Chapter 270


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Traveler Chapter 270
    Charles drove El's limousine to Philby and El's country estate. The guard at the gate stepped in front of us and told us to wait, he pointed to a plane approaching from the direction of the sea. The plane circled and sat down at the east end of the runway then taxi toward us. The Royal Crest of the Crown of Munedavia was clearly displayed on the tail fin, my heart tugged at me as I thought about my favorite nephew. Roddy was pointing to the plane as he told Adsila that his cousin had arrived. That information was lost on the spoiled child bride.
    Charles waited until the plane passed us then he followed at a safe distance. All of us were anxious to see the boy King so Charles was asked to drive alongside the plane so that we could be there when he stumbled down the steep stairs. Cullen is not clumsy, like some of our leaders of recent times, he stuck his head around Jimmy and smiled at us before he ran down the steps, taking them two at a time. El scolded him and told him to slow down before he killed himself. Of course Cullen wasn't listening, he only had me in his eyesight as he leapt from forth step and landed with his legs around my waist and his face in front of mine. I am accustomed to the boy's antics and I was prepared for him. I love to hold him close, something that we can't do anywhere but at his father's estate or Camp Christopher. It will not do for the King to be seen making out with his Chief Minister, or even with Jimmy, he has to hold to his selected station in life. Selected? Sure, Cullen could have chosen to refuse the crown of his ancestors, but he saw so much that he could do for the nation that had been held in tyranny for decades.
     I had to get mine with Jimmy, I love that boy as much as he loves me, we just have others in our lives that we have put first. I patted his behind as he bent over to get into the limo, Cullen insisted that I get into the car first. Had I known what he had in mind I would have waited, With Cullen it is best to always wait, he is always up to something. Ugitsiha sat between El and myself on the wide back seat, Cullen stepped up to the door and placed a hand on each side of the door's frame then with an elvish grin he dived across our laps coming to rest with his feet in his mother's lap and his face where he wanted it, in my crotch. El gave him a hard swat on the rear.
    "Ow! You assaulted my Royal personage, wench. Off with her head." We all laughed as he rubbed his bum in mock hurt. Even the babies were laughing at their cousin. They have grown to love the man very much.

    We settled in and sat down for cold drinks, Folgers coffee for me, and some of Agnes's delicious pastries as I had to tell my sister about our recent date with danger. Cullen told us that he was in the air on his way to his mother's house when he received the news that I had been the target of another attack. He knew that my whole family was with me and he wanted to get to England as fast as he could to make sure that we were okay. He told us that he yelled at his pilot to get out and push the plane, he knew that they could fly a little faster. Dutifully the pilot rose from his seat and headed for the door of the plane. When he placed his hand on the latch of the door of the pressurized cabin Cullen snapped out of his tantrum and grabbed the man. Cullen told his pilot that he should receiver a knighthood for being willing to give his life in service of the throne. We all agreed, the man had gone that extra mile, that mile could have been straight down.

    The soundbud behind my ear suddenly sprang to life with a message that the Head of Station, Italy was on final approach to the estate. I excused myself and went out to climb aboard Philby's electric golf cart that was sitting by the front door of the huge mansion. The door of the plane opened and the steps unfolded to the ground, I went into the plane and the steps folded u the door was shut behind me.
    The Head of Station, Italy greeted me then passed me a picture of a man that I recognized as being present at our final meeting two day before in Italy. I stopped and looked inwardly as I stared at the picture. I let my eyes loose their focus and as the picture in my hand blurred I saw the face that the would be assassin flashed through his mind as he took his final breath. That blurred image was the face of the man in the picture that I held in my hand, an FI agent by the name of Enrico Pacelli. THS, Italy told me that he was aboard a helicopter gun ship that fired the missile into my plane as we lifted off. The second gun ship fired a missile at the first helicopter and destroyed it. THS, Italy had a full dossier for me to look over. He had put most of it together after the fact, but it was more complete than I thought that it could have been.
    I am required, my own rule, to place my thumb print on every classified document that I view. As I did that task I heard noise from the back of the plane. An agent that had stood guard over us inside the plane opened the door and lowered the stairs for me to exit. An FI SUV was backed up to of the plane's cargo side door. Several suitcases and packages were being removed from the plane and put onto the SUV, I recognized my suitcase that had been left behind at the Grand Hotel et de Milan. I turned and thanked THS, Italy for clearing out the hotel for us. I asked the driver of the SUV to deliver the bags for my flight crew to wherever Pete and his men were then I headed back to El's house for peace and quiet.

