Chapter 235


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I walked through the tunnel back to my house with Mylo close at my side holding my hand. I thought of Cory curled around a cute boy, or four, as I recalled the night that we just had. I knew that my main man was up to whatever those boys could cum up with.
    Mylo looked up at me and asked, "Do you really think that Roddy is going to fuck the brains out of Yuri?"
    "I am sure of it. Yuri likes to get fucked once in awhile."
    "Do you ever fuck him?"
    "You will have to talk to Yuri about that."
    "I would like to watch Yuri get fucked by Roddy. I love both of them and Roddy has a dick bigger than mine and I want to suck him and let him fuck me after you fuck me and I suck you…"
    "Hey, come up for air. If you still want me to fuck you then I will. We can even fuck on the same bed next to Yuri and Roddy so that you can see their faces as they fuck."
    "Oh yes, I want that so much. I can't wait to see what all of this sex is all about. I only tasted cum once before tonight when that ass hole raped me in the shower at school. I like the taste of what Barry shot in my mouth and I want to try to suck you, after you fuck me."
    I was re-thinking every thing that I had learned about the boy. I probed his mind trying to learn what was on his mind. All I could learn was that the events in the wine cellar over the previous five hours had sparked a deep curiousity in his mind. I would know more after spending a serious night in bed with him as we found out if it was raging hormones or if it went deeper than that.
    He brought me out of my mind with his next question, "What was that board with all of those names on it that Jimmy brought in?"
    Roddy was quick to explain that the board hangs in the Granite House. It contains the names of everyone that has received a Golden Pole Pin, "even some grown ups and old men that daddy has given a thrill ride." He told Mylo that the board's idea came from the genius of Jimmy. Tonight two more names were added to the board and his name would be added in the morning.
    The four of us slept on Roddy's king sized bed; he told his mother that he wanted a big bed where he could have a party whenever he wanted it. We had a party on his bed that night. It was almost two o'clock in the morning by the time the four of us got into a huddle/cuddle. Four hard dicks dictated the direction that the party was to take. Yuri was almost ten at the time that this event took place. Yuri had a cute little uncut cocklet of just over three and half inches. Fourteen year old Mylo was next in size with a four and a quarter inch long cut cock that was just slightly bigger around than my thumb. Roddy was only a month and two weeks from his fourteenth birthday. His face is that of a young boy, but his cock is already five inches long and five inches around. Then there was me… I have told you before that I fluctuate with the current situation dictating my stiffness, even after my night of awarding pins, in the Wine Cellar I was upstanding at ten and a quarter inches. I was worried about ninety six pound Mylo riding on me, I was about to give him a new ass hole, literally.
    Mylo showed more than curiousty in that bed, the boy was sex starved and the bed party provided him with birthday and Christmas presents in abundance. The boy was like a child in a candy store, he wanted to taste everything in sight. We started the evening with a four square, all four of us sucking another as we lay in a square on the bed. I had the pleasure to nurse on Yuri, something that I don't do often, while Roddy swallowed my sword, leaving Mylo to suck Roddy and Mylo being sucked by Yuri. Nobody achieved orgasm, we were only interested in being together and loving each other. Mylo was anxious to actually watch Roddy enter into Yuri so he squirmed and fidgeted about until all three of us gave up our meaty treat and got down to business.
    Mylo had his wide eyes as close to the business as he could get as Roddy slowly pushed himself inside of Yuri. He quickly realized that my suggestion of him getting under Yuri in a sixty nine position would have given him a better view, but Yuri wanted to lay on his back so he could get a deep fucking.
    While Mylo watched the other boys I was nursing on his virgin meat. I got him excited enough to pull him over on top of me so that I could take all of him into my mouth, cock, balls, and all. I quickly realized that Roddy would have to help him shave down under. His crotch only has the smattering of hair of a younger, developing teenager, but he had enough hair to get between my teeth. Oh, I like a little hair on my dinner, but I don't get as involved in my meal, as I was with Mylo, very often. I was working on the boy's back door with a single finger and often had to take a lick to slicken him up. When my finger did penetrate him he shoved two feet of meat into me, he almost climbed into my mouth, crotch first.
