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Traveler Chapter 280
    Collins Manufacturing LTD makes a single component used in the MAPP function of the FOSSEC. When 8QR–Tequasi told me that a conglomerate that I recognized as one of Samí Oban's former holdings I knew that I had to wrap up my business for the government and get to work saving a company that supplies all of our country's allies with secure communication devices. I think that whatever movie we had decided to see was pretty good, but I couldn't get into it. Tracy has limited access to Andy and it was my business partner that I needed to get to. However I could not allow Tracy to communicate what I had to say to Andy uncoded and in the clear.
    As we walked from the theater I told Tracy to make himself invisible and follow along after Paul. I told him to watch closely to see if anyone passed something off o hm or if he passed anything to someone else. I told Paul that I had an upset stomach all day long and that I was going to walk home so that the air could clear my head. When we approached the row of doors leading outside I let Paul get in front of me. When he passed through the door I disappeared as I turned to the restroom. I told Tracy to stay with Paul. I stepped to a private spot and turned invisible then stepped out into the icy cold air of a Virginia winter. I pulled my heavy coat tight around me and moved over to where Paul was talking to his handler from the ranch.
    Using our ancient dialect Tracy sent me the complete conversation that had occurred between Paul and the suit that functions as the handler that oversees his training progress at the ranch. The handler asked Paul if he had gotten to know me. Paul told him that we had spent the previous evening at his place drinking and that I got drunk and passed out. He told the man that had no choice than to let me spend the night. The handler said that the might be able to use me. He asked if Paul could try to get me to make a homosexual advance to him. Paul feigned revulsion until his handler told him that it was in the interest of national security. The advantage to seeing the conversation between the two men form a mind image is that I could the facial ticks and expressions. That is something that can not be done in telling a story verbally.
    I asked Tracy to spend the night with me someplace safe, not at my apartment which could be bugged by now. We maintained our invisibility as we slipped into my apartment for a change of clothes then back out and down a block to the motel that Tracy was staying in.

    Tracy is every bit of a boy. He was still exactly like the boy that I had spent a few hours with in the house across the river the first time that Cory and I stayed at Chief Steve's house in Oklahoma. With many trips to the hot waters of Aqua Caliente Tracy has regained his youthful appearance. He is taller, but his features are those of a younger teen. One thing that has not changed is his nine inch uncut cock and his insatiable need to be on the bottom. I could live with that. I wanted cream for my pay, but I was glad to give him what he needs. I didn't mean to do it, but I did compare him to my evening the night before with Paul. That is not the right thing to do when with someone that can read your every thought.
    I planted my entire report into Tracy's mind and told him that he should contact Yuri. Yuri would be able to understand the language differences and translate them for Andy. Usually a mental image is just a picture of what one wished to relate. We were communicating with words, not images. I gave Tracy a message for my wife that would put her at ease in allowing our young son to sit in a locked room with Andy to discuss state secrets.
    I went out for my jog before dawn the following morning. I ran to a secure spot and met an FIS agent with a vehicle, He didn't recognize me, but he knew the code that I gave him and drove me to our local office. I entered the office and the security gate opened to admit me at once. The staff looked at me and I told them that I had on my security insoles. The main guard still wanted my handprint. I blew their minds when I held my hand up for them to watch as the fingers lengthened and became thinner. I placed my palm over the palm reader and saw the green LED. I headed back to the office and stuck my left fuck finger against the touch pad above the palm reader. Once the guards saw that they relaxed. No one had ever used that small reader in the past. They had been told that only I would be able to gain access to everything in their office by using that reader. I had them convinced that I was their boss.
    I entered the office and locked the door behind me. I powered up the large bank of computers as I called out for someone to bring me a cup of black coffee. In seconds a knock at the door told me that my hot pick-me-up was ready. I logged into several of my accounts and began to search for the entity that was trying to take control of Mitch Collins' business. I had been correct with my identification of the company being one of the dummy corporations set up by Samí Oban. I quickly moved every penny of their assets into an account that I controlled. Next I notified the SEC of the fraudulent ownership of the company then an e-mail to Mitch told him that the sale was off and that he still owned his own baby. I signed it with my name so that he would know that the message was good.
    I checked my messages and sent a few to my sons to let them know that I was safe and well. A tug at my heart brought the image of my four young sons and a strong desire to be at home with them. I would have to avoid any more messages until my mission was complete or I would not be able to finish it.