    It was quiet at the country estate. I had expected it when, it came I gritted my teeth and smiled a lot. Philby, RD, Cory, and I were set down with our drinks and a fresh plate of Agnes's cakes as we watched our own private fashion show. Oh yes, Roddy was there, he had to be there, all of the show was for his benefit. Adsila paraded around like a runway fashion model as she showed off her new wardrobe to us. Ugitsiha caught my eye and quietly mouthed to me that all of the clothes that she had bought Adsila were seconds from the manufacturer's warehouses. I tried to reach her mind, but she silenced me with a look at Roddy. We had to eye talk without our minds working.

    El lamented Rhys not being there, but she showed us her wonderful hospitality and gracious lifestyle. I was able to walk the grounds with Philby and talk to him about a few items that concerned both of our nations. Lord Philby has his fingers in the pie that feeds the island nation's security and I know that I can always go to him to make a few suggestions or to get some ideas from the other side of the pond.

    Sunday afternoon all hell broke loose when the giant green machine of the Wild Boys sat down on the lawn east of the house. Steve Thelwell was the first to jump from the helicopter and run to me for a warm hug. The other boys in the band smiled at him, he had always told everyone that he was straight. He learned differently when we spent a weekend alone in London in August of 2007. The rest of Sunday afternoon was spent with wall to wall naked boys running the grounds. We swam, rode horses, and fucked in the stables. Just about sunset the Wild Boys lifted off for home, they had school the next day. I hadn't thought about school starting for them already then I realized that we needed to get back to Tucson for Roddy and Yuri to start the fall semester. There was also Adsila… she would be a freshman at BAG.
    My soundbud broke my leering stare at six of the most beautiful Brit boys that I know. "Hey there you big ole hunk of a man, it's working. I mean that the plane is alright. The damage to the landing gear was below the mounting platform. All the mechanics had to do was to unbolt the old parts and slap new gear in its place.
    "We are waiting for a new door that covers the wheel well to arrive from the factory and we are ready to go." I told Pete that we should plan to head back to Tucson early the next day. He told me that his crew would be ready. I suggested that he get some sleep. I said that he and Eddy could take a week off when we got home to make up for their lackacockinbutt. I disconnected, his laughter into the phone was most deafening.
    We were hungry when we herded our boys into the house after our return home late Monday afternoon. I felt sorry for Ugitsiha, I knew that she was just as tired as I was and that she would not feel like preparing dinner for us. I told my wife that I was going to go over to the large flash freezers in the main house and dig around for whatever I could find. She kissed me weakly and I felt our ùdyi wahya stir when I placed my hand on her phat belly. I started off for the main house with Yuri at my side, we didn't make a single step before we heard a knock at our door. I was not in the mood for visitors, but I was in the mood for what I heard when I opened the door. Clayton stood there with a request for me to open the fire door that seals my house from the tunnel between it and granite house. He smiled at me as he waved a covered tray under my nose, the smell of hot yeast bread made my stomach growl. I sent Yuri to open the door using his fuck finger passcode.
    I saw my son's car pulling into my driveway with Sagi, Roddy, and Adsila in the car with RD behind the wheel. "To what do I owe this pleasant visit already?" I was tired, but I always enjoy being with my family.
    RD stood up and looked over the top of his car, "We were told that there is food at your house," he said.
    "Luke came over and told us that Ģer has Italian food for us," Roddy told us as he helped his wife out of the back seat of RD's new family car. RD bought the sedan so that he could put a car seat in the backseat without having to stretch around the doorpost of a two door car.
    "Eww, not more eye tye," Yuri whined as he dashed out of the house after opening the one foot thick steel door that seals my house from the tunnel. He got his tail swatted for his racist remark. He is but a child, still he needs to learn to be sensitive to the feelings of others.
    Cory poked his head through my front door opening, "Hey, you better get in here before I eat all of this food, it looks good." I knew that if Çhé Ģerâld had prepared a meal for all of us that our taste buds were about to get a treat. Cory sent me a mind whiff of what he had smelled on my table and my stomach growled again. Roddy heard it and laughed at me as he told everybody to get a move on cause his daddy was hungry and there would be nothing left if they got to the table after me. I had to mock chase after him.