    Mylo's mind was like an open book, easy to read. He was experiencing sensations in his young body that he never knew could exist. When he shot his first load of our union he tightened up and let his orgasm travel from the furthest points of his body. I was so deep into his mind that I felt his toes tingle and turn under. I felt the pins and needles move up his legs as his breath hung in his lungs and his heart stopped for a moment to build up the power surge that was to follow quickly.
    When his thin boi juice ejaculated from his penis his body was in total shut down as every nerve and fiber of his being focused on the best sensation of his life. He quickly gasped for breath and let my cock slip from my mouth, he raised himself up only to fall beside me. I gave no quarter. I pushed him over onto his back and spread his legs. I raised his legs high and pushed them wide apart so that I could get to his tightened, puckered entry to an uncharted universe within him.
    My tongue at his back door caused his butt to raise off of the bed violently, he smashed my nose with his smooth mound of Venus. I simply wrapped my arms around his delicious looking thighs to spread them further apart. His anus was flat before my face making my oral entry easy. I slurped and slobbered as I drove the boy wild. Roddy was laughing in my mind and he told me that I was a noisy dinner. Yuri received that message from his older brother and began to giggle. I almost lost Mylo when he heard the boys quietly giggling; to get him back I digitally assaulted him with one single finger. That got his attention and he moaned with pain then quickly relaxed as he began to enjoy this new sensation. His mind was a tangle of emotions as it sorted through the new feelings trying to decide what he liked the most.
    I made Mylo beg for it. When he recovered from his amazing orgam I rolled to my back pulling him ontop of me as I went. What a rush to have an naked and eager, smooth bodied, boy laying on my body. I pulled him close to me as I tried to pull him completely inside of me, crotch first. I wrapped my arms around him and stroked his smooth back. I felt goose bumps on his body as goose bumps rose from me. I was feeling sensations that I had seldom ever felt when I am with anyone other than my sweet Cory man.
    Mylo had over six inches of my cock in his mouth and throat. I was amazed that I had not heard him gag a single time. I felt warm fuzzies racing through his body, he was enjoying everything that we were doing. It was time to grant the boy's wish. I spread his legs and moved a bit so that I could give him a good licking. His body shuddered when my tongue moved through his sweet tasting crack and around the center of his current focus.
    I began to probe into him with my tongue. He was so ready for what was to cum that his hole opened to allow my tongue to probe deep inside. He was as clean inside as out, and tasty, very tasty. There was not a hint of what usually passed through that hole, just a sweet boi taste. I began a trip though his sphincter as I let my fingers do the walking. By the time I did the three finger massage on his prostate he was open for business. I stayed the course until he fed me another dose of boi ball batter before I quickly moved around and made my grand entry.
    Mylo surprised himself as well as me, he took to me with no pain at all. I stopped to let him adjust to the new intruder in his body, but he wasn't ready for that. He raised his butt up and sucked me deep inside of himself. He got me as deep as he could before he locked his ankles behind my butt and relaxed his body. That movement allowed me to slide all of my giant sized cock into him. I had a vision of my cock coming up through his throat and sticking out of his mouth so I kissed him.
    That was just what he needed. His tongue met me on the battle field as we fought for domination of his mouth. A shudder moved through his body as his arms wrapped around my neck and pulled his body as close to mine as two males can get and still be individuals. I was slowly moving my cock back and forth about two inches at a time.
    "Fuck me, daddy, fuck my ass hard and fast." The word daddy hit me, that was the first time that he had called me anything but Chris. I had to probe his mind deeper than I had done before. I confirmed that this was the first time that the boy had had a dick in his ass, but he had been using the handle of a screw driver when he masturbated and thought about his own father.
    I had to work to do justice to our combining as I dug deep into the deepest recesses of his mind. I learned that he was a confused young teen, duh! He liked girls, but his sexual fantasies leaned toward men, older, mature men of about thirty something. His thoughts betrayed the fact that he looked at me like a boi near his own age, yet I was the father figure of his dreams.