    I went through the remainder of my training and I was able to identify four moles in the outfit. The group that I was training with was new and he people assigned to it had been brought in from other divisions. There was some major concern within the parent organization about some of the people that had been assigned as trainers and I had done my job in identifying the bad wood in the forest. Graduation came and I was finished and ready to return to my home. I had thought that I had literally dodged the bullet. Not so.
    At the graduation dinner that Paul and I had at a local steak house I actually heard the words that activated a sleeper. Paul had gone to the restroom and I stayed in contact with his mind. I knew that there was something going down between him and his handler, I was right. I heard the words that I had gleaned from Paul's sub-conscious mind. They were a mere whisper close to Paul's ear, but I heard everything that he heard. "Vorbach Letto is the pope's son," I was startled at the images that suddenly flooded Paul's mind. I saw years of silent training and hypnotism. He was a trained killer and he would be able to use anything at hand as a weapon. I knew that if I had to face him that he would be a formidable opponent.
    Paul returned to our table with his handler. I stood and shook the man's hand and he asked me if I would go to New York City for my first mission. I hedged about as I told him that it was not the way that I had been told that I would receive my missions. He told me, with great conviction designed to convince a young agent, that he was to be my handler from that point on and that my missions would come through him. I looked into his mind and found that he had a lot of frustration over the fact that Paul had not gotten me into a filmed homosexual act. He wanted something that he could hold over me to control me, I was a big disappointment to him. His mind revealed that he intended to kill me as soon as his mission was completed. If he could he would have me framed and killed during the mission and he intended to kill Paul at the same time.
    Once in the confines of my room I contacted Tracy and filled him in on what I was about to do. He told me that he would contact Andy from the FOSSEC at our local office at once. He would scramble the message into ancient Tsalagi before transmitting it. Wes has learned the language during my stay in Virginia and will translate for Andy when the message is received. I undressed, took a shower, and climbed into bed. I lay my head on my pillow and stared at the ceiling. I asked myself over and over how we could save the life of the leader of our nation's vocal enemy and the head of one of the world's largest Islamic sects. I wondered if we should entrust him with a Mithril suit.

    When we entered the UN building in New York City I suddenly saw the scene through the eyes of my young friend, Leo Fisher. In his dream he had seen everything that I saw, and with an uncanny clarity. I stood by and watched Paul's target enter. He was surrounded by his security as well as the security people provided by my country to insure his safety. Someone began to whistle a popular folk song and the room burst with action. Two of the leader's security people pulled out their guns and began to shoot at their boss. One of the American security men turned on his own people and Paul stepped over to the leader to deliver the killing shot to his chest at point blank range. Next Paul turned on me and fired from about two feet away before his own handler shot him in the head. As I fell to the floor I got off a shot at the handler that hit him dead center in his heart.
    The room was quickly covered by agents from both countries. I lay still, but I had kept my eyes open in a blank stare. I watched the American security forces approach the leader as his own people helped him from the ground. Everyone stopped as the leader entered the room from another door and stood by looking over the scene. The leader that had been shot opened his shirt and reached his hand under his bullet proof vest to rub his sore ribs. The true leader walked over to him and talked quietly. Of course I heard everything that was said as the leader thanked his double for his duty. The double was then taken away from the scene.
    Someone pulled a sheet over my face and announced to the room that, "This one is dead." I listened to all of the commotion around me and an hour later my body was placed in a bag. I heard the zipper close and hoped that I would soon be wherever I was headed. I had gone to the restroom before I had left the hotel in New York to head over to the UN building, but that had been almost three hours earlier. I needed to go, and now. I felt myself being moved and I heard the door of a van shut. As the vehicle that I was riding in began to move away I felt someone bend over me as the zipper opened. I looked up into the face of a smiling Andy. "Gee, you sure look healthy for a corpse." I told Andy to find me something to pee in. He laughed and spoke to the driver. We pulled over to stop and I was shown the door of our mid-town FIS recruiting center. I quickly headed inside with Andy on my tail. He told the guard at the desk to open the gate for me to get to the restroom. The guard started to protest that the restrooms were not for the public when Andy held up his hand stopping the man's protest in mid-sentence.
    A knock on the door of the restroom alerted me to someone coming in. Andy entered with a suit on a hanger, an new shirt in its plastic wrapping, new socks, underwear, and a pair of highly polished shoes. "You look ridiculous, change back to yourself, please." He smiled at me and left me alone. I stretched my body out to its full height and took my own features back then I dressed in the new clothes that Andy had bought for me. I stepped from the restroom and looked at the startled face of the guard on the gate. I told Andy that I needed to use the computer. I headed to the office and opened the door with my handprint. Before I sat down at the bank of computers I walked over to the secure shredder and destroyed all of the papers and forms that called me Dick Christopher.