    Edmund had sent over a vegetarian version of his famous meatball soup. Clayton had made hot bread from recipes given to him by Marin. Marin had also sent along the desert, at fresh lemon custard torte that melted in our mouths. We can always count on Ģer to prepare the best vegan meals and one look at the table that his helpers were setting for us said that he had done it again. For the entrée Ģer had a very large, raw vegan lasagna on the table for us. In place of pasta he had used zucchini slivers shaved from the fruit with a vegetable peeler. He soaked the zucchini slivers in salt water while he made a tomato sauce with raw tomatoes, dried tomatoes, dates, fresh squeezed lemon juice-from a real lemon, and olive oil. He added oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, garlic powder, onion powder, and salt with black pepper. He added layers of zucchini, raw spinach leaves, lots of thick tomato sauce and cheese. I have told you about the cheese sauce that he makes with cashews and the oil from a brick of tofu several times before, this time he used olive oil. The cheesy meal that we were eating was even better than the layered mushroom and eggplant that we ate the first time that I met Luke and Ģerâld at Luke's family home next to his grocery store in Albany.

    I walked through the dorm that evening to see how the boys were doing. They were all anxious to tell me about their summer, and I wanted to hear all of their stories. The one story that grabbed me was the telling of an outing that many boys made from Camp Christopher to the Cochise Stronghold south east of the camp. My four little Chiricahua Apache boys.

The Chiricahua Apaches were evicted from southern Arizona at the end of the Indian wars in 1886. The boys' ancestors were shipped to an overcrowded camp in Florida as prisoners of war, later to Alabama then to Fort Sill, Oklahoma. In 1913, the U.S. government said the Chiricahuas were no longer prisoners of war and gave them a choice of remaining at Fort Sill or moving in with the Mescalero and Lipan Apaches on the Mescalero Reservation in New Mexico. The majority, 181 of them, chose Mescalero, an area almost directly east of the mountain ranges in eastern Arizona that had been their homeland.
The small band of Apaches that live in the village north of Camp Christopher broke away from the main tribe and escaped, they moved out to be on their own. They were befriended by Willis Mayfield who helped them to establish a home on his land that has now become my ranch and refuge.

    Forty boys were placed on a single bus each day and sent to the monument for a day of climbing over the huge boulders and up the sheer cliffs that the area is noted for. Five days later every boy in camp had climbed a rock and some of them went a second time, if space on the bus allowed. I was hugged and told that that was the most funnest day that they had ever had. I love for my boys to have fun.
    To entertain the boys at camp when they weren't climbing a mountain or riding a horse Gigage and Nolan let them learn the useful task of slaughtering and butchering a cow. The majority of us of the BAW family are vegetarian. That does not mean vegans, vegetarians eat some animal products and from time to time the boys and I eat a roasted piece of dead cow burned on the hot charcoal, or roasted in the oven. When we do eat dead animals I want to make sure that they are clean from the very beginning of their lives and kept clean without drugs in their systems. Each cow destined for our dinner tables is inspected every week for disease, body mass, and fat to body ratio. All of our table beef is range fed on natural grasses and given alfalfa in inclimate weather.
    I believe that we have the battle against Buffel Grass almost won. The fast burning grass produces very high heat and is hard to extinguish once a burn gets started. Buffel grass grows densely and crowds out native plants of similar size. Competition for water can weaken and kill larger desert plants. Dense roots and ground shading prevent germination of the seeds of other plants around it. It appears that buffel grass can kill most native plants by these means alone.
    My ranch does not suffer from the droughts in the area, our water supply coming from the mountain seems to be endless. We don't waste that natural resource, we take full advantage of it with catch basins to provide widespread irrigation of all of my fields. I not only have my family to feed, but also my Indian family in the village to the north of the camp that I am proud to call my brothers.

