Chapter 267


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    Bryan came to our room with a suggestion, or more of an offer. My flight crew had stayed on the island with us, they all know that I am impulsive and that I might decide to take off on a mission to whom knows where. Of course I wanted them to enjoy everything that the resort had to offer to their guests. I offered them each their own room, but they opted for a three bedroom suite so that they could stay close together, in the event… Pete and Mike had gone out to sea for an overnight fishing trip on charter boat.
    Bry loves my boys, but the main thing was that he was bored by being alone in a paradise. He offered to stay with the kids so that Ugitsiha and I could go out by ourselves. The joy that Ugitsiha felt hit my mind like a bullet. We accepted Bry's offer without hesitation. We were already showered and just sitting back with plans to do nothing for the entire night. The babies were in their beds and Yuri had his head in a dictionary. Yuri is a very good speller, but he wants to know more words and how they are spelled. His vocabulary is that of a college English professor with a PHD, sometimes his grammar is that of a ten year old kid.
    I had not had an opportunity like the one that was before me in all of the time that I have been married to my Daylight. We slipped into casual clothes and headed for the bar. We don't drink that often, and then we keep it moderate. Ugitsiha likes sweet and fruity drinks, she had to go with Peña Coladas, a rum based cocktail made with coconut cream, and pineapple juice. I wanted something salty, I ordered a frozen margarita, consisting of tequila mixed with Curaçao triple sec and lime juice. The mix is blended with ice and served in a wide, stemmed glass with a thickly salted rim. My Daylight wanted to walk along the beach barefooted, after four margaritas I was feeling frisky I asked her if she wanted to find a private place, she did.
    Our walk along the beach that night was the best walk that I have ever taken with my wife. We have walked along the beach at Cliff House and at Villa de Christophe, but the soft breeze blowing in from the sea with the fresh smell of salt air, the waving palm trees, the moonlight, and the music wafting through the night from the hotel's night club only served to enhance my mood. When I heard an old familiar tune I began to sing. Ugitsiha squeezed my hand a little tighter, I was really wanting to have a wild night of sex in the sand with a woman, my woman, my wife.
    I took he by the hand and pulled her to me and we danced close together on the sandy beach. I had been bored for most of the day, I wanted to join the boys at Camp Christopher. Ugitsiha was anxious to return home to be with Quemela. Our daughter-in-law is not due until the fall. Something did not set right with me and I stared at Ugitsiha, she dropped her guard for a split second and I saw what she was hiding from me. The waters of Aqua Caliente had restored my wife, she was a whole woman. She was also four months pregnant. I held her tight. I worried about her pre-birth problems with the two babies, she assured me that she had been healed. I had no reason to doubt that, but I love my wife…more than I ever thought that I would love a woman.
    Okay, so color me ignorant, I am on some points, even I don't know it all. One thing that I didn't know about was having sex with a woman that is more than four months pregnant. Ugitsiha assured me that she and our baby would be fine, she wanted me as much as I wanted her. The hotel has thought of everything, as we left the bar the maîître d'hôtel caught my eye and motioned me to the side. Ugitsiha is not blind or dumb, she knew that the man wanted a private word with me so she excused herself to the lady's room. The maîître d' told me where secluded hideaways are located along the beach for the hotel's guests.
    We found several of those hideaways that were not occupied. We had our choice of fuck spots. Leave it to the female of the species to find the perfect nest, Ugitsiha pointed out one semi-enclosed area that had an unobstructed view of the star loaded sky. She rolled up the reed side curtains that faced the sea and the breeze wafted in accompanied by sounds of the waves softly crashing on the shore. The ground of the enclosure was sand, but the hotel provided blankets and towels for their guest's personal comfort. As one we touched the minds of our three sons in their beds, they were sleeping soundly and they were safe. Bry was asleep in front of the TV with the DVD movie, GI Joe, playing.
    With everything on the home front safe and secure it was time for me to practice my foreplay with a dickless one. I was happy with the fact that we were in a tropical resort location and that our dress was of a casual nature, that meant that there was little to stand between me and the object of my desires. I am not a tit man, I like firm, muscled pectorals. Ugitsiha has pert breasts that are a firm handful. After birthing three strapping sons one could expect middle age sag; not with my wife, she has the body of a teenaged goddess.
    I pulled the wooden picks from her hair and let it cascade around her shoulders in an ebony waterfall. I buried my face in the nap of her neck and began to nibble on her soft flesh. She goes mushy on me when I nibble on her ear lobes so I prolonged that treat for a few minutes while I got her mind into what was happening to her. She had removed my shirt so that our bare skin was in direct contact with the other's as I held her tightly against me. I could feel the heat rising from her nether region and the phemerones enticed my libido.
    Our union lasted the entire night. The rising sun awakened me in time to roll the side curtains down to shield us from a couple of joggers moving up the beach in our general direction. We quickly dressed between kisses, our love for each other was stronger than it has ever been, and it has always been as solid as steel reinforced concrete. We made it back to our room for a shower before the boys awakened.

