would be enough. He swatted his face and told me that we could make do with six, until I could find the rest of the case full.
    We stepped downwind from the fire and liberally dosed each other with the smelliest stuff in the county then Cory placed the trout into forked sticks for grilling over the hot coals. I stirred the potatoes and we each took a slice of cheese and a beer. Cory had lined all of the beer cans in a row so that we could haul them out when we left, we had already consumed a twelve pack.
    Cory said that the fish would be good with a beer batter on it, I burped and told him to pass me a fish, he declined. Our evening fare was light, we had already eaten two jam sandwiches about three hours earlier. We shared a can of pork-n-beans, two pounds of potatoes, and four pounds of fresh Rainbow trout. We drank another twelve pack of beer then put lots of pee on the fire before we headed into bed.

    Dawn found me trying to build a fire over the urine soaked remains of the previous fire. I heard the familiar twang of a bow snapping loose an arrow. Cory ran across the rocks to retrieve a large rabbit. He had found Roddy's bow and quiver in the belly of Traveler©. He held up his kill and smiled at me, I know that Roddy would be proud of his big brother/daddy.
    The rabbit didn't look all that healthy so we cut it up and used him to feed the fish for another bout with them later in the afternoon. We ate a hearty breakfast of trout with eggs and potatoes. I used the griddle to make up Texas toast to go along with a large jar of strawberry preserves.
    We fished until about eight thirty and caught twelve nice sized fish. Once they were cleaned I packed them into a plastic bag and put them in the large freezer in the belly of my old RV.We policed our campsite and loaded up for an excursion on the water.
    We parked Traveler© in a secure spot behind the bait and tackle and loaded a cooler with beer, cheese, and turkey jerky into the shop's pickup truck. The owner drove like a mad man as he headed about twenty miles upstream to our take off spot. His older brother rode in the back with the inflatable raft and our gear. Cory and I had beer and cheese for brunch.
    The two men dragged the raft to the water's edge and used a high pressure canister to instantly inflate it. Cory and I hauled the life vests and oars to the raft with our beer stash. After a thorough lecture on water safety the older brother pushed us off from the river bank to begin our three hour float down the icy cold river. The shop owner turned his pickup back to the road and disappeared from our sight.
    I heard it before I saw it. I asked our guide if we should forage around an upcoming waterfall. He told me that he had been on the river all of his life and that there was nothing to fear. I should have gone overboard and swam for my life. I know that Cory wishes that he had done that.
    The river picked up speed as we were hurled at twice the speed of light between two boulder the size of the Rock of Gibralter. The waterfall was larger than Niagra Falls, at least ten to twelve feet tall. I felt as if the entire Atlantic ocean were stood up on end and poured over my limp body as I bounced along the razor sharp rocks at the bottom of the river. My life vest was cut from my body and I could feel the razor sharp shards ripping me apart.
    When I came to I was naked and laying at the edge of the water. I was face down. I struggled to roll over. I was cut, bleeding, and bruised as I struggled to get my breath. The sun was high in the sky so I figured that it was about eleven, going on noon. I was unable to move. I closed my eyes to the blinding sun and let my body adust to the pain.
    The shrill screech of an eagle brought me back to consciousness. I opened my eyes and scanned the sky to see nothing. I thought that I was having an hallucination. I closed my eyes and heard it again. I realized that my son, RD, was trying to communicate with me. I cleared my mind and focused on my waking vision.
    I was able to see though OU'i ahKWTdsf OU'i's eyes. I saw myself laying with my legs still in the water and my upper body lying prone on the rocks. I saw the waterfalls, they were not as intimidating from the air as from the water's surface. The raft was shredded and pieces of it littered the riverbank for several feet below the falls. The cooler with the beer in it was sitting at the water's edge ten feet from me.
    The cooler also had water, cool, refreshing, fresh drinking water in it. I couldn't make my body respond to my brain. I lay back and willed my body to relax and gain strength. RD soared off to my right, downstream. About a thousand feet away was the crumpled body of my Cory man. My heart tugged tight in my chest.
    RD circled lower so that I was able to see a-tsi-la tsu'fire fox— curled up around Cory's head. His mouth was against Cory's and I could tell that he was giving life giving breath to my love mate. I forced myself to sit up. The pain nearly sent me into a spasm of nausea. I swallowed hard and shook my mind clear. I needed water.