    Boys love to tell gory stories and what better story to tell than one about cutting a cow up and digging out its guts. For the more morbid story tellers there is always the cleaning of the intestines for use as sausage casings. The boys told us how Gigage and Ona scrapped the guts, soaked them in brine, then stuffed them with seasoned meats to become salami, beef pepperoni, and bologna. I will always make doubly sure that I remove the casing from my sausage from now on. The boys went on with their story of how Tequasi—8QR cooked all of the scrap cuts of beef and made spicy sage sausage while Gigage looked on. The cooks were impressed with the boy and they ate more of his sausage than he packed into casings for later. Nolan had a solution for that, he had another two year old that was ready for slaughter.
    Before the boys returned to the school some of them accompanied the four Chiricahua Apache boys to their village with salami, pepperoni, and a half cow to exchange it for some of the pork sausage, bacon, and ham that we consume. Most of the pork is eaten by my sons and myself, but the school sometimes gets a few hams for special meals, such as around the holidays.

    The boys that had gone to cliff house had a few hundred stories of their own, but they also had video of their daredevilry to show us. We watched as they rode the waves doing surfing wipeouts, and running inside a pipeline. Those boys swore that they had the most fun and they didn't sweat or get dirty doing it.

    The boys that had gone to Texas had a video of their trip showing us what not to do. They said that they were just there to have fun. I asked them if they did, silly question to ask an older teenaged boy. Anything to do with cars and speed is fun at anytime.

    Roddy has proven himself a man to be trusted with everything, even relationships with his younger friends. He had sought out Perry Hedgepeth and sat with him catching up on the boy's summer experiences. Of course Perry wanted to know what it was like to actually get to sleep all night with a girl and make love to her at anytime. Roddy also proved himself a gentleman when he told his friend that what goes on between a man and his lover is nobody's business, ever.
    Betty had brought eleven year old Joey Flatbush over for a visit. When he heard Roddy say that sex between two people shouldn't be talked about he tightened himself into a ball and grew quiet.
    Roddy sensed that something was wrong with the small boy and tried to get into his mind. What he saw there caused him to call for me to hurry to them. Roddy was telling me what he saw as I walked through the house, I was ready to put my killing boots on. I quickly sent an urgent message to Ugitsiha to fix a sweet snack for all four of the boys before I opened the door to the nursery. I poked my head in and told Yuri to gather everyone up and come over to the kitchen for some ice cream and cake. Cullen James piped up and hollered out, "Me too, daddy. I want some too." I had to go on inside the nursery and find my two babies playing with their cars on the floor between their beds.
    "Daddy, that boy in there got hurted by a bad man and he wants to tell about it." Bless the innocent mind of a young clairvoyant–one who sees clearly. I can look into the minds and the body's of others, but my little wolf has powers beyond anything that Roddy or I have. Yuri may be picking up some of Kuckunniwi's abilities as he sits with the baby for hours on end while they talk to each other. I scooped my boy up and threw him over my shoulder like a twenty five pound bag of dog food, I grabbed Little Cory up and carried him under my arm. The two boys were squealing and kicking their tiny feet as we chased the four older boys to the kitchen.

The term clairvoyance (from French clair meaning "clear" and voyance meaning "vision") is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses, a form of extra-sensory perception.

