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Traveler Chapter 281
    Sagi had a great selection of children's books to teach beginning readers basic words. I offered to buy my own, but both she and Cory insisted that I take the books, use them, then return them so that they could use them for Little Steve. That made me happy because I could go home and start to work at once.
    I opened my front door and was met by Cullen James. He looked at the books in my hand and told me that he would help his mother with Dougy. He told me that he could read and that he would show me later. That boy comes up with a new surprise for me almost daily. Ugitsiha entered the hall with Dougy in her arms. I gave her a kiss then I kissed my new baby. "Cullen and I are going in the bedroom to change Dougy while you take Cory to the nursery and read stories to him." She smiled at me and I took hold of Cory Stevens' hand and danced down the hall to the nursery. Cullen James and my wife could be heard laughing at us as we merrily made our way along.
    The wooden rocker in the nursery is a miserable chair for me to sit in. I was about to sit in the large overstuffed chair when CS said to me, "Sit here, daddy. We can rock while you read to me." Sure, I could get sea sick. Actually it would be motion sickness, but reading and rocking would have the same effect on me. Oh well, this was all for my son so I took a seat in the rocker and lifted him into my lap. I opened the book and found very large words of common everyday things that my son might encounter. Each page had a picture of the object represented by the word. A simple book that I hoped would be effective.
    I was happy when CS called out each word on each page until I remembered that there were associated pictures on the page as well. I looked through the book and found that the same words were repeated, but without the pictures. I opened the book to one of those pages. CS instantly said the word. I wasn't sure just what was going on. Was my assessment of my son incorrect? When he read the words on the next four pages I selected another book. By the time we had gotten to a second grade primer I was impressed, but then CS did something that I had never considered, he started to cry. I turned him in my lap a bit so that I could see his face. His tears were large and real. "What is wrong, baby?"
    "Words get all funny looking sometimes."
    I looked in his mind and saw backward words and words with jumbled letters. Could my son be dyslexic? I had checked his physical well being many times and had found no visual impairment. "You are very smart and you are reading well above your age."
    "Cullen is the smart one. He likes to read and I let him so that he feels good." Uh oh, was this brother envy? I asked him what he meant and the message that I got from his mind told me everything. I tossed him over my shoulder and tickled his feet as I headed to the small office in my house. I sat down at my computer and brought up a page of Math. Not just regular math, but a page with a very difficult Quantum Physics formula. Cory Stevens looked at the page and the formula ∃∫ΣŒ/Θ = ∈/Ξ quickly appeared in his mind.
    "You called Cullen smart, yet you can this level of math in your head. I am very proud of you. You have trouble seeing words because numbers and symbols fill your mind so you sit back and let your little brother get the glory. Cory Stevens Dickson, you are the best big brother that Cullen James could possibly have."
    CJ ran across the room and climbed up on my knee and hugged his big brother. "I told you that daddy would catch on." I know when I have been had. I looked at the blank expression on my wife's face, she had been had as well. Yuri and Roddy were staring at a spot on the ceiling and whistling off key. Boys.
    Ugitsiha turned and walked away, but her mind was very active. "I can't believe that that little squirt had me so fooled for this long." I had similar feelings. I know that my sons are very gifted, but Cory Stevens had never shown any sign that he was gifted in mathematics. I did see a signature, if you will, that gave me a clue to where the little fart may have learned his math. I thought that I would get Bryan to come over for lunch. You might .remember that Bry stayed with my boys as my wife and I took a long walk along the beach of Tobago. Something that I got from my mind contact with CS told me that he may have dug around in Bry's mind. That is another gift that all of the family has almost entirely ruled out in him.
    It was a very windy day in Tucson. The weather had been unseasonably warm, but that day had a chill to it. Add that chill to a stiff wind and you have the perfect setting for a hearty stew. I can still find my way around a kitchen so I chopped carrots, celery, a small chopped up turnip, and a small bit of rutabaga. into my large stainless steel pot, I did not have the time to do a proper stew in the slow cooker. While the basic vegetables boiled I browned a two pound package of beef cubes. I crushed fresh garlic and finely chopped onions into the meat and added diced tomatoes, broccoli sprouts, three finely shredded cabbage leaves, and potatoes. I added chopped fresh herbs other veggies to the boiling carrot mix. I was happy that we had such a wide variety of fresh vegetables just outside of our back door and that all of my family loves to see things grow. I like to watch boys grow, but I digress. I let the pot of vegetables boil down until there was very little liquid left in the pan. Ugitsiha keeps jars filled with vegetable stock on hand, to one of those quart jars I added a jar of chicken broth from her larder and stirred it into the cooked veggies. I added the meat to the stew and tasted it for seasoning. To my palate the stew needed salt and pepper. When everything was seasoned to my taste buds I placed a lid on the deep stainless steel pan and set it on the back burner which I turned to low heat. It would have to cook for at least two hours before it was ready to eat.
    I looked into the cabinet for the ingredients for corn bread and was about to run out to the store for a package mix. When I turned around my wife was sitting on a stool at the breakfast bar with a huge smile on her face. She told me that she would fix a large pan of cornbread in exchange for a kiss. The price seemed right so I paid it. Boy her cornbread was good, so were her lips. Just before I removed the stew from the stove I shirred in a small bit of arrow root to thicken the sauce then poured the contents of the large pot into an earthenware bowl for serving.
    Bry ate two large bowls of my stew and sat back in a soft chair for a nap. I probed his mind for signs that my son had been in there. Bryan's mind surprised me, when he is asleep he dreams about numbers. He had formulas running around inside his head as he solves problems that would make an ancient mathematics professor go cross eyed. I found a spot in Bry's memory where Cory Stevens had looked around. I knew where my son got his knowledge, but I wanted to know how he had learned to use it.

