Chapter 266


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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Traveler Chapter 268
    The boys needed more to do than to just run around getting snake bit and sprained ankles, I had just the thing for them. I called all of the extra staff and security personnel to a meeting behind closed doors. That meant that it would take an extra thirty seconds for the amassed students to learn what our meeting was about. I offered the men their choice of diversions until our summer gathering was over and they returned home again. Many of the men wanted to see the Grand Canyon and maybe hike down to the bottom, or ride on a burro to the river level. Some of the men wanted to head off to Las Vegas and a few others wanted to visit the sights available in California. I helped them to realize their dreams for a perfect vacation.
    With the sixty staff and security men off on their own trips I gathered the boys together and told them that they were about to become mosquito bait. The staff that remained to help me with the boys demonstrated the proper way to administer insect repellant to every inch of exposed skin and especially around tight fitting cuffs, collars, and waistbands. I gave a stern warning to the boys about tick fever and the deadly West Nile Virus carried by mosquitos in the area. I told the boys that the first symptom that is normally manifested by that infection is a high fever, next can be meningitis which can cause death or permanent brain damage. I had their solid attention.

     The boys were excited when the upper mountain lake was described to them, they were ready to escape the serious heat of the desert floor. A trek up the mountain by twenty seven hundred boys had many inherent dangers, not the least of which was damage to the environment. The boys gathered in the cafeteria for show and tell. I called all of those in the family that could transform into animal forms and had them stand before the students to show them what they could expect. I had to trust the boys to keep our secret, but they needed to know that they would be watched over and that they would be safe from any wildlife that they may encounter while at the lake.
    The boys readily accepted the fact that some of us could change into animal forms, they were excited when they saw their little Russian brother, Yuri, and our student from Bangladesh, Ajay, change as well. I knew that we would be bombarded with questions about how they could change themselves. Ajay stood up and answered that question once and for all. "I was born into a Hindi religious sect that trained me from the day that I was born to turn into a King Cobra. The Cobra is worshiped as a god by those people and I was made to be their surrogate stand in. I hated it, but I was just a kid and so I had to obey.
    "When I met dad and his wolf pack I knew that there was more to learn about being able to transform and I learned to become any animal shape that I could imagine. Dad keeps me close and he won't let me do no harm to anyone, sometimes I want to tear the throat out of someone that I hate, but dad comes into my mind and makes me see the Truth that is the Lord our God. If I am to be His servant then I must learn to control my anger and not do something to no one that needs to be done to." I understood him, I was surprised that the boys understood him as well.
    All eyes turned to Yuri, I pulled him to me and told the boys that he had no special training, he just changed into a Bobcat one afternoon and it has been a natural thing for him to do ever since then. Call me a sheltering old fuddy duddy, but I felt that it was time to get Yuri out of the room. I grabbed him up and sat him on my shoulders and headed for the door. Yuri was giggling as we jogged across the field to the house for our lunch. He was the first to spot a train of food going from the garden into the back door.
    Rhys, Cullen, and Jimmy ran from the cafeteria straight over to the orchards, I had to stop and watch Rhys run once again. I am so happy for that boy, he has spent fourteen years of his life as a cripple, a gimp, and a retard. Of course he was none of those things. I was happy to be of help in letting him know that. Kids can be so cruel to others that are a little different then the norm. It is not right, but I don't know how to ever end the universal practice.
    I watched as some of the older family members stepped from the orchard with bushel baskets laden with fruit from the trees and headed down the path to the house. The three late comers reappeared from the tree grove with baskets of fruit on their shoulders as well. I didn't want to know what was going on, I knew that it meant that my wife would be busy in the kitchen and that lunch would be cold cuts. I was wrong on that point.

    "There's my men, I hope that you are super hungry," Ugitsiha kissed me and rubbed Yuri's hair. She turned and headed to the patio as she pushed Yuri ahead of her. My baby boys were playing with their cars in the seating area and there was a fire going in the barbeque. Foil packets were laid directly on the coals and a large platter covered with a tea towel sat on the prep board beside the fire. Ugitsiha pulled the towel away and selected four, four inch diameter mushrooms to place on the fire. She then placed a homemade whole grain bun on each of four plates, which she passed over to Yuri and me to add our condiments.
    My wife had been busy, she had a large bowl of homemade mayonnaise, sliced tomatoes, sliced red onions, and red leaf lettuce on another platter for us to build a better mushroom burger. Ugitsiha smiled at me as she turned the mushrooms gill side up and covered them with shredded, extra sharp cheddar cheese, the recipe calls for blue cheese, but we both think that mold on fungus is a bit too much. Alright, cheddar cheese is a cultured mold, but you can't see the blue green stuff that is all hairy and smelly.
    Maybe you would like to try this recipe yourself:
Makes: 4
' 3 tablespoons olive oil, divided
' 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
' 3 cloves garlic, peeled, pressed
' 4 large (about 4-5 inches in diameter) portabella mushrooms, wiped clean, stems and gills removed
' 1 large red onion, peeled, thinly sliced (2 to 3 cups)
' 2 tablespoons water
' cup ruby port or favorite sweet red wine
' teaspoon salt, divided
' teaspoon freshly ground pepper, divided
' cup shredded, extra sharp, cheddar cheese
' 4 whole-wheat hamburger buns or favorite bun or roll
' 1 cup arugula
' 4 thick slices tomato