    Mylo was a typical pubescent when it came to his relationship with his father. They fought like father and son daily. He was a no nothing slob that didn't want to grow up and be a man, while his father was older than dirt and knew absolutely nothing. It was a wonder to Mylo that the old man had survived all of these years when he was so dumb. He was a hunk to look at and Mylo would love to have his body when he grew up. He had seen his dad naked many times, he had even seen him with an erection. He fantasized about that daddy meat as he pushed the screwdriver handle in and out of his tight butt hole. He enjoyed the sensations that he received, but he hated trying to clean the greasy Vaseline from his ass and off of the screwdriver.
    I was digging for anything involving girls. I found that he had no thoughts of a female's body, not even their breasts. He did think about kissing girls which caused him to get hard, but he never fantasized about sex with them. His thoughts about girls could be attributed to his innocent age. Those thoughts did not mean that he was gay. His fixation on his father's gentitals could just be a typical boy thinking about what he was going to grow up to look like. His mastubatory fantasies could be as innocent as being the only thing that he knew in his short life that aroused him. He had not discovered his new body changes until he was about thirteen years and six months old. He was now fourteen and three months old, so his sexual experiences were just about nine months old; everything was new to him.
    His recent new experiences had him so hard that he was sure that his cock was going to explode. It almost felt like it had exploded when he shot a large load onto his belly. I had raised up a bit so that I could see his ejaculate, it was a bit thicker, and whiter, than what he had shot before. I began to totally fuck him. He was into what he was feeling and moaning as he tossed his head from side to side. Both of us reached our final climax simultaneously. His load actually reached his chin as I filled his ass with my own offering.
    Mylo's eyes rolled back in his head and his mouth opened, "Wow, that was awsome. Let's do it again tomorrow." With that he closed his eyes in sleep. Roddy and Yuri weren't satisfied with that. Yuri shook Mylo awake as he and Roddy knelt beside him. Once Mylo focused his eyes Roddy showed him the small, gold, penis shaped pin. He removed the clip from the point on the back of the pin then tattooed the pin into the smooth mound over the softning cock. Mylo let out a squeal as both Roddy and Yuri welcomed him to the family.

    I unwrapped myself from Mylo and headed to the nursery bathroom for a piss and a shower. When I stepped from the shower I smelled coffee in the air and I heard a piano playing. I headed for the kitchen for a morning cuppa as I listened to a beautiful piece being played by Yuri on the piano. I asked what it was that he was playing, he told me that it was called the March of the Trolls. I asked him if he had ever seen Trolls marching.
    He jumped down from the raised piano bench and crawled up in my lap. "Yes daddy, I saw them all march off last night when we was all in bed together. I feel so gooder today and I'm glad that Mylo fucked me too." He looked over at the door then continued in a whisper, "I like it when Roddy does me, but Mylo never done it 'fore and he really liked it. I am small and tight so his little dick fitted in just right." He began to giggle and I thought about the two innocent boys that have come into my life. Yuri was a street kid in Russia, Mylo…I really haven't decided about that confused boy.
    Roddy and Mylo came into the room, Roddy headed to the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of Mango/Peach juice. He asked Mylo what he wanted, Mylo answered, "Surprise me. Maybe some daddy juice?" All of us smiled, we had a gay boy in our house. I would have to think about leaving him in the nursery.
    "We just went over to that Granite House" and Roddy told Clayton to put my name on that board with all of the other names. All of the guys that were there eating breakfast came over and kissed me and welcomed me to the family of happy fairies. Who are they?"
    "That's a name that was tacked onto all of the boys that live with me a few years back. The boys all take that to be the boys that have the pin," I told him. I asked what Çhé Ģer was serving for breakfast. I was told that he was fixing pancakes and had several kinds of fresh fruit to add to them, as wanted. The four of us headed off to eat Ģer's handiwork. The boys there had a gazillion questions for me as they greeted me with hugs and kisses. All of them patted Mylo on the ass and gave his cock a squeeze as they told him that they were glad to have him in the family. Mylo was full of pride as he was really accepted by kids his own age.

    Cory and I try to spend at least an hour each day together if it is for no more than just sitting together to snog and cuddle. Both of us miss the other when the other is off traveling. Such a time was the week of May sixteenth when my main man went down to south Texas to learn about Willie Nelson's Bio Diesel that he sells at a truch stop that he is a co-owner of called Carl's Corner.