    I had to debrief and fill those powers that be in on the moles that I had ferreted out. I gave my friends the nature of the missions that the moles had and to whom they reported. I was the fair haired hero as I turned to Andy and asked him for a ride home. Andy and I shared a table at the lunch buffet at my hotel. I was anxious to get home, but Andy had one more thing to do in New York before we could leave. I went up to my apartment and selected casual clothing and a heavy coat to protect me from the blowing snow that swirled about out my window. I set out for a walk along fifth avenue when I heard someone call my name.
    I turned around to see Blake Crossly and his two sons rushing up behind me. Blake was helping his sons find themselves suits for a large party at their university. I asked Blake what quality of suit he was looking for and he wanted to spend. He thought that the boys were old enough that they weren't going to outgrow a good suit anytime soon and money was no object. He told me that they had just looked at some off the rack suits that could be custom fit and that they were only fifteen hundred dollars. I told him that my tailors were in the following block and that he could get each boy a very nice tailored suit for about two thousand dollars. He told me to lead the way.
    When the boys saw my tailors they gigged and made a plan. Blain is brazen and he is going to get himself into more trouble than he did with his school teacher in October of 2007. When my tailors led the boys into their fitting room for measurements both boys stripped to their bikini underwear. With everything that the boys had on full display the two old queens were flustered beyond words. Blain got an erection which he pulled out and began to jerk in the face of the helper. He shot his load over the man's face as Blair laughed and stroked his own long cock. I was surprised at the depth of the discount that Blake got for two top quality suits made with some of the finest material that I had ever seen. The material was so good looking that I ordered a suit made for me and delivered to my hotel apartment. I would have a new suit to wear the next time I visited the hotel.
    We stepped from the tailor shop to find Blake's limo waiting. Blake offered to drop me somewhere, I told him that I was waiting for Andy to wrap up his business then we would fly home. I watched the long limo maneuver its way into traffic then made my way on up the street. I found the shop that I like to purchase my shirts in. I try to buy American and there are only a few manufactures of such goods left in this country. I selected a dozen pull over shirts and six each short sleeve and long sleeve dress shirts. I found four ties that would go well with the shirts and my skin color and wondered if my wife would allow me to wear them.
    At last Andy told me that he was thirty minutes away from getting finished. I told him that I would order a helicopter to take us from the hotel to the airport in one hour. I headed back to the hotel to get a hot shower and a change of clothes for my flight home to my wife and babies.

    Time zones are not a bad thing when flying east to west on an in country flight. I was able to leave New York a lunch time and walk into my house in time to sit down with my children around be for supper. I love to feed my little ones and with Dougy I get the chance to watch him at his mother's breast. I was attacked by a war party of happy little Indians as soon as I opened the door. Even their great chief Rod in the woods was with the scalp hunters. I fought my way through their relentless ranks to my easy chair where my lap was covered with boy butts. I was almost drowned by the kisses that those heathens planted on me. Had it not been for my wife coming to my rescue for a kiss of her own I don't know how I would have ended up.
    I started with my youngest and asked for a report on what had happened on and near the reservation while I was gone for five weeks. I learned that Cullen James had learned how to tie his own shoes, which he had to show me. Next I learned that Cory Stevens was now able to pull his own pants up after going potty. Yuri had met a girl at school that he wanted to take to the Spring dance. Roddy had a lot to tell me, but he wanted to wait until his wife finished helping his mother get his supper on the table because he was very hungry. The other boys echoed that as they rubbed their bellies and told me that they were so empty.
    I walked into the kitchen and found Adsila removing a pan of hot yeast bread from the oven. After she sat it down I stepped up to her and gave her a hug and a kiss, which she quickly returned. I had learned from my mind discussion with my wife that the girl had been a joy and a big help while I had been gone. We were called to the table and I took my seat between my two babies. I filled a plate macaroni and cheese for each of the little ones. I placed a buttered two inch cobbette of corn on each plate and set them before the boys. I watched Cullen James pick up the corn and eat it like a big boy as he sat in his booster seat at the table. Cory Stevens whined from his highchair until his mother scraped the corn from the cob onto his sectioned kiddie plate. CS seems to not want to grow up. He is almost five years old and he sits in the shadows of his brother as life go on around him. I wondered how I could strike a spark in the boy. He is not as wise as CJ, but he is very smart; I just needed to find a way for him to show that smart to the world. An idea struck me.
    In my family there is no way to talk in riddles, in pig latin, or even eye talk without everyone else knowing what is being planned. I couldn't even write my idea down because that would require conscious thought which CJ, Yuri, and Roddy would pick up on. I didn't mind if Yuri or Roddy knew my plans, but I wanted to keep it from CJ so as not to hurt his feelings or give him a chance to be smug with his older brother.
    The boys are used to my grabbing one of them and taking them off somewhere to play so it was not noticed when I grabbed Cory Stevens up and carried him out on my shoulders. I headed into the garage of my house and into my small workshop. I selected a piece of wood and began to look it over. "What you doing, daddy?" I was asked.
    "I need to make a new toy box for your toys and Cullen's toys to that you won't fight over what belongs to whom. I just can't figure out where to cut this board."
    "Major it with that yardly stick up there, daddy." My buttons got tight on my pull over shirt. I pretended to not be able to figure out where to measure the board so my son asked me how bigger I wanted to make the box. I held out my hands and told him that I wanted it to be about so big. He asked me to lay my hands on the board and he took the yard stick and held it between them. "How big is that, daddy, I don't know those numbers." I looked at the yard stick and gave him a number, he was happy that he had helped me.
    I used the yard stick to get the rough measurements then I took the steel tape make my final marks. I lifted him onto a tall table away from my cutting area and placed a pair of safety goggles on him then I put plastic ear protectors over his tiny head. I had to do a lot of adjusting to make the protective gear stay in place and once I was satisfied that nothing was going to fall off I put my own protective appliances in place. Sure that my son was out of harm's way I turned on my power saw and made my cuts. I don't have a table saw or any of the fancy tools, woodworking is something that I do very little of. I was able to get the six pieces of a toy box cut and they fit together. I glued and screwed the side of the box together and told Cory Stevens that we would attach the bottom to the box the next day.
    I carried my son back into the house and stopped in front of his mother to tell her that he smart boy had shown me how to measure a new toy box. She looked at me as if I were insane as she praised our son. I sent her a mind message, which my other boys also received. When I got to the nursery the others were prepared. I told them of CS's accomplishment and they all said that it was great that he was there to help me or they wouldn't get a new toy box. Now I had to find someone to help me finish that box so that it would look good and function.