In a small bowl, whisk 2 tablespoons oil, vinegar and garlic. Brush the mixture all over the mushrooms and let stand for 30 minutes.
Meanwhile, heat the remaining 1 tablespoon oil in a large skillet over high heat. Add red onion and cook, stirring frequently, until beginning to brown, about 5 minutes. Reduce heat to low, add water and cook, stirring frequently, until the onion is browned and very soft, about 15 minutes.
Add port and cook, stirring occasionally, until almost evaporated, about 3 minutes more.
Stir in teaspoon salt and teaspoon pepper. Remove from the heat and cover.

Preheat grill to medium.
Sprinkle the mushrooms with the remaining teaspoon salt and teaspoon pepper. Grill, gill side down, for 5 to 7 minutes. Turn over and top each with 2 tablespoons cheese.
Grill until the mushrooms are tender, 4 to 5 minutes more.

Toast buns. Divide the onions among the mushrooms. Serve (cheese side up) on buns with arugula and tomato slices.

Per serving: 339 calories (45% from fat), 17 grams fat (5 grams sat. fat), 37 grams carbohydrates, 11 grams protein, 702 mg sodium, 11 mg cholesterol, 5 grams fiber.
Adapted from Eating Well magazine, May/June 2012 issue.
Portabella Cheese Burgers

    While we built our buns for the mushroom burgers El pulled Rhys and Cullen over to the fireplace for their lunch. She followed the same steps as Ugitsiha, but she added crumbled blue cheese to the mushrooms for her family. I try not to listen to the private conversations around me, but sometimes it is impossible not to do so. It wasn't what was said, I couldn't catch a word of that, it was the tongue that it was spoken in. For the first time I learned that Rhys is Welsh and his mother tongue is the Cambrian language. I had no reason to know that my sister and her husband spoke the language, but they do live in the area of England where it is predominate. Of course Cullen speaks Cymric, he speaks almost every language and understands them as well.

    The boys had been coming and going, stacking their loaded baskets under the shade of the trees at the edge of the patio. When my buns were ready I grabbed my little ones and led them over to the sink to wash their face and hands for lunch. With clean boys and good food before us we held hands and offered thanks to our Great Benefactor for His bounty. I unwrapped a foil packet for the boys and divided the seasoned sweet potato fries between them. I made sure that their sippy cups were full of lemon water and sat down to scarf on my own burger.
    Just as we finished eating a commotion could be heard in the house and I heard my Cory man's voice as he scolded Christopher Cory. I looked up in time to see RD lead Quemela through the door and help her to a chair under the ceiling fan, she looked hot. She was sweating and breathing hard, I rose and walked over to her, she was in medical trouble with the early signs of heat exhaustion showing on her body. I knelt before her and began to pray as Sagi and Adsila placed cold water soaked towels on her neck and shoulders.
    Kuckunniwi began to chant in his young, clear voice; the others heard him and began to chant as well. I felt the Holy Spirit move through me as my hands grew hot, I placed my hands on each side of Pam's young face and watched as she relaxed and her color returned to normal. I asked for her permission before I touched the baby's mind, he was well. I let out my breath and sat back to look upon the mother of my first grandchild, she is very beautiful.

    Nolan had been at the railhead of the high speed tram that runs from the school to the camp. He pulled his Goliath to the rear of the patio area and the boys that were present hurried over to unload fifty bushels of extra large peaches from Ahwiagina's orchard at Ugitsiha's house in Oklahoma. "They's the biggest durn peaches I ever seed, boss. Where'd you get 'em?"
    "Roddy and Yuri picked them for their mother from the backyard of their house in Tahlequah a couple of weeks back. They were loaded onto the Traveler Trio© and brought out here with the canned baby food that was cooked there. Even with her son's wedding looming over her head my wife found time to cook and can. Now she is going to do more of the peaches up. Did you try one of them? She might make you a thick peach pie if you ask her."