    The rocks were too sharp to scoot over so I carefully raised myself to my feet. I ended up walking on all fours, with my naked ass sticking up in the air. I reached the cooler and opened a bottle of water. I retched as the cold liquid hit my system. I sipped a small amount and was able to keep it down. I drank about half of the bottle of water then I felt hunger. My blood sugar had to be at the very bottom of the charts.
    I opened the Ziplock bag containing bread and took a slice. I pulled the crust off and rolled the dough into a ball then slowly ate of it as I drank more water. I began to feel alive again. I took another slice of bread and got myself a piece of the cheese. That made me feel as if I was going to make it. "Papa to Andy. Code orange, authorization 1010a papa. Priority urgent," I screamed into my throat mic.
    "I am up to my…"
    "Forget it. Locate me. Locate Cory. Send search and rescue my twenty. Code orange, urgent."
    "I have you. You are in Colorado…"
    "No shit. There has been a boating accident. Where's Cory?"
    "Cory is three hundred meters ESE of you. He is not moving. His vitals are weak. Search and rescue is in the air, ETA, fifteen.
    "What happened?"
    "I'll share with you when Cory is in my arms. I am hurt, but I am going to my main man." I took two bottles of water and another cheese sandwich and began to head in an easterly direction, following the bank of the river. About one hundred feet down river I found the body of the guide, his life vest was wrapped around his head, his neck was broken.
    I called out tp RD to guide me. He continued to circle overhead and I could see my way clearly. Cory was out of the water and Rodney was still with him. I picked up my pace. I saw Cory at the edge of the water, I half ran over the sharp rocks with my bare feet leaving blood trails behind me.
    I didn't need a doctor to tell me that my man was hurt, bad. His left thigh bone was pressing against his skin. It had not broken through, but it looked very painful. I sat down next to him and carefully lifted his head as I put a bottle of water against his lips.
    His eyes fluttered, "Rodney told me that you were coming. He saved my life, dad. I love that little man. Is RD still circling overhead?" I searched my mind and could not find RD or Roddy. I moved my body so that I was giving shade to Cory's face. I touched his cheek and gave him a bit more water then I heard the whomp, whomp, whomp of a helicopter coming up the river.
    A big Blackhawk sat down a hundred and fifty feet from us. Two men ran toward us with a stretcher. They took one look at me and called back to the chopper for another stretcher. I tried to rise, but I was told to sit still. I held Cory's hand as he was transferred to one stretcher then I was lifted onto the other one.
    My feet were bandaged to stem the bleeding. I had not realized the extent of my injuries. I had to shout to get the search team to listen to me as I told them of the body of the guide. The first two men took off at a run in the direction that I had indicated.
    The two men returned shortly with a body in a plastic bag. They slid the body in the aircraft and we lifted off. Andy came on in my ear, "Pete and Bryan are in the air in Travele Hop©. They are on the way to retrive Traveler© and drive it home for you."
    "Where am I going?"
    "You are on your way to Durango. There you will be evaluated then you will be airlifted home to your family. How is Cory holding out?"
    "He is sedated and resting right now. He seems to be at peace. Andy…I almost lost him…"
    "Hold on to yourself, Chris. He will need your strength. The boys need you. I need you." Andy has this way with words, he can't use them.

    I wanted my sons. A steady rain beat against the windows giving the house a deathly silence. For a house with two babies, a nine year old, and a thirteen year old that was strange. I asked Ugitsiha where the boys were. She told me to slip quietly into the tunnel. I was still taking pain pills and my feet were thickly bandaged so that I could not even feel them. I decided to forego my coffee as I set out to find where my babies were.
    I have programed the entry barrier into the tunnel between the new house and the wine cellar to open with Yuri's hand print scan. The door was open that led from the house and underground. I heard excited boy talk as I moved closer.
    Sitting along the length of the tunnel were ten little boys at play. Tiger and Kardal had a fleet of tiny trucks and cars stretched out for their playtime. Cory Stevens was pushing a truck along as he made the sounds of a motor with his mouth. Cullen James was chewing on a steel car. Hamal and Khalid were playing with Yuri while Rodney was running along with his car in a race with Tahir and Baris. It was a Kodak moment and I had no camera.

    Yuri was afraid of Nvgi diganvsadi the first time that he saw the beast. We have put a long run in along the east side of the house for the dog to play and with room for the boys to play along with him as well. Roddy loves the animal, but like all boys, he hates having to clean up after him. I told him that it was his job. He doesn't argue with me, which is great.