    I sat down next to Bry and placed my hand on his morning wood. He opened his eyes and looked at me as he focused himself and tried to recall exactly where he was. I pulled his flies open before I leaned over and licked his dong like a lollipop, that woke him up. I engulfed his turgid cock and was rewarded with a thick stream of fresh boi cream. I heard my family stirring and quickly pulled Bry's pants over his sweet meat, he made a mad dash to the bathroom to relieve himself of other fluids that had built up overnight. I slipped into the bathroom with him and pulled a stack of towels down from the shelf over the toilet. I told him that he should join us for breakfast. He told me that he would shower in his room. He had to clean the room up a bit before Mike and Pete returned.

    My sons were full of energy and Ugitsiha wanted to soak in the tub for an hour or so. I took the boys with me for some bonding time by the sea. I was walking barefoot in the surf with Yuri and my two little ones when Rod came out to meet us, he walked along clothed in the biggest smile that I had ever seen on his face. He had got himself some. Well after all, it was his honeymoon and he had himself a fourteen year old virgin to go to bed with the night before; what do you want to bet that she is no longer a virgin? Could that be the reason for the smile on his face? "How's the old married man this morning?" I asked him.
    "Dad, is it supposed to hurt her?"
    "Son, we talked about that, remember. Adsila is small, she is what one would call petite. She is barely five feet tall, she weighs a whopping seventy two pounds, why your dick is as big as she is." The boy blushed and giggled.
    "Of course she will be hurt the first few times that you two join together. It is how you handle it that will make or break your marriage. Love her, Rod. I don't mean with your heart, I know that you are deeply in love with her. I mean that when you two are coupled making love show true love. Don't just jump in the saddle for your own pleasure, see to it that she gets pleasure as well. Talk softly to her. Whisper sweet nothings in her ear. Tell her how much she means to you. Make her feel that she is the most important person in your life. She should be, but make her know it by your words and, most of all, your actions.
    "Rod, marriage is a lot of give and take. A man has to be willing to give in order to keep his woman. This union between the two of you is ordained in Heaven. I have never shared what I saw in my vision when I was lying on the green flames that never burn. I was sitting under the Tree of Life as I watched this small figure and you frolic in the flowing River of Life. Your sons climbed into the lower branches of the Tree of Life to pluck a piece of ripe fruit for each of us. That was six months ago, son. That vision has remained with me in a most vivid memory, it tells me that what God has ordained let no man put asunder. That means that no human can separate the love that God has given the two of you. I love my little boy, but he is a man and he must live for his wife and his family will soon come."
    Rod took me by the hand and turned to face me, "Daddy, when we are together call me Roddy. I want to be your little boy and when we are alone I will be. I want you to hold me and teach me as you have always done. I want to lean on you for strength. I will take that strength and share it with my wife and children. I know the source of your strength is the Lord, teach me to hear His voice and how to know what He has for me to do."
    "You already hear His voice, my son. You just haven't identified the source of what you are hearing. Relax and listen. He will talk to you, He talks to everyone, if they will be still and listen with their heart they will learn of a love that has no equal."