    "Are we gonna do all that?" Adsila asked as she looked at the bushel baskets filled with fruit. "We did peaches and turnips in Oklahoma."
    Daylight pointed to fifteen year old Ilanipi and Kuruk sitting before baskets filled with green beans and snapping them into a stainless steel bowl between their knees. "We have green beans, and sweet potatoes cooking, Hridayesh and Ilesh are peeling and coring apples and placing them into the large pots that are on the fire for apple sauce. They are also placing apples into the press so that we can have fresh apple juice for the boys. We have apricots to strain and here come Bodaway and Eknath with the beets. We will put up enough baby food for a year before this week is over."
    "But why do all that? My momma went to the store and bought everything that she fed us. I am going to feed my kids what I was fed." Adsila had spoken. I was glad that I had a date with a few thousand boys at the lake. I couldn't just walk away from this, I turned and sat down so that my daughter-in-law was on the same eye plain as me.
    "Adsila, do you remember the news stories about baby formula from overseas being laced with Melamine? Poisons are being put in our foods, some of it on purpose and some of it unknowingly. Studies have been made at the university of Harvard medical school that shows that there are more than ten types of insecticides in nearly every brand of prepared baby food on the market, some of those insecticides are known to be carcinogenic. I think that companies that prepare food should know what is in their raw product and if they put tainted food on the market then they should face criminal prosecution. The Harvard study found that American food processors were just as guilty as some foreign concerns, that is just too much for me to accept."
    Sagi spoke as she bared her breast to feed tiny Steven Allen. "When little Chrisy was born I was given a few containers of baby formula by the hospital and told to feed him that. They said that my milk was no good because I was too young. My mother and my aunt Beulah set me straight on that then when it came out on the news that the baby formula that was being imported from Asia had cancer causing poisons in it I was glad that I was surrounded by wisdom.
    "Let me tell you something little girlfriend, if dad says to feed the kids cow pies I am going to listen to him. He never says anything that he hasn't checked out first and Cory and I trust him with our lives and the lives of our babies." Pam and RD both chimed in with an amen.

    Roddy came in and sat down beside me and held my hand as he smiled his broadest, tooth showing grin. Adsila scooted next to her husband with a smile on her small face that was a big as the one that Roddy was displaying. "The kids have found their home," Ugitsiha whispered to me. Quemela and RD have plenty of room, even with a baby on the way. Adsila and Quem are near the same age and they can help each other. Adsila is going to attend BAG with Sagi as her teacher. She will fit right in with the other girls there and will be an inspiration to them as they dream of one day finding a young prince to marry them." Roddy blushed as his mother ruffled his hair. Roddy had told me about that living arrangement before his wedding, but I kept it to myself, I thought that it was Roddy's place to tell his mother the news.

    I had to go for a walk, it was getting too deep for me, I don't do praise well, even from my loving family. I had a start when I encountered Breeze waiting for me on the path to the small grotto. In deference to him I changed into Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe and ran toward him. He was anxious, he had felt the minds of the hundreds of boys talking about going to the lake and he wanted to protect his family. He told me that a wild Puma was prowling the area and he feared for his pups so they were staying close to the lake and its woods for protection. I searched the mountain with him and we found the cat at about nine thousand feet, a full two thousand feet above the lake.
    I am not willing that any animal, or man, die without reason, I had an idea. I sent a message to Bodaway to join us, within moments he appeared and sat down to listen to our mind talk. He shared that the chiefs of his village were seeking a way to rid themselves of a pack of wild dogs that was killing the tribe's sheep, a cat would be just the thorn in the dog's paws. I wanted to protect the cat from the dogs getting the best of it so I laid out a plan for Bodaway to relay to his elders.
    Bodaway has honed his telepathic skills, he was able to reach his father at once and he laid out our plans to introduce a mountain lion to their dog pack. The father related that there was also a very large pack of coyotes running to the north of the village. They were preying on the sheep and the calves there and not paying any attention to the small deer that were stripping the ground near the river bare.
    Without the deer being kept in check the vegetation along the watershed was being stripped away which was causing the feeder creeks of the river to stagnate and kill off the fish. A mountain lion would fill the needs of the tribe for the rest of the summer.