    Just outside of the dog run, in the far corner of the yard, is a large sand box for the boys. It was too wet and cool for the boys to play outside and the tunnel gives them a perfect place to be away from the older boys and be able to have as much fun as their little hearts can take. It is not as if there is anything in the granite tunnel that they can hurt, or that will hurt them. Unless they scrape a knee or bang their head.
    The tunnel to Cory's house had not been completed and I wanted to see my main man. Roddy wanted to go with me. I needed him to help to support me, I was very unsteady on my sore feet. We drove through the rain to the house next door in one of Jimmy's scooter designs. A smaller version of those scooters than we used at the school fit the bill for moving between my house and my family house.
    Roddy helped me to limp in to Cory's den where RD was feeding Cory a glass of water when we entered. I accused Cory of milking his injury. Cory had bandages on nearly every part of his body. His left leg was in a cast from his groin to his mid-calf. He had an oxygen tube inserted into his nasal opening to aid with his breathing. He had six broken and bruised ribs. His toes were the only part of his lower body that was not wrapped in gauze and tape.

    We had been airlifted back to Tucson by a medi-vac air service on Monday morning. Cory was under deep sedation and sleeping soundly. Our great fishing trip had only lasted one evening and one brief morning. We had lounged about in a hospital in Durango Sunday night and, AMA—against medical advice, we left their great facilities as early as we could get ourselves down to the helipad for a trip over to the airport and our ride home.
    Pete and Bryan had arrived at the hospital at eight thirty and I had begged my two friends to get us the hell out of that torture chamber. It wasn't that we were mistreated in any way, it was just that we weren't home with our families. Level headed Pete told us that there was not sufficient room for Cory's battering ram leg inside Travele Hop©. Then he said that Bry would be flying solo on the return to Tucson because he would be driving Traveler©. I decided to wait for the medi-vac.
    We were flown to Tucson International Airport and transferred to another helicopter for a trip over the town to Tucson Medical Center. We were evaluated then I was rebandaged and set into a wheelchair to be sent home. Cory wasn't so lucky. I located the orthopedic surgeon that had put Warren's leg back together a few years earlier. He had bad news for Cory.
    Cory's leg break was very clean, but it had not been set properly. I swallowed hard and grabbed Cory's hand. I told the surgeon that it had been my fault that Cory was not treated properly. I was more anxious to get my man and myself home and never really listened to what the doctor in Durango had told me. When I rewound my brain tapes I could see and hear him clearly.
    When the doctor came out of the operating theater on Sunday afternoon he told me that Cory's bleeding wounds were the hospital's first priority. He told me that he had placed a temporary cast on Cory's leg to keep it from further damage, but as soon as Cory was stable he would set the thigh bone. He thought that Cory would be strong enough by Monday afternoon.
    I bent over and kissed Cory and told him how sorry I was. He smiled back at me and told me that he was in Tucson and that Sagi had come to visit him. That was all that he cared about. I was sent out of the room as Cory was prepared to have his leg broken again.
    Ugitsiha and Sagi came down and sat with me in the waiting room. I was constantly told that I needed to go home or I would be placed into a room. I was hurt and I was not helping myself by sitting in a wheelchair and worrying about something as minor as Cory's leg. The girls headed over to the cafeteria to get a large cup of coffee for me, I am not wild about the coffee from vending machines.
    There is always one. Every time that I have had anything to do with any hospital I find one professional nurse for every ten people doing a job so that they can hurry and get home. Beatrice, Bea, came to me with a pill and a glass of water. She knelt before me and checked the bandages on my feet. I had not looked, they were dripping blood onto the floor.
    She watched as I swallowed the pill then she rolled me into an examination room to change my bandages. I had put the pain out of my head, but Bea brought me back to the fact that I was hurt. She softly talked to me and soothed me as she removed every foot of the bloody bandages from my pedal digits. At one point she excused herself to go for more bandages. There were enough gauze rolls on the shelf in front of me to wrap four mummies.
    When she returned she was accompanied by two very large orderlies pushing a gurney. I was bodily lifted from my wheelchair and placed on the gurney. Once I was flat on my back Ugitsiha stepped in. She held my hand and told me that she wanted me to stay overnight. She smiled as she told me that she didn't want my blood on her new sheets. I thanked her for her compassion.