    I had just turned from the door after letting Bryan out after our lunch when my wife screamed in terror. I rushed to the nursery to find her looking through the closets once again. "He's gone, Quis. Dougy is not in this house." I was about to panic. I checked the windows in the nursery and found them all locked. I was stretching my mind as I searched for my baby boy.
    Cullen James came in and pointed to a spider web high in the corner of the bedroom. "Dougy is there, daddy." I looked closer and touched the mind of a fly stuck to the web. I quickly knocked the web down and grabbed the fly. I knew that my son was terrified by the spider that he had seen as he literally spread his wings for the first time. I put a happy thought into his head and put him to sleep. I carefully handed him to his mother so that she could help me get the residue of the web off of him. I turned to Cullen James and asked him if he could help us change his brother back into a boy. He smiled at me and said, "Sure, daddy." Ugitsiha placed a naked baby Dougy into his crib and sat down in the wooden rocker. I sat in the soft chair and held my other four boys. The thought that was in each of our minds was how to teach a newborn baby that he shouldn't transform into other forms.

    I had to know. I called Doctor Will Hamm and asked for a favor. I have bought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment for my old highschool buddy, and the brother of the mother of my eldest son, RD. Dr. Will has moved into the area of medical research into the causes and cures of cancer. I asked him if he would do a complete MRI of my young son. He thought that I was crazy, but then he has known me forever, he agreed. In the MRI scans we found that Cory Stevens had a very large parietal lobe in the left hemisphere of his brain. The left hemisphere is involved in symbolic functions in language and mathematics. Cory Stevens' has a very large math section in his brain, I took that as conclusive proof that CS had not just memorized what he had seen in Bryan's mind that night in July of 2011.

    Yuri had me just as intrigued. Dr. Will showed me the images taken of my young musician's brain and pointed to a very large knob in the right hemisphere of the parietal lobe. I knew from my on-line research that the knob was very similar to one in Einstein's brain that showed that he had great musical ability, he played the violin for relaxation.

    I couldn't allow Cullen James to be excluded from getting his own MRI, but I had an idea what would be found. Dr. Will sat back and stared at the large screens that sat before him. He pointed to CJ's brain pictures and said that there were more folds in that brain than in any that he had ever heard of. He pointed to an area in the left hemisphere called the cerebral cortex. He told me that the super enlarged area with many folds that seemed to crowd each other out was the region of the brain that controlled communication skills. I knew that area would be large because the boy overworks it. I do fear that my sons may experience some form of brain trauma as their brains grow too large for their heads. I asked Dr. Will if the skull would stretch to allow the brain to continue to grow. He looked at me with that look that says he thinks that I am crazy. I smiled. My smile was taken away when my three sons begged Dr. Will to show them pictures of my brain.
    I knew that everyone would discover that I really am a genius, and modest too. My brain was wrinkled, but not like Cullen James'. The cerebral cortex of my frontal lobe was very pronounced, but the main difference between the images of my brain and those of my sons photographs was the hippocampus and its associated regions of the medial temporal lobe that stood out. I do have a perfect eidetic memory—photographic memory. Dr. Will told me that he was going to have to study hard and try to figure why his machine showed all four of us with such multi-folded brains. I had him download all of the pictures that he had taken onto a USB drive then planted a message in his mind that made him believe that my sons and I had just stopped by to say hello.