    The boys were divided into five groups and sent hiking along the ridge of Fire Mountain. I hoped that having the boys in smaller groups that there would be less damage to the forest. Of course the trees along the way would get a wash down of yellow rain, everyone was cautioned to bury their shit in a shallow depression so that the animals of the forest would not get to it easily. At a ravine five hundred feet below the upper camp they gathered for a lunch of sandwiches and water from their canteens. Once they were fed the area was carefully policed then they were divided into their groups again and turned off for the climb toward the lake.
    The first order of business at the lake was sitting up a camp site. Several details were sent to the edge of the forest to dig latrines in areas that would not drain the waste into the lake or the nearby streams. Water details were put together to fill the canvass Lister bags that would hang from the trees to provide fresh, cool water to drink. A pool of water located to the end of the lake drained into a stream that ran to the north side of the mountain and down to the river above the Indian village was set aside for bathing with safe soap. Tents were set up along the edges of the grassy clearing, but far enough away from the latrines to keep the smell away. The boys had been instructed how to throw a shovel full of dirt on top of their offering to nature so that the flies would stay away and bags of lime were set out to sprinkle the area down after the deed was done.
    The pack horses were unloaded and the cooks set about getting a hot meal ready for twenty seven hundred hungry boys. I had all of the boys gather with their backs to the lake and facing the forest. I told them to remain absolutely still and quiet. A playful pup was the first to break through the trees and the boys giggled at it. Breeze came out with his mate beside him then Waterfall and Nighttime cautiously stepped into view. When they sensed that all was safe Starshine and River came out with all of the females and pups of the pack.
    Waterfall ran up to me and changed into the form of a older naked teenaged boy. I have been around Breeze and I had never paid any attention to him growing older, it opened my eyes that time was still passing and if I didn't look around more often that I would miss the beautiful gift that nature had given the five young wolves from the wilds of Oregon. I hugged Waterfall as the other Waya changed to the delight of the students.
    You may remember that Breeze's mate had been the last to come to the pack. I had rescued her from New Mexico with the blessing of the Game and Fish Department. She jumped up on me and licked my face as she touched my mind. She told me that she could change into a girl with a long bushy tail. I told her that our audience was very immature and that it would probably be unwise for her to do so in front of them.
    The air filled with the screech of an Eagle. RD's shadow fell across the ground as six hawks flew down to the pack and instantly turned into wolf pups. The air was sucked from the valley floor below us as every boy watching gasped at the sight. The newcomer pups mixed with the Waya pups and began to play about. I called out Roddy's name and the pups all stopped their play. With some difficulty the pack pups changed into small children about the age of my babies. Little Chrisy, Awinita, CJ, and CS each changed then Roddy and Yuri changed form then turned to the open jawed crowd and took a bow.
    All of the Tsalagi gathered to the front of the students as I told the children to play quietly while their fathers and I talked to the boys. I explained the lack of the power of speech for the Waya pack, but told the boys that they would communicate to us by thoughts and mind pictures. I filled the minds of the boys with a severe image of a wild forest fire. I showed them the aftermath of the Aspen Fire that had burned just west of our location on Mount Lemon in June of 2003.
    I had Starshine show the boys what he had seen on his morning hunting trip. The underbrush and dead growth in the deep woods provided homes and shelter for small game that the Waya depend on for their food, but it was a fire waiting to happen all over again. At the time of our gathering large portions of the state of Arizona were burning out of control. Hundreds of acres of grassland were being devoured as well large stands of old forests with hundreds of trees per hectare. One of the largest fires burning at the time was the Monument fire just to south of our location around the town of Sierra Vista.
    Arizona was as dry as Oklahoma was wet in 2011. Add to the drought the intense winds and all of the pieces for a terrible wildfire season come together. I wanted to protect my mountain for the boys and the animals that live there, well some would say that the boys are animals and they would not be far from wrong. The danger of controlled burns was too great so the underbrush would have to be removed by hand, the same way that we had cleared the slopes of Fire Mountain the year before.
    The students were divided into one hundred groups of about twenty five boys each. A seasoned guide was set over them, some of the groups got a Waya, some got Tsalagi, some got Apaches. Every group knew what they were to do and where they were to do it so we broke for a swim before dinner. I got into the heads of everyone in camp and told them that anyone that peed in my lake would wish that he had held it until he got out of the water and to a safe pee point. I told them that there were some great tasting fish in that lake and that I did not like piss flavored fish on my plate.

    I took the first watch over the boys. I assumed the form of a Great Horned Owl and sat on a tree branch high above the sleeping boys. I enjoyed the spectacular binocular vision and depth preception and my enhanced hearing allowed me to hear the faintest of sounds, like boys farting at the far end of the campsite. About eleven Colt and Chase Nickels walked under the tree that I was perched. Twelve year old Colt fired a rock at me, I turned into my true form and frighetened the young bully out of his drawers. Chance told his little brother that he should be careful around the wild animals in the area because no one knew which one might be a boy in real life.
    From time to time I would do a flyover to check on my young charges. I found them nursing their buddies as they slept in union with one another, I wanted some cream myself. Just before midnight I heard Cory Stevens crying in his bed at the house at the main camp. Mike relieved me, he has years of experience at being a Wahuhi—Owl.
    I flew down the mountain and into the bedroom of my crying baby. Ugitsiha was holding him and wiping his brow with a cold cloth, she looked at me with daggers in. her eyes, "You let him eat a dead mouse?" I hadn't allowed anything of the sort, he is a baby and he was playing with wild animals and doing what they were doing. He had a belly ache, but he would live. I took him into my arms and held his body close to me, he was burning up. The worst part of being a father is knowing that your child is ill or hurt and there is little that you can do for him. I could at least make him all better as I prayed for the Holy Spirit to lay his healing grace on my little one. Almost at once CS relaxed and opened his eyes to look at me.
    "Thanks daddy, I feels all better now. Can I pwaise the Lord with you?" Of course he could and we did pray together. I held him for about an hour before I placed him in his bed and pulled the covers over him. I kissed him then I turned to CJ and straightened his covers before giving him a kiss. I peeked in on Yuri then I sat down on my bed next to my wife.
    "I'm sorry. I know that you didn't allow him to do that, I just…"
    "You were just being a mother, I love you for that. Don't ever stop." I lay down beside her and held her until she returned to her dreams before I slipped into the shower and caught a few hours of sleep beside her. I awakened feeling guilty about leaving my post and my boys on the mountainside. I rushed Yuri through his breakfast so that we could get back to our work of clearing the forest of underbrush.