    My four sons and I walked on until we were even with the hotel's coffee shop. We walked up to the edge of the patio and washed our feet of the sand that had gathered between our toes. I washed Yuri's toes so that I could give him a real tickle, then I washed the two little ones. Roddy and I each carried one of the toddlers inside to sit down and order breakfast. I touched Ugitsiha's mind and asked her if she would join us. She was with Adsila and the two of them were on their way. I ordered drinks for me and my boys and told the waiter that two more were joining us for breakfast.

    I couldn't get sausage gravy, or even a biscuit so I made the best of it. I cracked two three minute eggs and cleaned the shells out with my table knife to let the runny yolk cover a slice of oat bran toast that I had crumbled into a bowl. I liberally sprinkled black pepper over the eggs and ate with a smile on my face. There was a variety of melon balls and grapefruit sections on the table. Ugitsiha had a small jar of Mitchell's cinnamon sugar mix for my grapefruit, that got her a warm kiss which she returned in the form of a cup hot coffee from the carafé on the table. My wife takes care of me.
    A carafé of fresh fruit juice was brought to the table, it tasted like Guava and Papaya. We try to restrict the sugar intake of all three of the boys, but I poured a bit of the juice into the baby's sippy cups. I fed CJ and Ugitsiha watched CS throw scrambled eggs everywhere. He is big enough to feed himself, but he was being a baby on that morning. I was ready to show him what bad babies can get at the hand of their father, but my wife settled me down.

    The girls were planning a shopping trip through the island's tourist trappings. I begged them to take the little guys, Yuri and I were going fishing. I had arranged for a charter boat to take me out at seven thirty. I wasn't sure what Roddy would want to do, but knowing my boy he would have to go along. I was correct, he jumped up and kissed Adsila and handed her a credit card. He told her to buy something expensive because he was going to need it to apologize for running off on her on the first full day of their eternity together. She laughed at him and told Ugitsiha that married life might have something to offer that she had not figured on before. Ugitsiha told her that it was just beginning.

    I landed a six foot Marlin. Not big by deep water fish standards, but it was the biggest damn fish that I had ever caught. I had seen a zillion movies, but nothing prepared me for the actual fight that I had on my line. That fish just did not want to get in the boat. I told Roddy that it was being unreasonable. he could get in the boat and relax and not have to exert himself swimming around all day. Roddy thought that from the fish's viewpoint that I should get in the water and let him eat me. It became a battle of will, I won; a half an hour later and two very tired arms, I won. I sold the fish on the pier, I don't think that I could mount such a free spirit and stare at it every day for the rest of my life. At least someone would have the meat to feed themselves.
    Both Yuri and Roddy had many pictures of the fish to show the rest of the boys, I told them that they should keep their little noses out of it. Yuri reminded me of the photographs on the wall in the games room, I told him that none of those animals were killed or harmed in any way. He didn't know that.

    Pete and Mike came in from their day on the water, both of them were sunburned, they had not taken into consideration that the sun would reflect from the ocean's surface to get to them in places that they had not dowsed with sun screen. Their day had been fun for them, but it was a bust in the fish department. Their boat was encircled by a large school of sharks, their captain moved to another location, but the fishing there was poor. Yuri had to pull out his cell phone and show pictures of my catch. I could have killed the kid, he is proud of me, but I would not have hurt Pete and Mike for any reason. They congratulated me on my day, but I could feel the disappointment in their voices. I had an idea, I sent Yuri on a fool's errand so that I could talk to my pilot in private.

    For dinner that night Roddy wanted to build up his strength for activities to come. He wanted a very thick steak cooked medium rare with a large baked potato. I suggested oysters, he twisted his nose and shook his head no. Our hotel suggested a steak house and provided transportation for our family. I found something different that appealed to me and the girls agreed to have it also. The waiter brought out Roddy's steak, it was a deep pink in the middle, but it was still mooing and moving, I am not sure that it was dead cow at all. Yuri nearly always follows his brother and when it comes to food he thinks that Roddy is the expert, he had a petite sirloin cooked mediium rare with all of the trimmings on the side. He especially liked the sautéed mushroom caps in a beefy sauce.
    A plate with four very large butterflied shrimp was set before me. Each shrimp was as large as Roddy's sixteen ounce steak. The deep water delicacies had been soaked in a marinade of coconut milk with puréed hot peppers, cilantro, salt, pepper, and other herbs indigenous to the island. I'm an old meat and taters man so a large baked potato smothered in real butter, sour cream, shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese, bacon bits, and chopped chives then topped with plenty of freshly ground black pepper accompanied the shrimp. We had a large salad and drank fruit punch from coconut shells, sloppy, but fun.