    I knew that it had to happen, my wife belongs to that club of matchmakers that thinks that every single man needs to be married. It makes no difference who the two people are she will work to get them together. She showed her stuff one Wednesday afternoon when she came over to me as I sat back in my reclining chair and looked through the local rag that wants to be a newspaper. She had the ad for a local supermarket in her hand, that in itself told me that I was about to go on a shopping trip. I was surprised when I learned what I was going shopping for.
    "Quis, baby, dear," uh oh, "Look at these New York Strip steaks. I was thinking about having that nice man, what's his name? oh yeah, Jack over Thursday evening for dinner. You remember Jack, he was the one that fished the boys' toys from the .toilet."
    "So what single young thing have you invited to meet him?"
    "What ever to you mean? I guess that it would make a more rounded party. I know, I met this young lady while you were gone last week. I think that I will invite her." I smiled and looked her in the eye. She batted her long lashed at me and told me to get six large steaks of a pound or more and select eight extra large potatoes for baking. I just chuckled under my breath as I called my sons and asked them if they wanted to go shopping with daddy. I know that Roddy loves burnt cow with a large spud smothered in sour cream and chives. I wasn't sure about Adsila. I watched Yuri's face as I looked through the prepackaged meats, I held one up for him to inspect. He looked at the weight on the package and pointed to another one a little larger. I smiled at him and rubbed his belly. I decided that we would go cholesterol city and put a two pound container of sour cream in my shopping cart. I also added five one pound packages of my favorite extra sharp cheddar cheese to my purchase. I am a steak purest who believes that dead cow only needs salt and pepper as well as sautéed mushrooms with garlic and onions to make it perfect. However I didn't know what my guests would want so I chose several different varieties of steak sauces.

    Our dinner was great. The beautiful young lady that Ugitsiha invited was named Linda. Jack took one look at her and went into lust. He was at the girl's side all evening long as he filled her glass with tea, or got her another handful of cashews or pistachios. He sat so close to her at dinner that I was afraid that the girl would not get any air to breathe. I was surprised when I looked at her thoughts and saw that she was eating up Jack's attention and that she was anxious that he may not like her enough to as her to sleep with him that night. Kids in lust, can you believe it?
    Of course Roddy and Adsila were no better. Roddy sat back and let his wife cut his steak for him and each of them took turns feeding each other between teenage giggles. I had explained early on that the couple was legally married. That was not believed until the pictures of the wedding came out. When Linda saw the Queen and the other guests in grandstand of the she showed her sex. Not that kind of sex, her gender, okay? She was impressed and a bit jealous of the young girl at the table with her. Adsila had the sort of dream wedding that she would like to have for herself. She told Jack several times that if they got married that they would invite the Queen of England to appear. I burst her bubble when I told her that the Queen was a blood brother to my son.
    Roddy threw salt on the wound when he told the dreamer that I was a personal friend of the Royal family and that I held two full Knighthoods from the Queen of England. Linda gave the boy a blank look until he pointed to the picture gallery along the walls of the hallway leading back to the rest of the house. She walked over and began to look at the pictures and saw me receiving official recognition from six would leaders. Roddy pointed to a picture of all four of my knighthood awards, the Hero medal from Russia, and the Freedom Medal of the United States. She turned and looked at me and asked if the pictures were of real medals, Yuri came in with the velvet case that I store the message in when I am not wearing them.
    During desert Linda got frisky and began to openly flirt with Jack. The two excused themselves and left about seven thirty. Ugitsiha and I laughed after them, we knew that they were headed to Linda's apartment four blocks away, and to her bed. At five thirty I was picking up my newspaper as I headed out for my morning jog. Jack walked up and grinned at me as he opened the door of his truck that he had left parked at my house overnight. I asked him if he got anything straight with Linda, he blushed and got into his truck, started it up and drove away.