    Early that morning the boys set to work. We started at the edge of my property and worked our way back to the lake. There were a few large horses to help with the larger debris, such as fallen trees and etc, but not near enough for the work at hand. The Tsalagi each transformed himself into a very large, and strong, horse to help moved the cleared brush to depressions in clearings in each area and the ground around each pile of removed material was stripped bare of any ground growth to prevent a fire from spreading from the pile back to the forest. The new brush piles met with the approval of my Waya friends as they sniffed around each one to see that they could get to the game that would move in to them.

    During the night we had heard the Puma growling from somewhere above us, I had to spend my morning moving that animal to lower ground and the job I had planned for him. I contacted Fish and Game and allowed a truck with two men to come to the lake so that we could lay a plan of attack for the cat. Gynigeyona–f/bYn and Adahy–ach are accomplished trackers and hunters. I have allowed them to hunt on my land as often as they desire and they always bring home fresh game. At 0930 two men with a green Game and Fish truck carrying a large cage in the back arrived. I introduced the two rangers to my two Indian friends and let them make their plans. I felt the cat, actually it was Waterfall that alerted me to her and I pointed her location out on a map for the hunters. They checked their tranquilizer guns and made sure that Adahy and Black Bear knew how to use them.
    With weapons in hand Adahy and Black Bear mounted their horses, bareback, and rode directly up the mountain. I had to stop and look after the two longtime friends. as they rode away I caught their message to each other, it was love. The two were lovers and I never caught on to it. I was happy for them. The rangers had to stay to the rutted roadway that had been on the mountain since the days of Willis Mayfield. It was narrow with an overgrown center section that would have torn the bottom out of a lower profile vehicle, but the truck was built for the work at hand and the low granny gear pulled the lumbering truck along at a snail's pace.

    I took flight as a split tail swift and kept my two old friends in view. They sensed me flying overhead and asked me to lend them my eyes as I scanned the ground for the big cat. I spotted her trying to get in position to pounce on a young doe, I hated to ruin her dinner plans, but… Black Bear rode up a ridge so that he could bear down on the big cat. Adahy found a position that the cat would probably run to if we spooked her. I sat down on a tree branch where I could get a bird's eye view of the event. Black Bear took aim and hit the cat in the left shoulder, a perfect shot, from the back of a saddle-less horse. The cat bolted in Adahy's direction and he shot another perfect shot into her breast. The cat was down. We quickly checked her breathing and made sure that she had sustained no injuries when she fell. I searched her mind, I wanted to make sure that she had no young anywhere and that she was not expecting either.
    It took almost an hour for the rangers to lumber up to an area below us where they could load the cat. The four men placed her sleeping body into the cage and loaded it onto the truck for transport down the mountain. I didn't like it, but governments have rules and the rule here was that the cat needed to go to a vet to be checked out and tagged before it could be relocated.

    I flew around to check on some of the groups at work until my energy levels began to seriously drop. I touched Gigage's-fgb mind and told him of my plight. I barely made it to his cook tent before I would be in deep, deep trouble. Red had a glass of juice ready for me, Ona had a sweet roll left from breakfast. This bird thing can be very hazardous, I will either have to take shorter flights or learn to eat bugs on the wing. I decided that shorter flights would work the best.

    Getting supplies to the lake was our major hurdle. RD took Cory and I under his wing and taught us how to carry heavy loads in our eagle's talons. The three of us made six trips each day with fresh food and milk for our hungry boys. I was glad that the end of July was in sight so that we could get off of the mountain and into soft beds, hot showers and hot food.

    Twenty year old DeShaun King and nineteen year old Jack De Boné came around the track and ran over to meet me as I ran back onto the field from my early morning jog along the ridge of Fire Mountain. Each of the college sophomores were wearing wife beater shirts of navy blue. Across the chest of each shirt in large red letters were the Greek symbols ΩΨΦ. They had pledged Omega Psi Phi, an international fraternity for black men dedicated to its Cardinal Principles of manhood, scholarship, perseverance, and uplift. The U of A chapter name is Alpha Epsilon.
    Each chapter is required to hold a yearly talent contest, to encourage young people to expose themselves to the Performing Arts. Individuals who win these talent contests receive an award, such as a scholarship.