    The fuel was an idea that Willie had and he went into a partnership with the truck stop owner to manufacture and sell the refined cooking oil at the site. Cory wanted to know how to create the fuel additive for our own use in our ever growing fleet vechicles at the schools around the world. Cory learned cooking oil was broken down and the glycerin was removed leaving only the pure oil to be mixed with fossil diesel in a twenty:eighty mix. The fuel had proven to boost engine speed and increase milage of big-rig eighteen wheelers by twenty percent or better.
The problem still existed with the oil getting to thick to pass through the injectors when the weather was cold. Cory made a substantial sale of his design for an after market heater for the fuel tanks that keeps the fuel fluid and flowing. He came away with more ideas about how to improve our cooking oil fuels, but we don't mix our oil with fossil fuels. By separating the glycirn from the used cooking oil he believes that he can get rid of the smell of french fries from our exhaust pipes.

    I spent the first part of the week when Cory was gone following up on what my investigators had uncovered about Mylo and what actually happened there. The first people that I sat down with were the five boys that were accused of raping Mylo in the showers at school. I started with the four boys that had forced Mylo to the ground then stood over him as they masturbated only to ejaculate on his naked body. Each one of the boys told identical stories, albeit with their own indivual embellishments which I easily ferreted through to get to the truth. All four of them were followers that looked up to Froman, the neighbor boy that lived next door to Mylo and his father. They were in such awe of the sixteen year old boy that they were willing to go along with a sexual assault on the diminutive fourteen year old youth. The city prosecutor was charging them with second degree rape which carries a prison sentence of twenty years as well as lifetime registration as sex offenders. I knew that I had to sit down and have a long talk with her and beg her to re-think the charges.
    As far as Froman was concerned I pegged him as a bully that loved to torment younger kids in ways that made him appear as something special in the eyes of his fellow students. In my interview I learned that he had been forcing smaller boys to perform oral sex on him since he was in the sixth grade. I convinced him to write the names of six boys down for me along with approximate dates of the events.
    I located all six of the boys, one of them was a current student at BAW, each of them told me how Froman would beat them up for their lunch money and when they had no money he would force them to suck his dick, The boy from BAW lived with a poor widowed mother and never had money, he was on the free breakfast and lunch programs at school and often went without his supper. He really suffered during school holidays and breaks. Froman awakened in him a latent desire for cock-in-the-mouth and by the time he was twelve he learned that men would pay him ten dollars, or more, to suck them off. He developed a cum thirst that got him caught in a park sweep by bicycle cops, and subsequently a bed at BAW.
    I know that boy and I know the hurt that his lifestyle has caused him. He would give anything to not be gay, but his life circumstances had dictated that he start down the long, dark path, that at his age he was not prepared for. I was glad to have the person that had created that circumstance in the boy's life in my grasp. I wanted to burn Froman. The county attorney was glad to get a sexual preditor off of the streets, especially at only sixteen years of age. He is charged with over one hundred counts of forced sexual conduct with minors under twelve years of age to fifteen years of age, he will not see the light of a free day for many, many years.
    Next up was the co-worker of Mr. Caremour. I hold that man responsible for everything that has happened to Mylo in recent days. I dressed down to the part so that I would fit into the atmosphere where my investigators had located Reggie "Foxy" Fox several times over the period of several day. I really hate cigarette smoke, but I detest it when it is concentrated by thirty to a hundred greasers smoking like a chimney on Christmas Eve.
    I cut my way through the smog from hell with a machete and found my way to a bar stool. I ordered up a draft, thought it best to be like the vermon in the room. I saw my target at the pool table bragging that no one could beat him at eight ball. I just had to take that challenge. I ran the table on the break, but deliberately scratched on the eight ball, I was out a tenner. That got a guffaw from Foxy and his crowd of friends. I offered to go double or nothing, he took the bet. I let him break; he didn't drop anything and when I came to the table I took stripes. I ran the table and stopped when I lined up on the money ball, "Tell you what, dude, I'll go you a pitcher on this shot if you'll sit at that table and talk to me." He agreed. I tossed my cue stick onto the table striking the white ball which in turn sank the eight ball in the reverse corner on a three bank shot.
    I called for a pitcher from the bar tender and headed for the table with Fox right behind me. I poured him a tall one from the pitcher and passed it over then said in a low whisper, "Word on the street is that you can get boys."