    My thoughts turned to my wife's health. She had so much trouble bearing our two sons, she was in my mind and telling me that all was well. Nothing that I do can I hide from Roddy, he picked up on my joy. He probed my mind and couldn't get anywhere. When probed his mother's mind he found a chink in her armored firewall. His eyes got as big as the saucer under the iced tea glass that was in front of him. CJ yelled out, "I'm gonna have a new brother." Every eye around us turned to see what had the small child so happy. He began to chant a song, I knew that song, I had heard it in a dream a few months before. I didn't associate the dream or the song with the event of me becoming a daddy again, but when I looked at it in the light of day I could see everything very clearly.
    The song was of a young Indian brave as he discovered the joy of being a father. Ugitsiha took hold of my hand, "It is in the hands of our Great God, Quis. Trust and obey."
    I had a knee jerk reaction to that last statement, a reaction that was not lost on precious Yuri as he sat next to me. He jumped up, hugged my neck then, scampered across the dining room to where the band had been playing before they took a break. A grand piano sat upon a raised dias, he pulled out the bench and sat down on it. He had to lean backwards so that his feet would touch the sound and tone pedals and began to play Trust and Obey . Everyone in the dinning room stopped what they were doing and just listened to the small child play.
    When his song ended I was moved by emotions. I rose from my seat and walked out of the hotel and down to the beach. I sat down on a small rock and looked out to the sun setting into the sea. I prayed to my Lord. I chastised myself because I often try to do things my way, He always lets me know that he is there and that He will still love me in spite of myself.
    I returned to my suite and my family to find everybody packing our suitcases. Roddy had booked our rooms for a week, but paradise had suddenly grown old. Roddy knocked on the door and poked his head in to tell us that Adsila was almost ready. Ugitsiha hung up the phone and told me that Pete was getting the plane ready and that the hotel's limo would be around to pick us up in ten minutes. She handed me my razor and tooth brush, I had to hurry.

    Ugitsiha had something that she needed to discuss with me, but with the abilities of our family it would be difficult to talk about anything without them knowing every word that would be said. I had a brainstorm. I opened the door to the cockpit and asked the crew if they could babysit for a half an hour. Mike pulled a fold down seat in place at my communications console so that the two boys could sit and be strapped in. Everybody wears their seatbelts at all times when aboard FI-2.
    Roddy always enjoys sitting in the cockpit and pretending that he is in control of the plane, now it was Yuri's time for that experience. The two boys quickly buckled themselves in when I shut the door and returned to my wife. CS and CJ were napping in their infant seats attached to the bulkhead in front of her seat. Adsila was half asleep as she sat looking out of the window at the clouds far below us, we could mind talk in privacy.
    "Adsila is worried about where she is going to live. She does not want to live in the house with us, she says that a man and a woman should start out on their own and learn to be one with one another. I know that, but she is just a child Quis.
    "She is also concerned about the high schools in the area. Will they accept a married squaw or will the kids teaser her all of the time." I held her close as we went over all of our options. I had discussed this matter with Roddy and he has a few ideas of his own. I felt bad that I had never told Ugitsiha what her son was thinking, but was it my place to do so? Shouldn't it be Roddy that sat down with his mother and told her his plans?
    Roddy wanted to keep his wife close to the family, but away from all the of naked boys and the non-stop sex that occurs between them. He had sat down with his real estate agent, our favorite oldest son, RD, and asked him to find something that he could rent that was close to our house. RD found him a four bedroom house a block away. The rent was only twenty five hundred dollars a month, plus utilities, Roddy didn't want that much house. Quemela and Sagi had the perfect solution from our viewpoint, but they had not talked to the young lady about it. Now might be the best time to broach that subject.
    The cockpit door flew open and two very excited boys rushed to their seats to buckle up for a landing. "Daddy, you never telled me that you was taking me to Disney World." That is it, the cat was out of the bag. When Yuri gets excited his English is no for gooder.
    Star Finder's main man was waiting for us when the plane's door opened in Orlando, Florida, rushing across the runway from a line of FIS SUVs was Flying Pete's husband. I had told Pete earlier in the day to pick up Isi and Eddy and take them to Florida, he called Eddy and asked him to get Isi packed up and hop on a FI transport bound for the southern state. It saved fuel, but it kept four boys away from their lovers for another day, I would make their trip to the play land parks memorable for them.
    As Bryan passed me on his way to the SUV for transport to our hotel I felt a twinge of regret in his mind. Now I knew why he didn't want to join with us for breakfast that morning, he is lonesome. He has no steady boyfriend, no one to cuddle with and share his day with. I saw a need for a matchmaker.