    I must learn to be careful to whom I brag. I had sat with Raven when he arrived at Tahlequah for the wedding and our conversation turned to horses. I told him about Golden Beauty and what a fine horse I thought him to be. Of course Raven knew all about Lightening Fire and how that horse was miraculously transformed in front of hundreds of witnesses, including the Queen of England and her family. Raven wanted to give Roddy a wedding gift befitting his station in life, but what he came up with floored both my son and me.
    I was alerted by the controller of air traffic seeking landing instructions. I was told that the incoming plane bore the transponder signal of a transport plane from Raven's country, I authorized the landing and headed toward the airstrip. I watched as a huge 777 circled into the end of the approach patern and slowly descended. The plane bore the Royal Crest of Raven, but it was clearly a transport, not a passenger carrying plane. My ground crew rolled the truck mounted stairway up to the plane's door. When it opened Prince Arif stepped out with a huge smile on his face. He had three of his brothers with him and they wanted to spend a week with us at Camp Christopher. I was glad to have them. I wasn't prepared for what else was on the plane.
    The rear door of the plane lowered to the ground and men began to bring horses down the ramp. I called for Roddy to come to the plane as quickly as he could. I was there in seconds, naked of course, he had flown over as a bird. Prince Arif bowed to the newlywed and presented him with ten of the finest looking Arabian horses that I had ever seen. The Prince told Roddy that in his country a man is measured by his wealth and a fine herd of horses is about the most wealth that many of the people of his country have. Roddy looked at the horses and smiled then he bowed to the prince and thanked him for the wonderful gift.

    The boys' conversations all week had centered on the musical talents that were prevalent in each of the schools. I heard many of the boys singing along together as they worked at their tasks and I knew that we needed to show all of that talent off for the people of Tucson to see. The new dormitory was completed at BAW, but better than that was the new auditorium that now stood to the west of the church where the old farmhouse had once stood. The city tried to fight me on erecting a thirty six hundred seat theater, but when they saw the plans for the majority of the building to sit below ground level they gave me the permits that were needed. I did have to jump through hoops to satisfy the fire marshall that there was adequate egress for that many patrons to get out in case of an emergency.
    The farmhouse sat on poor land above a huge cavern. The cavern was not as large as the one under the school grounds, but it was large enough to fit our needs. The house itself sat on the top of a bubble of rock only eight feet thick with a twelve inch layer of dirt on top of that. The Cutter family that had settled there and built the house had been lucky when they sunk a well into the underground aquifer that supplied the school and my houses with fresh water. They had dug down through a dirt depression that ran across the property. When it was opened up by our excavation we could see that dynamite had been used to break through the rock shelf over the aquifer and a crack leading under the house had opened up. It may have lasted another hundred years, but one day that crack would open up and the house would sink below the ground.
    The only loss to us was the garage and storage bays along the back edge of the property where the boys stored their boats, ATVs, ski jets, and other boy toys. I moved the storage area to the bottom of the cliff behind the four houses, in behind the garage where my vehicles are stored. I had to erect a eight foot high wall to keep the boys' noise away from my neighbors, that already hated me for building the garage and block their view of the beautiful cliff that my houses sit on.
    The house and garage were removed as well as the rock ledge beneath them. A forty foot deep cavern was revealed that spanned two hundred feet east to west and seventy feet to the north. The north face of the property is a twelve foot sheer drop into the watershed area north of the school. That rock face was removed and rebuilt with solid granite blocks that extended upwards fifty feet. That wall also provided the necessary egress from the auditorium. Only twenty feet of the new building could be seen from ground level, and most important of all, from the neighboring properties south of the school that didn't like for their view of the mountains to be blocked.
    Entry to the auditorium is by elevator. The main floor sloops downward to the stage area with seating for fifteen hundred patrons. Two eight hundred seat mezzanines wrap around the main floor with a balcony that seats five hundred looking over the entire area. The aquifer was covered with a thick layer of concrete that created a walkway to the new west dorm at the school. The boys could stage in the dorm and move to the auditorium as their part in the program came up.

    Our major problem was getting twenty seven hundred boys a place to shower, sleep, and eat. We had eight hundred and forty eight bed spaces in the two dorms, plus the bedrooms at my main house and granite house. We set up folding beds in the old rec room beneath the main house and in the wine cellar. Feeding was a nightmare, our cafeteria just did not have the capacity to seat more than four hundred at any one time, we had to feed in shifts. Çhé Ģerâld and his small staff or cooks fed as many as possible at the granite house, but all of the cooks from all of the schools were bumping elbows as they cooked around the clock. Hungry boys have little common sense, they don't have much sense to begin with, but when hungry… We made it through the final two weeks of their summer vacation and had a barrel of fun doing it.

    Cory's trip to Carl's corner in south Texas bore a surprising side benefit, Willie Nelson was extremely interested in our work to provide homes and schools for cast off boys. Cory had mentioned that the boys from all of the schools in Europe and America were gathering for the summer to attend the wedding of one of their own Willie asked if he might play a few tunes for them. What? Do you think that we would turn down such an opportunity? I contacted the great man and t old him of our plans, he agreed to come to Arizona for the first concert that would be given in the newly built, thirty six hundred seat auditorium at BAW in August.
    The boys put together a show by themselves, all I had to do was to promote their efforts and sell tickets. Our first offering was a sellout so we decided on doing five shows in total, one on Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night, with matinees on Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.