    Seeing a boy cry is difficult for me. When I see a boy cry and bang his fists on the wall and scream out over and over, "Why? Why? Not Nico, dear Lord. Not my little brother." I had to sit down with him and hold him until I found out what had happened. Nico is Noel's fifteen year old brother. I held the boy until I learned something that made my blood boil, more than boil it almost evaporated from my body. I could feel the heat on my arms and legs. Nico is fifteen year old Nicholas Piel and he had been pushed down the steps of the stadium at Noel's former highschool by a group of jocks that liked to taunt those that were weak or different in their eyes. Nico was both, he has Down's Syndrome. He is chubby and very small for his age. He functions at about a seventh grade level and attends a special education class. He could not understand that Noel was no longer in attendance at his former highschool and had gone to watch his big hero play soccer. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he had no one around him to look after him.
    I called the Piel household and was told to stay away from Nico. I told the grandmother that had answered the phone that Noel wanted to see his brother and after a pregnant pause I was told that he was critical and in pediatrics intensive care at the hospital near the school. I had Noel dress in slacks, a nice shirt, and dress shoes, but nothing with the school crest on it. I have no delusions about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and I was not sure if I would be able to do anything about the Down's Syndrome, or if I should even try. I only wanted to take Noel to see his brother and maybe heal the boys broken bones to make him comfortable. At the pediatrics intensive care unit we met the Orthopedic Surgeon that has worked with Warren and Pépin. He looked at Nico's room then at me and told me that he was going to have the parents step out so that he could consult with them. I led Noel to a corner to wait.
    When the doctor led Mr. and Mrs. Piel into the hallway I slipped into the son's room with Noel at my side. I let the two boys hold hands as Noel talked to his brother and told him that he was there. I was on the opposite side of the bed with my hands on the boy's cast arm and on his legs that were tied up in a metal harness that kept them immobile. I began to pray. I heard the prayers of my brother prayer warriors echo like the sounds of crickets.
    "Noel, I love you. Why weren't you at school to protect me?" I heard a gasp from the door and looked up to the parents and the doctor staring at the boy in the bed.
    Mrs. Piel rushed to the bed and grabbed Nico's hand as Mr. Piel looked at me and said, "That is the most words that our son has ever spoken at one time."
    "Daddy, I talk all the time, you just don't listen to me." Noel and his parents stood frozen in place as they stared at Nico. The doctor carefully moved Nico's arm then his legs. He checked the machines that were monitoring the boy and called for a portable x-ray machine. I stood to one side of the hallway while the Piel family stood on the other. The parents wanted to know what had happened in Nico's room. Noel told them that I was praying. He smiled as he told his parents that he had seen me pray before and that he knew boys that had been "real sick, get all better after I prayed on them." The parents stood and stared at me.

    I received a curious request from Ziyad and Zuhair al-Hadi, they sent me a secure e-mail asking for a meeting. It was the stipulations of that meeting that were curious. I headed to my office in the main house and waited at my desk. I had the large computer display array up as I studied every aspect of the progress with the rotor blades for the Sikorsky Sky Cranes that were to fly in the portable classrooms to the remote villages of Afghanistan. I had the project manager on a large screen as we talked back and forth and looked over his latest test results. He was of the belief that the engineers had made a breakthrough and that the problems with the rotors coming apart under load was solved. I told him that I wanted to witness a demonstration of a live test the following morning. We set up a time of nine A.M. his time, that would make it seven thirty P.M. in Tucson. I told him to get himself some sleep and that we would re-connect at 0800, his time. I knew that I would have to get through dinner and get away from my babies a bit earlier that night.