    Ugitsiha had received the message from Kuckunniwi and she had feel good food ready for the boys. I love her mayonnaise chocolate cake with the fudgy icing that she is loved for. We love her for other reasons, but her chocolate cake… that's a winner. She had made fresh cherry ice cream for us. The boys were seated at the L shaped bar so that Perry and Joey had their backs to the living room. Seated close behind the boys were the girls and Betty, I had told them to be very quiet as we learned Joey's story.
    The boy had icing from ear to ear and ice cream dripping from his chin as he pointed to me with his spoon, "Is you a Chicken Hawk? I know this man what calls his self a chicken hawk. He likes little boys to play games with." Joey is more than a year older than Yuri, but he is eons behind my son in most every way. He is not old enough, or advanced enough to attend BAW. He lives too far away from the elementary school to go there and Betty has to go in the opposite direction each morning so she can teach at BAG. I have learned to be patient with boys and let them tell their story at their own pace. If a boy is pushed to talk faster than he wants to he will clam up and nothing will get the story out of him until he is ready to tell it.
    I had to bribe the boys with a weeny roast over the fire pit in the back yard to get the whole story out of Joey. He was ashamed of what had happened to him, yet he was proud that an older man liked to play with him, down there. At the end of the block where Betty lives in the house that she bought from Jimmy lives an old man of sixty six. The old fart sits in his power wheelchair and is too sick and old to get it up, but he still likes to play around with the boys in the neighborhood. Joey told us that he had watched the old man suck the dicks of several of his little chicks and that the man sucks him almost everyday.
    Joey looked to us for our approval, but saw nothing but frowns. I had to lighten the moment, "That man is too old to be a chicken hawk, he sounds more like a Turkey Hawk to me. A turkey hawk is to old to get off and too weak to chase anyone, he gets his by getting youngsters to come to him.
    "A Turkey Hawk is also called a Turkey Vulture becuase it hunts for weak or dead animals to feed on. Your friend sounds like a vulture that preys on young boys too small or weak to fight him off." That got the results that I wanted as the other boys began to gobble around like turkeys or cluck like chickens, even the two little guys were clucking. I didn't like for them to be involved in the story telling, they had come outside on their own and sat quietly until the laughter started.
    "Ned don't pray with us, I don't think that he knows God." I looked at Yuri and asked him to teach his friend a new word. While the boys listened and learned the difference between prey and pray from the young scholar I slipped into the house to talk with Betty, I wanted to know what she knew about the man. She told me that she has seen the old man sitting on his front porch and he nearly always has a boy or two near him. I got an address and began to search my databases, I nearly dropped my teeth when I saw who was molesting Joey and his friends.
    Ned Littlefield was the father of Jimmy's old friend, Malfoy. Malfoy, real name Max, had contacted HIV and had moved to North Dakota. Jimmy told me that his friend had died, but that he told his friends in North Dakota that it had been his father that gave him the disease. I clutched the front of the counter where the computer was sitting, if that Ned guy is positive and he has infected Joey and his friends he will wish that I had put on my killing boots, he would know much worse than an easy death. I was happy that Jimmy was still in England with Cullen, I am afraid that I would have said something to him that would hurt my chances of getting the old man into prison.

    I did my background check on Mr. Littlefield, I had to know if the man had infected any other boys other than his own son. A person that is positive and continues to have unprotected sex is guilty of attempted murder. In Mr. Littlefield's case I had a good foundation for first degree murder of his own son. If patricide is the act of killing one's father what does one call the killing of a son by his father? In this case it could be homocide, from what Jimmy has shared with me I believe that young Max was gay. Did he come by that tendency naturally, or was it forced on him by his father? That is one question that I can't answer, and I don't need to, let the dead rest in peace. My concern was to get justice for the boy.
    Seven years have passed since Jimmy had his encounter with Malfoy, how many other boys had his father molested in that same time? I found forty three, eight of them had died from full blown AIDS, twelve of them are HIV positive and the blood work is inconclusive with the other boys, most of them still minors. I was all to happy to be with the city police when the man was arrested. I had two Federal warrants for first degree murder to serve on the man, he had gone to California and raped his nephew when the boys was only thirteen.
    That took some digging to learn about. Mr. Littlefield's brother had never been able to prove that his older brother had molested his son, but when the boy lay dying of his horrific disease he pulled his father close and told him what had happened. The nineteen year old nephew had died on the ninth of August, 2011 and the state of California was preparing an arrest warrant for the degenerate uncle, I was happy to serve that warrant myself. I insisted that the wheelchair bound man be isolated in protective custody with around the clock surveillance, I did not want this one to go out easy.