    I love to walk around the house and see the boys living their lives under their forced surroundings. Ideally they would be at home with their loving parents and worrying about zits and girlfriends. My boys are outcast by a world that won't tolerate them, I can only try to make things a little better for them and let them know that they are viable human beings with a purpose in life and a future waiting for them to make their mark on it.
    The acoustics of the tunnel that runs between the wine cellar and the main house is loud, the tunnel is solid rock after all. I was passing through the tunnel on my way over to have a cup of coffee with Edmund when I heard this voice echo from the large bath and shower area there. I looked in and saw a boy from BAG Boys standing at the lavatory with his cell phone propped up on the shelf. I didn't say a word, I smiled and slipped away as quietly as I had come in. I smiled to myself all of the rest of the way to a hot cup, one of Shikoba's cinnamon rolls, and Edmund's company. It was a very fortunate day when that old man drove up in a limousine with Missy sitting in the back seat. I have enjoyed the man's company and worldly knowledge of food for the seven years since then.

    Willie Nelson was first performer for our first American concert with the combined talents of boys from my schools around the world. He led off with a song that brought the house down. He had recruited his old buddy, Burt Reynolds to join him in the fun. We had no warning of what the great artist had in store for us. He had selected a group of boys to work with him, but they were sworn to secrecy. When they performed. Willie's Gay Cowboy Song the audience went wild. Before he left the show to the boys he did a song from the 2005 movie,Brokeback Mountain, He was a friend of mine with several pairs of boys in warm embraces about the stage.
    While the stage was being cleared the combined orchestras of all of the schools played Antonio Vivaldi - Lato against a backdrop of colored slides. The first boy act of the evening followed a performance at the small church at Camp Christopher when two students from BAF were accompanied by Willie sitting at the huge pipe organ there. We did not have the pipe organ, but we were able to get a decent sound from the synthesizers on the organ in the new auditorium so we could listen to the dual trumpets play Vivaldi - Spring.

    Next up we learned that French comedy is different to the American people when two BAP students played a comedy routine of Les Happy Day.
    Not to be out done in the comedy routine the boys from BAW's orchestra played a trumpet comedy routine titled, A Screech Trumpet Christmas.

    Between acts we were entertained by boys from around the world playing short pieces for us. One little guy from BAE showed that he had skill in his thirteen year old fingers as he mesmerized us with Eastern Minuet no. 2. Another act was a bass battle between two boys from different schools.

    Yuri played The Happy Organist for the patrons during the intermission. Many people stayed in their seat to see the small boy at the monster sized keyboard. They really went wild when they heard him play his favorite, March of the Trolls on the piano later in the program.