    At two o'clock a knock at my door told me that I was about to learn what the young sons of my friend Raven had in mind. It was their minds that made me stand up and take notice. They had a large case with them that they set on the floor. They opened it and began to remove their equipment. They asked me if they could use my desk top, I agreed. Ziyad placed a very thick folding mat on my desk and told me that it was fireproof to 2600°; I looked in their case and watched as Zuhair withdrew a Bunsen burner. He set that on my desk as Ziyad set a beaker of water that he had drawn from the tap at the small sink in the refreshment area of my office. A flat panel solar collector was unrolled and the loose end of the wires were placed in the water.
    To demonstrate that everything was working my desk lamp was turned on and the water began to roil with thousands of tiny bubbles. The desk lamp was turned off and the bubbles stopped. Zuhair placed a glass lid on the beaker that had a small rubber hose leading to thee Bunsen burner. When the light was turned back on Ziyad held a lighter to the Bunsen burner and a three inch blue flame sprang to life. I watched the demonstration and listened to the two young geniuses. The basic experiment can be found in secondary science book, it was what they told me that was what they told me that had my interest. It is a simple matter to separate water into its basic components of hydrogen and oxygen, however the current technology makes it very expensive to make enough hydrogen to power, say a small car, for any length of time. The two boys in my office had developed a very thin solar cell that only costs about one tenth of a cent per square foot to manufacture. I looked very closely at the small sliver of the silicon solar cell that was hooked up to the equipment on my desk.
    The thin slice of silicon that the boys were using was one inch wide and two inches long, and about as thick as two human hairs. The boys told me that their car in the parking lot was powered by hydrogen produced from equipment identical to that on my desk. I waited until the put their equipment away then I followed them out to the parking lot and let them show me their car.
    Their car looked like any other two year old Toyota coupe until they raised the hood. They removed the air cleaner so that I could see the addition to the manifold that allowed for the burning of gasoline or natural gas. The fuel line was coupled to another line running alongside and tightly tied to the other. I had to get underneath the car to look at the fuel tank. It had two smaller tanks one to hold gasoline on one side and a pressurized sandwiched against it on the other side. I stood up and looked inside the open trunk to see the fuel cell converter it self. A larger tank than the two fuel tanks combined sat in the trunk. It had electric wires and a heavily armored fuel line running down to the holding tank underneath the car. I looked at the enclosed black box that had electric lines going in from the upper part of the trunk and a pair of wires leading over to the water tank. I looked at the roof for the solar collector. Zuhair pointed to the logo of his home country over the rear window. Worked into that design was the small silicon sliver that powered their car, 100%.
    We went for a ride and I was impressed with the pickup speed and power of the car. The four cylinder engine had as much power as a larger V-6. The boys told me that they had driven to the Grand Canyon and back again without the need to stop and fuel their car on gasoline. They told me that the system produced enough hydrogen to keep them going as long as the sun shines down on them; added to that, the fuel tank underneath stores enough of the abundant gas to drive another three hundred miles. I told them that I liked what I saw, but why had they chosen to show it to me?
    "Our father told us that you are an honorable man that will not steal from us what we have built. We know that you can find someone to help us to make this for us so that we will be rich." I told them that I would help them, but I wouldn't guarantee their getting rich.

    Since I was outside I walked on up to the school and stopped by the gym to see what was going on there. I really push for the boys to be active and take care of their bodies to ward off most of the diseases that crop up in later life. I watched a very shaken boy check and recheck his harness and the nylon rope attached to it. The lad was so scared that had he not been directed to empty his bladder moments before there would be a wet mess on the floor. I had to fight myself to not give him a mental boost, this fear was one that he needed to conquer on his own. He turned and looked at me and I felt him draw courage into his body. Slowly he approached the fifteen foot tall fake wall with colored knobs and handholds molded into it. I was proud of him when he raised his left foot and found himself a good surface that fit his foot. He reached over his head and placed his right hand on another molded knob. With his left hand he gripped the surface of his final support and drew himself from the ground. His upward momentum increased as he rose above the floor hand over hand. I had to place a keep silent message to the other boys in the room as they wanted to cheer the frail fourteen year old for his accomplishment. Without knowing what he had achieved his hand reached over the top of the wall startling him. He turned to look down and he let go of his hold on the wall. His coach was ready on the rope and quickly lowered the boy to the floor to the cheers of some fifty of his classmates. The boy looked at me and I gave him a horizontal thumbs up before I turned and left the gym. I agree with the coaches that with proper training on various kinds of bulk building equipment we can turn out a boy better prepared to build himself up safely. Any exercise is good, but structured under the watchful eye of a trained coach helps the boy to develop his body to it personal best.