    The week flew by with no speed bumps as everybody busied himself with preparing his space and clothing for another school year.
    Jimmy has developed a direct view display 105-inch LED HD monitor that boasts a staggering resolution of 7,6804,320 that can handle Super Hi-Vision with 130 pixels-per-inch (compare to 36ppi for a 1080p big screen). I fell in love with the system and so did the staff of BAW. We have gone through the old chalk boards and white boards that have been used in schools for ages. Most recently we had used projection screens, but the instructor always seemed to block his students' view or his shadow fell across the material that he was presenting. Jimmy's latest invention will revolutionize my schools around the world.
    Of course I started with BAW, it is just across the street from my house so I could sit in on a class to do my own evaluation of the new system. The large screen can easily be seen from all angles in the classroom. It is a touch screen with drag and drop capabilities so that the classroom instructor can move bits and pieces around the screen at will. The instructor can allow a student to input data from his own tablet without having to go up to the blackboard and write out his assigned task. I placed two of the screens in the games room where many of the boys in the virtual studies group assemble. Of course I had to have a screen in my office to add to my array of monitors there. Most of the boys enrolled in the virtual high school classes study in their rooms, but for those that need a little discipline to structure their time fifteen boys sit before the new screen together where they are monitored by an older student to keep them on track. Those that can't seem to pay attention on their own have to attend the regular classroom group.

    I walked into the games room one morning and found Yuri sitting where he could see the students clearly. I touched his mind and almost burst out loud with laughter. "What are doing, son?"
    "I want to see someone boot his tablet with his floppy dick." The students that heard him giggled, but they kept to their studies. I took Yuri with me to my office. It was a teacher planning day at the elementary school so he had time on his hands. I had to keep that time constructive. I learned that a boy in his class at school had told him that he had to boot his computer at home with a floppy dick. He caught me laughing and was upset. I took him over to my desk and pulled open a drawer then withdrew a box of ten 3.5 floppy disks. I reached above my coffee maker and took down the first gift that Jimmy had ever bought for me, a 5.25 cardboard enclosed floppy disk stapled to a long stick. The stick had the words Debugger written on it, it was a high tech fly swatter. I explained to Yuri how a disk was inserted into older machines to boot them with the Operating System. He turned red and grinned. He had tried to figure out how to put a soft dick into a computer to make it boot up.

    Do you remember Seth Meeker? He is the older brother of Turner's first j.o. buddy, Adam. Mrs. Meeker caught Seth having sex with a friend of his and when Adam stepped up to defend his brother he managed to out himself to his mother. She packed the boys up and moved them to Fullerton, CA that same day. She and her sister set out to straighten the boys out by forcing them to watch straight sex porno movies and read books about straight relationships. Seth took one of the films to his high school councilor who in turn gave it to the police. The boys' mother and aunt were both sent to prison for two years for giving porno to minors.
    As the mother's trial grew to a close Seth turned eighteen, he ran away. Adam was sent to a group home run by an old acquaintance of mine, Mitch Gordon. I took the family to California to share Christmas of 2005 with the boys and girls of Mitch's shelter and Turner spotted Adam there. Adam returned to Tucson with us, he and Turner are still together after seven and a half years. They really do want to get married and are waiting for the right time so that their family can be with them.
    Seth took to the streets rather than go to a shelter. He drifted about then one day he appeared on the beach at cliff house during the large wedding ceremony that we were holding for our family lovebirds to legally tie the knot with each other. Adam dragged me to his brother and I convinced the young man to join us in Tucson and I would pay his way through college.
    After graduation from the university Seth Meeker found work in law enforcement. He is now employed by the forensic sciences division of Arizona's state police. He showed his value as an investigator when he was assigned to a high profile case involving a young teenager accused of murdering his brother in cold blood. He proved that the evidence did not support the youngster committing the crime, he found three drops of blood amongst the many drops splattered about the scene that DNA evidence showed to belong to someone else. The older boy's drug dealer had beaten the boy to death over a large unpaid amount of past due money. Seth was declared the fair haired man of the hour.