    The first acts after the intermission were the girls from BAG. They showed some great talent as they sang solos or in duets, but the big act that brought the audience to their feet was Pam Carmichael's song to her husband, Johnny. Johnny was stage right working on an old rocking chair. He had his back to Pam who stood to stage left and sang in a wishful pose. Her voice surprised everyone of us when she belted out a perfect rendition of Karen Carpenter singing, Johnny Angel.
    Filing in between her act, and the cutest one of the show, was our friend Justin from BAB. He stepped in front of the curtains and played a flute solo for us as he had done at the concert in Paris a few years earlier. He is older now and more mature, in his stature and with his music.
    As I stated there a moment ago, the last act with the girls was the cutest one of the show. It involved all of their children, Cory's two oldest, and my four younger ones, including Roddy. They were dressed as the lost boys, Sagi took the part of Peter for us and strutted about with the children surrounding her as they sang I Won't Grow Up.
    When the piece ended Roddy stepped front stage center and loudly proclaimed, "Until the day I die I promise I won't change so you better give up," as the curtains closed behind him. From each side of the stage boys ran out and began to do flips and somersaults before they came together around Roddy then they began to rat… oops, sorry, my bad, they began to rap. Spike showed his moves and Roddy was right up there with him as they jumped over the heads of boys much taller than they were. They spiraled their bodies in mid-air, but always landed on their feet. The boys were doing a number that continued Roddy's line, Until the day I die I promise I won't change so you better give up. As the boys flipped and swung about the curtain was accidently kicked open a little bit to reveal two upright pianos being moved onto the stage. A couple of the boys tugged at the curtain as they tried to close it then, from back stage the curtain seemed to quiver and shake as someone tried to draw it closed. Finally all of the rappers finished their skit and left the stage to either side.
    The house lights were brought up to full brightness and two stage hands entered the stage with a fifteen foot tall ladder in tow, one of the boys carried a clipboard under his arm. They set the ladder perpendicular to to where the curtains were parted and one of the boys climbed the ladder to begin to tug at the curtain. Suddenly the curtain opened quite a bit wider and the boy on the ladder lost his balance. As the ladder fell over the audience gasped, the boy did a prefect backwards flip from the ladder and landed on his feet on the shoulders of the other boy. The catcher staggered about, but managed to stay upright with the weight of his partner on his shoulders. After several seconds the boy on top did a flip from the shoulders of the other then both boys did a backwards flip and stood up shaking their experience off. The boys gathered their dropped paper work and stood back pointing at the open curtain. They picked up their ladder and left the stage to rousing applause.
    Although they are a little older now Britt and Bart are still small enough to pull off their comedy routine that they have performed in several concerts. They were seated on the front row wearing blue jeans and cockeyed ball caps. When the rappers stepped off of the stage the two little guys began to chase each other across the front of the auditorium. Many of the audience tried to shush the boys then Cas stepped from the sidelines and added to the act.
    In a loud voice he told the boys to take their seats and be quiet. Like tiny boys anywhere the young brothers stuck their tongues out and ran from him. Cas started a mock chase that ran the boys onto the stage and through the opening in the curtain.. They hid behind a piano and peeked around to see if they were still being chased. Then ten year old Bart spotted the piano that they had been hiding behind. With a loud bang he raised the fallboard on the piano and began to pound away, making an atrocious noise that anyone who has ever heard a child at the instrument can identify with. Britt ran over to the other piano and slammed that fallboard open and began to pound away. He hit a few accidental chords which made Bart stop and turn around.
    Bart ran to his brother and placed his hands on his hips as he stared. Britt pounded out two awful chords that twisted eardrums. Bart stamped his foot on the floor and stalked back to the other piano. He played two chords and turned to Britt and stuck his tongue out. Britt answered with more chords then the two began a duel of chords. Very slowly they settled into the difficult third movement of Mozart's Sonata in D major for two pianos, and let it meld into a rousing piano duet of great intensity. The audience came to the edge of their seats as the boys continued to play the difficult passage that belied their tiny hands. There were many comments about the boys' hands not being large enough to span the keys for the chords that they were playing. The choir began to softly vocalize behind the curtains then slowly the curtains were opened to see all of the boys on stage. The orchestra faded in and a full concert was once again underway with two of the tiniest of boys leading the way. The boys were not allowed to leave the stage as the audience was on their feet with loud cheers, whistles, and applause. They wanted an encore. We were prepared for that and the tiny duo sat down to play Sonata in DM k445, Allegro con spirito.
    While the boys cleared the stage for the next act Willie accompanied love struck Kip Turner with a rendition of Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered.
    Labron showed the talents that he had learned while singing with his mother's church choir when he sang Oh happy Day with a group of "Them uppity boys."
    Our evening was filled with music from every group of boys that had an act to put together. The audience was in the groove when the Sato boys brought their large drums to the stage for some Taiko pieces. The Turkish twins grabbed their brothers to do a little Sitar music for us and between those acts many couples sang love songs to each other.
    I tried to get out of it, but then I thought that the boys love me and depend on me so… I stepped to stage center and fielded a few questions that had been written down for me. "I have been blessed to know each and every one of these boys. Before I finished college the Lord our God provided me with a multi-million dollar fortune. I had no idea where He was leading me or why I needed that much money. After the death of my partner in 2004 I learned to listen and to follow Him. Time does not permit the telling of their individual stories so suffice it to say that many of these lads were discovered in places that most people would never go. One boy was being led, stark naked, around a town in Europe on a dog leash. Several boys in my school family were found chained to walls in deep dungeons. One boy was being systematically starved to death by his own father. When he was found he stood five foot five and weighed seventy nine pounds, all bones, little skin. What I am trying to say is that all of these boys and girls have been cast off by society and their families. They have been made to see and do things that turn the stomach of a person. By the grace of He who made us all I was able to find these kids and give them a home, food, and an education. For that I am eternally grateful and I would like to sing a song of praise to my Lord for making everything in my life possible." Cal stepped to the stage and stood a little to my left as he accompanied me singing You Raise Me upon his electric violin.
    Lew brought us to the end of our show when he sang One more cowboy song before the boys gathered on the stage for our show piece song, Arise and Seize the Day. The song has become our rally cry and it was received with wild enthusiasm at the concert in Paris. The response of our American audience was just as enthusiastic.
    All together the show lasted for almost three hours with a half hour intermission and short breaks for the restroom thrown in for good measure. I had hired an outside company to provide soft drinks and snacks for our guests. That single option paid for the miscellaneous expenses that always seem to crop up. FIS provided security and parking attendants for our guests, we even had valet service available. I heard many positive remarks from the patrons as they exited the auditorium, maybe they will come again to our next concert?

    I was happy and tired by the time that the final show came to a close. Roddy and I leaned on Yuri as he struggled to stay upright for our return to our beds. Roddy and Adsila had their first argument and he wanted to sleep with me. The three of us climbed into his large bed and enjoyed the companionship that only men can enjoy with each other.

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