    A stranger in a suit stood at my front door asking to see Mr. Rodney Dickson and his legal guardian. I called Roddy to my side and the suit passed me a summons to appear. I opened the paper and stared at it in disbelief. Roddy was being sued for causing undue physical distress on one F. R. Malone. You may remember an incident at our bank in .Chapter 258 when Roddy saved a small boy from a crazed bank robber that was holding the boy in front of him as a human shield. Roddy swung into action and with a single kick caused the man to bite off the end of his tongue and loose a half dozed of his teeth. The man thought that he was the victim and was suing Roddy for ten million dollars, I laughed. I couldn't believe that Mr. Malone was actually seeking monetary remuneration for his thwarted attempt to commit felony bank robbery by my son. I guess that it is true that some people will go to any lengths to avoid having to actually work for a living.
    It was the end of March, but the summons was for a court date in the first week of May. I had to get Bull on the horn and have him put together a defense. Roddy told me that he hoped that the trial would not last into June when our school vacations were to start. The least of my concerns at that time was school vacation. I could send the boys to Camp Christopher and they would be as happy as they could be.

    Life continued on with one minor stumble after another. The Piel family wanted to visit with me and their son Noel. I set up a lunch buffet in my downtown office. I know that the one thing that puts a boy's mind at ease is good food and parents are more amiable to talk when their kids are satisfied and quiet. I had cold meats and cheeses rolled into finger foods with veggie sticks and more cheese cut into sticks as well as an assortment of cherry peppers, radishes, dill pickle spears, green onions, and anything else that we could dig out of our garden. Turner has proven to be the best private secretary that I could have, and he cums with side benefits. ;)