    The family wanted to celebrate Sabbath morning at the church located at Camp Christopher. We dressed for the long trip and gathered our tribe at the rail head of the high speed shuttle train that runs between the school to the camp. RD and Adsila were helping Quemela along the platform when Cory and his family rushed in, it was going to be a full family day. Also on board the train with us were four boys that I had only met recently. They were dressed in their nicest jeans and brightly polished cowboy boots. They had on short sleeve dress shirts with a tie and they each wore a jacket and their custom fitted Stetson hats. They were all dressed up to go to church. They each had a backpack They told me that they had promised Nolan that they would help him with Roddy's new horses, that piqued Roddy's attention and he began to talk with the guys during our ride to the camp.
    I had no idea that Yuri had a treat ready for us. He was not with us as we found our way to our seats in the sanctuary, but I saw him with the choir master before he took a seat at the huge keyboards of the pipe organ. The pedal board has been modified so that it can be raised up for the short legged boy and still be able to reach across the massive keyboards that make up the huge instrument.
    The pastor called us to worship then the opening hymn began. For a ten year old Yuri is a wonder, his musical talents are to be heard to be believed as he sits his four foot six inch frame on the bench and begins to play. On that morning he did himself proud as he played Jesus Christ Is Risen Today for us. After church most of the worshipers stay in their seats and wait for the organist to play something for them. Yuri was ready with an extra number, he played the Flight of the Bumble Bee using the foot pedals of the large organ. The video equipment had already been shut down so we don't have any pictures to share with you. For those that receive this story directly from the author here is what Roddy recorded on his cell phone for us to remember the moment.
    After church we were dragged kicking and screaming off to the fellowship hall for the congregation's pot luck lunch. I felt bad because we had not brought any food to the church and there were fifteen us. Add to that number they invited the boys to attend as well. Nolan had prepared a large pot of his super hot Tex-Mex chilli con carne and Tristan had five large sheet pans with his cornbread that everybody praises him for. I had not tried his cornbread and I had only had heartburn from Nolan's chilli once, I had to go for it. I sat near the four boys and was bombarded with their questions. I was getting vibes from a boy named Shiloh Burrerbaugh. He was troubled, but by what I couldn't tell. I asked him to go for a walk with me and he jumped at the chance. I bade my family ado as they headed over to the house for a nap, we have two pregnant women that wanted to put their feet up for an hour or two. Yuri joined Roddy as they changed their clothes so that they could go see the horses with the other three boys.