    I watched out of the window as our four vehicle convoy moved along the freeway from the FI hangers—I am beginning to resent the notoriety that surrounds me and cause such extensive security wherever I go— I wanted to see if I could spot the trailer park that I had stayed in with Jimmy, Jerry, and Mark back there in August of 2004. I felt a thrill pass through me when I spotted it, I had to share with my wife and sons; Roddy got excited, he loves Jimmy and he feels a closeness to him that he doesn't feel with most of the other boys. Chrisy, Cory, Jimmy, and Cullen are his favorite uncles.

    We checked into our hotel and turned in for the night, we had a full day coming up. At breakfast we discussed where we should go. Ugitsiha and I wanted to go to Epcot Center while the boys wanted to ride rides. Even Bryan was eager to see the new Harry Potter World at Universal Orlando that had just opened. I wanted to ride the roller coaster that I had heard so much about, and I wanted to ride it with Yuri and Roddy. Pete and Bryan just had to ride that one as well. I promised Ugitsiha a trip to the Epcot the following day.
    I love flying on a dragon, the ride was very realistic. I had my fun, but I wanted my children to have fun as well. I took the two little ones over to the The Cat In The Hat ride and let them have the most fun of their little lives. Next we tried the Popeye attraction aboard Me Ship, The Olive, The boys climbed around inside that attraction until they were both sleepy. When they saw a picture of Spiderman they had to see what it was about. Roddy and Yuri joined with us for The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man It was a little deep for the two younger boys, they loved to be scared by the 3-D effects, but they hid their faces in the shoulders of their older brothers for safety.

    Cory Stevens was out like a light, he had fallen asleep as we stood around trying to see what ride to take them on. Adsila was showing a little wear around the edges as well. This was the most fun that the child had ever had in her entire life, but I didn't want her to overdo it. I told her that we would stay at the theme park area until she had the chance to ride every ride and see every sight that she desired, but that she needed to conserve her strength. She told Roddy that a nap would be nice.
    Roddy wasn't ready to leave, he was having the time of his life as well. He and Yuri were riding every ride in the park and sometimes they ran around to get back in line to go again. I helped the newly weds reach a compromise. Adsila would return to the hotel and take a long awaited soak in the hot tub in their room. I would go with the boys for one more ride on the Dragon Challenge then we would go over to the hotel for a swim in their massive pool with a perfect diving area. Yuri was all for that, he is learning to dive and after our last flight to the lake on top of Fire Mountain he wants to make higher dives.