    Turner buzzed me then opened my door to show the entire Piel family into my office. I stepped around my desk to shake hands with the parents and stopped to look at the boy standing next to Noel. I knew that it is Nico, but the difference in his appearance was remarkable. He still had many of the mongoloid features often associated with Down's Syndrome, but they seemed to be softer and less pronounced. I wondered if I had not looked that closely at the boy as he lay in his hospital bed, then he spoke.
    "Noel says that you fixed me and I love you," he stepped forward and held out his hand to me in a grownup handshake gesture. I looked from one smiling parent to the other and asked them to take a seat. It was lunchtime at the school so I knew that Noel would be hungry and if I am any judge of boys I figured that Nico would be hungry as well. I placed a hand on each boys' shoulder and guided them to the sideboard and removed the stainless steel covers from the food. I passed each boy a plate and told them to help themselves and turned back to the parents. Turner was placing a tray between them with their iced tea and a sugar bowl on it. I asked him to warm my coffee after he got the boys their drinks and I took my seat.
    After the boys sat down I told the parents that they should make themselves a sandwich. I told them that the roast beef was a especially good and that there were homemade sourdough rolls as well as French, and whole wheat, all made by my wife. Noel held up his sandwich that the had just taken from the microwave, "The roast beef with this cheddar cheese in tasty." He was busy putting lettuce, tomato, onions, and hot peppers on his lunch.
    Nico was trying to get a package of barbeque potato chips from the wire rack and Noel helped him. "Thank you, Noel, you are the best brother in the world." Mrs. Pile took in a sharp breath and wiped the corner of her eye with her hanky.
    "Mr. Dickson, sir, we don't know how you did it, but thank you. Nico has never been able to talk like that before. With all of our hearts we thank you for making our boy well."
    "Actually it is Sir Dickson, or Sir Chris. I like for my friends to call me Chris."
    The couple looked at me with a blank look before Noel spoke up, "He is a knight, dad. His nephew is that boy King and he is a good friend with the Queen of England too."
    "Thank you, Noel. He is right, but I became friends with the Queen after she Knighted me. I am a Knight in four countries and I wear the highest medals awarded to non-military persons in two other countries. Noel is right about my nephew, he is King Cullen Muneday.
    As for Nico, I did nothing more than pray for him. Any changes in his health are the results of the Hand of the Lord, Jesus."
    "Jesus is great, mom. You always told me that He was, but I seen what he done when Sir Chris prays for boys that is hurt and sick. They get all better at once. I know that Nico will get better still when da…Sir Chris prays for him again." I looked at the blushing boy. I knew that he wanted to call me dad and that made me proud, but with his own father in the room that would not have been a good thing to do.
    "Listen Mr. Dickson, or Sir Dickson, whatever, I got to tell you that I never had anything to do with people like I thought that you were. I mean, well you run a school for queers so I thought that you must be one and that you only had that school so that you could get boys to have sex with and all. What I am trying to say is that I was wrong about you. Noel and his boyfriend have opened my eyes. I hate it that my son is sleeping with a boy and not dating girls. but he is happy. I have never seen my son so relaxed and so attentive.
    "He has done very well in the classes that he takes at that school. I thought that all the queers would learn there was how to have safe sex with other faggots. I have learned that isn't the case. We get his report cards in the mail every few weeks and he has As in everything. I mean classes like world history, Algebra, chemistry, English, and phys ed. That looked good on paper, but when he came home after Nico got out of the hospital I talked to him and he knows this stuff. He can tell me most of the periodic table and I never could remember the elements from the gasses, or the metals…well you know what I mean, don't you." Mr. Piel looked at me expectantly.
    "Yes Novar, I do know what you mean. Your son is very smart, I have seen something here though that tells me that his class instructor in English has a long way to go to correct Noel's grammar. I believe that you also take a speech class where you have to present works in front of the other students. I know that you are very articulate in that class because I listened to your delivery of the Gettysburg Address two weeks ago. Now we need to work on your conversational grammar." Noel was blushing a deep crimson red, I smiled at him and patted him on the shoulder.
    "Sir Chris, I want to talk about my boy, Nico. You have given me the son that I always wanted for him to be. When my doctor told me that I had some chemical in my blood from the fetus, and that chemical showed that my baby would have Down's I almost died. He asked me if I wanted to abort the birth, it didn't take any thought at all, I told him no.
    "Sir Chris, I don't know if you know what it is like to raise a child with special needs, but it is very hard. If I didn't love my boy I would be hard pressed to keep it up. Now you have fixed all of that…well, you and Jesus. I do believe that Jesus healed my son. He is my Lord and I pray throughout the day that He will give me the strength to carry on. Nico has needed so much in the past, now he is doing everything for himself. I can scarcely believe what I see. I fall to my knees and thank my Lord Jesus every time that Nico shows that he is healing.
    "Yes, I said healing. I can see that his body changes a little bit everyday. I can watch as he learns how to do common things that he could never do before. I guess that what I am trying to ask you is… Well, can you pray for him again and help him to get entirely well?"
    "Nora, Novar, I have prayed over this subject so many times that I feel as if the Lord is saying, 'Here we go again,' I believe that The Holy Spirit is leading me to take your son to my camp and place him in the waters of a hot spring that we have there. The spring has no particular powers in itself, it is what we do there that the Lord blesses. I don't know if Noel has told you that I am of Cherokee Indian decent. I have several boys that attend the school that are Cherokee, most of them are my cousins and strong in their faith of the Power that is God and his Grace. Some of those boys have told me that I have a healing to do that will change Nico's life. With your permission I would like to take Nico home with me. He will stay in my house with my wife and sons and not be around the students at the school. In a few days I will be able to get my tribesmen together and we will go to this spring with Nico and return him as the Lord wants him to be.
    "I will make no promises. It is all in the Power of Grace and I have nothing to do with it, except to be God's hand tool. I will obey His will and pray that I can return Nico to you even better than he is now."
    The five of us knelt in prayer. I asked for a healing in the Piels' hearts and for their small health problems. Novar was popping antacid tablets like candy and Nora had let her worries cause her to fret so much that her hair was beginning to fall out. I heard Yuri and Roddy chanting as I prayed and had to shake my head, at least they stayed out of sight of the others.
    When we rose from our prayer everybody moved to the buffet and built themselves a sandwich. Ugitsiha's bean soup was a hit and disappeared long before the tomato bisque was eaten. I like to see a man pay attention to his wife's appearance so when Novar pushed Nora's hair back from her ear and told her how full and beautiful it was I smiled. Nora had to look into a mirror before she turned to me with tears in her eyes. "You may take Noel and Nico anywhere that you desire. If the Lord can do this for me in ten minutes then I can expect miracles to be worked in my sons. Can you fix…will Jesus fix Noel's twisted arm?"
    I told the mother that the arm would be healed. She looked at her husband until he told me that when Noel was about four he was acting out and that he grabbed his son by the arm and twisted it as he jerked the boy from the ground into his car seat. He didn't think that the arm was broken, but he saw that it was never the same after that. I told him that Noel did suffer a spiral fracture that day and that it never healed properly. Novar scooted out of his chair and to his knees before Noel, "Son, I have been a very poor excuse of a father to you. I hope that you may be able to forgive and let me try to do better from now on."
    "Daddy, I love you and I want to be the kind of son that you can be proud of. I forgive all of the past mistakes if you can forgive me for being gay."
    "I think that I am learning that that is not your choice. I don't know why you were born that way, but if is God's Will then so be it."
    I'm sorry for this long explanation, but I wanted you to know what led up to the two Piel boys being with my brothers at Aqua Caliente the following weekend. Nico was excited as he stood on the platform waiting to take his first train ride. Yuri and my baby boys were playing word games with him and he was showing us that he is very intelligent. His mind has been active even though his body did not work well. Just before the train doors opened Noel and Shiloh arrived, out of breath. They had gone to my house and the guard there told them that I was waiting for them at the train. They had to run all of the way, just making it in time.
    I have noticed that Shiloh has a nasal problem and that he snores very loudly. The boys in cubicles around his have complained that his snoring at night keeps them awake. I suspected a deviated septum was the cause of it and a dip in the waters of the hot spring would have his breathing in perfect shape.