    I heard my wife moan in pain from the other room. I knew what it was before I got to her side and helped her to our bedroom. She asked me to get Cory to make her a cup of his Ugaloga gotlvtanv tea. That is a rather stronger tea than thought that she should have and I suggest a hemp leaf tea. Hemp leaf has a soothing effect and it has some medical properties as well. I called Cory and asked him if he would brew the tea. He told me that Sagi was having menstrual cramps and he was about to fix her some tea. He told me that hemp tea would be perfect, but he had no hemp leaves. I told him that we had a bin filled with the leaves, but that we needed someone to brew them. He giggled and told me that he would be right over.
    We were able to talk while water boiled in the tea kettle. We decided to go to the main house for the night and sleep in our bed. We steeped the leaves in two pots then each of us took a pot of the hot tea into our wives. I kissed Ugitsiha as she relaxed from her own menstrual pains. I stepped into the nursery and found my sons asleep in the beds. I kissed them goodnight and tucked the covers up around their shoulders. I stepped from the nursery as Cory came in my back door. We walked through the tunnel together and the boys that were still up in the wine cellar looked at us and whistled wolf calls at us. We emerged from the tunnel into the old living room just as Edmund called out that he had hot soup and spiced apple juice ready.
    Our night of romance was delayed as we sat with mugs of hot tomato soup before us. I drank hot apple juice and wondered if I would be moved by morning. Cory laughed at me and told me that he would have me all cleaned out well before morning. I told him that he was the one that was about to get a reaming.
    It is always a joy to spend an entire night with my husband. I have never regretted a moment of our time together since I found him naked and hiding behind a garbage can eight years ago. We made love together for most of the night, stopping only to catch a nap after an exhausting trip to nirvana. We got up before the sun. Of course the sun doesn't rise in mid-March until almost six. I had to sit a bit and Cory laughed at me, "Apple juice moved you, huh love?"
    "No, it is the gallons of cream that you deposited with that donkey dick of yours that I am clearing out." I finished my business and stepped under the shower with him. I told him about the slowness that seemed to manifest itself in his namesake. Cory shared that Chrisy was a little slow before he learned to read. CS has learned his letters, but he doesn't recognize the simplest words. I looked at my love and a light went on in my head. We headed down the stairs and found a few boys stirring about and picking at the selection of fruit that Clayton had prepared and sent down to the main house. I nodded at Cory to follow me and led the way to granite house. Çhé Ģer was preparing hot biscuits and Tequasi—8QR— had a large pan of his famous sausage gravy on the stove. I decided that I would have breakfast instead of going for a run. I walked over to my dear friend and waited for him to pour the hot sauce into a stainless steel pan to place on the steam table. When he set the pan down he turned to me and we hugged for a long moment. Neither of us has spoken of our recent mission together and we never will. I sat down next to Cory and held his hand as we ate together. I was fomenting a plan in my head and I needed to talk with Sagi before she left for BAG to teach her young students.

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