    He had to stop and size me up. I was wearing jeans that I had borrowed from a skinny fourteen year old in the dormitory. I'm not saying that they were painted on, the brush would have made them to thick. The high water cuff just touched the pronounced bone of my thin ankles which were covered in white crew socks with a red and blue striped band around the top. My short blonde hair was as spikey as I could accomplish and the stark white sneakers with pink, polka dotted laces were an eye stopper, you can thank a hysterically laughing Roddy for that touch. Yuri came up with the idea of the heavy black horn rimmed eyeglass frames with plain glass lenses in them. I looked like an twenties something guy trying to hold on to his youth.
    "Er…ah, what sort of boy you want?"
    "You know, young and hung…and cute."
    He leaned in and almost whispered in my ear, "How young?"
    "Old enough to get pleasure from a man that will love him, but not old enough to shave." I jabbed him in the ribs with my elbow, I wanted to put my elbow into the end of his nose and push that enlarged snoz bone into his frontal lobe.
    He looked me deep in the eye then slowly smiled, "I done this one kid last night that is thirteen. He's a snow white blonde and hung like a sixteen year old. He cums by the cup full and swallows all he can get. He wants to get fucked, but I ain't had time to break him in yet. You want him, he'll cost you fifty bucks."
    "Does he get any of that swag?" (Okay, ancient word, but I was getting a bad feeling from this guy's mind.)
    "You pay him what you want. He can't sneak out of his house until after elven thirty or so, when his old lady goes to bed. You take him off in your car and he'll do things to you that are unbeliveable."
    "How'd you meet him?"
    "His cousin and me have lots of kids that age that love it. I like doing young kids in the ass, they're so tight, and after the second time they beg for it. I seen this one squirt that's just eleven take on a monster cock for over an hour then he done me for another hour. That kid's a born faggot."
    "Can I meat these boys, they sound like fun for real?"
    "Sure, just do blonde boy tonight and I'll set you for a party this weekend that will shrivel your balls."
    "Do you take it…you know…in the rear?"
    "Only if the guy is clean and huge. I don't like no puny weenie laid in my buns."

    We got into our cars and I let him lead me to a dark street corner where the cutest little tyke was waiting in the shadows. Foxy introduced me as his friend then turned to leave. I cupped his balls and whispered to him that I had ten thick inches and his ass was built for a good fuck. He gave me a number where I could reach him the following afternoon.
    Gabriel Avalon looked just like his name, an angelic cherub. He reminded me of a younger version of thumb sucking Gus the first time I visited with him at the home that he had shared with his brother Eric. He was dressed in faded blue jeans and a tank top type undershirt that showed off his skinny, boyish body. The jeans accented his boi package which appeared to be larger than one would imagine for a child as young as he looked. I couldn't even think of having sexual relations with the boy, I only wanted to take him under my umbrella of protection and keep him safe from men like Foxy.
    I guided Gabriel toward the swings as we talked about him and his school. I learned that his friends and teachers call him Gabby because he his jaw seems to be double jointed so that his mouth never quits moving, he did seem to have a thousand words for every question that I asked of him. He looked at me and told me the only time that his mouth was open and no words were coming out of it is when he had a thick cock to suck on. That was an opener for the next part of my interrogation.
    Gabby had walked into the bathroom at his grandfather's house early one morning when he was almsot six years old. His family had gone to the man's home for a visit with him and his grandmother for a weekend. Gabby had to pee very badly and he always entered the bathroom at home when his dad was at the lavatory shaving; the difference with this occasion was that his grandfather was stark naked. Gabby couldn't take his eyes from the giant sized cock that seemed to be growing every second.
    When Gabby began to pee on the back of the toilet his grandfather turned to him and held his tiny willie down so that the stream went into the bowl. Gabby loved the touch of the man's hand on his quickly thickening stiffie. Grandpa knew what the boy wanted so he slowly stroked his grandson until the boy experienced his first ever orgasm.