    I love being with my family at the church at Camp Christopher. Being with them at the church at the school across the street from my house is a blessing, but there is something about that small church in the middle of the desert that makes it seem as if The Lord Himself is sitting beside us. That small congregation does not have anyone that can do justice to the huge .pipe organ that was salvaged from a burned church in Ohio and moved to its home in the Tucson east desert. We have had the foot board raised for the height stature challenged youngster which makes it impossible for just about anyone else to sit at the instrument and play. Yuri is quite an accomplished musician, even for someone with many more years under his belt than the boy has.
    All of the family joined the congregation for their potluck. Ugitsiha had made a large pot of her vegetarian chilli and four pans of her mother's recipe cornbread for the after church lunch. I hurried my brothers along as well as the Shiloh and the Piel brothers so that we could get across to Aqua Caliente for our business. We were not ready to reveal any family secrets to Nico so Nolan had twelve horses tied up outside the church for us. I love to ride Golden Boy and welcome any chance to do so. Roddy feels the same way about Lightening Fire and he wanted to run his horse full speed to the hot springs. Nico had never sat a horse before so I had him ride with RD. RD uses a saddle because he is not comfortable riding bareback like us injuns, that saddle gave Nico the support that he needed for the ride though.
    Once at the springs everyone got naked and Nico gave away his deeply hidden secret when he popped instant wood. His undeveloped body is just a tad on the small side for a fifteen year old boy, but he is growing, for the first time in his life. It was his thoughts that gave him away to all of my family, he fantasized oral sex with every swinging dick at the pool. His fantasies got so intense that he ejaculated. Noel patted him on the back and told him, "Good one, bro. You got a big one going there, and a nice load as well." Instead of being embarrassed Nico swelled with pride as he looked at everyone else that was then hard as a rock. He wanted to know if we were going to have sex with each other. Noel looked at me and told him that maybe they could in a little while.

    Against the wishes of my brothers I went into the warm water with a frightened Nico. Noel tried to show his brother that the water was safe, but he explained to me that Nico would not go near the edge of a swimming pool because of his fear of water. I had something else that the Lord could repair in the boy as I held him above the surface of the water and let Wes's and Mike's herbs and oils work on his frail body. I was over powered by the Holy Spirit and my knees buckled. I quickly caught myself with regret. I love to feel the Holy Spirit move through my body as He cleanses the temple that is me. I could not think of myself at that time because of the frightened boy in my arms, but I let the Power come over me as soon as Nico had fallen into a deep sleep.
    When I awakened my brothers were around me in deep and serious prayer as they cast a hedge about me to prevent the evil one from udoing that which The Lord had done. I sat up and Yuri climbed into the spot of honor in my lap. I held him as I looked at the three boys that had been the purpose of the day. Noel and Shiloh looked happy and well. Noel held up his twisted left arm so that I could see it straight and strong looking. Nico was splashing about in the water and having fun. I knew that I should get out of the water before I needed knee pants once again. As I stood to get out of the pool I caught Nico's mind and lust. I was not about to have sex with the boy, but I would not dissuade him from consensual relations with some else closer to his own age. I sat down with Cory, Wes, and Mike to discuss our plans for an upcoming soccer meet in Phoenix and fifteen minutes later Cory made me aware of Nico and Robin in a hot sixty nine with each other.
    The experience was almost a true first for Nico in everything involving sex. He had only recently learned to masturbate and his thoughts had been entirely about boys. He did not want Robin to stop what he was doing no matter how sensitive he was. Robin was the one that finally had to cut it off when he became too sensitive to allow any more touching for awhile.

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