    The hotel has the diving area separated from the rest of the pool. Entrance to the diving boards is closely monitored by four life guards that are ever watchful. Cory Stevens runs like a toddler, duh? He was past the first lifeguard running as fast as his little legs could carry him. Without hesitation he made a great forward flip dive from the edge of the pool then surfaced and began to swim about. He wasn't dog paddling or treading water he was, arms over head feet kicking swimming. The lifeguards were all staring at the little kid in the water.
    Cullen James used the diversion that his brother had created to put on his own show as he scampered over to the one meter diving board and called out for me to "watch daddy." I watched my youngest do a full tuck Gaynor to the amazement of the four young people who's job it was to keep kids out of the area.
    I stood by and watched Yuri inch his way out to the end of the three meter board. "It looks different than the pool at home, daddy." I told him that it was because the pool was smaller here and the board wasn't as high as what he was used to. "Oh yeah, well I guess this will have to do." With that he ran back to the head of the board, turned and ran full speed off of the board in a full double Gaynor with a twist, then closied into a jack knife and opened for a perfect cut into the surface of the water.
    The manage of the hotel stood with the lifeguards with blood in his eye. I turned to the five of them and said, "Not bad for a short board, you should see what these boys do on a five meter board though. The older boy there is working on his dives from our ten meter board with some really great dives."
    As I spoke to the staff Roddy ran in and directly to the five meter board, Yuri was out of the water and joined with him. The daring duo ran side-by-side to the end of the board then dived together, still holding hands. A shudder went through my heart over that exhibition, they were on a narrow board that they knew nothing about.
    Cullen James was begging for me to allow him to dive from the big board. I asked him what the rule was, "I gotta climb up there by myself, daddy. Then can I do it?" The manager of the hotel seemed to not like the idea, but I told my baby to go ahead. I asked him if he wanted me to be in the water when he dove in, he told me that he wasn't a baby. His size and looks kind of put that statement up for debate.
    Cory Stevens is a hellion, he was egging Cullen James to turn himself into a Swift. I grabbed the boy up by his arms and stared deep into his eyes, he blinked. He began to say how sorry he was, I told him that he wasn't half as sorry as he was going to be when we got back upstairs to our rooms, the tears began. I hate to treat my kids like that. I see parents threaten their children, and sometimes I see them actually hit them in public, that is just so wrong on so many levels. Discipline should be meted out in private yet here I was doing the very thing that I hate to see in others. However, had made the statement and I had to follow through. I softened up on the boy for our remaining time at the pool and watched as CJ made a dive from the three meter board that would have earned him a medal in competition.

    My family and I made it to Epcot Center the third day. We had to tour as many of the parks as we could find, but we left Disney World for the fourth and fifth day. Everyone found their favorite Disney character at the park and they all enjoyed the rides. Pete and his crew and their boyfriends joined up with us on the fifth day and we made it a full day. We watched the Electric Parade and fireworks at closing time, I had more fun watching my four sons' eyes as the parade passed by. All of them wanted to ride on Pete's Dragon and it was with a great amount of tact on my part that their thoughts were directed elsewhere. We were happily tired when we headed to our hotel for our last night in Orlando. We slept in until almost eight o'clock the following morning then after a huge breakfast buffet we found our way back to FI-2 and our trip home.

    Pete brought our plane in for another of his perfect landings. The door to the cockpit opened and two very excited boys popped out with stories about their flying the plane and Roddy landing it. Yeah, sure, ain't boys grand??? Even their fantasies are fun. We heard the flat handed slap on the plane's door and then the door opened. Cory poked his head inside and blew me a kiss. I caught the kiss and placed it in my shirt pocket then blew him a responsive kiss in return.

    Edmund had real food ready for our lunch. I appreciate the man more than I tell him. He doesn't like for praise to be heaped upon his head, he is a bit modest, but everyone needs a pat on the back and a solid attaboy from time to time. I walked up behind him and gave him a tight hug and whispered secret thoughts into his ear. I could feel the heat from his body increase slightly so I knew that the old dude was blushing, I leaned in closer and kissed his left cheek as I rubbed myself against his back, he purred like a kitten.
    We sat down at the table with Philby and El. She told me that she had not felt as good as she did right then in many years. I smiled at her, I have not told her of the powers of Aqua Caliente and I see no reason to do so. She was happy with her new found health, but she was elated over the transformation that had come over Rhys. He was a whole new boy, full of energy and as inquisitive as any other fourteen year old kid. Once the oatburger casserole and the grilled Portobello mushrooms were devoured I bade my wife and little ones ado. There were a few boys that I wanted to check up on to see how they were adjusting to their new situation.

    I spotted the first of my search objects jogging around the track with Tim O. and a few other boys. I watched Rhys run and my heart was lifted up in praise for the healing hand of my Lord upon his young servant. My prayers were interrupted by the sounds of boys running from the forest along the west side of the corral, they were shouting that someone had been snake bit.