    Wanting to make his grandfather happy he offered no resistence when the older man placed his cock at the boy's lips. Gabby tasted of the large drop of pre-cum on the tip of the cock that was as large as his little arm. When he opened his mouth he suddenly found the head of the tasty meat in his mouth. In mere seconds he thought that his grandfather was peeing in his mouth, but he couldn't get away as the man's large hand forced the boy's head up and down on his ejaculating cock until he was drained.
    Gabby was hooked, he wanted more. When his grandmother wanted to take the kids out to the mall grandfather asked that Gabby stay behind to help him get something out of the attic crawl space that was too small for the older man. Gabby's father grinned at his his father and hurried the women out of the house with the agreement that the old man and the boy would meet up with them for lunch at the local all-you-can-eat choke and puke. Choke, but no puke was on the menu for Gabby as he spread his naked body atop the fat body of his grandfather and got his ass, cock, and balls sucked for two hours, all of the time he was playing every game that his grandfather could direct at him with the all day sucker between his own legs.
    Gabby has no recollection of how many times the old man filled his tiny tummy with the milk that makes men of boys, but he does remember the tummy ache that came afterwards. That tummy ache went away when grandfather gave him a giant glass of chocolate milk with his grilled cheese sandwich.
    When the family returned home about two hours before dinner Gabby's dad and his grandfather took the boy up to his dad's old bedroom in the attic where Gabby watched his father get his ass fucked while he got to suck on his own dad's cock. The old man's stamina must have been extrodinary from the tale that Gabby told of their next, and last, day of the family's visit. After their return home Gabby and his father became very close, so close in fact that his mother got suspicious.
    When Gabby's grandmother died his grandfather came to live with the family. Gabby's mother noticed an unnatural closeness developing between the male members of her family and she asked her pre-teen aged daughter to watch what was going on. The daughter confirmed what she suspected. She had seen the two men naked in bed together with Gabby kneeling between their legs playing with their pee things.
    The wife arranged for a police detective to visit the empty house next door that she was selling for the owner. The detective took a long look out of the attic dormer directly into the bedroom that the men were using with the boy. She had hidden out and not gone to work like she had told the men. When Gabby came home from kindergarten she allowed them time to take the boy to the room before opening the door and walking in on them. The detective witnessed more than he wanted to see as he called for uniformed officers to come for the arrest.
    Both men are in prison serving long sentences as child molesters. The mother had friends that helped her to make sure that the men's jackets were well read by the other inmates so that they would never have to go a single day without sex. Gabby was sent to therapy with a female doctor to whom he could not relate. Three weeks after he was assigned to a male therapist, he had a new source of the white man milk that would help him to grow up big and strong.
    Gabby didn't get along with the boys his own age, they feared him because of all of the older boys that hung around him every day. If only they had known the hold the boy had on the older boys. He told me that he really liked to hold their big balls and feel them move about while he sucked on their huge cocks. He was twelve when the first boy, about fourteen opened his world to anal sex. From that day on he wanted at least two boys with him at all times, he did not mind sucking dripping cock fresh from his ass. He could almost always get each boy off twice and more often three times in one session before he would move on to the next pair of boys waiting outside.
    As he got older he wanted older boys, seniors or graduates. He moved onto men during the summer of his thirteenth year and began to slip out of his bedroom window a month before school started.
    I was searching thoughout his body for disease or permanent damage to his small body. He was a very lucky boy, he was clean and healthy. We had walked several blocks and found ourselves walking down the street in front of BAW. I told him that I knew a way into the gay school and we could go to the dorm and see lots of naked boys, he bought it. After only one visit with his mother Gabby moved into the dorm where he is quickly making new friends.

    By the time that the dust setteled my investigators helped me to locate thirty five boys under fifteen that Reggie Fox had molested. He had farmed twelve of the boys out to nine of his friends that had a taste for young and hungs. I had to sit down with the student body of BAW when I learned that six of the students there had been involved in sexual acts with Foxy in the years before they came to the school. I have no problem sitting before a student body of an elementary school, or even a junior high school, to talk to them about stranger danger. But talking to high schoolers, especially gay student at an all gay high school…
    Those guys love to have the attention of an older man. They even seek older men out for sex and money. I acutally had to plead with the boys to stop and think, I let my emotions show when I told them how much it would hurt if a single one of them was hurt or killed in such a liaison. Seven hundred boys tried to rush the stage so that they could hug me and promise me that they will never again participate in such dangerous activities.