    I walked with Shiloh around the outside of the dormitories and classrooms of the camp. The boys had done a great job with the landscaping during their short summer at the camp. It is hot in Tucson during the summer, damned hot, but the boys didn't seem to mind it. They enjoyed their time at the lake and they always like the horses. Sometimes I want to bring all of my boys to the camp and just let them attend school there, but they need to stay in their own countries so that they can grow up to be leaders in their own lands. I led Shiloh through the construction of the infirmary at the north end of the cafeteria building. That had to be enlarged to accommodate the large number of boys. We had need of bed space for some of the more serious injuries and we just barely squeaked by with what we had. The renovation of the facilities was more than a re-model, it was a complete make over. The end of the second floor over the kitchens was opened up and made into a ten bed hospital. The boys called it a hospice I told them that a hospice was where one went for their final days before death. They told me that was what they meant, they said that when they are sick they are sure that they are going to die. I remembered my bout with a monestrous flu bug where I thought that I was dead—see chapter 208.
    It was after 1PM and the temperature had reached 108° it was time to seek some shade, preferably cool shade. I led Shiloh to my office and sat back in the cold air from the air conditioner, Shiloh spread his arms wide and let the cold air blow over him, I smiled as he aimed his crotch a little higher so that it would catch some of the cold air as well. I told the boy that he should pull his pants down so that he could air condition his balls, he blushed then asked if it was okay. I assured him that it was. I have only heard, but now I was seeing that what I had heard was true, Shiloh is shy. He wanted to cool his jewel box, but he had to see where I was sitting before he would expose himself. I walked over to him and cupped his junk and smiled at him, "It is okay, nobody has a problem with naked boi butt in this school." He pushed himself forward and I pulled his jeans down, he was freeballing. What a pair of boi balls he hung.
    Each precious nut was half the size of his super stiffy. He is right on for his fourteen years of age with a four and a half inch semi-cut cock. His balls were hanging low from the heat, and they appeared to be about to burst from the load that they carried. I wrapped my hand around him and gave him a few strokes, he moaned and moved into me. I touched his mind, he had never been handled before. He is not virgin, his partner just never touched him, in front. I had the full picture, now I wanted to hear the story directly. I knew what was coming, but to hear it made me go weak kneed. I have almost declared my students off-limits to my sexual exploitation. I feel that I must break away from my penchant for young boi butt and maintain my place as their father figure and protector, not their molester.
    I pushed him back so that he fell to the floor. I asked him to raise his butt so that I could remove his jeans after I pulled his boots off of his perfect size five, high arched feet. Naked from the waist down he looked good enough to eat. I moved so that I could continue to slowly stroke him. I was not anxious to get him off, I wanted the pleasure to last him as long as possible. We talked as we lay there with me stroking him and I learned a lot about him. He is almost virginal, in most gay ways he would be a virgin. He told me, "My big brother and I like to get fucked by each other. We don't suck nor nothing 'cause he says that is queer. We always fuck the other one when he is laying on his stomach. He won't do nothing more with me.
    "He says that he wants me to fuck him while he fucks a girl, but I don't think that he has ever even seen a naked girl. I am pretty sure that he lets his best friend fuck him 'cause I hear them doing it through the wall at the head of my bed. His bed bangs on the wall and I hear them get up and move it away so that it don't bang so much. I don't know if his friend gets fucked or not, I kinda think that he don't, he is too straight, but I heard him when he came over one night and said that he had a monster pole 'cause his bitch wouldn't do him. That's when I figured that kids like me can get all of the butt fucking we want if we get a guy that is horny from a date."
    Well, his logic was sound, I hope that he gets all that he wants. The next words out of his mouth surprised me. "I heard that you got a big one. I would like to try to suck it, if I can." I let him pull my pants down and watched his face as he saw a real monster pole. He tried to get his small hand around me then gave up, I knew that he wouldn't be able to get my cock into his mouth. He made a valiant effort. He licked and sucked on my glans for a while then he managed to get most of it into his mouth. He didn't want to quit so I asked him if he would like for me to suck him. That really got him excited. I had him turn so that we could sixty nine with him on top. As quickly as his cock slipped into the top of my throat he fired off a volley. It wasn't the thin kid stuff that I half expected, he had a nice and tasty load for me.
    Shiloh asked me if he could have his brother spend the night with him in the dormitory. I told him that no one under eighteen is allowed to stay overnight without the written consent of their parents or guardians. He was disappointed with that answer so I smiled at him and said, "However, were your brother to come on a weekend and be out of the dorm before lock down I can see no problem." He had to think about that, but it was better than no visit. I told him that he could always invite his brother to a camp out and horseback riding around the camp, they just couldn't stay inside the buildings without their mother's consent. That would work. He told me that he believes that his brother is a closet fag and that he would like to see some of the boys in the dorm as they run around naked. He asked if he could invite some of them to go camping with him. Of course he can.
    He smiled at me and asked, "Can you fuck me now?" Of course I can. An hour later a very bow legged boy and I made our way over to the house to gather everyone for our trip back into town. I watched Shiloh and a boy by the name of Noel Piel when I walked into the room to grab my boys up for a toss em up. They all squealed with delight, even Yuri. They love for their daddy to play with them. I kept Shiloh and Noel in the corner of my eye, when they were sure that no one was watching them they hid behind the bushy Ficus Plant—also called a Rubber Tree Plant. Their kiss was sweet and as innocent as two young gay boys could make it seem. I hope that there was more budding in that corner than the plants.

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