    I was pushed out into the hall and I saw the orthopedist walking up to Sagi. Sagi led him over to me so that all of us could hear his news at the same time. Cory was doing fine. His leg had been reset without any cutting of the skin. He had been given a mild sedative and would return to his room very shortly.
    The orderlies pushed me along the hallway at a breakneck speed. Sagi was on my left and Ugitsiha was on my right as we hurled along chasing dogs, cats, and small children from our path. I was very pleased when I was rolled into Cory's room. Another bed was being made up next to my man, I knew that both of us would rest better as we recovered. I knew that neither of us could get to the other's bed for any near time, but we could see and talk to each other.
    I was transferred into my bed with professional ease and grace. As the orderlies left with my gurney Cory was rolled in and placed in his bed. He turned his head toward me and smiled then fell fast asleep. Roddy tip toed in and kissed me. He looked over at Cory and crawled up on the bed to lay next to him. He wrapped his arm around Cory's neck and kissed him. Cory muttered in his sleep.
    I asked Roddy to get into Traveler's© belly and take the fish from the freezer there then ask Jimmy to help him to flash freeze the fish to fifty degrees below zero. I had never shown anyone other than Chrisy and Jimmy how to operate that big freezer safely. Edmund or Ģer had operated it as well.
    Cory and I were both released on Wednesday. An ambulance delivered Cory to his house and a medical transport took me in a wheelchair to my new house so that I could bleed on Ugitsiha's sheets. I had to see the Nickels. I had told them that I would take them horseback riding at Camp Christopher. They looked at my feet and hugged me and told me that we could go whenever I got well again. Boys are resilient, they are easily hurt, but deep down they understood my dilemma.

    I hugged RD and sat down beside Cory. I asked RD how he had come to me in a vision after the accident. "Rodney and I were at the mall, he wanted a new video game and then we sat down for a cold drink. Suddenly his face blanked out and he told me that you were in trouble. I let my mind clear and I saw you.
    "Rodney and I held hands and didn't say a word. We were able to hear every thought that the other had though. I was flying over that river when I spotted you and Cory. Rodney told me that Cory was not breathing. He told me to lead you to Cory while he helped his other daddy.
    "Dad, I was so proud of him. He wrapped himself around Cory's head and kept it above the water and off of the sharp rocks. He placed his snout against Cory's mouth and breathed life into him. I had to get your attention.
    "You were hurt. You were in the water and in trouble. All I could do was call out to you. You moved from the water and rolled onto your back, I saw the blood that covered you. I called out to you again. You opened your eyes and I knew that you were going to be okay.
    "I'm not like you and Rodney, I can't talk with my mind, but I tried. I told you to keep your eyes shut and reach into my mind. I felt you in my head. You were weak. Your mind was barely with me. I had to give you a spark so I showed you Cory laying by the water's edge. You saw Rodney and you tried to reach out to him. You were too weak.
    "I felt your need for water and food. I focused on the cooler sitting in the water near you. I felt all of your pain as you moved across those rocks to get to the cooler. I felt your strength renew as you gulped at the cold water. I had to tell you to go slow, your stomach revolted against the suddenness of the cold liquid hitting it. I was screaming at you to sip the water slowly.
    "Again I felt a surge of energy from you as the water refreshed you. I saw you take out the bread and I did a loop in the sky. You looked up, but you could not see me. I was only there in spirit, there was no body for you to see. I watched as you made a cheese sandwich and ate it then drank more water. I told you that Cory needed water.
    "Dad, I have never wanted to hold you any more than I did as I watched you struggle to get downstream to Cory. Every step you took must have been agonizing from what I was feeling. I wanted my body to be there so that I could swoop down and grab you up in my talons and fly you to Cory. It was not possible.
    "I watched as you held Cory's head and gave him water. His mind flashed an image to me of the great Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe standing on a tall rock and watching over him. He grew peaceful and began to breathe with a steady rhythm.
    "When the helicopter came in to get you Rodney and I opened our eyes. We both had tears running down our cheeks. 'My daddy is safe now. Thank you for helping him.' Rodney said.
    "Our daddy and our second daddy are safe and it is because you felt their plight. You saved Cory's life there, little brave. We all owe you." RD was staring at Roddy. Roddy moved to sit in his lap and the two hugged each other very tightly.
    Cory and I both know that we owe our very lives to those two. We are a well bonded family. I don't know if others can see or feel our bond, but it is there.

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