(A glimpse into the near future: Reginald Fox has been sentenced to seven life sentences without the possibility of parole. After release, at the age of about two hundred and twenty four years old, he will serve the rest of his natural life in a mental institution for serious sexual predators. His buddies each received sixty to seventy year sentences for their love of the greasy young kid stuff. They will never again get their favorite soup, Cream of Some Young Guy.)

    Roddy has often been a source of amazement to me, but I never thought of him as a romantic. The diminutive man child has always shown his love for his brothers and family, but Adsila has revealed an attribute that even his mother has never suspected. He brought me broachers for Tobago. Tobago is the smaller of the two main islands that make up the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the southern Caribbean.
    He proudly pointed to the motto of Tabago:

Pulchrior Evenit
"She becomes more beautiful"

"That's like Adsila, daddy, she just gets more beautiful every time I see her." The boy is smitten.

    Yuri didn't have a tuxedo and he needed a good suit that would fit his rapidly growing body as well. Roddy has also grown quite a bit over the past year so he needed a new suit or two also. He would be married in the tradtional Tsalagi suit of tanned doe skins so he was sure that he did not need a new tux, until I reminded him of his planned honeymoon to the island of Tabago. We met with Phillip, my tailor from New York, and I got to put up with giggling boys as they watched the old fop and his, fifty something, boyfriend flit about in their litltish ways.
    The three of us made a father son day of it after the fitting, both boys wanted a chilli cheese burger with hand dippedl and battered onion rings from Myers. I didn't mind, I always enjoy seeing mom, however on that day I am afraid that Marion saw more of me than she needed to.
    It may have become obvious to the readers of this epic saga that I am enamored with my young son Roddy. Now I must admit that my enchantment has extended to my young ward, Yuri. I don't know if it is the boys themselves or if it is the stages that a ten year old boy goes through as he discovers live for himself. Whatever it is I have decided that I want to have a ten year old son son around me for the rest of my life, or until they drive me crazy.
    The boys were playing with their lunch and trying to see which one could out gross the rest of us first. We went through all of the boyish shenanigans that occured to them and our table was a mess for our poor waitress to clean up. Since the night that Spike came into my life I have come to know Marion quite well. The woman is a gem and she has a heart bigger than Alaska and Texas combined, I knew that her love of kids would overlook the mess.
    As Yuri was licking his plate of the last scrap of his chilli and Roddy was loudly slurping the last few drops of his chocolate malt from his cup an outlaw motorcycle gang rolled up in front of the restaurant. I had heard the word on the street that this bunch was full of sickos and no one wanted anything to do with them. They had already been reported to have commited over twenty murders in the area and four cops had been found executed inside their squad cars near sites where they had kept the gang under surveillance.
    I sent a mind message to both boys to pull their mithril hoods over their heads and to put on the bullet proof sunglasses that we had acquired. Yuri was having difficulty getting his gloves down from his sleeves and onto his hands so Roddy was helping him when one of the bikers walked by the table. A curious little boy dared to look at the colors of the biker with a violent steak a mile wide in him. He turned and shot at point blank range striking Roddy in the heart.
    The mithril saved Roddy from any permanent harm, but he had the wind knocked out of him and fell over onto Yuri. In an instant Yuri changed into a bobcat and attacked the man with teeth flashing. The man grabbed his bleeding crotch and screamed as he saw my projected mental image of his most prized body part lying in a pool of blood on the floor.
    I had rehersed all sorts of contingencies with the boys so Yuri's reaction was automatic. As quickly as he had transformed himself into a bobcat he changed into a fly and flew back into his clothes to return to his natural form. That action/reaction had taken place so quickly that no one saw it except me, I only saw it because I knew what to look for.
    The wounded man screamed his fool head off which brought his gang members in with guns pointing everywhere and at everyone. I sprang into action and took three of them out with kicks and flips over the tables. I only stopped when I heard my young sons cry out. I looked at them to see that both of them had ropes around their necks and they were being pulled up from the table. That stopped me cold. I had the wind knocked from me with a shot to my chest, when I didn't fall to the ground a cap was busted in the back of my head.

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