    I ran over to meet the boys carrying a young Greek lad and listened to their story. Thirteen year old Aeton did not live up to the tradtional Greek meaning of his name, swift as an eagle. He learned first hand why curiousity killed the cat when he got down on his hands and knees to get a closer look at a coilded Rattle Snake and got a bite on his forearm for his efforts. Without hesitation Labron jumped to the boy's rescue as others in the group used long sticks to run the snake back into the rocks. Labron had used his brand new Swiss Army knife, that I give to all of the campers, to make a small cut across each of the fang marks on the boy's arm then he sucked the venom from the wound. He tore a strip from his brand new shirt and wrapped it around the wrist to control the bleeding, then someone said that a snake bite should bleed. Labron remembered that but kept his torn strip of shirt close at hand to wipe away any excessive bleeding. Two of the older boys made an Indian Chair by crossing their arms together and carried the wounded soldier to the infirmary.
    I accompanied the wounded boy and his hero to the small infirmary at the rear of the cafeteria building and was struck with total anger. The small area was packed with sunburned boys, I mean that they were sunburned, almost to the point of third degree burns. I yelled at Cas, he was hurt, of course. It wasn't his fault, he showed me a bottle of the sun screen from one of the cases that were on hand, it was Coppertone SPF-30. I calculated the sun's effects on the tender skin of teenaged boys from many points around Camp Christopher. My data showed that a SPF-30 would be the best bet. SPF-30 will decrease vitamin D synthetic capacity by 98 percent. The absorption of vitamin D is important to a persons' health so the boys were supposed to run around outside in the early morning hours letting the sunlight strike their skin and create the important vitamin naturally. By late morning everyone at the camp is supposed to apply the sun screen to every area of exposed skin, and apply it liberally.
    The staff had done all that they could to protect the boys, but after all, we were dealing with invincible children who could not see any danger of running naked through the woods without the lotion on their behinds. There was another medical problem from the boys running about au-natural, their, normally clothed, body parts were exposed to poison ivy. Cas had a few cases of Calamine lotion and cases of extra heavy cotton gloves ready for the poor victims of the oily plant. The boys were shown how to apply the lotion and then it was suggested that they wear the gloves so that they couldn't scratch at the blisters that formed until they dried up. That point was driven home when they were told that scratching the sores would cause the fluid inside the blisters to run and if they scratched their balls with that fluid on their fingers then…

    Labron showed that he had a knowledge of the woods when he unwrapped another strip of cloth from his tattered shirt, he had the head of the snake that had bitten Aeton. Cas was happy to see that. It wasn't a trophy, Labron had cut it off so that the medics would know what kind of snake bite they were dealing with and which anti-venom to use. Labron became the hero of the camp and he got himself a new shirt to boot.

    When I left the infirmary I saw a very dejected looking Yuri kicking a stone as he sauntered across the grounds. I walked over to him and knelt down so that we were at an equal eye level. His bottom lip quivered as he told me that Mylo didn't want him anymore; he had a new boyfriend, that Jareth kid. I asked him if he had found Petey. He told me that he didn't like Petey anymore because he was so full of himself. I asked him to tell me more.
    "He thinks that he is all big stuff and all 'cause he lived in a sewer with his mother and a bunch of boys. Who would want to live in a sewer, daddy? That would stink so badly." I hugged him and asked him if he had told Petey about how he had lived on the streets in Moscow. He told me that Petey never listened to him, he just wanted to hear his own voice. I looked over Yuri's shoulder and saw Petey running toward us.
    "Hey man, I been hiking up that mountain and I saw that you was back. How was your trip to that island? I never been to no island, is it really surrounded by water everywhere?" I left the two boys by themselves as I moved on through the camp to see what else needed my eyes on attention.
    I rounded a corner and saw my main man standing against a wall with his right leg bent and his foot flat against the wall, "Hey there big man, got time for some hanky panky?" Boy did I ever. We even made more time as we got together behind the closed door of my offices. We didn't come up for air until dinner time.

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